The Fortune Teller

Your Highness

The next day, Taemin woke up earlier than usual. Even Agi was still sleeping. He had to make a plan to tell the Prince about his feelings. But the more he thought about it, the more he got nervous. He should have asked Kibum before he left the last night. He just felt like he couldn't do it. How was he supposed to do it anyway? Just walk up to the Prince like 'Hey, Jongin, I just figured out I'm in love with you now.' Or 'Hey, I need a kiss to know if I'm gay.' There was no way he would say something like that. He sighed and tried to go back to sleep but it was just impossible since he couldn't stop thinking.

He sat up and looked around. "Ugh, what should I do? There's nothing I can do at this time." he whined to himself and fell back on the bed. He buried his face in his pillow and covered his head with another one. But it didn't help either so he sat up and started thinking again. A few minutes later, he decided he would try to let Jongin know indirectly by getting closer to him. But it didn't help him get any sleep either. So, he finally gave up and left his bed. He thought he would start his plan already. He went to the Prince's wing and entered quietly. Jongin was sleeping there peacefully. Taemin smiled and walked to the other side of the bed, slipping under the blankets. He stared at the Prince for a moment, feeling something weird in his stomach. 'Since when does he look so handsome?' he asked himself. His jawline was so sharp. His skin was perfectly tanned. His hair was so dark and shiny. His eyelashes were so long and beautiful when his eyes were closed. His nose looked so cute somehow. And his mouth... Taemin only just realized that he had never really noticed how freaking hot his mouth was. His lips seemed so plump and soft. Taemin gulped. 'Is that what Kibum was talking about?' he wondered. 'It looks so kissable. I wonder how it feels like.' Then he shook his head slightly. He couldn't waste his first kiss like that while the Prince was sleeping. So he just kissed his forehead instead. Jongin slowly opened his eyes and Taemin blushed a bit but tried to keep his cool nonetheless.

"Hi there." he whispered with a smile.

"Taemin...What are you doing here?" Jongin asked in a sleepy voice.

 Taemin internally cursed himself. 'Damn, even his voice sounds y.' he thought.

"I couldn't sleep so I thought maybe I could sleep here next to you?" he answered but it sounded more like a question.

"Oh, yes, of course! Here, come closer to me." Jongin pulled up the sheets for him to move closer and Taemin's eyes widened. The Prince was shirtless. 'Why is he so hot? Damn it.' he moved closer to Jongin and rested his head on his shoulder.

"A-aren't you cold?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine. I always sleep shirtless. I'm used to it, but if it's bothering you or-"

"No, no, not at all." Taemin interrupted and shifted into a more comfortable position.

Jongin smiled. "Great then. Should we sleep now?"

"Yes, we should." Taemin chuckled and faked a yawn.

The Prince laughed and pinched his cheek. "Stop being so cute. I could melt any second."

"And what could possibly happen to me if I made Prince Jongin melt?"

"That would be a great crime, Mr. Lee. You'll have to be punished for it." Jongin chuckled.

Taemin gasped and covered his mouth. "Oh, no. Please, your highness, I beg your pardon. Don't punish me. I'm innocent."

"I don't think you're as innocent as you seem like. I'll punish you now." the Prince smirked.

"And what would be my punishment then?"

"Umm, let me think." Jongin brought Taemin's body closer until there wasn't any more space between them and held him by the waist to keep him in place. "That would be your punishment."

"What? Sleeping in your arms?" he asked.

Jongin nodded.

"That's not a punishment though." he laughed. 'It's more like a reward actually.'

"Oh, then I'll punish you for real next time. Now, we should really sleep."

"As you wish, your highness. Let's sleep." Taemin chuckled and closed his eyes, ready to fall asleep already.


A few hours later, Taemin woke up again. Jongin's arms were still tightly wrapped around him. Taemin glanced at the Prince. He was still sleeping. Taemin smiled and poked his nose gently then kissed it, making him open his eyes.

"Oh, good morning, baby." Jongin whispered.

"Good morning, Jongin."

The Prince raised an eyebrow. "Jongin?"

"Um, yes. You told me I can call you Jongin before, right?"

"Yeah, but you said... Nevermind. So, did you sleep well?"

"Hmm, and you?"

"Great. You know, I'm so happy you came here." Jongin said and d his hair gently.

"Y-yeah, me too. It feels good to be close to you." he muttered.

Jongin smiled. "But you have no idea how I  feel when I'm close to you. I feel like my heart's gonna burst out of my chest." he chuckled.

'Oh, I know, believe me.' Taemin thought. His heart was probably beating even faster. He moved his hand up to Jongin's chest to feel his heartbeat but unintentionnally touched his abs along the way. He pulled his hand away quickly. "I-I'm sorry."

Jongin chuckled. "It's okay. I'm all yours. Touch me all you want. It doesn't bother me."

Taemin smirked. He thought he would play a bit naughty. "You sure about that?"

Jongin narrowed his eyes with an amused smile. "I am."

Taemin smirked again and sat up on his knees. He placed his hands on the Prince's chest and started tickling him. Jongin laughed and tried avoiding Taemin's fingers but he couldn't. "Oh god, stop, Taemin. It feels so weird." he said between his laughter. But Taemin ignored him and kept tickling him with a devilish smile on his face. Jongin was laughing hysterically but he couldn't take it anymore. He switched places with Taemin in a swift movement, until he was hovering over him. He leaned down and removed Taemin's hair from his face. "I told you to stop, Taeminnie."

"I... I'm sorry."

"You're being naughty. I think I'm gonna punish you for real now."


"Oh, you don't wanna know, believe me. I got so many things in mind."

Taemin gulped. "T-tell me."

Jongin opened his mouth to talk but got interrupted by a knock on the door. He sighed and moved away from Taemin. "Come in."

A maid opened the door and entered. She bowed in apology when she saw Taemin. "I'm so sorry to interrupt you, your highness. I'm just bringing breakfast."

"Hmm, put it there and leave." Jongin ordered.

The maid placed the food on the table and left. Jongin turned to Taemin. "This is what I hate most about being a Prince, you know. Always getting interrupted."

Taemin chuckled. "Well, she saved me from punishment though."

"Oh, darling, you're not saved. You'll still get your punishment." Jongin smirked and reached out for Taemin but the latter escaped and got out of the bed.

"Please forgive me, your highness. I promise I'll never do it again."

Jongin stood up and walked towards the boy. Taemin's eyes widened when he saw the Prince's bare torso entirely exposed for him. He kept staring while many (dirty) thoughts came to his mind. Jongin was getting closer to him but he wasn't aware of it.

"Taemin-ah, I'm talking to you." he chuckled.

"Huh? What?" Taemin finally came back to reality and realized the Prince was already just a few inches away.

"Do you like my body?" Jongin smirked.

"Oh, n-no... I mean ye... I-I do." Taemin blushed and looked away.

"Then, that would be your punishment. You'll have to watch me like this while having breakfast, but you can't touch."

"But..." Taemin whined.

"There's no but. Let's eat."

Taemin sighed and sat down to have breakfast. Jongin joined him and started eating. It was actually fun for Taemin, watching a hot tanned body while having breakfast. 'If only I could touch it.' he thought and started imagining many scenarios.

"Do you know how to cook, Taeminnie?" the Prince asked after a while, interrupting Taemin's fantasies about his body.

"Huh? What?" Taemin frowned. Why was he talking about that now?

"I asked you if you know how to cook."

Taemin laughed. "I don't."

"But you were working in a diner."

"Yeah but I didn't cook. Kibum hyung does. I can't cook anything."

"Oh, too bad, I wanted you to cook for me." Jongin pouted.

"I can do other things for you."

"Oh, really? Like what?"

"You'll know eventually. I can't tell you now."

"Hmm, I see." Jongin smirked. "Anyways, do you wanna go out today?"

"Go out? Where?"

"Um, I don't know. We could go to your village. It's boring here and I'm so sick of having to hide in here."

"Yeah, sure. I'm bored here too."

"Should we go now then?"

"Yes, let's go."


The Prince went with Taemin to his village. They got down from the horse and started walking around. Taemin was so glad he didn't have to pretend anymore. "So, where do you wanna go exactly?" he asked the Prince.

"I don't know... Somewhere fun."

Taemin smiled. "I got an idea. Come on, follow me." he grabbed the Prince's hand and dragged him along the streets until he found the place he was looking for.

"What is this place, Taemin?"

"Do you see that woman right there?"


"Well... She's a fortune teller. People say she has psychic powers. She can see the future."

Jongin chuckled. "Seriously? Do you believe in these things?"

"I don't know. It's just for fun. Come on, we'll see what she says." Taemin smiled and dragged Jongin by his hand. The latter laughed and shook his head but let himself get dragged away anyways.

"Hello." Taemin greeted the woman.

"Hello, young man. Take a seat." she gestured to the chairs in front of her with a smile. Taemin and Jongin sat down and looked at the woman but she was only looking at the Prince. He started feeling awkward and uncomfortable so he cleared his throat until she finally decided to talk.

"What would you want to know, boys?"

"Um... we don't want to know anything special. Just tell us what you see." Taemin demanded.

The woman nodded and closed her eyes. She muttered a few words neither of the boys could understand and opened her eyes after a while. She looked at Jongin and smirked. "Give me your left hand."

Jongin glanced at Taemin and hesitantly gave her his hand. The woman took the Prince's hand in her wrinkled ones and focused on the lines in his palm.

"I know who you are. But don't worry, I won't tell." she whispered. Then, she suddenly looked at Taemin. "What's your name?" she asked.


"Give me your hand, Taemin."

Taemin complied and gave her his left hand excitedly. She grabbed it and held both his and the Prince's hands in hers. She closed her eyes for a moment then started talking.

"I see hidden secrets but also genuine love. You will have to deal with lies, betrayal and conspiracy. But, what you two have is pure love. That'll be the only thing that will keep you strong enough to face all the trouble. You will have to trust each other in order to achieve happiness and gain power. Otherwise, everything will fall apart."

She finally let go of the boys' hands and gave them a serious look. "You should be careful. There is a lot at stake. You might lose it all."

Jongin frowned. "What do you mean?"

"You'll understand what I mean. It's all I can say now."

"But... Can't you explain more? Please?" Taemin asked.

"I cannot. You will have to accept your fate because you can't change it. If I tell you what I see, you will try to get in the way of your destiny and it won't end well. I can't explain anything. You can leave now."

Jongin sighed then stood up and paid the woman.

"Young Prince, wait!" the woman called again after they left and Jongin turned around quickly, clearly surprised.

"Secrets won't be hidden for long. Be careful." the woman said then looked at Taemin. "And you! You shouldn't hide anything. Tell him what he needs to know."

Taemin and Jongin were both staring at her with wide eyes before they decided to turn around and leave. They were both left dumbfounded and confused, not really sure what to think.

"I think I believe in psychic powers now." Jongin said as they walked around the village.

"Yeah... do you think what she said is true? I mean she figured out who you are so she must be right about the rest, right?"

"I guess so. But, what did she mean when she said you shouldn't hide anything? Is there something I need to know?"

Taemin gulped nervously. "Actually... Yes. But I don't think this is the right time or place to tell you. I'll tell you when we go back to the castle."

Jongin raised an eyebrow. "Is it something bad?"

"No, no, it's good actually. I'll just tell you later."

"...Okay. Where should we go now?"

"I'm hungry. Let's eat."

"Alright. But where?"


"Taeminnie!" Jonghyun shouted as soon as Taemin entered the diner and ran toward him. "Did you miss us already? We were together just yesterday." he chuckled.

"I didn't miss you. I'm just hungry." Taemin stuck out his tongue.

"Yah! Selfish idiot." Jonghyun smacked his friend's head.

"Ow! Hyung, why did you do that?" Taemin whined.

"Hey! Nobody lays a finger on him, okay?" Jongin glared at Jonghyun and wrapped his arm around Taemin's midsection.

"Chill, I'm just joking." Jonghyun laughed.

"I'm serious." the Prince said in a firm tone.

"Oh... I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"It's okay, your highness, relax. Come on, let's sit down." Taemin chuckled and they all sat down at one of the tables, Jonghyun sitting across from Taemin and the Prince.

"So, Tae, did you tell-"

"Jonghyun! Customers are waiting! Come take the food." Kibum shouted from the kitchen.

"I'm coming!" Jonghyun shouted back and got up. "I'll be right back." he muttered and went to the kitchen. He took the plates to the customers and checked if anyone needed anything before he went back to the kitchen. "Baby, Taemin's here with the Prince." he told his boyfriend.

"Oh, really? Why didn't you tell me?" Kibum grinned happily and left the kitchen. "Hi, Tae!" he waved at him.

"Oh, hi, hyung!" Taemin waved back.

"Hello, your highness." Kibum greeted the Prince.

"Don't call me your highness here. We don't want people to know who I am."

"Oh... Okay. So, what would you like to eat?"

"I want meat, hyung." Taemin said.

"I know, Taeminnie, I'm not asking you." Kibum chuckled, making Taemin scoff and pout slightly.

"I'll eat anything with chicken. You decide." Jongin said.

Kibum nodded. "I'll be right back. Taemin, can you come with me?"

"Why?" Taemin asked.

"I need you to help me with something. Come on."

"Oh, alright." Taemin stood up and followed Kibum to the kitchen.

"What is it, hyung?" he asked.

"Did you tell the Prince how you feel about him?"

"Not yet."

"Yah, idiot! Why not?"

"I'm going to tell him when we go back to the castle. But, we slept together last night though."

"Ooh, and what happened?"

Taemin smirked. "Well, he was shirtless. I got to hug him all night long and watch his bare chest during breakfast."

"If I were you, I would have lost my ity already. He's a prince, damn. Don't you realize how lucky you are, ?" Kibum scoffed.

"I do, but... I can't just tell him like that."

"No, you can, Taemin. Now, you're going to have lunch then you'll go straight back to the castle and tell him, okay?"

Taemin sighed and nodded. "Okay, I will."

"If you don't, I'll beat the out of you next time I see you."

Taemin chuckled. "No one's allowed to touch me. That's what Jongin said."

"Yeah, whatever. Now, go back to him before he freaks out or something."

Taemin grinned and went back to the table. He sat next to Jongin and clinged to his side. "Your highness, can we go back to the castle after lunch?"

"Why? I thought you wanted to go out."

"Yeah, but, um... I'm kind of tired now."

"Oh, alright then, we'll go back later."


"Oh, god, I ate so much." Taemin sighed and fell on his bed back at the castle. Agi came running to him and jumped on his lap.

"Hi, there. Did you miss me?" Taemin smiled and petted the kitty's head.

"I'm going to the Prince's room now. I'll tell them to bring you some food. Sorry I can't spend much time with you."

Agi meowed and rubbed himself all over Taemin's legs.

"What? Don't you want me to leave? I have to, baby. I need to tell the Prince how I feel. I'll come back later."

The kitty just sat there, staring at him with cute wide eyes. Taemin giggled and put him on the bed. Then, he stood up and went to his mirror. He stared at his reflection for a few seconds then decided he looked good enough. He turned to his cat and sighed. "I'm nervous. Wish me luck, Agi." he said and left his room. He walked quickly to the Prince's wing. He felt his heartbeat getting faster with every step he took. A while later, he finally reached the door and entered after knocking.

"Oh, hey, Taeminnie." the Prince smiled.

"H-hi." Taemin stuttered.

"What's wrong? You look distracted." Jongin frowned and walked towards Taemin, cupping his cheek.

"I'm fine. I just need to tell you something. Can we sit down?"

"Yes, sure." Jongin held Taemin's hand and they both sat on the bed. Taemin looked at his lap and breathed nervously.

"What is it, Taemin? Tell me."

"I-I don't know how to say it. I've been thinking so much but..." he sighed.

"It's okay, you can tell me anything."

Taemin nodded and took a deep breath. "You know... You told me before to let you know when I start feeling something for you. I-I think... No, I don't think actually, I'm sure. I love you now. I've been feeling this way for the last few days but I didn't know how to tell you. It's just... I'm sure about my feelings for you but I'm not sure if I'll be able to... you know, literally be in a relationship with a man so... I think I need to try um... I need you to k-kiss me. You know, just to be sure." Taemin was expecting an answer when he looked up but that wasn't what he got. He saw Jongin grinning for a second before he was softly pulled towards him. The Prince held Taemin's cheeks in his hands and leaned closer to him. He gently pressed his lips to Taemin's and started moving them slowly. Taemin closed his eyes and kissed back. He wrapped his arms around Jongin's nape to keep him close. He felt like nothing could ever feel better than the Prince's mouth against his. He was sure it was the best feeling he ever had in his life. Jongin started lowering his hands, letting them run along Taemin's back and hips until they reached the hem of Taemin's shirt. He slipped his hand inside and slowly caressed his skin. Taemin gasped when he felt the touch and Jongin took the chance to slip his tongue inside the boy's mouth. Taemin couldn't even believe he was getting by that. Two weeks ago, he would have never even been able to think about such thing. But now, Jongin's lips, hands and tongue felt so good on his skin and he couldn't help the moan that escaped his mouth. Jongin broke the kiss and smirked. He leaned his forehead onto Taemin's and looked into his eyes. "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Jongin." Taemin whispered.

"So, are you sure you're gay now?" Jongin chuckled.

"Yes, I'm more than sure." the boy smiled.

"But we could still try it more, you know, just in case." the Prince smirked.

Taemin grinned. "Yeah, we can try again. It won't bother me."

Jongin smiled mischievously and kissed Taemin again and again...


Author's Note: And what happened then? I'll just leave it to your imagination lol but don't go too far, Taeminnie is an innocent boy heheh anyways, you'll know what happened in the next chapter lol I'm glad it didn't take me as long as the last time to write this chapter. By the way, I had an exam today and I didn't revise anything because I spent all night writing yesterday but I still feel like this chapter is not well written. Sorry if it's not good enough.

Anyway, tell me what you think the fortune teller means (or not lol) but please comment. It makes me happy to read your comments, guys, so thank you. I love you all~ byeeee~

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