Nerf Gun Attack

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I tried to crack, but it cannot. :P

very short.


I love those Nerf gun wars. Still waiting for that nerf gun nuke.

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Nerf Gun Attack



‘In which, Tiffany would like to know the person who kept on attacking her by Nerf Guns.’



Tiffany was having a vacation for a week after her long period of work. She was skinny dipping on the beach and enjoying the relaxing moment until she felt something painful hits her skin.


“Ouch!” she yelped and when she looked at the painful area, she saw some floating Nerf darts on the shore.


She heard some giggles on a distant rock formation near where she was and she was raging mad.


“Yah! You piece of , come out here and fight me!” she said with full of guts and annoyance on her voice.


She was replied by retreating footsteps.


Tiffany stood up immediately to confront the culprit and maybe drown the culprit on the ocean if she must but unfortunately, she saw nothing on the rock formation than the little foot prints on the sand.


‘So, my culprit has a small feet size… must be unattended children.’ She sighed deeply and went back to her hotel.


Clearly, it ruined her relaxing mood.


‘I need a drink.’ She said to herself


After she changed her clothes on her hotel, she went on a distant bar to get some shots.


While sitting on a bar, she can feel someone staring at her on a distant wall.


‘It’s too early for ghost… you got to calm the down woman!’ she thought to herself and shrugged the feeling aside.


She just broke up with her boyfriend recently, because apparently, her boyfriend confessed to her some horrific piece of news.


‘Tiffany, I have a boyfriend.’


That rang out on Tiffany’s mind over a month right now.


It’s been a year since she and her boyfriend started their relationship and she was wondering why her boyfriend hadn't touch her in a way most guys should’ve done by then.


She thought he was just being a gentle man but it turns out he was gay.


‘Die, mother er.’ She said as she gripped her glass of liquor very hard as she remembered those painful memories in her mind.


Then, suddenly…She felt something hit her head. She looked on the floor and saw the same Nerf darts she had seen on the beach. It was definitely from the distant wall she was looking at awhile ago.


‘Mother of god.’ She put her palms on her face and suddenly rage


“YOU PIECE OF ! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! YOU ANNOYING SKUNK! COME OUT AND I WILL KILL YOU!!!” she said out of anger, she was very pissed off in that culprit.


And then, she saw a retreating running figure that was wearing a red hooded jacket and holding a huge Nerf gun.


It was the culprit.


“Hey, come back here!” she tried to catch up with the culprit but the Nerf owner ran so fast


'I will catch you and I will kill you...'


The next day...


Tiffany chose to hit the gym and do yoga classes along the tourists of the beach.


She was in standing bending forward yoga position until something hit her six times, causing for her to fall back on the mattress.


“What the actual ?!” she cursed loudly and looked at her mattress.


Nerf darts.


"Nice !" she heard someone said


She immediately looked for the culprit so she can kill that little Nerf owner with her bare hands. She saw the same red hooded figure she has seen last night. The figure was already running back as it giggled.


“COME BACK HERE! YOU !” she immediately ran after the hooded figure, she was sure she’s going to catch that annoying piece of , she ran and she reached the bar until she lost the culprit on her sight.


‘Damn.’ she cursed on her inner self as she panted heavily


From there, she ordered a drink on the bar tender. Not caring if she still wears that sweaty gym clothes.


“Water please!” she said as she breathed heavily and gulped the entire bottle right away after she received it.


“Hard exercise?” she heard someone asked her


When she looked at her left, she saw a blonde girl, wearing a white tee smiling at her as she was drinking her ‘Shirley Temple.’.


‘How cute.’ Tiffany thought to herself


“I ran from gym to here, I was chasing someone.” She said


“Oh, why?” the blonde girl asked innocently


“Nothing, I just hate Nerf guns right now.” Tiffany furrowed her brows in resentment as she remembered the annoying red hooded creature that was tripping on her for few days now.


Then suddenly, Tiffany felt a hand on her thigh.


"You look sweaty..." The blonde girl said as she slide her hand up and down on the latter's thighs as if they were very close "You should change your clothes."

She was beyond surprised by the sudden act and it felt ticklish so she couldn’t help but to laugh.


“Hahaha… W-What…a-are…y-you doing? H-hahaha” she said as she cannot suppressed her laughter


"Do you want me to help you?" The blonde girl asked innocently but Tiffany could swear she saw a smirk formed on the blonde's lips as she started to sweat even more due to the hot atmosphere, or should we say the hot celestial being in front of her?

Shw should've felt harrass right now but she's loving the feeling even more.


"Yes, Oh my god.... I-I mean...w-what..." she stuttered

"You're really pretty." The blonde girl stated blatantly


"Thanks?" Tiffany said coyly as she brushed past her hair to the back of her ears and smiled


"There! I finally saw it." The blonde girl said


"What is it?" she wondered


“You know, I think you should smile often. It suits you more… I think your eyes looks good!” the blonde girl smiled at her and giggled charmingly


'She looks cute.' Tiffany thought to herself


"I'm Tiffany Hwang, what's your name?" Tiffany asked as she reached for the latter's hand to shake


"Taeyeon, Kim Taeyeon." and the girl gave her a huge grin


"Taeyeon, what do you think of going out with me?" Tiffany asked


'Ha! You thought you are the only one that can go homo, I can too mother er.' Tiffany cursed her ex boyfriend in her mind and waited for Taeyeon's answer


"I would love too."


'Yes!' she mentally cheered herself


'I'm gonna get laid! I'm gonna get laid!' she chanted on her toughts victoriously


"I have to go now..." Taeyeon winked at her as she left a kiss mark on the calling card that she left for the latter. "Call me." and gave the latter a peck

Tiffany was star struck and remained immoveable.
"Oh, Tiffany?"
"I love Nerf guns." Taeyeon said wittily before she turned around and left.
Before Tiffany can digest what Taeyeon meant, Taeyeon's figure
already vanished from her sight.
The only thing that were left on her seat was a red hooded jacket and a Nerf gun....
A Nerf.
A Red.
"KIM TAEYEON, YOU PIECE OF ! COME BACK HERE!!!" The loud voice was heard in the whole bar
Meanwhile, Kim Taeyeon...
"I finally scored!" she mentally congratulated herself
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What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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Chapter 44: Hahaha so what now? Tae will live in her future or she’ll go back to her present time once she’s conscious? I wish there will be more TaeNy before Tae go back to her present time. Stop being lazy and write the part 2, nerdie-ssi!!
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