As if you’re melting (in my arms)
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Chanyeol believed he was cursed, that his life was ruined.


As a child of a company owner, the most successful enterpreneur in South Korea, his love life was predestinated to be arranged. No casual dating, no commitment, no romance. Just buisness. Knowing that from the very beginning, Chanyeol bottled up every more complex feeling he'd ever had towards his pretty classmates; the wrath of his father had always been more terrifying than the idea of a heartache. It frustrated him the most during high school, when it was almost mandatory to have a partner. Everyone were holding hands and sneaking kisses when the teachers weren't looking. Everyone but Chanyeol. He oberved from afar when his deskmate confessed to his crush, both of them very happy for the next three weeks before breaking up (Chanyeol couldn't hold in a snicker when she dumped him for his best friend). College was when Chanyeol discovered frat parties and casual , everything behind his father's back, of course. Alcohol, random people pressing against each other on the so-called dance floors, loud music and easy girls were fun for some time, he has to admit. But it never was what he wanted.


Chanyeol dreamed of love from his nanny's stories. He dreamed of sleepless nights, mind filled with thoughts of that one person, of not being able to eat or talk without rambling about the other just like Adriana, the nanny, would do. He craved for butterflies, fireworks or hurricanes or whatever people felt when they were in love. Sappy dates, getting to know each other slowly, dating, maybe even getting married after a while. Park Chanyeol wanted to be in love, madly, passionately.


But, as always with his father, it wasn't the case. 


The first time he's heard of an arranged married, he'd laughed hard, right into his father's face. He was outraged, so furious he hadn't known what else to do than laugh. There was no discussion, however, what his father wanted him to do, he had to do. No disobediance allowed. As always.


His bride-to-be, or rather groom-to-be, was the son of another company's owner, his future in-law almost as prosperous as his father's. The fusion of the two most powerful corporations in the country was unevitable, Chanyeol guessed. Rich, well-behaved and  well-educated, was what Chanyeol knew about his eventual spouse. No pictures were shown, no pre-wedding meetings were organised. How unfortunate it was that the first time he's seen his impeding husband was during the party arranged for press. Regrettable indeed, his father had said when asked.


Byun Baekhyun was his name. Shorter than Chanyeol, but still stunning. Dark brown eyes rimmed with eye-liner, expressive and sharp. Straight nose and thin lips matched well his V-line jaw, black bangs swept carefully to one side covering his forehead. His skin was pale, paler than Chanyeol's and, just like the rest of Byun Baekhyun, impeccable. His body was smaller than Chanyeol's, almost petite when the two were compared, and apperently the journalists loved it. They match so well, they had said, a perfect couple. Chanyeol gagged inwardly. But the truth was that Baekhyun was beautiful, just standing there and looking flawless in his black expersive suit (Armani was Chanyeol's supposition). Behave, his father had ordered before the event, throw an arm casually around his shoulders just to show that you two are close. He did. Chanyeol remembers it felt so right but so wrong at the same time.



They got married the following month, one year and a half before garduation. Baekhyun never smiled during the wedding, neither did Chanyeol.






Chanyeol wakes up to the sound of his alarm colck. He reaches to silence it before opening his eyes and stretches on his bed. He opens one eye just to close it right after, his bedroom is awfully bright. The pillow under his head is invitingly soft, expensive satin doing it's job in keeping him comfortable, but not helping in getting up. Chanyeol suddenly understands why Baekhyun preferes cotton sheets. He stills for a second, expecting to hear his husband's mellow humming from the other side of the door of his bedroom. The appartment is quiet. 


Chanyeol jumps out of his bed to to bathroom to freshen up.


Their penthouse is bi

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