Risk Vs Reward


After growing up some and getting used to her new superstar life, Taeyeon finally admits to herself what the fans have already known for years.  


Poster by nerdzombie39


I'm also TaeKNEE on SFF, my story is also posted here if you don't have an AFF account.


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Xozero #1
Chapter 27: Wooo..its look like real story from the begining..i am imagine everything since first chapter. This story is alive.. good story author-nim
Cheesytaeny 1 points #2
Chapter 27: This is such a wonderful and powerful ending. It even makes me want to come out to my parents haha!
Yowan_ #4
Chapter 27: And its amazing, this story, its amazing! Its not like any other TaeNy story where TAENY managed to magically stay in the group no problemo. Its kinda like reality, at some points, it was ridiculious. But overall, all of it was good. And how SNSD acted when the two left.. it kinda is like reality. Cause 9, is forever 9. Girls' Generation happened whether you liked it or not. JIGUMEUN SON YEO SHI DAE,APPURODO SONYOSHIDAE, YONGWONI, SONYOSHIDAE, SONYOSHIDAE SARANGHE!
Yowan_ #5
Chapter 27: I would kill my sleep schedule to have a sequel to this. Mind you, im like Jessica. I sleep like a log.
I would do anything in the world for a sequel of this
Chapter 27: This is so empowering i love it
Bubblemonade #8
Chapter 27: I really liked this one ! It felt realer than the other taeny fanfics I've been reading until now. It's so well written too !
The ending is totally different and I was a huge GOOD surprise, i wasn't expexring that AT ALL ! XP
I'd totally BUY it if it was published (please publish it if it's not done already !^^)

Thank you for this amazing story ! (*^*)
YanYansone #9
Chapter 1: I am just halfway through chapter 1 but wow, this fic is something.