The Pauper and the Shoemaker

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Hi readers! How was your christmas vacation so far? I hope it was good. Anyway, here's a one shot story for you guys. I know some of you are waiting for Grumpy ending, but I'll update soon once I get back. 

 I promise you readers for the good ending of Grumpy

But authornerd has to take a month off due to some personal reasons.

I'll write a lengthy chapter for Grumpy ending, I promise you. ^^

See you next chapter!





The Pauper and the Shoe Maker




On a dark corner of the street, there was a young girl hiding on a secluded corner. The girl has a white complexion. Her hair was Night Black and her eyes are wide in Dark Brown orbs caused by nervousness and fear to be caught by the police men. She covered herself with her scarf as she peek over to see where are the men who are looking for her.


“Have you seen a white young girl who has red scarf on her neck cross over the street?” A policeman in blue uniform asked a passerby


Sweat runs to the young girl’s forehead as she hold the apple that she stole with all her might. Being caught will caused her to pay for bail and being a poor wanderer, she doesn’t have the capacity to pay for a bail out and she doesn’t even have the capacity to buy her own meals that’s why she resorted to this improper action. DESPERATION. Who could blame her mischief deed? Say, if you haven’t got any proper meals for days and you got no money, STEALING might be a window of opportunity for survival.


“Not really mister.” the passerby said


The young girl sighed in relief


“Okay, thank you”


The policeman went away. Once the policeman was out of the young girl’s sight the girl took a bite of the apple and closed her eyes in relief.


“I’m sorry...I’m going to pay you as soon as I got money.” the young girl said


No money, no education, no home, no friends, no job and no family...that’s how the young girl lived through out these years. Imagine when you exist in this world and yet nobody knows and cares about you. Being abandoned and left alone barely surviving. Waiting for the time to pass by and hoping for green pasture to come if ever it will come and so far, it never came. Life had been tough for the young girl and there’s only one thing she wished right now.


“I wish I was never born at all.” the young girl cried as her conscience eating her up.the bitter sweet taste of the apple goes down on and it makes her hard to swallow as tears brim her eyes. It’s always like this, she steal to survive. Everyday, she had to commit this terrible deed and it’s like a dirt that goes through her skin that no matter what she does to remove it, it stays there like an unwanted tattoo and it’s already embedded on her bones,a SINNER, that's what she is.


And tonight, in this dark ally, she will hide and seek for uncomfortable refuge for a rest. The cold street floor and the hard wall served as her comfort. Something that she had gotten used too already because no matter what happen, she cannot do anything about it.


She had lost her old spark of hope in her eyes few years ago. Rejection after rejection, betrayal over friendship, reputation wrecked and so her own loved ones abandoned her. She already gotten used to the end she thought for herself, being ALONE. Like what she is right now in this dark called ally. She had gotten accustomed to the dark that she already forgot what a bright sunny day used to be like. When hope was still high and life was still easy.


She didn’t know that one day, she will finally see the light again.




It was another day when the young girl has to steal again to survive. The young girl didn't want to do it. So she refrain from stealing anything through out the day but the sky is already dark and she hasn't eaten a bite for a day so no matter hard she resist, her stomach persist. She has to eat. She will steal again.


She was in front of a food stall, where people munched their food freely and chat with each other. started to water as she saw the food being cook and the people eat their food. The vendor seems to look at her so she diverted her attention else where. She saw a spacious shoe boutique beside the food stall. The shoes vary from designs. Heels, wedge, classic, casual...anything for man and woman. A certain shoes attracted her as she went close to the shop window and stared at it. It is this pink high heels with a sparkling little diamonds on the top. She was attracted to it. She saw a petite woman inside the boutique looking at her, she seems to stare at her too for a second until she felt that ache from her stomach again. She’s a PAUPER, she can’t probably dreamed of buying that expensive shoes. She looked at the food stall again and decided to continue on her plan. She went towards the food stall and looked at the food in front of it. The vendor was eyeing on her suspiciously, she immediately grabbed the bread and the vendor grabbed her hand.


“You’re going to steal this aren’t you?” the man asked as he gripped on the young girl’s hand


“N-No.” the girl lied as she almost squeal in pain


The loudness of the man's voice attracted a lot of attention. The young girl knew that it is the end of her.


“Liar!...I’m sending you to the police!” the man said as he was about to dragged the girl with him but a hand on his shoulder stopped him.


“Stop’re hurting my friend and you’re hurting a customer.” the voice of a woman said.


The young girl looked at the woman. She was that woman from the shoe store.


“Customer? Ma’am, she was going to steal!” the man said


“No, she was not. She’s just going to take a pick but you judged her right away.” the woman defended the girl


“B-But...” the man cannot say anything anymore


“Is this what you want?” the woman asked the girl


The girl was shocked and just nodded weakly


“How much is this?” the woman asked the man




“Here.” the woman paid for the bread and gave to the young girl and take her away from the crowd’s attention.





“You shouldn’t steal...” the woman said to the girl


The young girl looked down in shame


“What is your name?”




“Are you hungry?” the woman asked




“Let's go somewhere.”


The woman held the young girl’s hand and they started walking. the young girl was nervous because she’s afraid of being sent to the police


“Don’t be nervous. I’m not going to harm you.” the woman assured


The woman take her in to a diner and the girl can just stared at her in awe and the food in front of her.


“Take your pick.” the woman said


“B-But...I-I do not have...t-the mmmoney.” the girl said


“Don't worry about that.” the woman said


The young girl picked the cheapest food on the menu but the woman shook her head and ordered something else. As soon as the abundant food started to arrived, the young girl can hear her stomach growling but all she can do is stare at the food and the stranger in front of her.


“Go on.” the woman said and the young girl started to eat very fast. The woman in front of her can only stare in awe. The young girl eat like she hasn’t eaten anything for years. The young girl noticed he stare so she only looked down in shame “Sorry.” the young girl said


“Don’t mind me, goon and eat.” the woman said


“T-Thank you...” the young girl said as she continued eating. She was crying as she eat.


“Why are you crying?” the woman asked


“Because no one had ever done this to me...thank you...thank you very are so kind.” the young girl was touched


The petite woman just nodded and smile.


After the satisfying dinner, the young girl knows she has to go back on the street again. She bowed down and thank the woman for the nth time before they part ways. The young girl was about to go back to the dark ally until the woman called her attention.


“Wait!...Where do you live?” the woman asked


“I-I...I live...t-there.” she pointed the dark ally and the petite woman just shook her head and speak.


“Come with me.”


“W-What is y-you’re name?” she asked


“Taeyeon...” the woman smiled





After that night, Stephanie found a shelter on Taeyeon’s home. Everything was to good to be true for her. Before she was wondering why everything was so dark for her, but now she is wondering why everything is so bright that she can’t open her eyes straight and know why it was happening to her. She volunteered to help Taeyeon on her shoe boutique. She learned that Taeyeon owns the boutique and she design the shoes herself. She wondered how one can be so kind, beautiful and talented at the same time. Taeyeon’s design are magnificent. Everytime Stephanie is inside Taeyeon’s shop, she can’t help to admire the pink high heels that she first saw on the day Taeyeon and her first saw each other. Maybe the pink shoes brought luck to her. She mindlessly draw some sketches on a piece of paper and she was to occupied that she didn't realized that Taeyeon was looking at her work.


“You draw well Stephanie.” Taeyeon said out of the blue


“A-ah...uhm...y-yeah.” Stephanie was stuttering


“Do me a favor.” Taeyeon said


“A-Anything you like ...I’I’ll do it.” Stephanie said


“Design shoes for me.” Taeyeon smiled and ever since that day, Stephanie designed shoes for Taeyeon. She even had her own line on Taeyeon’s boutique “Tiffany”


One night, before they sleep, she asked Taeyeon a question.


“Why did you helped me?”


The woman looked at her and respond


“Because once, I was a pauper too.” she smiled and continued her story


“I grew up in an orphanage. The orphanage barely has funds to finance the kids inside but still we're surviving. On that orphanage, they sent kids to school. I only got a pair of black shoes and throughout the years, the shoes started to be broken but I got no money to buy a new pair so I just stick to it. My socks being soaked every time it rains so I think of a way to repair my shoes. Starting from that day, I leaned how to create my own shoes and I dreamed of creating shoes. Nobody adopted me while I was on orphanage so I decided to leave the orphanage and live by myself at the age of 16. I became a shoemaker and a shoe repairman. But since I got no shop myself, I always being kicked out everywhere I go. Until one time, a kind lady helped me and that lady became my mother. Through her help, I learned how to design my own shoes and built my own shop. I owe it a lot on her. I will always love my mother even we’re not really related by blood, she’s connected to my heart.” Taeyeon said as she pats the young girl’s hair.


“What’s your story Stephanie?”


“I grew up with my grandpa. He gave me everything I need and raised me up, but when my grandpa died, that’s when my life crumbled. Our house was taken away by the bank, I didn't even get a chance to finish high school. One day, my bestfriend told me that she can help me find a job here in the city, so I come with her. But she took me to a brothel instead of the job she promised to me. I was betrayed. I ran away and escape and leave everything behind, so throughout these past few years, I wandered around with nothing on me, I steal to survive and it’s slowly killing me until the da you saved me. Thank you very much...I owe it all to you.” the young girl cried and Taeyeon hugged her


“I’m sure my mom will be so proud of me because I took you in.” Taeyeon smiled and Stephanie smiled too.





Years had passed since Taeyeon and Stephanie first met. Taeyeon was right, her mother surely loved Stephanie. The two of them became best of friends and their shoe boutique had gotten stronger and more famous. They built branches to cities after city. But still considering that the main branch is the most especial one. Their shoe displays were being changed season after season but one thing that Stephanie noticed is that Taeyeon refused to change the pink high heeled shoes that sparkles on diamond she first seen when she first met Taeyeon and she wondered why.


“Tae, It’s been years, but why this shoe is still on display?” she asked


“Because it remind me of something Fany...”


“Oh? What is it?” Stephanie chuckled


“Hmmm... You guess it” Taeyeon laughed softly


“Ah, Tae...What is it?” she persistently asked


Taeyeon just given her a sly grinned so she hugged the latter tightly as a revenge


“Fany, I can’t breathe!”


“Tell it or else.”


“It remind me of the first time we met...I met the best of friend I can ever have.” Taeyeon said sincerely


“Well in that case that shoes is special for me too...” Stephanie said


“Why?” Taeyeon asked


“Because I met my angel the day I saw it.”


Stephanie knew she was lucky. Because once she was a Pauper, she found this kind hearted shoemaker that changed her life forever. In every dark ally, there will always be a way out. In every night, there will always be a day coming after.


It the same goes for in every stranger, there will always be one angel that will help us overcome the darkness in our lives.



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