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Hey you!

I was reading a funny book by Kerry Miller entitled ‘Passive Aggressive Notes’. She also has this site passiveaggressivenotes.com  P.S. I love that book. I had so much fun reading those witty remarks that people did. Anyway…

What’s new about SNSD? I miss Taeny. T_T But it seems like we have to wait another 2 years for an album to come like Sooyoung’s mum told to a fan. T_T


Anyway, I would like to thank the holiday for giving me time to write this. Anyone would like to play chess with me online or just randomly talk, the message box is on.




Miss Passive-Aggressive



Taeyeon went to her rented apartment after a long day from work. She opened the lights and walked to the kitchen to get a drink. As she puts her used glass in the sink, she saw a pink note stuck on the top of the cabinet.



A clean sink. You must be wondering how your used plates and utensils magically cleaned themselves, right? Well, I used my wand aka my ‘hands’ to make them disappear. I do understand that it’s a HUGE inconvenience to you to wash your dishes because every second of your time is so ing PRECIOUS so from now on, if you don’t wash your dishes, I’m going to THROW them out of that ing window.

PS. If you don’t want to wash your dishes then, eat outside! It would mean a LOT to me or if you do not know how to wash your dishes, I’d be more than happy to show you!

Your ever considerate flatmate,



Taeyeon huffed in disbelief as she crumpled the pink note and throw it in the bin. She wrote a reply note and posted it where the previous pink note was stuck.


‘Hey CONSIDERATE flatmate,

I do appreciate your time to write a LENGTHY note for me so I’ll write one for you. I know how to wash my own dishes and FYI, I often eat outside so there’s a high possibility that those dishes weren’t mine or if ever they were mine, you did NOT have to concern yourself over it for I could wash them myself.

PS. I’ll do appreciate if you MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and please stop posting those ugly sticky notes if you badly need a clean area, stop trashing the apartment with that garbage.



It’s been three months since Taeyeon rented her new place and she met her neat freak flatmate in person. Since then, Taeyeon and her flat mate’s sticky note war had started.


Taeyeon couldn’t find a parking space on the building so when she saw an empty parking slot with a pink huge card that stated ‘RESERVED’. She immediately removed the card and parked her car in the space, ignoring the reserved signposted. ‘Just for the day.’ Taeyeon thought. She had arrived at her new place. She was expecting to see someone for she rented a place with another person as the landlord told her but there was no one there yet so, she crashed into her room and slept.


On the next day, she saw a pink sticky note posted on her door.


‘Hey there, flatmate!

As much as I would like to give you a warm welcome last night, I’m afraid I wasn’t able to do that because I was looking for a space to park my car for an hour. Apparently, SOMEONE parked in my space despite the ‘RESERVED’ signage I put in there. And want to know something funny? I spent another hour finding out who owns that car. Hence, I slept very late and woke up late today. It’s my periodical test today, I wasn’t able to study but that’s okay. I just wanted to personally thank you for taking my parking space.

Oh, another thing. You forgot to turn off the lights last night. Please save the mother earth by consuming less energy. Turn off the lights when it’s not in use.

Have a great day!

Your flatmate,

Tiffany <3’


Taeyeon wrote a response.


‘Hey there Tiffany,

Thanks for that warm welcome. It was indeed very WARM. Sorry for taking up your parking space. I’m guilty as charged, however, it’s NOT my fault if you weren’t able to study for your test.  You can’t blame my car for your laziness.

I also do appreciate your mother earth advocacy, but please keep in mind that I’ll be paying my share for the electric bill, hence, you need not concern yourself if the lights are on.

Your new flatmate,

Taeyeon <3’


Later that night, Taeyeon was playing video games and eating her snacks in the living room when she heard the door unlocked. She saw a redhead girl whom Taeyeon presumed is her flatmate, Tiffany Hwang. A college girl who unfortunately happened to become her flatmate. The girl stopped for a moment and looked at Taeyeon intently. Taeyeon stared back as a sign she wasn’t intimidated by the girl. After their staring contest, the girl looked away and went to her room without saying a word.  An hour after, Taeyeon decided to stop playing her games and went to her room.  


The next day, Taeyeon went to the living room, she saw a pink note on the table beside the wrappers of the snacks she had last night.


‘Is there some great god that can throw your trash away that we must appease by building statues in his honor every day? Just a thought.’


‘That would be me. I’m Tae goddess.’ Taeyeon wrote a reply and then throw her trash in the bin.


When Taeyeon saw her flatmate reading her note, she noticed Tiffany looked at her and shook her head in disbelief and went back to her room. Since that day, their unfriendly but annoyingly very polite way of argument never stops.


Present time,

Taeyeon was about to take her shower when she saw a bottle of shampoo with a pink sticky note.


‘Merry Christmas!

Here, an anti-hair fall shampoo. Do you have cancer? I noticed that your hair has been everywhere in the bathroom. Please use this, it would greatly help us both.



Later that day, Taeyeon bought a journal and placed it on Tiffany’s desk. She wrote a note.


‘Merry Christmas to you too!

Thanks for the shampoo. It smells good! By the way, last time I saw you, you weren’t bald. You can use that shampoo you bought too because last time I check, my hair isn’t red and some hair fall in the bathroom are red.

Anyway, here’s a journal for you! Write here all your thoughts and keep them to yourself instead of posting those sticky notes. Save the mother earth by minimizing your use of papers.

-Taeyeon <3’


Taeyeon went home from a party and she had been singing the song she sung at the karaoke house the moment she entered her flat. She saw Tiffany in the living room, holding a book. Tiffany looked at her sharply as if she’s been throwing daggers and swords towards her. Taeyeon just rolled her eyes and continued singing. She opened her door and sung louder to annoy the latter. Taeyeon heard stomps coming on her door and then minutes after, she heard retreating footsteps and a loud bang of a door which Taeyeon would presume was her flat mate’s room. Taeyeon saw a pink note stuck on her door and read it.




-Tiffany -.-‘


Taeyeon saw the ALL CAPS note and she laughed out loud. After all the sticky note wars she and her flatmate had, she happened to grow fond of annoying Tiffany. Taeyeon purposely left things untidy. From her dishes, to trash just to trigger Tiffany to put some notes on her. Until one day, karma strikes her.


Taeyeon lined up on a famous restaurant just to buy their special sushi. She was so happy when she got one and went straight to her flat. She put it in the fridge. Before closing the fridge, she saw pop tarts with a pink note stuck to it ‘Jesus is watching you.’ Taeyeon giggled and get two out of five of pop tarts and closed the fridge. ‘Jesus blessed me.’ Taeyeon replied. She’s definitely looking forward to Tiffany’s new passive aggressive racy note the next day.


When Taeyeon woke up, she craved for her special sushi. She excitedly ran towards the fridge and opened it. A teardrop fell on her eye when she saw an empty box of sushi lying in the fridge. She saw a pink note stuck on the sushi box: ‘.’


Then Taeyeon saw Tiffany went out of her room. Probably on her way to university because she had her backpack on.


“Y-You!” Taeyeon pointed her hand at Tiffany as tears flow in her eyes.

“Know who you’re dealing with, jerk.” Tiffany’s eyes twinkled evilly and smirked. She walked out their flat door victoriously.



On Taeyeon’s office…


“Hey Taengoo, where’s the sushi?” her office mate named Sooyoung asked her

“Inside my flat mate’s tummy. I bet it’s turning to every second from now.” Taeyeon nonchalantly replied

“What?! You gave her the precious Joe trader’s sushi but you didn’t give me one? Your best friend for 5 years to note!” Sooyoung faked her sobs

“I didn’t give her. She stole it. Apparently, I stole her pop tarts and she took her vengeance.” Taeyeon sighed

“It’s your fault. You keep on teasing her.” Sooyoung shrugged

“Well, two can play a game,” Taeyeon smirked, totally looking forward to her upcoming evil plans



When Taeyeon went back to her flat, she saw a huge signage on her door.


‘Happy first of July!


With Love,

Landlady Hwang’


Apparently, Tiffany’s aunt owns their flat. Surely, posting passive-aggressive notes runs in their blood. Taeyeon thought. She was about to go to the bathroom to do her precious number two until she saw a pink note on the toilet paper roll.


‘If you do not know how to change the toilet roll using the spindle provided, please see me for a tutorial. –Tiffany <3’

Taeyeon scrunched her face in annoyance ‘That Tippany!’ she sighed and rolled out the toilet paper on the spindle. She brought out a pen and wrote something on the toilet paper. ‘DOUCHE!’ in all caps, with feelings


Taeyeon saw her flatmate used the bathroom later on that day. ‘That Kim Taeyeon!’ Taeyeon swore she never heard someone called her name that loud. When Tiffany went out of the bathroom, she saw Taeyeon in the living room wearing the proudest smirk she could ever have. Flames burning on her eyes as she stared at the latter. She threw the tissue paper that Taeyeon wrote on a while ago and it accurately hit Taeyeon’s forehead. “Jerk!” Tiffany said and stomped her way into her room. “Yah!” Taeyeon complained as she ran her hand to aid her aching forehead.


Taeyeon went to the kitchen to make some popcorn. She saw a pink note on the microwave.

‘For the love of Christ, stop burning the popcorn! –The Dirty Microwave’

‘For the love of Christ, stop posting these pink sticky notes with your ugly handwritings!’ Taeyeon replied and put her blue sticky note beside the pink note.

 She was about to add another note that would state ‘PS. don’t use a pink pen to write on a pink note. It’s an eyesore.’ But her pen ran out of ink. She looked for a pen inside her room but she ran out of it so she went to Tiffany’s desk to borrow one. She wrote her note and put the pen in her pocket and proceed to make her popcorn then later watched her movie.


The next day, when Taeyeon was about to bring back Tiffany’s pen to her table, she saw a pink note stuck on it.

‘Borrowing a pen?

Please put it back, or I will (expletive deleted) you up! J -Tiffany <3’

Taeyeon laughed out loud when she saw the note and replied to it.

‘Please be free to (expletive deleted) me up. I’ll be leaving my door to unlock tonight. ;) –Taeyeon <3’


Taeyeon was in the living room, reading a report until the lights went off. “.” She hissed and then she heard retreating footsteps and a soft door shutting noise on her flat mate’s door. Taeyeon was pissed and the lights. She wrote a note and posted it beside the switch.


‘Before you turn the lights off, please consider that someone would like to see what they’re doing. If you do not like the light, SHUT YOUR EYES? –Taeyeon <3’


Taeyeon saw a reply the next day.


‘Sure! It seems like turning off the light has been a HUGE inconvenience to you. –Tiffany<3’



Tiffany was beyond pissed because Taeyeon kept on taking every food she put in the fridge despite the notes she wrote like:


‘Touch my subway, you die.’

It was replied by,

‘I touched it and guess what? I’m still breathing!’


She’s also pissed because the latter is supposed to be more mature between the both of them due to their age difference but Taeyeon kept on trashing everywhere and keep on pissing her off.


‘Don’t block the fridge door with the trash bin.’

It was replied by,

‘Don’t waste post-its.’


Tiffany had enough so she decided to prank the latter when she discovered that her bottle of milk was empty.


‘Dear milk thief,

That was milk, you motherer.

-Tiffany <3’


Minutes later, she heard someone vomiting inside the bathroom. A wide smile plastered on her face before she went inside her room.



It always goes like that until Tiffany’s graduation day arrived and she had to switch her flat location for her future work. Tiffany posted her last post-it on Taeyeon’s door. She had to admit that no matter how much she hated Taeyeon’s guts, she had grown acquainted with Taeyeon’s mischievous traits and she’ll miss the note wars they have once she moved out of their flat.


‘Hey ,

I won’t do or make the dishes ‘til Friday. Have to pack up. I’m moving out on Saturday.


Not cleaning the house either. Good luck with your new flatmate!

-Tiffany <3’


Hours later, she heard a knock in her room as she was packing her stuff.


“It's not locked,” Tiffany said as she continued folding her clothes. She thought it was Land Lady Hwang. The door was opened and then she raised her brows when she saw Taeyeon standing on her door with her eyes wide open.

“What?” Tiffany monotonously asked, Taeyeon just approached her and helped her fold her clothes. Tiffany found it weird. Because it’s just weird on so many levels that Taeyeon would do a good thing for her.

“Why are you moving?” Taeyeon asked softly as she continued to fold the clothes

“My future workplace is a little bit far from here,” Tiffany answered

“Really? It isn’t because of me?” Taeyeon asked carefully as she glance at Tiffany and back to the clothes

“Why would I move out because of you?” Tiffany asked in a surprised manner and chuckled

“Nothing, maybe you find my presence nuisance.”

“Well, I do.” Taeyeon furrowed her brows and looked at Tiffany as the latter continued talking “But it’s something I’ve grown acquainted with.”

“Can you… Canyounotmoveout?” Taeyeon said as fast as she can

“What?” Tiffany giggled, totally amused by Taeyeon’s weird behavior

“I said, can you not move out?”


“I kind of like you… I mean… I like you here and… yeah. That’s it.” Taeyeon awkwardly explained

“You like me here?” Taeyeon just nod

“But you hated my post-its.”

“Well, like you said. It’s something I’ve grown acquainted with.” Taeyeon shrugged

“I also don’t like to move out, but I have to,” Tiffany replied carefully

“Where will you move?”

“Gangnam district.” Taeyeon nodded again and continued to help.


For the following days, their post-it wars have ceased. Taeyeon just helped Tiffany packed her stuff until Saturday came. She helped Tiffany load her stuff on a pick-up truck.


“Thanks, Taeyeon,” Tiffany said sincerely

“Don’t mention it.”

“Well, I have to go.”

“Wait!” Taeyeon brought out something in her pocket. “Here, this is for you.”

“A pink post-it?”

“Yeah, since you like using them so much.”

“Thanks, Tae, ‘til we meet again!” they hugged and then bid each other goodbye



After a week, Taeyeon kept on bugging Land Lady Hwang for Tiffany’s new flat address. After countless of begging, she finally had it. She was staring at the written address on the post-it like it’s a piece of a lottery ticket that contains the winning numbers.


“It’s time for a new beginning,” Taeyeon smirked and went towards her room.


Tiffany had been staying for her new flat for two weeks. She breathes in the air in the balcony and sighed. Unlike her old place, everything is in order, the place is cleaned and organized.


Tiffany missed her old place and her previous flatmate. She smiled as she recalled the memories of her previous post-it wars with Taeyeon.

“I wonder what she’s doing now,” Tiffany said to herself

 She enjoys the clean and calm atmosphere her flat has until she heard a knock on the door.


“Taeyeon?” Her eyes almost bulged on its sockets when she saw Taeyeon on the doorstep with a lot of bags.

“Surprise! Won’t you give me a warm welcome, my flatmate?” Taeyeon wiggled her brows


“!” Tiffany screamed in frustration


And the note-war shall continue.


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