Sailing (IV)

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The pirates and the elite woman’s workers were sailing the sea over a week now and still, they cannot find peace from each other. They still seek over each other’s necks and threatened each other’s lives. Jessica and Stephanie on the other hand was still competing for Taeyeon’s attention while Taeyeon, she chose to manage the ship as the two captains were busy hating each other and forgetting what they came for.



This day, Jessica listened to Taeyeon’s plea. To cooperate with the elite woman’s team and do the mappings of the island. Stephanie along with Mr. Twain and Jessica had a meeting on the elite woman’s quarters. Jessica was looking over the map of Atlantic’s Golden Island that Mr. Twain did for the elite woman. Jessica rudely put her feet on the table with the dirt of her boots marking on it as she carefree chewed her gum in front of the two who were waiting for a word she’ll say about it.


“Be 'tis the map ye did? I be no cartographer but 'tis be a trash! It be far from the' real map of the island.” Jessica chuckled madly as she insulted the cartography did by the elite woman’s team.


“Well, if you only helped us create an accurate map instead of throwing insults over our hard work.” The elite woman scoffed and patted Mr. Twain’s back who was with them inside the elite woman’s quarters “Don’t listen to her Mr. Twain. You’re the best cartographer I ever seen.” Stephanie said nicely to the old man


“Thank you Miss Hwang.” Mr. Twain bowed a bit and Jessica just cringed over the scene


“Do not act so nice, ye be a royal, an elite. Just someone who be greedy fer gold 'n treasure.” Jessica said


Her pirate tone was not appreciated by the elite woman moreover, she had enough of Jessica’s insults.


“I don’t seek the island for gold, I seek it for my father’s memory. My father wanted to find the treasure on that island before the belligerent robbed his boat and drowned him over the sea.” The elite woman said


“Ye're not th' only one who lost their parents. Cut ye drama.” Jessica sighed in displeased “Reverse the map, it isn’t North, it goes on South.” The pirates’ captain said as she stood up and prepared to leave but Stephanie halted her “Just it? You’re not going to help us draw or pinpoint the locations?” Stephanie frowned


“Well, didn’t ye said you’ve got the best cartographer?” Jessica said


“Aren’t you going to cooperate? You’re so prideful.” The elite woman impatiently said


“Oh, yeah? What are you boasting about, huh? If you aren’t an elite, you’ll be nothing but a rascal on the sea.” Jessica spitefully said


“I have a lot to boast alright. I am a legal sea captain that can swim well!” Stephanie was growing impatient towards the pirates’ captain


“Aha, I knew it! So all this time, ye were just faking your drownin’ scene before for Taeyeon not to leave you!... I’m going to kill you!” Jessica launched herself towards the elite and pushed her forcefully towards the ground and ready to strangle until she heard a voice that made her stop what she was doing.


“Jessica, stop it!” it was Taeyeon who pushed her away from the elite woman and helped the elite woman stood up


“But Taeyeon…. It was her fault! She fooled you!” Jessica defended herself


“Enough!” Taeyeon said to Jessica


“Why are you always defending her? I’m your bestfriend! And did you forget what did the royals and elites did to your family? She fooled you Taeyeon!” Jessica said in rage


“Yes, I heard everything… but that doesn’t mean you can kill her!” Taeyeon said “We might be belligerents but we are not murderers! Can’t you see? A crime of one isn’t a crime of whole race and nation. Our enemy here is Charles. Once we found those gold, we can plot to overthrow Charles and get back King Ferdinand to power… So please… Stop these nonsense!” Taeyeon said sternly


 “Thank you, doctor.” The elite woman said as she noticed Taeyeon listened to her previous advice but Taeyeon glared at her too “You have a lot of things to explain.” She said “Why did you fooled me?” Taeyeon asked


 “I didn’t mean to deceive you, but you deceived me first by luring your pirate friends over my ship…” Stephanie said and continued “And I…I  just don’t like the idea of you leaving me… It suddenly fears me.” The elite woman said sincerely as she looked down


Taeyeon could only look at the elite woman, she didn’t know why she was moved by the woman’s statement and Jessica was looking over Taeyeon as she observed Taeyeon’s eyes over the woman.



‘She looks…in love.’ Jessica thought to herself as she felt the pain struck her heart



And suddenly they heard a loud thunder on the sky and the wind started to blow intensely. Their ship was swinging sideways.



“What is happening?” Mr. Twain asked in panic


“Looks like the weather is acting crazy!” Taeyeon said as she looked outside the window


“THE STORM IS WARNING!” They heard the men said


“We need to emergency dock.” Stephanie said


“What shall we do?” Taeyeon asked in panic


“Jessica, please… let’s settle our differences for a while. We have to keep our men in safe condition. It’s a life and death situation. I know you know where to go.” The elite woman implored


“I know where to.” Jessica finally agreed “There is this distant island nearby, however, it is a Charles’ colony. I am not sure if we can safely dock there.” Jessica said


“Well, haven’t you heard? This ship carries Charles’ flagship. I’m also an elite so just pretend to be my workers and they won’t suspect a thing..” The elite woman said smartly


“But we burned it down already and I resist to be your worker!” Jessica said


“I have an extra flag on the ship cargo… let’s use it and pretend to be Charles’ loyalist once we dock the island… You have no choice, unless you have other ways.” Stephanie suggested


Jessica could only close her in grimaced knowing that she lost the argument.


“No! I ain’t gonna be a Charles’ Loyalist!” Taeyeon said sternly


“Just pretend! It’s for our lives sake!” Stephanie said


“I’m afraid to tell you this Taeyeon… but we’ve got no choice.” Jessica sighed deflatedly and went out to the ship controller to sail the ship on the distant island before the storm got stronger.


‘One point for Stephanie,’ The elite woman smiled a little as she saw Jessica followed her orders




The ship docked on an island called ‘Havana’ . A colony of Charles regime. It was where Charles’ new palace was being built. It was where the slaves auctioned in Cairo being brought upon to. The town’s people were oppressed and conquered and the king’s men made them peasants.


When their ship docked, the king’s men were being suspicious about them. Jessica, Taeyeon and other pirates’ wear capes for them to hide their faces for some of the king’s men might already see who they are. The elite woman lead the whole team off board as the king’s men approached her.


“Lady Hwang… It’s nice to finally see you after a long time!” One of the king’s men said


“Marius, I could say the same thing.” Stephanie said politely


“What brings you here?” The king’s man said


“The storm is warning so my team decided to dock on your colony temporarily for a refuge.” She said honestly


“Are they with you?” the king’s man asked as he looked over the people wearing capes


“Yes, they are my workers.” Stephanie said


“Would you like to buy some slaves? Some slaves are on auction.” The king’s man said


“I’ll think about it. We need place to stay though. The rain seems to be torrent.”


“The castle is currently under construction but we have set a place for the elites. You could stay there. And as for your workers, they can be with other peasants.” The king’s man said and Stephanie brought out something out of her pockets and gave it to the man “Let them stay with me and this piece of gold will be yours.” She bargained


“Of course, I won’t refuse that offer, this way Lady Hwang.”


They stayed overnight on that town.



The next day, they woke up and saw how horrible the situation in there for the people. Slaves were being beaten to death when they refuse to work anymore for the under construction palace. Commoner women were being harassed by their masters and the king’s men. Human rights were being violated if you are not an elite. Lucky for the elite woman’s crew, they were able to bribe the king’s man so they remained unharmed. As the storm calmed down, the team was planning to leave as they were about to board their ship, they saw a woman being harassed by the king’s men as she refused to follow their commands.


“Please let me go! I won’t marry Charles!” the woman cried and a king’s man slapped her


The woman was tall and a bit tanned. She’s wearing this white Victorian dress that got blood stains and dirt on it. It is a sign that the woman undergoes to some series of abuse under the king’s men. King Charles was apparently looking for a woman that will marry him. This girl, he happened to choose when he visited his colony but the girl refused to come with him do Charles’ ordered his men to held the woman in capture as they wait for the new palace to be built. The woman escaped from her cell and was planning to escape by boat away from the island, she was caught by the king’s men.


“You’ll be a queen of the regime. Why won’t you like that?” the king’s man said


“I will not marry a man I do not love!”


Another slapped came in and the woman fell on the ground with a loud thud.


“If King Charles can’t have you, then will just have you!” the king’s men laughed out loud and was about to harass the poor girl until they heard a loud voice.


“Don’t you dare touch her!” it was Taeyeon who let off her cape


“And who are you to tell us what to do?... Perhaps, you want to join us? ” the king’s men asked as they roared into series of laughter


“Me?,,, I am Kim Taeyeon. And you’ll never see the sunrise again!” Taeyeon said angrily


“Ooooh, so scary!” and the men laughed again


“This place needs a cleanup, it’s too ing messed up by immorality and oppression… What do you say?” Taeyeon said as she looked at Jessica, her men and the elite woman


“Bring the swords out and let’s set this land free!” Stephanie declared


 “Band 'o pirates be in, 'tis be war!” Jessica shouted as they bring their swords out.


The king’s men heard the way Jessica speaks and they immediately know who they are


“Lady Hwang is conniving with the pirates!...Treason!” A king’s man yelled




And the war started.


Blood shed for the sake of freedom. Wrong deeds for a life.


They fought the king’s men in the island. The slaves saw them and was touched and brought out a revolution as they helped them defeat the king’s men.


The force of rebellion conquered the king’s men causing for other king’s men to be afraid and fled their boats.



Jessica pitied the woman that Taeyeon saved a while ago as she was lying on the ground and having trouble moving herself, due to the harassment she got from the king’s men. She helped her stood up.


“W-Who are you?” the woman weakly asked


“I am Jessica, I be a pirate.” She said


“T-Take me away from here… this place has so many bad memories for me.” The woman plead


“Come in to my ship, I’ll help you heal your wounds.” Jessica said as she supported the woman to walk on board with her



On the other hand, the people wondered who was the leader of the resistance and asked Taeyeon her name.


“You inspire us to fight… Thank you for liberating our town and saving us!” A man who used to work as a slave said


“I…I couldn’t do it without Miss Hwang team and the pirates.” Taeyeon said humbly


“What’s your name?” the freed slaves asked


“My name… My name is Kim Taeyeon.”


“KIM TAEYEON! KIM TAEYEON! crowds cheered



They came back on board to continue their sail as they leave the town completely liberated away from Charles’ oppression.




Taeyeon’s name became popular and she became an inspiration for other Charles’ colony to put some resistance and break free away the regime. The king’s men who was able to escape from Havana reported everything to Charles and told him about Kim Taeyeon.



“Sire, Havana had been captured by the rebels!” a king’s man said as they kneeled in front of the king who got many servants attending his needs “Apologies Sire.”


“Where is my queen?” the king asked


“The rebels took her with them.”




“Kim Taeyeon…”


“Kim Taeyeon?” the king asked


“The doctor slave sold to Lady Hwang in Cairo. She’s a Ferdinand loyalist.” The king’s man said


“Bring that Kim Taeyeon to me and behead her.” The king ordered his men


‘We’ll meet soon Kim Taeyeon and I will kill you.’ The king thought to himself as he threw the glass of liquor on his hands and kicked the slave on his feet in frustration.



Chapter 5? O.o

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