Chapter 1.

The Little Prince.
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Prince Kim Ryeowook was born when Jong Woon was three.

"He's the prince, Jong Woon, you have to take care of him and make sure that he's always safe."

He listened to his mother carefully, seeing the small baby wrapped in blankets that rested on the queen's arms, sleeping soundly.

He nodded, although he couldn't understand why did he had to protect the prince, the world for a three years old kid wasn't dangerous at all. Maybe she was referring to take care of him when he fell on his bum like he did when he was starting to walk, or maybe that time when he had a splinter on his finger for playing with the broom. Maybe the prince could be as adventurous as he.

His mother picked him up, walking near the exhausted queen and leaning over, giving her son a better chance to see the baby.

"He's cute." He muttered, causing the queen to smile.

"He's perfect."

Jong Woon's family was dedicated to protect the royal family, his grandfather and grandmother protected the past king and queen, his father and mother, Prince Ryeowook's father and mother and he was going to protect the little prince with his life.


The Little Prince was sick.

Jong Woon was following his mother while she was cleaning when they saw the doctor walking hurriedly towards the queen's bedroom. The toddler ran behind him, ignoring his mother's calls and managed to skip inside before the door was closed.

"He hasn't stop crying and he's burning in fever!" The queen had traces down his cheeks while she placed the Little Prince on the big bed.

The man didn't answer, he just pulled a lot of weird things out of bag and placed all over the bed, uncovering the baby's body.

Jong Woon doesn't know how to help, he know the Prince is suffering and he can't do anything to make him feel better, he's supposed to keep him safe from all damage but what could he do to make him stop crying? He felt ashamed for failing.

"Give him this every eight hours." He looks up from the floor when he heard the man "Don't worry, your majesty, the Prince is going to be better."

A relief smile adorned the queen's lips while she looks at bag the doctor gave him "I was so scared."

"You don't have to be afraid anymore." The man bows and then turns to leave the room.

"Calm down my Ryeowook, this will help you." She sits at his side, giving the little baby the medication. It's after a couple of minutes that he started to calm down.

It's until then that the queen spotted him "Jong Woon, I didn't see you there."

"I'm sorry..." The kid said, lowering his head like his father and mother told him to do every time he did something wrong.

"Sorry for what? Did you do something wrong? Did you break something?" After the kid shook his head, she felt confused "Then what?"

"I couldn't protect the Prince from being ill..." He lowered his head even more.

The woman smiled at him, taking the Prince on her arms and walking towards the servant "The Prince is going to be fine, there are some things that we can't avoid. You didn't fail."

Jong Woon looked up to see the Little Prince, his eyes were still red but he wasn't crying anymore "So, I didn't fail?"

"No, you're doing it perfectly fine, keep taking care of him."

Smiling like a kid of his age, Jong Woon bowed and ran out of the room, looking for his mother that was surely angry because he disobeyed her; he hopes that she calms down after hearing what he needs to say.


"Mom, the Prince is crying."

It was one rainy night that Jong Woon heard the Little Prince crying again, although this time, he wasn't sick.

"Look for his nana, Jong Woon, neither me or the king and queen can be with him right now." His mother seemed busy and he could feel the heavy atmosphere in that room.

Not wanting to make her mad or disturb them, he walked out of the room, trembling slightly thanks to the fact that it was past nine, bedtime was about an hour ago and he was tired.

He walked to the room, peeking inside and seeing the nana walking back and forth with the baby on his arms, he could hear she was singing a lullaby on an attempt to calm him down.

"Jong Woon, dear, did the Prince wake you up?" She asked, calling for him with her hand.

"No..." He shook his head, climbing the bed to get a better look of the Little Prince.

"I have tried everything to calm him but I bet he miss your majesty." She sighed, placing the baby on the bed next to Jong Woon that was sitting in there "Don't move too much, dear."

Jong Woon looked at her while she walked to the small table where there was milk and some other things before looking back at the Prince who was sniffling and moving his little hands.

Without thinking too much, he let the baby took hold of one of his hand, the soft and warm skin felt as good as his favourite blanket and Jong Woon found himself smiling at him.

He didn't notice when Ryeowook stopped crying, neither noticed when he laid down at his side, calmed by the warmness of the other's body.

When the nana finished preparing the milk, she turned around, feeling relieved that he stopped crying but surprised to see that both of them were sleeping peacefully, Jong Woon's hand being held by the baby.

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