Sailing (I)

Sugar Free
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I was watching Captain Blood and as usual wrote down a story again. Another chaptered shot after Grumpy. :D





Circa 1901, somewhere in Cairo, near a port.

A ship was seized and captured. The members of the seized ship were being auctioned and group of vigilant people were being sold as slave.

A manipulative jury were set, as the royal king's men forced the accused to admit their offense. 

"Mr. Hemmington, your group sailed on Mediterranean Sea without a flagship. Pirates are intensely disliked by our royal highness. Your group was also seen setting Royal King's photograph on fire. This offense is charge by treason and punishable by beheading the accused. But through the Royal King's mercy, the punishment were lowered and set the accused as slaves providing that you admit the crime you did." A king's man said to an older looking guy infront of him "Do you declare yourself as guilty or not guilty?"

"Guilty, your highness." Mr. Hemmington said deflatedly

"The bid for Mr. Hemmington is now open."

"10 pieces of silver!" A woman on her victorian dress shouted

"15!" A man in a tap hat and suit bidded higher

"Anymore bids?"

"20!" A man who was smoking a tobacco bidded



Then Mr. Hemmington was given to the man who bought him

"Mr. Lee?" The king's men asked the next accused on the line

"Guilty." Mr. Lee said

"Any bids for Mr. Lee?" the king's men asked

"25 pieces of silver." An old man wearing specs and holding his cane said


Many men on the line of the accused admitted what they did in order to save their lives and they were sold as slaves to the elites of the society. As the King's man reached the last person in the line of the accused, he saw the only woman on the line. 

The woman was wearing a white simple dress and a red cross on her dress' sleeves that signifies she's a doctor. She had her head held up high as a sign of unbreakeable confidence and dignity.

"I can see you're a professional, but why did you choose to be the doctor for the rebels?" The king's man asked curiously

"None of your business." The woman said

A giggle of another woman was heard on the crowd of elites, which caused the king's man to boil in anger because of embarassment.

"I'm afraid that is my business, missy. As you can see, I can behead you anytime!" The king's man said angrily and with a hint of proudness on his voice but the girl wasn't shaken.

"Why, go ahead!" The woman said with no fear

"The mercy of the king gave you a chance to live..." The king's man was talking but the woman cutted him off

"It's not the mercy of the king, it's the need of the regime for slaves to build another palace in the Southern region." The woman said nonchalantly

Again, a giggle was heard from the crowd of the elites.. 

"You're just a worthless woman, you have no power over me!" The king's man said

"I never said I have power over you, and likewise, you have no power over me." The woman said with no emotion, she looked extremely bored about what's happening

Another giggle was heard from the crowd of the elites. Seems like someone from the crowd was watching the scene intently. The king's man blushed in humiliation and cleared his throat

"Do you declare yourself as guilty or not guilty for treason against the royal highness regime?" The king's man asked

"Not guilty." The woman said and the crowed of was shocked, and the angry king's man slapped her But the woman showed no emotion.

"Wrong answer, I'm going to ask again, Do you declare yourself as guilty or not guilty for treason against the royal highness regime?" The king's man asked impatiently

"Not guilty." The woman said as she looked straight and proud

She received another slap again and the king's man spoken and yelled "Why don't you answer the right way?!" 

"It wasn't treason that we've done! Charles isn't the legal king at the first place, it was King Ferdinand! You are the one that is committing treason by supporting a fake regime!" The woman pointed out

"Behead her!" The king's man declared

"That would be a waste of work force." Another king's man said "Besides, her words already made her guilty for treason." he added

"Right, any bids for..." The king's man looked at his list of names and continued speaking " Any bids for Miss Kim Taeyeon?" he asked the crowd and no one even bothered or dared to raise a bid.

"No one?"

"Oh, kill me now." The woman said like she doesn't care about her life at all.

"Your wish is my command." The two king's man made the woman in a bowing position and raise their sword

"WAIT!" A woman's voice was heard in the crowd of the elites "Half a piece of silver." The woman on a pink flamboyant dress had spoken


The crowd of elites roared into series of laughter.


"Just like a price of a piece of bread!" An aristocrat commented amusedly

"That's a cheap price." The king's man said

"Better than nothing." The woman from the elite crowd gave them an eye smile

"My, that's insulting!" Miss Kim said "I'd rather die!" she insisted

"A half piece of silver is better than a waste of commodity." The woman reasoned and tried to pursuade the king's men to sell the slave to her.


 "Sold!" The king's man declared and Miss Kim was brought or rather pushed to her owner.


"Stop touching me! I can walk on my own." The woman glared at the king's men.


"Why you little woman!" the king's man was about to slap her again, but the woman who bought her interfered.


"Hands off, she's mine. I already bought her."


"Apologies, madame." the king's men bowed and closed the gathering "More slaves will be shipped and set on auction. Please look forward for it." and they left

"So, Doctor Kim, huh?" The woman who bought the girl said


"Obviously." The doctor said not interestedly towards her owner


"My name is Stephanie Hwang, I'm a voyager. From now on, you'll work for me on my ship. You'll be my personal doctor." The elite woman said to the doctor as she untied the rope on the doctor's hand.


"How about no?" Miss Kim said as she rolled her eyes and was about to runaway from the elite.


"Oh, yes... And there's nothing you can do about it. You're mine now Miss Kim." The elite woman named Stephanie gripped the doctor's hand on her own as they made way towards the elite woman's ship.


The story of their voyage together started. And it was something unforgettable for the two.




Chapter 2 next? O.o

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What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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