27th Aug 2015: In another life, we shall meet again – we shall laugh again.

And no lies shall be uttered as long as I’m with you, boyfriend. 




This is the sequel for Endeavour. Be sure to read that first so it would be less confusing.

Thank you so much for all the love Endeavour had received.




pls let me repent on ur tears by posting gross fluff part 2 omg

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chanbaek_real #1
Chapter 1: Such a beautiful story. It makes me cry without me even realize it. Well done !
hands down, one of thr best angst ive ever read. I bown down to u srsly :')♡
Chapter 2: i actually fell to the floor, clutching to my chest and just whailed hysterically for hours. Still crying. Cant even see the letters.
Chapter 1: Tears won't stop
Please don't make me cry again
Paggressive #6
Chapter 2: Thank goodness chapter 2 stopped my tears or else I’d run out of tears from crying all through the first half
NCFR36 #7
This had a happy ending right? I don't wanna bleed my eyes out, but I'm desperate for your stories right now !!!!
lovebaek56 #8
Chapter 2: 76 YRS LATER CANCER STILL HAS NO CURE WHY. You could have given them their happy ending in this lifetime but of course you didn't ;--; maybe in the next they finally will get to live long. But that's left to my imagination now.

I wonder if Chanyeol knew? That he had lung cancer as well. In his first life. And he just let it kill him? Without trying to have surgery or anything of the like. I'd like to think he wanted to be with Baekhyun the soonest, despite him having a family now. Maybe he thought Hyun is enough to make his wife happy so it's okay to leave now. I don't know. Maybe it was just a heart attack? Does that have anything to do with lung cancer lol or maybe his body just gave up. Who knows. But I hope they found each other, up there above the clouds. Despite the millions of stars with them.
Chapter 2: I really decided to read angst tonight. Im really thankful I found yours. This was such a very good read. My heart breaks even more and more when chan will gonna marry other woman, I just want chanbaek TTTT LOL but still ChanBaek till the end ♡ Its past 5 in the morning already omg my eyes are swollen I have only read before E4SE and Erstwhile and I will read your other stories then. Thank you so much. I love youuuu this is already one of my fave