When Rudolph's Nose is Pink

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OMG OMG OMG! HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN DEAR SANTA???  My, Seohyun was so classy. Tiffany's english is so wonderful and Taeyeon looks like Elsa! I so loved the ballad part in the intro. <3

Anyway, because author fan girl a while ago and author's in a good mood and thinking for my monito's christmas present... do you guys have any suggstion for gifts? Hehe.

Here's a short one shot. Grumpy readers, I'll update next. Okay?







When Rudolph's Nose is Pink




It’s a cold morning. I woke up early and prepared to go to school. I looked at the mirror and fixed my long blonde hair and sighed.


“Gee, I want to sleep more...” I slapped myself hard and continued speaking “No, you can’t sleep Taeyeon, Mrs.Cane is going to give a long test at 7:00 am sharp!” I told to myself


“But it’s still early!” I looked at my wrist watch and cursed when I saw where the hands of the clock struck “Oh ! It’s 6:46!” I ran downstairs very fast. I saw my mother in the kitchen.



“Good morning!” I greeted her and my brother



“Good morning sister and oh, you’re late! Mrs.Cane will have her fun again.” my older brother teased me, I glared a him and ignored his remark.



“Daughter, breakfast is ready!” my mom said to me.



I immediately grabbed a bread, put some eggs on it and stuffed it all inside my mouth and grabbed a carton of milk.



“I’m.....goooowwwwiiiinnnggg...moooowwwwmm” I said as I chewed my food.


“Okay, come back soon. Take care!” mom said


“I will.” I said



“Good luck to Mrs.Cane!” my brother teased. I ignored him and I picked up my backpack and left the house.




I picked up my bike and pedaled faster to catch up my 7 o'clock class. I cannot be late or else, Mrs.Cane will embarass me in front of the class. The last time I was late, Mrs.Cane asked me to wear a huge tag of “I WILL GO TO SCHOOL EARLY NEXT TIME” for the whole day and she asked me to do community service at school. I do not want to do it again. I parked my bike and ran faster to my classroom. My heart began to pound fastly as I looked at the time. It's 7:05 am. I'M DEAD. I was in the front door of the classroom and I opened it widely.




“Sorry...I’m...Ha ha ha....late!...ha...ha..ha” I panted heavily.




Then I saw a new girl introducing herself in front of the class. The girl was around age like me. She got a pale complexion and her hair is dark. She was wearing a thick black specs. Mrs.Cane, my classmates and the new girl turned their attention to me and Mrs.Cane shook her head and speak.



“Sit down Miss Kim.” Mrs.Cane said flatly “Miss Hwang, continue” I sat down on my seat and watched the show in front of me.



The girl was fidgeting on the hem of her clothes as she introduced herself



“N-Nice t-to mm-meet you...mm-my name i-is S-Step-phannn-nie H-Hwang...” the girl stuttered at she uttered every word that she said nervously.



“N-NICE T-TO MMM-MEEET YOU T-TOO!” a boy in the class named Zico tease the shy girl and the whole class laughed out loud. The girl blushed furiously. Her face turned pink, especially her nose.



“OH, LOOK! HER NOSE IS PINK! HAHAHAHA!” One of my classmate commented.


“Christmas is coming so Rudolph the red nose reindeer is coming out!” said Bobby.



The whole class laughed again and the girl blushed even more.



“But how weird, her nose is pink!” the class roared into laughter


“QUIET!” Mrs.Cane warned the class and the class went into silence. “Miss Hwang, take your seat”.



I saw the girl looked for her seat as Mrs.Cane started her lesson. The girl went to the vacant chair beside Jonghyun and was about to sit there but Jonghyun stopped her. “This chair is taken.” he lied.



What an ! I scoffed in disbelief and called the girl’s attention.



"Miss, this chair is vacant.” I pointed at the chair beside me



Jonghyun and his friends shook their head “What a loser. Stutter Hwang and Stupid Taeng!” they laughed their asses off.



I ignored them as usual. I was the only person that this class likes to bully but now I have a new pair, Miss Stutter Hwang. Great, just great. I don’t know if I’m going to be happy or not but misery likes a company, I see?



“T-Thank...y-you” Stephanie said shyly without meeting my eyes as she talked and she's blushing like a tomato. The only difference is that this tomato has a pink dot on it's nose. I gave her a small smile as a response.



Mrs. Cane said that she’s going to give a test right now and as usual, I failed to review. I bet, I will be the lowest score again in this test and Jonghyun and his friends will call me STUPID again. Well, it’s not that I don’t like to study, it’s just that I worked at the café last night and forgot to study. Well at least, I gained money.



I looked at the test paper and sighed. I do not know any but praised the Lord and his kindness, it’s multiple choice. But still I do not know the answer so I sang the ABC’s to know the answer.



How it looked like on my test paper:

1. The cradle of Egyptian civilization.

A. Rio Grande
B. Lake Victoria
C.Nile River
D.Red sea

Which the choices I read as:

A. Ariana Grande is awesome and I’m stupid
B. Victoria stands for victory and you’re going to fail this subject and repeat again victoriously.
C. You will cry a river because your mother’s going to cut off your allowance.
D. You’ll be like Red sea...DEAD.


My ABC song stopped at D. I groaned in frustration.



“Shut up midget, you’re so stupid singing ABC’s. I bet you’ll get zero.” Jonghyun shook his head and said “Hopeless.” as he answered his test paper again. I saw him and Taecyeon, his seatmate, copying each other’s test paper



I ignored him as usual and stared at my test paper again. It's better to get zero than to cheat. That's my principle in life. I saw my Hwang Stutter catching glimpses on me. Is she copying my answer? If so, she can't get anything from me and we'll both flop. What a great tandem! IDIOTS. If I'm going to add my absent bestfriend named Yuri on our group then we'll be the THREE IDIOTS. Great,just great.



“Don’t copy my answers, I don’t know anything.” I said to her as I was about to encircle letter D.


“D-Don’t...” she said as she looked at my paper. I looked at her and raise my eyebrow questionally


“T’That’s...nnnn-noot...the a-answer.” she stuttered “It’s l-letter C.”



“Oh?” I asked





“Why?” I asked her why she’s teaching me the answer



“C-Christmas gift...” she said nervously



“Thank you.” I said



“Y-You’re....w-welcome.” she blushed instantly and I grinned at the cute sight I was seeing right now. Her nose is pink. How cute! I stared at her features, she doesn’t look bad at all. Her only flaw is that she’s so shy and she easily blushed. I guess she lacked too much of self confidence.



“Miss Kim, eyes on your paper!” Mrs.Cane warned me



“O-Oh, yes m-ma’am.” I stuttered. Gee, I guess I’ll be stuttered Taeng too!



The test result comes out and hour after and Mrs.Cane announced the top score.



“The highest score is 48/50...’ Mrs.Cane said. I saw Jonghyun anticipating for his name. I grimmed in disgust. What a cocky bastard



I accidentally shove my pen down my table. Stutter Hwang was kind enough to picked it up for me.


“H-Here...” she handed me my pen



“Thank you.” I get the pen on her hand and had a quick accidental touch on her hand. She blushed madly as a result. I saw her nose wrinkle as it blushed in pink.



“How cute...” I said mindlessly and looked at Mrs.Cane


“Congratulations Miss Hwang!” Mrs. Cane said. I saw Jonghyun's face. He looks like those actors who lose their best actor award. I chuckled softly and clapped my hands. Whoa, Stutter Hwang just came today and she got the highest score. How impressive!


“Congratulations!” I cheered for her


“The Stupid and the Gifted child.” Jonghyun made a remark and the whole class laughed out loud.



Yes I was stupid. Out of 45 students in the room, I’m in the 45 rank. How cool,eh?



“Announce the lowest ma’am!” One of my classmate said.



The lowest always have a punishment to clean the room after class and so far, I’ve been the regular cleaner.



“The lowest score is zero...” Mrs.Cane said


“We all know who is it!” Jonghyun said as he crossed his legs


“It’s you Jonghyun.” Mrs.Cane said


“WHAT? IMPOSSIBLE! HOW ABOUT TAENG'S PAPER?” Jonghyun cannot believe the verdict


The class laughed out loud


"Janitor Jonghyun!" They teased


“Miss Kim got 1” Mrs.Cane smiled at me


"How about Taecyeon?" Jonghyun asked


"He got 2." Mrs. Cane said


"I copied to Sehun's and Minhyuk's." Taecyeon whispered


"You brat!" Jonghun was angry



My eyes opened widely, wow, I’m the 44th!



“OH GOD FANY, THANK YOU!” I hugged Stephanie tightly and the girl was shocked.



“I-I...F-Fany?” she turned speechless and blushed madly



“Your name is long...” I grinned and showed her my pearly white teeth that has braces on it. She adjusted her glasses up and smiled awkwardly as she looked down shyly


“Y-You’re w-welcome...” she said



“Wow, improvement Taeng?” My classmate Sunny said as she smiled at me.




“Yeah, thanks to my wonderful newly found friend.” I said as I looked at Stephanie and kissed her cheeks.



“Why?” she asked me as she touched her cheeks and blushed harder than ever



“Christmas gift...” I said



“Miss Kim! What are you doing?!” Mrs.Cane lectured









This was eight years ago. Now, I’m 28 and older. And totally no braces at all- I’ll say I’ve gotten smarter. The blushing girl name Stephanie Hwang became my bestfriend and my tutor until we finished the university. The Stupid and the Stutter tandem gotten strong and our bond gotten strong too.




I’ve learn that Stephanie got a Social Anxiety Disorder, which is the main reason why she blushed easily and stuttered as she talks. She said she’s having a treatment to treat her anxiety disorder but still she had seen no improvement about it. She’s still shy and her self esteem is still as low as the ground. We helped each other, she help me to become smart as she teach me and give me tutor while I help her to gain her self confidence and make her know that she’s pretty everyday by changing her looks a bit.



And I was right, she’s pretty. No, pretty is an understatement...she’s beautiful.



I woke up early in the morning like what happened eight years ago. Christmas is coming. I saw the sunrise at the window.



“Gee, I want to sleep more...” I said “But you have to work at 7am Taeyeon!” I said to myself “It’s still early.” I reasoned.



I looked at the clock “Oh,! It's 6:46!” I was about to hurry and stand up until I felt heaviness on my shoulder.



I saw my wife sleeping soundly.



She’s so beautiful and cute that I pinched her nose. Her nose wrinkles as she groaned.



“Urgh, 5 more minutes!” she said softly



I kissed her quick and grinned afterwards. She opened her eyes widely in surprised.



“D-Did you j-just...” she stuttered



“U-huh.” I wiggled my brows in a teasing manner. She blushed hard and her nose gotten pink.



“Awww, you’re nose is pink!” I



“Wh-Whatever.” she said as she closed her eyes again and I kissed her again



“W-Why?” she opened her eyes slowly and asked



“Christmas gift...”I smiled and forget the time.



My spouse and I shop for our third Christmas menu together. We were walking until Fany saw a pink sewing machine on the furniture section.



“TaeTae, get me this for Christmas!” she chirped happily as she touched the sewing machine ecstatically



“Anything for my Fany.” I smiled



“What do you want for Christmas Tae?” she asked



“Come here.” I said



She came closer to me and I hugged her “This.”I said



“Why?” she asked confusedly



“My best Christmas present ever.” I smiled and we bought that gay color sewing machine and went home to cook dinner for Christmas eve.





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What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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