Moving Out - 1

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"Argh!"Jongin exclaims as he ruffles his hair like crazy person. "He's not my type, and Im moving out " He says to himslef, more like an excuse than a decision. Fortunately there was no one around him to give him judging stares as he acts like a total wacko.

He's been walking for awhile from Jonghyun's apartment and was just a few blocks away from his place. He was still deep in thought as he reaches the corner of the street where he and Taemin lives and notices people crowding in front of their apartment building.

Instantly, he got a bad feeling.


Jongin, after a few weeks of living with Taemin, immediately realized how clumsy and careless the boy is. He is responsible andcunderstands his priorities, don't misunderstand, but he tends to be forgetful and drifts into his own thoughts way too easily. He always wondered how Taemin can survive alone in this world. But in Jongin's opinion, no matter how annoying he is, one just can't seem to NOT take care of Lee Taemin. "I guess being cute has it's advantages" He would think.


With hurried steps Jongin approaches the crowd who was whispering to each other, pointing to a certain spot in the apartment building, and were wearing worried looks on their faces.

He is now in front of their apartment and he doesnt like what he sees.

His and Taemin's room has it's doors open with alot of smoke coming out. "!" He instantly thought. He had imagined Taemin burning their place down due to carelessness but he had never thought it would actually happen. He scans the crowd looking for the face that annoys the hell out of him. 

He scans his left side, no Lee Taemin.

He scans his right side, no Lee Taemin.

Infront of him, behind him, still no Lee Taemin.

His heart started beating rapidly, sweat forming all over his body as panic nudges at his guts.

"Where the hell is Lee Taemin?!" his panic continues to escalate.


He continued scanning the crowd, desperate to find his roomate and luckily he sees their landlady. He approaches her, hoping she might know where the hell his roomate is but efore he could talk to her he overhears her conversation with an old lady who lived in the same building. "He was here awhile ago, oh Im worried, he was whispering something... about needing to take some things, do you think he went back inside?" Jongin froze in his spot, internally panicking. After about 2-3 seconds, he ran straight towards their apartment, not thinking about anything else except "That annoying, stupid in idiot!"


He reached the entrance to their apartment where alot of smoke is coming out. He covers his nose and mouth with one arm and enters without any hesitation. He looked to his left and sees that their living room was still intanct, but there was no Lee Taemin. His eyes starts to sting due to the smoke (or maybe something else, but Jongin would insist that it was the smoke.) He blinks the forming tears away and looks to his right, and damn! Jongin has never seen that much fire before. "Lee Taemin!!!" He screams, slightly finding it difficult to breathe.

There was no answer. His heart was really beating way too fast now and fear was creeping in. "Yah! Lee Taemin!" He shouted louder and more desperately.

A few seconds later a voice answers,"Oh, Jonginah!" and Jongin has never been so happy hearing his roomate's annoying voice 

"I'll be right out Jonginah, just wait outside, it's dangerous here!" Taemin says, and the casual "nothing's wrong" tone that he used instantly changed Jongin's happiness into annoyance.

"How can he be so relaxed?"he thought as he marches to their room where Taemin's voice seem to be coming from. 

He reached their room and finds Taemin, relief washes over him momentarily because after seeing what Taemin was doing, his annoyance returned.

Taemin was squating down infront of a duffel bag, one hand stuffing it with God-knows-what and his other hand covering his nose and mouth while he coughed silently.

Without saying anything Jongin grabbed Taemin by the waist, startling Taemin who didn't notice Jongin's presence, he carries him over his shoulder like a sack of rice and starts to run for the exit but before he could, "Wait Jongin! The bag, the bag!" Taemin protests. Jongin grumbles but grabs the bag in the end, not wanting to waste his roomates ( STUPID) effort.

Fortunately, the fire hasn't spread too much and they easily got outside.

When they got out, they felt like they haven't breathed fresh air in a week.

Jongin put both Taemin and the duffel bag down. He wasn't exactly the muscular type so it's a wonder even to himself how he was able to carry both Taemin and the bag so easily. I guess fear, desperation, and panic allows you to do things you think you couldn't. (Or maybe it was something else ;))

"Jongi-" Taemin started to speak but was cut off when Jongin grabs his chin and starts tilting his head in different direction. The action left Taemin confused. After letting go of his face Taemin started to speak again "Jong-", but was once again halted when Jongin spins him around. Taemin started to understand what Jongin was doing and before Jongin could grab him by the elbow to check his arms " I-Im fine Jonginah, Im not hurt anywhere!" Taemin assures him.

Jongin sighs in relief and before Taemin could speak again. "WHAT THE WERE YOU THINKING!" Jongin screamed so loud that Taemin almost cowered in fear.

"I- Im sorry, I was cooking, and and.." He stuttered and started pouting.

"That doesn't ing matter! What the were you thinking packing your bags casually like you're about to go on a ing vacation, when there's fire spreading just 10 feet away from you, you idiot!" Jongin interrupts, not even caring about Taemin's pouty face. After feeling panic, relief, fear  etc all in mere minutes, all that's left in Jongin right now was anger.

Taemin, feeling guilty, just stares at his feet as his pouted.

"Unless you were actually planning to go on a vacation in heaven, permanently, you moron!" Jongin continues, exasperated.

Jongin had never been this angry in his life but that may only be because he had also never been as scared as he was minutes ago when he had no idea where Taemin was.

Taemin had (ofcourse) never seen this side of him and it really scared the boy. He could do nothing but lower his head. He afraid of looking at Jongin's angry face.

"Sorry, I tried putting it out but it already spread to the curtains and-" Taemin whispers but Jongin cut him off, again.

"That's not what I asked Lee Tae- ...What the hell is that?" He was about to continue scolding his roomate when he noticed Taemin's hand, one looking redder than the other. Before Taemin could hide it behind his back Jongin grabbed him by the wrist exposing his burnt hand.

"I'm fi-" Taemin starts but was, of course, cut off again by his roomate

"Shut.up." Jongin whispers emphasizing each word with a low growl as he stared at Taemin's injured hands.

"You are not to speak until I talk to you." He hissed.

If his screaming scared Taemin, the low threaning tone he's using now, made the boy want to crawl under his blanket. He decided to just nod, afraid that his words might amplify Jongin's anger.

Jongin grabs Taemin by the elbow and starts to walk "Jongin the bag" Taemin says, earning himself a sharp glare from his roomate. Taemin regretted opening his mouth immediately so he lowered his head again. He made a mental note never to make Jongin this angry again because Super mad Jongin = Super scary Jongin.

Jongin grabbed the bag angrily with his free hand and marches towards the nearest clinic pulling a pouty Taemin with his other hand.




Author's note:

this is the first part of the "Moving out" chapter.

It's a bit long so I decided to divide it into 2 parts

Will try to upload part 2 later 

Hope you like it!


Thank you for the time you spend reading my fics. :D

Sorry for mistakes committed. (Edited typos but yeah.)

Please share your thoughts. <3

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