Cross Temptation



This story is my first fic ever I got an idea on a movie titled " No other Woman " and " My Neighbors Wife " (movie from Philippines) those movie inspired me to do a version of mine hope you like not going to copy all the concept i just get an idea... :)
again this is a fanfic only......
PS........this story is not containing an adult content its just a romantic drama. :D


will money make RUIN life??


what will you do if your friend BETRAYS you?


are you open to give REVENGE?


will you ever exchange your LOVE because of money?


" I Trust you because you are my friend...."

" He will never look for another woman if he still loves you...remember that "

" Let's stop this...I love my wife "

" Im doing this because you need me "


Image Detail          Im Yoona

She is a loving and kind wife of Siwon he really love her husband, until one day she found out that his husband and her best friend cheated on her will she be able to forgive his husband or leave him at the end? will she able to forgive her best friend or not?

Image Detail       Kwon Yuri

She is Yoona's Best Friend, married to Nickhun for almost 6 months, she's interested to Yoona's Husband (siwon) even before when yoona and siwon is only a lovers. when she gets a chance to be closer to siwon she made an action to ruin yoona and siwon happily life will she be able to succeed or not?. (sorry if I maid Yuri here bad because i found her suit to the role dont get me wrong she is also my bias :))

Image Detail        Choi Siwon

He is the owner of a 5 star hotel in SEOUL, he is married to Yoona for almost 7 years until one day Yuri works on their company and seduce him without knowing that yuri only needs to him is money, he easily get in to it because yoona didnt do that nowadays will he able to exchange his love or at the end he will back to his wife?

Image Detail        Nickhun Horvejkul

He is the loving Husband of Yuri, He works as a Receptionist to a 5 star hotel owned by Choi's, When he found out that his wife cheated on him he used yoona to make revenge but the truth is he only comforting yoona and he wants to help, will this be turn to love or nothing?

tumblr_lvc6jc6j5x1r526t0o1_400.jpg          Choi YoonWon


She is the Daughter of Yoona and Siwon. 6 years old she loves her appa and omma, will she can do a way to bring back the love between her appa and omma? ( Im sorry for the name of the daughter her real name is kim yoo bin she is the little girl in the tv series oh my lady along with choi siwon I used YoonWon since YoonWon is the name of Yoona and Siwon when they get paired :D )


Image Detail            SNSD


Image Detail       SUJU

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Good story
soshi03 #2
Chapter 10: I love this fic . Thanks the two of you yoonyulti07 and ishipthem :)
Chapter 1: update soon please
Chapter 6: Nice story line!
Dunwalkrun #5
Chapter 18: Update please~~ this story is daebak
KhunAFanatics #6
Chapter 4: Owwww..sorry for the late reply because I didn't always open my account and about that your welcome.....
nhinia #7
Chapter 18: update please....
Chapter 18: i hate yuri here and to say that she is my bias.. kekekeke
can she just settle with nichkhun?? he loves her so much..

siwon don't try to hurt yoona again!
Chapter 18: im still mad at siwon here even to yul!! grrrr!!!
please update more :)
yaaaiiii you updated!! :D
update more :)