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This chapter will be divided in two parts. I'll upload the next part probably tomorrow or soon! And quick survey for this will be the last chapter...What's you're ideal ending of Grumpy? Pardon for typos for you know that author is lazy. Hehe.


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“When the past hunts you, you know you'll always have to come back.”




“Chooooo! Chooooo! Choooo!...”


I was standing a the edge of the rail, I just got off on the train. I heard the sound of the train as it started to move far away from where I was. I looked all around me, everything was different from where I came from. I started to walk and start my mission. I looked at a piece of paper on my hand.



“Stephanie Hwang Co. (address insert here)”



As I looked at the piece of paper, I wonder where the hell am I supposed to find this since I don’t really get out of the small town village where I came from that often. I saw a man wearing a thick green jacket with army navy colored scarf and earphones on his ears. I decided to approach him and catch up with him as he walked swiftly.



“Excuse me mister...I wonder if you know the way to (place)?” I asked as I tried to catch up with his steps



“I’m in a hurry.” the man dismissed me as he walked speedily on the train’s exit


I muttered a cursed and pant heavily as I stopped for a while to catch my breath.


“Damn busy idiots...” I said as I pant



A man in a guard blue uniform approached me.



“Are you alright miss?”


“A-ah...Yes” I said as I tried to catch my breath and continued speaking “Honestly, I am kind of lost...” I said


“Oh, where are you going?” the guard asked


“to (address)...”


“Take the North bound exit and take the route 59 bus outside, after that you can ask some locals for some direction.” the guard said kindly


“Thank you sir!”




I did what I was told. I took the bus. As I stared outside the window, I can see magnificent tall skyscrapers and huge billboards outside. The city was crazy with dancing lights. I can see people going in and out of high end malls and amusement bars. I can see office workers walking their way on their offices.The city was alive and all people are busy with their own world and smartphones but I couldn’t care, I’m here for one thing...and that is to search for Tiffany.



After half an hour inside the bus, I finally reached the bus’ end destination. Like the guard suggested to me, I asked some people for directions. I saw a lady in red dress wearing a blazer and a heels walking as she speaks on her phone. I tried to call her attention to ask for directions.



“Excuse me madame...”



But she just gestured her hand as if she’s telling me to stop and she’s busy and she continued walking like she haven’t seen me.



“Oh...why people here are so busy?!” I was frustrated. I continued to ask for direction but after an hour all I get was been ignored. So I just sat on the near bench and put my palm on my face in frustration.



I opened my bag to look how much money I still have for my little excursion here in the city.



“Just enough for three days...” I sighed and put my wallet back to my bag. After a minute, a gentle man in a black shirt approached me.



“Hey, are you okay?” I looked at my back to see if he's really talking to me since people in the city are so busy to talk with one another and especially entertain a stranger,


“Who, me?” I pointed myself and he just nodded and made his way towards me


“A-Actually...I am kind of lost” I admitted



The gentleman smiled at me and speak “Oh,maybe I can help you. Where are you going?” he asked as he smiled charmingly. His eyes are beautiful and he looks handsome actually.



“To (address)...”


“Oh, I know where that is! In fact, I can take you there” he said


“Wow, really? B-But I don’t want to be a burden to you...” I said


“Nonsense! You’re not a burden...My name is Baekhyun” he smiled charmingly and reached for my hand


“T-Taeyeon...” I shook his hand awkwardly


He speak again “Shall we?” I stood up and nodded.



We started walking around the street. We walked for five minutes before he took the left turn on a secluded alley. I was wondering why so I asked a question.



“Why are we here? Are you sure you know where it is?” I asked as I looked around


“It’s a short cut” he said as he winked at me and I followed him and nodded



Minutes had passed, I started to feel uneasy as I can see that we’re going to a shortcut far more secluded on the street.



“C-Can we just t-take the long way?” I asked nervously. He suddenly stopped his tracks and gripped my hands tightly as he spin me against the wall.



“Don’t move, or I’ll shoot!” he pointed a gun to me and my heart pounded double in fear


“W-Why...P-Please d-don't..” I pleaded


“Just give me your cash and we’re done here.” he commanded


“H-Here...P-Please don’t s-shoot...” I raised my hands in the air.


I need to be alive for my Fany!


“Don’t worry...I won’t” he said as he smiled



Damn this wicked entity!



He took my bag from me and left me dumbfounded. I was shock and I can’t even moved. I was staring at his figure as he walked a way from me until he suddenly stopped his tracks and turned around to speak.



“Oh, uhm in consolation, the address you are looking for is on the 5th avenue. Take a bus. And tadah! Welcome to the city! long my friend!” He waved his hands and ran away



“Aaaaaaaahhh!” I screamed in frustration “Idiot Taeng! That's what you get for trusting a stranger!” I smacked my head



“Great...just great...How can I take a bus now if I have no money?”




I started to walk and follow the 5th avenue bus trail. Great luck! No money, no friends, no lover, no one... Heck, this will be a long walk. I was walking for three hours now, the sky is almost turning dark and I haven’t have any meal for today. It started to rain so hard.



“WHAT THE FU&$% CHALLENGE IS THIS?!” I screamed in irritation and annoyance. My socks started to be soaked by the water as I quickly tried to find a shelter from this rain. I sat on a waiting shed helplessly and hopelessly.



“How can I find Fany now?” I said weakly.



I looked around me, I saw some food stalls selling delicious foods. My mouth started to water and I gulped as I saw the buyers eating their meal. The man noticed me staring at him so I turned my gaze somewhere and luck happens when I did that. I saw an advertisement on a small billboard.



“Wanted: a fashion artist who can sketch professionally. From 19-35 years old. Please go to Stephanie Hwang Co. Blg #3956 5th ave.Deadline:(today’s date)”



My eyes started to twinkle when I saw the advertisement. I saw a group of ladies passing by and pointed on the billboard.



“Lizzy, look!” said the girl in purple “Why not you and Nana apply there?”


“That’s a great idea Raina!” the girl named Lizzy said


“Oh, the deadline’s today? Let’s go there now!” the girl named Nana said




I followed the three girls. I actually looked like a mess right now but I couldn’t care. I need to take that job...I need to be close to Tiffany. I entered the building and looked around the fancy designs, I can’t believe Tiffany’s have come this far. I’m so proud of her. I approached the front desk and the girl in the desk eyed me from head to toes.



“Why are you here Miss?” she asked


“I saw the advertisement, I’m applying for a job” I said



The lady nodded and I saw her gestured towards the guard to followed me.



“5th floor, turn right and look for Miss Jung” the lady said



I started to ascend on the 5th floor with the guard beside me. Gee, this pathetic and judgmental society. I do understand that I look like a mess right now but I desperately need this job. I looked for Miss Jung at the 5th floor and I saw her bickering with a woman inside her office



“Yah Sica! That’s the tenth artist you rejected for today! If that continues, we wouldn’t reach the quota day for the winter collection!” a tanned girl said to a pale girl that is Miss Jung


“Shut up Kwon! Their designs are common and there's nothing unique about their drawings!” Miss Jung defended herself



I knocked on the door to get their attention



“E-Excuse me?” I said politely


“Oh, solicitation is not allowed here. Please get out Miss” Miss Jung told me


I was offended but I remained composed and speak “I’m not here for solicitation. I'm here to apply” I said with confidence



They both eyed me from head to toes


“Where's your porfolio and your resumé?” Miss Jung asked me


“I do not have any...” I said honestly


“Very well, thank you miss for coming here but you can’t apply.” Miss Jung said


“But won’t you give me a shot? I’m a professional artist. I sell thousands of painting for living. I can assure you, I'm good!” I convinced her


“Sorry but...” Miss Jung was speaking until he tanned girl cut her off


“Sure! Please show us what you got and sketch for us.” the tanned girl smiled and let me in and the guard was left outside


“YURI!” Miss Jung said and glared at her



“Oh come on Sica, don’t judge the book by it’s cover. A great artist must be judge by their work and not their appearance.” Yuri said to Jessica and ignored her icy glare



“You can’t be serious Yul!” Miss Jung scoffed


“I am Jessica...I can assure that this lady is good.” Yuri said confidently


“I don't believe you.”


“Oh, want to bet?”


“What's the catch?” Jessica stated


“I'll pay for your shopping fees for a week if you're right and if I am right you'll pay for my breakfast,dinner and lunch for two weeks!”


“That's unfair! Why two weeks?” Jessica complained


“Because you shop too much!” Yuri reasoned out


“Fine, show us what you got.” Jessica said as she put her hands on her hips




Yuri gave me a piece of paper and made me sketched five designs for winter collection in fifteen minutes. I can feel them eyeing at me as I draw. As I sketch the designer’s clothes, I think Tiffany as my model and the clothes she loved to wear in the past when it was winter time. I did and draw every line and shades for her. Fifteen minutes was over and now is the time to be judge.



Jessica and Yuri took the sketch pad from me. Yuri looked so please and Jessica looked so shock.



“W-Wow! T-This is superb!” Jessica didn't know what to say


“I told you! She is good!”


“What's your name?” Jessica asked me


“Taeyeon...Kim Taeyeon.”


“Well Taeyeon, you’re hired!” Jessica told me immediately and shook my hands



“Welcome to Stephanie Hwang Co.!” Yuri went to hug me. “Gee, are you wet? You’re clothes are soaked” Yuri told me worriedly



“I-I was drenched b the rain outside a while ago. My bag was stolen along my umbrella and wallet inside.” I said



“Oh...where do yo live?” Yuri asked me


“I just arrived in the city this morning...” I said


“Well since you’re an employee already of this company, you can stay in the dorm for employees. You know employees here have a housing incentives.” Yuri said


“Thank you” I said as I bowed


“Oh Taeyeon?” Jessica called me




“Extra clothes are in the storage room. Please change immediately for you might get sick” Jessica said


“Thank you ma’am” I said



As if twist of luck was on my side, I am now closer to my goal: make Tiffany to come home with me.



After I changed my clothes, Jessica and Yuri told me they’ll introduce me to their superior who’s currently at the meeting as of the moment, so I waited for half an hour and finally they let me in on the CEO’S office.



When Miss Jung opened the door, I saw the person I was longing for for five years... She looked different now, well she’s still beautiful but she looks much more beautiful that made my heart melts inside my rib cage. She was busy looking on her files on the table and typing on her laptop to even spare a glance on us. She have that tall coffee mug on her desk to keep her awake from the busy demands of her work.


“Miss Hwang?”


“Hmmm?” she answered without looking on us and she drank her coffee


“Here is the new artist we hired, Miss Kim Taeyeon.” Jessica said



Tiffany choked on her drink and stopped typing



"ahuk *cough**cough*"


"Are you okay Miss Hwang?" Yuri asked



"I'm *cough* o-okaay *cough*" she wiped her lips with her hanky and finally she looked at me but the only thing is...




She looked at me with her bewildered look




“T-Taeyeon?” she spoke as her eyes widens in surprised




“Yes Miss Hwang...the one and only”


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