Does It Have To Be You?
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                   Taemin and Jongin were still involved in a heated kiss when the bell rang for fourth period. The boys looked at each other before racing out to make it to their class on time. 

                   Relieved at their luck, they spotted Lay half asleep sitting up in his desk. The two laughed, amused by Lay's ability to fall asleep in every class. They walked toward him, Jongin sitting beside Lay and Taemin behind them. Jongin glanced at Lay again, then back at Taemin. Then Jongin raised his hand and slapped the sleepy boys's desk, making Lay jump out of his skin. Taemin and Jongin erupted into laughter at his confusion. Lay sent both the boys a glare, clearly not amused.

                  "Dude do you ever sleep at night?", Jongin chuckled, trying to hold in his laughter as the teacher arrived.

                  "Yes, but still I get very tired. You know a lot of people think I come to school high?", Jongin laughed even more, he heard Taemin too.

                  "Okay class let's begin, we have a lot to review today.", the class groaned, but didn't protest any further because the teacher gave them a look.


                  Jongin and Taemin were now walking out of school, holding each other's hand. He ddin't want to continue working on this project, but the upside, he gets to spend time with his Taeminie.

                   "You know, I think it's about time I take you on a date." Taemin was a little taken aback, he just realized they haven't been on a date.

                   "Really?", the excitement evident on his face. "Where?"

                   "That my sweet will be a suprise. How about saturday evening?"

                   "Sure, i'll always have time for you"

                 Taemin was now skipping happily, with Jongin in tow, down the sidewalk. Jongin smiled at his antics, he was excited about it, finally to treat his boyfriend. Good thing I save up a lot of money. The two boys were about two minutes from Taemin's house when that suddenly reminded him of a question.

                    "Jonginie?" Jongin looked up at his nickname.


                    "Why don't we go to your house to work, or just hangout?", Jongin quickly averted his eyes because Taemin was trying to make eye contact. He racked his brains trying to find a suitable answer that wouldn't lead to him asking more questions.

                    "Why do you ask?", Taemin glanced down for a moment, unsure of how to explain.

                    "Well, I kind of want to see what your house looks like, and I want to meet your dad.", Taemin looked over sheepishly.

                    Jongin had no idea how to respond to this. He was so embarrassed of his "home", he didn't want anybody to know of his cigarrette smelling, small apartment, especially not his boyfriend. By now him and Taemin had stopped walking, and Taemin's stare was nerve wrecking. Then Taemin's face turned to hurt, and he realized that his eyes were threatening to spill tears.

                    "Are you ashamed of me? Do you not want your father to meet me?, he heard a sniffle from him and rushed to comfort him.

                    "No, No, No, it's just my house is...", he really didn't know how to word this in a non embarrassing way, "not really like yours."It's not comfortable like yours is."

                     "What do you mean, not comfortable?", by now he was curious.

                    Jongin decided to tell partially the truth, "Look Taemin, I live in a not-so-nice neighborhood okay? Not nearly as nice as yours."

                    "Jongin that doesn't matter. I like for you regardless of the background you come from." You don't know what you're saying. Taemin cupped his cheeks, assuring him he wouldn't be scared off. 

                    "So can I meet him?", Taemin looked up with hopeful eyes. Jongin was reluctant to answer.

                    "Alright, i'll take you over to meet him after our date.", Taemin hopped up and down, at the thought of getting to meet Jongin's dad. He wanted to know who was responsible for raising a guy such as his Jonginie. Jongin was a nervous wreck now. He didn't want anything to happen to his Taeminie, he knew his dad was famous for getting his way. He was terrified what would happen when his dad laid eyes on Taemin, what would he think? What would he do? No he was gonna fight his dad for his Taemin. He pledged to keep Taemin safe, and that he will do.

                    Taemin led him in the house and up to his room where they continued to trudge through their Psychology project. 

                    After hours of torture working and not making out, Jongin decided to head home. At the front door Jongin gave him a quick peck and a hug long hug, he went out in the darkness. His thoughts went to saturday, and how Taemin would be stepping foot in his apartment, and meeting his dad. He hoped that something would happen so his father would be gone all day so he could dodge a bullet. He was pulled out of his his thoughts when he heard the bus' screeching wheels come to a stop. He boarded the bus, and found a seat near the back.

                    Jongin looked around and noticed he was surrounded by three couples, but they didn't notice him. They were all to busy touching each other in inapproppriate places or shoving their tongues down each other's throats. With that that came his Taemin, he unlocked his phone and went to the camera app, searching for the photo they had taken a couple days ago. He stared at Taemin's beautiful, bright smile. Then his chocolate eyes which were looking directly into the camera lenses. Then he looked at his platinum blonde hair, and his perfect pale skin. He couldn't imagine not knowing him now, he was his world.

                   Getting off the bus, he started toward his apartment, dreading actually going, but it was kind of chilly and he needed to get some warmth. He took out his key and unlocked the door, intent on heading straight to his room, but a moving figure caught his attention. He screamed and glared at his father was resting on the couch, with the lamp now . Again. 

                   "I got some interesting information today, from one of your classmates.", he father stated with clear suspicion.

                   "And what would that be?", his voice dripping with annoyance. For a few seconds his father failed to say anything before finally speaking up.

                   "That the project you're working on is really a cover-up.", Jongin gave his father a look of pure confusion. He didn't understand where this was coming from.

                  "What would I be covering up?", Jongin's heart was now pounding hard in his chest. Who would've given his father such information? His dad now rose up from his seat and stared Jongin intensly in the eyes.

                  "That you're in a relationship, and with a boy.", his father kept looking at him with intensity in his eyes. Jongin was shocked for a moment. "I didn't even know you were gay. If I knew I would've gotten one of my clients to help you with your problem." Jongin drew angry.

                  "I didn't think it was even your business.", Jongin growled.

                  "Oh it is my business, whether youu think so or not. An heir of a powerful organization cannot oversee production, when they cannot produce themselves. Jongin balled up his fists and looked away, trying to hold back his frustration.

                  "I have no interest in what you do, you know that. I wish to lead a normal life, with a real job, and have a real family. What you do is not for me. I don't take boys and girls' innocence." Jongin saw his father's face tighten at the last bit. 

                   "I want to meet this little play thing you call your "boyfriend".", he father said. "I'll be free saturday evening. You can bring him then." Damnit. With that being said, his dad proceeded to his room for the night, leaving Jongin in awe. Who could've told him? 

                   Jongin went up to his room to get ready for bed. Still a bit shaken up trying to figure out his dad's source of information, he fell asleep. He didn't even realized he was this tired until his bed hit the pillow.


                   Jongin, Taemin, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun were all talking near Taemin's locker. The group was laughing and teasing each other about Taemin's and Jongin's relationship when Jonghyun appeared Jongin's side view.

                   "So how did you father take the news?", Jongin immediatelty registered what Jonghyun was talking about and slammed him against the locker. Taemin jumped away from the lockers, staring at Jongin in shock.

                   "It was you!", Jongin shouted, "I should've known. Why can't you just mind your own damn business! How did you get my dad's number anyway?"

                   "Jongin please don't start.", Taemin begged. He tried to pull Jongin off of Jonghyun before this got worse.

                   "Stay out of this Taemin!", Jongin snapped, but he regretted it when looked back and saw his hurt facial expression.

                   He let go of Jonghyun's shirt and reached out to take Taemin's hand. "I'm so, so sorry for shouting at you that way, you know I didn't meant to right?"

                   Taemin nodded with eyes staring down at the floor. Jongin had never snapped at him that wayand it just suprised him, that's all. Then Jongin turned back to Jonghyun, seeing Tamein's sad face still, he let Jonghyun go without another word.

                   Chanyeol and Baekhyun were following Jongin and Taemin mindlessly with a mixture of fear, confusion, and suprised expressions on their faces. They had never actually witnessed Jongin get so mad at someone. The guy could really put up a fight if he wanted to, which they were glad of, but were also fearful of it. Would Taemin be safe? 

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Chapter 33: nice chapter authornim :)
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Chapter 32: I'm Glad Jongin Is A Better Man Then His Father & His Father Should Stay In The Hell Hole He Was Put In For The Rest Of His Life For The Pain He Put Them All Through.
woosansweetkins #7
Chapter 32: I hope jongin father will change and be good after he visit him. I'm glad jonghyun apologized and I really like taemin character here . He is very kind. Thanks for update..^^
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Chapter 30: yes they must be more take care of this chapter so much ....
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Chapter 29: Im glad taemin back.. this chapter made me cry :')