Game Changer

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Song Yejin is convinced that Wang Jackson is out to ruin her life and it's driving her insane.



"My life had been a series of unfortunate events.

Your existence seemed to be another pothole in the bumpy path to my success.

Teasing me and creating hope that one day we could be normal."





Start Date: Sept. 4th, 2015

End Date: Feb 20th, 2016

Chapter Count: 35

Total Word Count: 54,129

Average Chapter Length: 1546.5 words (7pages)




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Chapter 33: Honestly, I was never on Jackson's side. His character in this fic is just so explosive!
Kpopinq #2
Chapter 5: AHHHH. Jackson just because your jealous, doesn't mean u get to call people names. Words hurt, your showing her even more why she doesn't want a friendship with you. You can turn against her any moment.
1 points #3
Chapter 35: I just love how realistic this is, my 2nd time reading this and i feel in love all over again <3
honestly i did not see that endgame pairing coming but i really enjoy many aspects of ur writing down to the really calming gifs you have in each chapter hehe
253 streak 1 points #6
Chapter 35: It came to an end? Nooo! :( I'm really curious about Jaebum and Yejin's relationship. I never considered the two to be together but I got so surprised! You made me ship them so hard in half a chapter, whaaat haha But I'm glad everyone got happy in this story. Finally! Yejin grew up so much since the start of the story and I'm really happy I could watch this change. It was great story, I enjoyed every single chapter and thank you so much for all the hard work and time put to write and publish this story! <3
253 streak #7
Chapter 34: Youngjae is such an ! I was really scared that he will move to North Korea XD But Mokpo is not that better either... And wow, Yejin's relationship with Areum is so much better now I'm still shocked. But I'm sad it's not Youngjae who visited Yejin despite being all busy. But oh well. I'm both really excited and sad, because there is next chapter and its the last one >< I don't want this story to end :(
253 streak #8
Chapter 33: So it got real now... It's such a shame that Jackson is forced to something like that! But maybe this girl will be good to him and he will fell for her over time? It's good that Yejin didn't fall for Jackson too much, or else she would be very heartbroken now. Youngjae is good match for her, but is he the one she really wants? :(
253 streak #9
Chapter 32: Aw, it was so adorable! I thought that Yejin will push him away, but there was such a nice surprise! But does Yejin really like Youngjae? I'm confused here with her... I don't want Youngjae to be hurt >< But I sooooo ship it lmao ^_^
253 streak #10
Chapter 31: I thought it was Jackson who scared her >< I'm so happy that Yejin still has Youngjae by her side and she forgot about all her troubles for a while. But I'm scared what will happen in the next chapter :|