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Last year long shot drabble, a story I wrote for a friend. I figured out I’ll upload things I’ve written for the past year here so expect me spamming your notifications for the next coming days. If you all know Invincible Youth, you might enjoy this one. I like that song too from a band so I put it as my title and story inspiration.  Lifted real scenes from there and fit in taeny. Grammar errors, pardon. No plans for proof reading.


Oh, Erika = Taeyeon’s English name. :D







Once, there was a beautiful girl with long blonde locks who came from Planet XYZ and came down here on Earth for a secret mission. She runs faster as the speed of light and stronger as ten times of a lion. Her mission is... To save the world from evil ninjas...The girl is now surrounded by evil ninjas with sharp swords on their hands. The girl looked at them and chuckled.


“So this is how you play, huh? One versus one hundred.” The girl shook her head and brought out her magical sword of righteousness...


The sword of light.


“Why don’t you come back to your planet and let us rule the Earth? You keep on meddling with someone else’s business!” the head ninja said


“I won’t come back until I eradicated all of the dark forces here on Earth... And that means you.” the girl said bravely


“Well then, prepare for your death!” the head ninja said and gestured his sword to start the fight


“We’ll see about that.” the girl raised her eyebrows and smirked




She started to heroically fight the evil ninjas... She attacked, dodged, jumped, pushed, slashed, kicked and punched all of the evil ninjas that came to attack her. When a dozen of evil ninjas came to attack her, she swirled her sword and rose up in the air with her long blonde hair beautifully waving as she made a powerful hurricane in the air and all ninjas were devastated and gone with the wind... The only ninja left was the head ninja.


The head ninja looked at the girl nervously as he crawled into the ground


“Y-You...W-Who are y-you?”


The girl kneeled closely to the ninja and whispered on his ear.


“My name is Erika.” the girl said confidently and her hair shines brightly as the sun, causing the dark force ninja to burn.




And the last ninja died. The girl confidently smile towards the camera and swept her hair beautifully.




The director shouted. “That was awesome Erika!” the staffs and crews clapped their hands


The girl sighed and groaned very tired as she approached towards the director. “That’s just too much for a shampoo commercial!” the girl complained to her manager who was right beside the director and glared at both of them.


“B-But CEO Kim said that this commercial will be shown internationally.” the manager said nervously and the girl frowned


“What’s next on my schedule?”


The manager took out the schedule list. “You have a live performance on music bank.” the manager said


“Let’s go.” the girl said as she left her awesome struck manager behind


The director patted the manager’s back as she speaks. “You’ve got a tough kid to manage, Hyoyeon..” the director chuckled


“Yeah... Tough job for living!” Hyoyeon smiled awkwardly


“MANAGER HYO!” The girl shouted impatiently




“You better go there before Cruella De vil blows you a fire!” the director chuckled


“I’ll see you later director Seo.” Hyoyeon quickly bowed down and left hurriedly


‘This is going to be a tough day.’ Hyoyeon thought




Hyoyeon drove Erika to her next schedule. It’s always like this. The chilly atmosphere in the car is causing Hyoyeon to shiver. She doesn’t know if it’s just the air or just Erika. She mindlessly stared at Erika through the front mirror. She observed Erika’s face... Her pale skin, long blonde hair and her frown makes her look like a perfect ice queen...


The only difference is, this ice queen likes to blow up a fire.



“Manager Hyo.” Erika suddenly speaks without sparing a look at her manager.


“U-Uh... Yes, Ms. Erika?” Hyoyeon grinned awkwardly as she still looked at Erika in the front mirror.


“If you won’t stop that idiotical looks on me, I’ll tell CEO Kim to fire you.” Erika calmly said as she brought out a mirror to look at herself and sighed.


“I-Im sorry...” Hyoyeon cleared her dry throat nervously and focused on the road and suddenly, the coldness in the air doubled.


It was a long painful drive for Hyoyeon.


Erika and her manager arrived at the music bank and they went straight to the dressing room.The stylist immediately fixed Erika's looks. After several minutes...


“It's done!” the stylist cheered and Erika just looked a herself and remained silent “You look beautiful, Erika!” the stylist praised her


“Manager Hyo.” Erika called


“Yes Erika?”


“Throw her out of the room.” Erika said flatly and looked at her phone




Erika glared at her manager and her manager obliged to her command.


“A-Ah... Y-Yes. Let’s go Miss.Choi.”. Hyoyeon pulled the shocked stylist with her out of the room.



Once the people were out of the room, she read a comment on an article about her. She saw her picture wearing a black dress and a fur scarf. She read the comment...”CRUELLA DE VIL” . She laughed softly and put down her phone.



“Gosh, she’s really rude!” the stylist said to the manager.


“I’m very sorry...Miss Erika is...uhm kind of t-tired.” Hyoyeon apologized 4


“No wonder, the press keeps on calling her Cruella De vil...She's so cruel and evil! If it wasn’t for Mr. Kim, her real self will be exposed on the public.” the stylist said angrily


“I’m very sorry Miss Choi.... Can we keep this as a secret? I’ll buy you a cup of coffee!” Hyoyeon bargained


“Okay.” Miss Choi understood and smiled at the poor manager.




Meanwhile, an artist with her manager entered Erika’s dressing room. She saw her name on the door so she’s supposed to share the room with Erika. The door was opened and Erika just remained still on her chair as she looked at the mirror and sighed by the disturbance of the sound of the door.


“Hello!” the celebrity greeted her


“I didn’t ask for room service... Please get out.” Erika said calmly


“R-Room service?” the artist and her manager were shocked


“YAH! Don’t you know who she is? She’s Lee Sunny! She’s a famous artist here in Korea!” the manager of the artist defended her while Erika remained still and looked at the artist from head to toe.


“No wonder only here in Korea.” Erika took a quick glance and closed her eyes calmly




“Yah! What the hell is your problem?!” the manager was angry while Erika just calmly sits still on the chair not giving any damn about it.


“Sorry, I really thought it’s the room service.” Erika said and crossed her legs. The artist and the manager can’t help to gawked at the legs but the manager was still angry at Erika. The artist felt so embarrassed just like the feeling of Erika skinning her alive.


“This is too much! I’m calling the PD!” the manager dialed the PD’s number while Erika texted Hyoyeon.


“Unnie, it’s alright. Let’s just get out of here...” Sunny said as she glanced at Erika sympathetically ‘What a girl…’ she thought to herself


“No! This brat needs to learn a lesson or two!” the manager insisted


“Manager Hyo. Come here in instant or else you’re fired.” Erika calmly texted



After several minutes, Manager Hyo came back panting at the dressing room and the PD with her.


“It’s too loud in here and it’s annoying me... PD-nim, take them out of here or else I’ll tell your head Producer Chang to fire you.” Erika calmly stated.”Manager Hyo, stay there at the back.”


“The rumors are true, you’re really cruel and evil!” the manager of Sunny said


“Unnie, that’s enough. Ms.Erika, no need to throw us out. We’re gladly going out of this room. Have a good day Ms. Erika!” Sunny bowed politely


The PD nervously complied with Erika’s order and looked for another vacant room for the artist.


“I’m sorry for inconvenience Ms. Lee.” the PD bowed down and Hyoyeon bowed down apologetically too.


“It’s okay.” Sunny smiled


“Gosh, she’s so rude!” The artist’s manager’s voice can be heard before they went out the room.


Erika just put her earphones on and listen to her songs. Manager Hyo can’t help to be nervous about Erika all the time.


On the other hand, Erika was wondering how Sunny can act so nice despite of her insults. Other artists cry and got mad like Sunny’s manager, but this girl seems to be quite different. She’s warm as the sun.



Erika stared in the mirror once more. She stared at her reflection and she felt nothing. She suddenly remembered the comment on an article she saw a while ago.


“Manager Hyo.” she called out


“Y-Yes , Ms.Erika?”


“Who is Cruella De vil?”


“You...” Hyoyeon mindlessly blurted out but Erika shot her sharp daggers through her eyes “I-I mean...Haha…u-hm…C-Cruella De vil is one of the most famous villains in children movies. Cruella De vil never find anything too warm, so she skinned poor little dogs to make her warm.” Hyoyeon explained


“Manager Hyo.” Erika called out again




“How does it feel like to be warm?” she asked out of nowhere


“A-Are you cold?” Hyoyeon asked worriedly  


“Yes... It feels empty.” Erika looked at the mirror once more and sighed



Hyoyeon looked for a jacket but she stopped looking when she realized what Erika meant... Erika needs no jacket at all because it’s not her body that feels cold, it’s her empty heart. Hyoyeon immediately felt sad about the artist.


After a few minutes, a PD knocked and entered the room.


“Ms. Erika, it's your cue now.”





Meanwhile, in a simple house in Seoul, an aspiring videographer, her father and her cousin were watching the television as they eat their dinner.


“YAH! KANG SEULGI!! YOU'VE BEEN WATCHING TOO MUCH ANIMÉ THAT YOU HORDE THE TELEVISION BY YOURSELF THE WHOLE DAY!” A girl that has her hair bun and who’s wearing thick glasses with her extra-large white shirt on and a pajama pants said to her cousin.


“Fany unnie, I’m not the only one who hordes the television! Uncle Hwang watched star wars movies prior to me!” Seulgi pointed a man and the mad girl glared at the old man.


“Appa... You know that it’s Sunday today.” the mad girl sulked


“Aaah...Stephanie, it’s just one movie.” Mr. Hwang said. Stephanie glared at the man and the man gulped and speak again “Alright, three movies.”


“What time is it Brat Seulgi?” Stephanie asked


“8 o'clock.” Seulgi said as she eats her food.




“Give me the remote.”


“Yah, Fany unnie! It tickles.” Seulgi laughed as Stephanie’s checking for the remote




“Stop! It’s with Uncle Hwang!” Seulgi said as she tried to catch her breath then Stephanie stomped her way to her father.


“Appa, the remote?” 7


“Aaaahh. Fine, fine. Here.” Mr. Hwang handed the remote to his daughter

Stephanie eagerly switched the channel and was so disappointed to what she saw. A different singer is performing on the television.


“YAAAAAAHHHHHH! I MISSED SUNNY’S PERFORMANCE!!!” Stephanie sulked on her seat


“Aaah. Sunny’s number two though. What important is the top performance.” Mr. Hwang said and Stephanie glared at him.




“I'm just kidding.” Mr. Hwang nervously chuckled


“Fany unnie, just stream it on the internet later.” Seulgi suggested as she watched the TV intently


“Bicceul ssotneun sky .....Geu arae seon ai....Kkumkkudeusi fly....My life it a beauty...”


“Omo, daebak! Uncle Hwang, isn't Erika amazing?” Seulgi said excitedly to the older man


“Aaah...Yeppuda! If I only have a son, I want her to be my daughter-in-law.” Mr.Hwang said


“She’s the nation’s daughter-in-law uncle” Seulgi chuckled


“Yeah, everyone likes her”


“Omo uncle! Wow, look at her legs! Daebak Daebak!” Seulgi cheered “Saranghaeyo, Erika!” she hollered. Mr. Hwang looked so please too. Meanwhile, Stephanie doesn’t look so impress.


“Her skirt is too short.” Stephanie made a side comment


“Yah, Fany unnie! It’s 21st century now. Short skirts are normal. Gee whiz, you’re too conservative.” Seulgi said


“I’m not conservative. I’m just saying that an artist doesn’t have to bare skin just to get notice. I mean, look at Sunny! She’s wholesome and talented. She shines brightly without showing off!” Stephanie said dreamily


“Sunny this, Sunny that. Aigooo, my poor daughter. Why do you like Sunny very much?” Mr. Hwang asked


“I met her once when I applied on KBS last week. I asked for an autograph but instead she allowed me to have a picture with her...” Stephanie smiled like a love sick fool 8


“Yah! Pop up your bubbles. Speaking of applying how is it now?” Mr. Hwang asked


“Well...they said they will just give me a call.” Stephanie pouted


“They will never call.” Seulgi teased


“Yah, they will! The HR took a look at my portfolio and smiled... Meaning, she was impress!” Stephanie said proudly


“Or she was laughing at your awful shots.” Seulgi giggled


“You brat.!” Stephanie attacked Seulgi


“Aiiiisssh, you two. Oh Stephanie, Sunny’s on TV!” Mr. Hwang said and Stephanie immediately stopped attacking Seulgi and watched the TV.


“Sunny-ah...Saranghaeyo!” Stephanie cheered






“What’s the next schedule?” Erika asked Hyoyeon who was busy driving to their next destination


“H-Huh?” Hyoyeon didn't hear it clearly


“Don't make me repeat twice.” Erika said calmly yet with a hint of threat


“A-Ah...R-Right...u-hm...A p-photo s-shoot for Elle K-Korea.” Hyoyeon said nervously


“Oh, solo shoot?”


“N-No, you’ll partner up with Exo D.O.”.Hyoyeon said


“First, I run a fu$&$*% long distance on Running man, Second, I did the terrible shampoo commercial, Third, the live performance on the music bank with dumb competitors and now a photo shoot with a child... How could this day can be so perfect?” Erika sighed   (A/N: JUST TO CLARIFY, I LIKE DO J)


“You must be tired already... But Mr. Kim said that it will be good for you to be on magazine covers to promote your album.” Hyoyeon said worriedly




Erika arrived at the studio and showed her best smile to the camera on her photo shoot but deep inside, she was extremely tired already due to lots of activities she had for today. After the shoot was over, she was on her way to her home inside the same car driven by Hyoyeon. Erika decided to take a nap due to exhaustion. A minute haven't pass, she was awaken by a phone call. Erika suddenly got mad but she was too tired to yell so she answered the call tiringly.


“Goodevening Erika-shi!”




“This is Ryeowook of Super Junior Kiss the Radio, say hi to the listeners.”


Goodbye, I want to sleep!


‘Ah, yeah. Good evening everyone!” Erika said enthusiastically


Just let me sleep, I beg you.


“Your label mate Irene from Red Velvet is here and currently promoting her solo single.”


What is that supposed to do with me?!


“Hello Erika unnie!” Irene greeted


“Good evening Irene-shi!”


“Do you have any words of advice to her since your her senior and your latest album hit the roof!” the DJ said


Her album wouldn’t be as awesome as mine for sure!


“My advice is...”


Get ready for lots of work because Mr .Kim’s going to give you loads of tasks!


 That's what Erika thought but she knows she must not say it.


“My advice is for you to be strong and continue dreaming.”


“Ah, thank you unnie!” Irene said


“Thank you Erika-shi. Any last words for our listeners?”


“Everyone, show your love to our lovely Irene... Have a good night sleep!” she cheered forcedly


“Goodnight Erika-shi!” they greeted and the phone call had ended


Ah! Sleep…Thank God.


Erika was about to resumed her sleep but she realized she had arrived already outside her house. They saw some fans camped outside her house causing for the car not being able to go through.


“Looks like your fans really love you very much. The even waited for you here in your house from music bank.” Hyoyeon said


Erika just looked outside tiringly and opened the door.


“W-Wait, where are you going?” Hyoyeon panicked


“I’m going to remove the block.” Erika stepped out of the car


Hyoyeon hurriedly stepped out of the car too to follow Erika. The fans saw Erika so they screamed.


“Whoa, it’s Erika!”


And lot of scream came.


“Erika, Saranghaeyo!”


“Erika, let’s take a selfie!” fans started to crowed on Erika, Hyoyeon on the other hand is protecting the artist.


“Guys, keep calm...” Hyoyeon yelled


“I want to say thank you for supporting me and loving me so much.... You guys love me, right?” Erika forced her smile




“I care for you too... It’s getting late. Please go home now. It’s not safe for you youngsters to be outside the streets this late.” Erika said


“Erika, let me hug you!”


The fans started to be noisy and uncontrollable again


“Erika, how about my selfie?”


The fans started to grab Erika and take photos with her. They grab her by her arm, shoulder and head until Erika had enough of it.




Everyone went silent and shocked by the sudden outburst.  




The crowd went scared and felt the chilly atmosphere.




Some young fans started to cry.


“Aaaaaahhh, Erika’s so cruel…She yelled at me!” and lots of fans sobbed later on




And the cries had gotten louder


“ IT, WHATEVER!” and she waved her hands in the air and stomped her way towards her home. The fans were shocked and some of them recorded the whole thing






The next morning, Erika’s video went viral on social media. The CEO summoned her presence on the agency.


“WHAT IS THIS?!” the CEO showed the video through his tab


“Erika, Cruel and Evil towards the poor fans!” the video title says


Erika chuckled and looked at the comments.


“Cruella De vil shows up her real self.”


“Aaah, she’s so rude!”


“The rumours are true! She’s evil!”


“What a cruel way to treat the fans!”


“I hate Erika!”


“Why are you laughing? Is there something funny about this?!” the CEO was fuming with anger


“You’re too serious Mr.Kim.” Erika said




“Correction Mr. Kim, stepfather. You’re not my father.”Erika said


“Taeyeon... Why are you acting like this?” Mr.Kim asked weakly


“Don’t call me that. Taeyeon was gone. I’m Erika now... The girl from America. The one you made.” Erika said coldly


“If I know you’ll change as a cruel heartless being, I shouldn’t made you like this. I should just let you become yourself, Taeyeon. I should not send you to States.”


“Oh, don’t be over dramatic Mr. Kim. I’m good for business. I’m totally profitable, so you’ll regret it more if you didn’t make me.” Erika said


“You’re not like this before, my child. You used to be a very good and innocent girl.”


“I tell you, stop calling me that name.”


“This has a huge impact on your career! Don't you care at all?”


“Mr. Kim, don’t worry. Everybody knows Cruella De vil.”


“You’re so hard headed. This will be the last time I’ll cover you up. I’m sending you to a variety show to change your bad image.”


“What do you mean?”


“KBS has a new program called Invincible Youth. They need all top girls from girl groups and top singers in Korea to form G7 and they’ll be sending the G7 to rural areas of Korea and you will be a part of G7.”


“What will I do in rural areas of Korea? Have a tour on small malls?” Erika chuckled


“You'll do farming, poultry, house building... You'll live like a country girl for three months...” the CEO said with a victorious smile


“You've got to be kidding me...” Erika was shocked


“I'm not kidding at all.”


“Damn it!”





Stephanie kept on waiting for KBS call for her application for two weeks until one day her phone rings and the KBS wants her at the station this instant.


“KAAANG SEEEULGI!!! I GOT ACCEPTED ON KBS. WHOOOOOHOOO!” Stephanie shouted happily as she quickly dressed up.



“I don’t believe you.”


“I don’t expect you to!” said Stephanie “Where is appa?”


“Outside, having an office party.”


“Tell him the good news, eh...” Stephanie stepped out of the door.


“Where are you going?” Seulgi eyed her from head to toe




“You’re bluffing...” Seulgi chuckled


“I’m not!”



“Fine, get me Erika’s autograph then I’ll believe in you.” Seulgi challenged her


“Yah! That’s so hard!”


“Well then, you don't work at KBS.”


“I do! Fine, fine. I'll get you. You'll see that your cousin is an awesome videographer at KBS. Ha!” Stephanie said proudly.



Then, Stephanie goes to KBS. She was beyond excited for her orientation and first day at work in the office. The KBS contacted her and told her that they are in need of videographers for their upcoming variety show “Invincible Youth”. She was really thankful to have her very first dream job.


“Good morning our lovely new videographers!” PD Bang cheered to seven new videographers and that includes Stephanie.


청춘은 지지 않는다~ 청춘~ 불패 (Youth Don't Lose! Invincible Youth!)” He cheered and the videographers clapped their hands


“So, Invincible Youth will involve Korean entertainers meeting weekly to work and learn about farming in a Yuchi-ri village in Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon Province in South Korea. This will involve agricultural work, interacting with members of an aging rural community, and competing in challenges involving agrarian or domestic tasks...” (Okay, so much for Google! J)


“Who are the Korean entertainers PD-nim?” one of the videographer asked


“The G7 or Idols from different top groups and agencies. The G7 girls initially included Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls, Seonhwa of Secret, Hyuna of 4Minute, Hyomin of T-ara, Sunny and Yuri of Girls' Generation, and Hara of Kara... But Hyuna quit, so she will be replaced by Erika.” the PD explained


“Whoa, Erika?” the male videographers looks so happy while the females whispered to one another “Have you seen her video? Gosh, so rude! I wonder why her.”

Stephanie on the other hand felt like she’s on cloud nine when she heard her bias’ name.


“Suuny-ah!” she said dreamily






After their orientation, Stephanie and the videographers were informed that some members of G7 will go to the studio on that day to greet the new crews. She kept on waiting for Sunny to meet her again but the PD said she will not come for she has a radio show on her schedule. Stephanie was sad but the PD said Erika will be there, she remembered Seulgi’s challenge so she waited for Erika to come. She heard that Erika was already in the studio, so she prepared her pen and her notebook, but she can’t find Erika anywhere.


So, she walked towards the waiting area at the studio lobby and sat beside a woman who's wearing mask, hoodie and a cap.


“You don’t mind me sitting beside you, do you?” Stephanie asked


“You’re already sat there. What can I do?” the woman coldly replied


“Ah, right.”


Stephanie watched the television at the lobby as she sat beside the stranger. She saw Sunny on the TV so she immediately smiled.


“Aaaah, yeppuda!” Stephanie said and nudged the woman beside her “She’s pretty isn’t she?”


“You don't know what's the meaning of pretty.” the woman said


“Yah! Look at her, Sunny's as bright as the sun. Aigoooo... Number one girl in Korea.” she said as she smiled like a fool


“You didn’t watch the poll. Erika's the number one.” The woman emphasized


“Oh, is she? I didn't know... “


The woman glared at her but innocent Stephanie kept on talking


“You know, my father likes Erika.”


“Really?” the woman’s eye twinkled


“Yea, he thinks she’s y but I think she shows off too much skin.” Stephanie innocently said


“Yah! What are you saying? Short skirts are trendy!” the woman said 16


“She don't smile a lot on TV, I think she always looks tired.”


“Are you saying that I...I-I mean Erika looks haggard?!” the woman was furious


“I said she looks tired, but nevertheless, she's pretty.” Stephanie shrugged




“My father likes her to be her daughter-in-law; aigooo…Father’s really fond of her”


“Everyone likes her to be their daughter-in-law.” The woman said proudly


“U-huh, you know what, I am a new videographer from Invincible Youth. You know the new variety show of KBS.”


“And then?”


“They said that Erika is in this building, however, I cannot find her. Too bad, I can’t get her autograph.” Stephanie sighed and stood up


“Wait, where are you going?” the woman asked


“I'm going home mask rider, it’s getting late. You should too. Take care!” Stephanie waved goodbye and leave.


She accidentally left her notebook on her seat.


“Idiot, she left her notebook.” the woman chuckled


The masked woman opened it and looked at the name.


“Stephanie Hwang...”


Suddenly, the woman’s phone rings


“Oh, Manager Hyo?”


“Erika, where are you?!”


“Wait, why are you yelling at me?”


“E-Erika....W-Where are y-you?” Hyoyeon nervously repeat


“Ah, don’t bother. Just wait for me in the car. I’ve been waiting here in the lobby for ten minutes for you.” Erika said


“So Stephanie, I’ll see you on the set!” she thought to herself and she smiled a bit and went to the parking lot.






On the first day of shooting Invincible Youth, Erika arrived at the set with the other girls. They met the MCs of the show, Shinyoung, Huiseok and Tae woo.


“Ah, so this is Yuchi-ri Village?” she asked the host named Shinyoung as she looked around


“Yes it is!” the woman said happily


‘Is it even possible to live here?’ Erika thought to herself


“Good day Erika-shi!” the staffs greeted her and she just smiled a little.


In their film location, they met other crews from the show, the staffs, the PDs and the videographers. Erika doesn't seems to care about them but looking for a specific person. She saw PD Bang with the new videographers, and with that she saw who she have been looking for.


“Stephanie Hwang...” she said as she smirked to herself. She saw Stephanie looked at her direction and walked fastly towards her.


“Aaaaahhh. As expected... my fan.” Erika said confidently as she waited for Stephanie to come to her. She was about to greet her but Stephanie walked pass on her and Erika looked confused so she looked back, she saw Sunny has arrived too. Stephanie immediately went to Sunny and introduced herself.


“Sunny-ah!!!” Stephanie squealed like a fan girl. Sunny looked at her and smiled.


“Annyeonghaseyo!” Sunny smiled and bowed a little.


“Annyeonghaseyo!” Stephanie bowed countless of times


“I’m a big fan of you Sunny-shi... My name is Stephanie Hwang. I’m a new videographer of KBS.” she bowed down as she introduced herself


“Nice to meet you Stephanie-shi. I am Lee Sunny.” Sunny shook Stephanie’s hand and Stephanie almost squealed again in happiness on the other hand, Erika can only watched what is happening with her surprised expression.


“We actually met before at the KBS”


“Really? Well nice to meet you again Stephanie-shi””


“OMO OMO, You’re the number one girl in Korea!” Stephanie praised


“She really didn’t watch the poll...” Erika shook her head and went towards their house station and when she saw their house station or the idol village as they called, her expression changed more.


“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me Mr .Kim!” she groaned inwardly


A fifty year old house with traditional kitchen and no modern devices.


“Where's the bathroom?”Hara asked


“Bathroom? There’s one.” Huiseok said, one of the host “I’ll tell you where. You can go up there in the chili pepper field...”


“WHAT?!” The G7 shockedly said


Then, Noh Joo Hyun comes the Idol-Town Chief state that G7 should follow rules made by him.


Idol town Rules


1. Self-sufficiency


Joohyun stood in front of the idols and speak “Yuri, tell me what self-sufficiency means.”


“You provide yourself, without help from others. You get things on your own.”

Juhyoon speaks” Right so, no food for people who don't work!”


2. No Cellphones


The idols gave their cell phones with a sad face while Erika didn’t give hers.


“Where’s your phone Erika?” Shinyoung asked


“I-I do not h-have any.” Erika lied and smiled cutely


“I don't believe in you.” Shinyoung inspect Erika's pockets


“Shinyoung-shi, it tickles!” Erika said as she was pushed to the ground and got inspected by the host.


“I got it, I got it!” Shinyoung declared and raised it


“Ahh... Erika unnie tried to cheat!” the other girls pointed at her


“Cheaters must be punished!” Nam Joohyun said


“Yeah!” Everyone agrees and they made Erika kneel. Shinyoung shook Erika’s head a few times causing her to be dizzy and pushed her hard. Sunny was kind enough to catch her.


“Are you alright?” Sunny asked


“I-I’m fine...” Erika stood up like a drunkard man and sighed inwardly and looked at Sunny again.


Stephanie on the other hand was filming the whole thing with other videographers.

“Sunny’s really kind!” she thought to herself


The Yuchi-ri’s president came and greeted them.


"It's harvest season. We don't have enough people to work on it. We’re having a hard time because we can't do fast enough." Yuchi-ri's President said


“We’ll do our best!” the G7 said in sync




The shoot had started, on the first day of shoot, the girls introduced themselves to the villagers and they gave the villagers performances. Before being assigned to various farming tasks. Narsha & Hyomin are assigned to pick beans, Sunny & Seonhwa are assigned to clean a hen house and Yuri, Erika & Hara are assigned to build a latrine. Stephanie was assigned to record Sunny and Sunhwa so she was happy while Erika’s kind of pissed and little did she know she will be pissed by something too.


“What is latrine?” Erika asked Tae woo, the guy host as she act nice towards the camera


“A pit toilette” Tae woo the host explained


“Oppa, here’s the pot.” Yuri said as she handed the pot to the guy


“Aigooo, my mother’s daughter-in-law!” the guy joked as a form of appreciation


‘Why, I thought I’m the nation’s daughter-in-law! Maybe they didn't watch the poll too’ Erika thought to herself.


“What the pot is for?”


“This is where you’ll do your bathroom calls.” Tae woo continued to dig. The girls digged too.




“You looked surprise Erika.” the host smiled as he helped the girl’s build the latrine.


‘I’m not surprised, I’m disgusted.’ Erika closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down


“I was just shock, oppa.” she smiled


Erika suddenly felt tired so she decided to do something to make her stop working


“Oppa, you look good. I think guys look HOT when they shovel.” she said cutely

Taewu was in the middle to make a hole


“I think girls look very y when they shovel!” Tae woo stopped digging

Looks like she has to continue digging


“Is distance between the feet enough?” Taewu asked as he put his feet apart on the pot. Talking about the width of the toilette.


“Oppa, make it smaller, we got Erika and Sunny with us.” Hara said as she chuckled


“Ah, right. The midgets!” Tae woo chirped


All of them laughed a long while Erika gave out a dry laugh ‘I’M CHOKING Y’ALL USING MY BRAIN!’




The latrine was finished; other G7 that were assigned to the field came back. Erika saw Sunny with a chicken on her hand. Erika became curious so she take a look.


“Are you curious?” Sunny asked with a playful glint in her eyes


Erika just looked at Sunny with her questioning look. Sunny bring the chicken closed to her and Erika ran away very fast as she screamed loudly.


“Now we’re fair and square Erika-shi.” Sunny winked at her and went with the others towards the house.


Erika could only think that it is the worst day ever in her life. She sighed and followed from behind. After completing their tasks, the members gather in their home and make phone calls to their family members, Erika on the other hand chose not to call anyone.


“Why don’t you call your family Erika?” Shinyoung asked


“A-ah...Mr. Kim is quite busy as of the moment. I don’t want to bother him”


Stephanie who's currently filming didn't fail to notice the sadness in Erika's eyes. She put down her camera and stared at Erika. Erika on the other hand noticed her and stared at her too.


‘Maybe being here isn’t bad at all.” Erika smiled towards Stephanie and she could just give out an awkward smile




On the next shooting day, Yuri, Narsha, Hara were assigned to build fences around the house. Erika was teamed with Sunny,Seonhwa and Hyomin. They were about to be picked up by a tractor. Stephanie went with them to film. Erika greeted her.


“Stephanie Hwang...” Erika greeted her


“Y-You know m-me?”


“I heard from PD Bang.” Erika made an alibi and extended her hands to shake.


Stephanie was so nervous so she didn’t notice the hand.


“Aaah... Uhm, Good morning, Erika-shi!” she bowed a bit and was ready to leave her and film the others but she was stopped by Erika.






“You didn’t shake my hand!” Erika glared at her


“A-Ah, right. Sorry...” Stephanie shook her hands and resumed to film


‘Aaissshh... This traitor fan keeps on ignoring me.’ Erika pouted as she looked at Stephanie who was busy filming the others


The tractor came and all that they can do is to stare.


“Is this safe to ride?” Hyomin asked worriedly


“It is...” Huiseok said as he tried to start the tractor’s engine


“It’s like a last ride to death.” Erika commented


“Aahh, cool!” Sunny exclaimed. She was amazed at the junk tractor


“Hop on, the soybean field is waiting!” Huiseok said. Everyone get at the tractor and the tractor started to move slowly. Stephanie filmed the scenery around them and took some shots of photos.


“Miss...uhm what is your name?” Seonhwa asked


“She’s Stephanie Hwang...” Sunny said with a smile and Stephanie could only nod shyly as she blushed. Sunny remembers her name!


She was happy she’s seeing beautiful celebrities in front of her. She was happier because Sunny was there too.


“Stephanie? Don’t you have a nickname? Your name is too long.”


“My friends calls me Tiffany.” she said meekly and blushed again as she looked at Sunny.


Erika could only scoff at the sight.


“Ah, kyeopta. Look, she's blushing!” Sunny teased


Stephanie blushed even more


‘Stupid fool’ Erika thought to herself


“Nice to meet you Tiffany-shi, I am Hyomin.” Hyomin said


“N-Nice to meet you too Hyomin-shi.”


“Tiffany-shi, take a picture of us!” Seonhwa cheered


“O-Okay...ha-na,dul,set” she took the shot and showed them the photo


“It was pretty Tiffany” Sunny said


Stephanie smiled shyly and squealed inwardly



‘Best day ever’ she thought to herself


On the other hand, Erika just rolled her eyes and looked at the scenery. The sun was sweetly smiling and yet she feels bitter. They arrived on the soy bean field later on.

“if you can finish half of the field..” President said


“HALF?!” Narsha exclaimed


“It's less than an acre....harvest half of it today.”


Erika looked at the field and sighed. Stephanie saw Erika's expression so she cheered her up as she brought the camera towards Erika to capture her side profile.


“Erika-shi, fighting!” she gives out her eye smile and Erika feels suddenly weird. Her heart was abnormally beating and her stomach flutters “T-Thanks.” she stuttered


The team started to work. Hyomin and Sunny seems like enjoying it. Sunny’s even posing as she harvest the soybeans. While Erika and Seonhwa were struggling on their work. Stephanie went to Hyomin to film her.


“Actually this is good for stress. Think of someone you hate and slash away!: Hyomin said to the camera as she work


“Who's your least favorite?”




“Kim Tae woo and Erika unnie”




“Tae woo oppa favors Yuri too much…”she whispered to the camera “ and Erika unnie is so cold and doesn’t talk much”


“Who do you like the most then?”


“Sunny...” Hyomin said and Sunny looked at her and smiled as she listened to the conversation




“I want to be her friend.”


“She wanted to be my friend because she had gotten completely edited out on the first episode. The only exposure she had was with me.” Sunny joked but pats Hyomin’s shoulder.


“Sunny unnie, your air time is my air time too!” Hyomin said


Stephanie could only just stare sadly at the scene in front of her. ‘Looks like they will be close.”


Erika was watching from a far as she work and slash the soybeans hard. ‘She’s really stupid...’ she said to herself as she looked at jealous Stephanie.


“Urgh, my back hurts...” she stood up and looked at their work.





They finished harvesting half of the field. On their next task, they were assigned as the chicken coop team. Shinyoung joined them. Stephanie was still with them as the videographer.


“Look at the poop. Shin young-unnie will hate this.Unnie!!!” she showed the poop to Shin young


Shin young looked at it “Why it looks so seasoned?”


“It's nice, fresh and warm…Erika-shi, do you want to see it too?”


“No thanks.” Erika said as she looked around chicken poops with disgusted expression. She can't even breathe properly because of the foul smell.


Stephanie chuckled at the witty Sunny and disgusted Erika as she continued filming them.


Shin young said to the villager “You have to give us a chicken! ”


“Yes, take one”


“We will” Seonhwa said


“Yes, just take it.”


Shin young asked “You mean, catch one?”




Sunny called Erika “Erika-shi”




“You have to move this.” She referred to a cart full with poop


“You do it!”


“You want to move this or else you need to catch the chicken?”


“I-I’ll move the cart.”


“If you want to catch the chicken, its okay”


“All right, I'll move this” Erika was annoyed; Sunny was seriously having her fun.

Stephanie can’t help to laugh quietly as she film.


“I can move the cart.” Sunny offered


“I said I’m going to do it! Move this first so i can get out from here.” Referred to the carton the doorway


Sunny is definitely making fun of Erika’s serious attitude. She wanted the girl to work and to shake it off and her plan succeeded but then, she still need to catch the chicken~ when Erika came back after her torturing session with the chicken poop, Sunny told her to catch the chicken.


“W-What? I thought I won’t catch a chicken if I move the cart!” Erika complained


“Everyone cached a chicken. It’s only you who hasn’t done it yet.” Sunny said


“Not only me... Tiffany the camerawoman hasn’t caught one too!” Erika looked for her way out


“Okay, Tiffany-shi. Catch a chicken too!” Sunny coaxed her




“I’ll film don’t worry.” the camera assistant said


Tiffany nervously walked towards the chicken to catch it with her shaky hands but the chicken flew away.


“Aaaaahhhh!” she screamed. Erika laughed so hard.


‘So, stupid!’


“Calm down Tiffany, catch it for me.” Sunny cheered


And with that, Tiffany gained full determination to catch the chicken. She grab the chicken and successfully cached it.


“Here, I got it!”


“Good job Tiffany-shi...Erika, you're next.”




“Find one that flaps its wings well. Catch it! Catch it! Catch it!” Sunny's hand pushed Erika to catch the chicken. She just yelled "Catch it!" to Erika~ Erika struggled and almost landed to chicken poop on the ground.


“All right, fine. You can't catch chicken like that. “Sunny shows her talent to catch the chicken and she easily catch it!


“Whoa! That’s amazing!” Stephanie said to the girl


“Thank you Tiffany-shi.”


“Okay, let's go!” Shin young said


Erika sighed as she watched Tiffany followed Sunny to film her.


“Damn chickens!” she muttered to herself





After their tiring day at the soybean field and with the chicken poops. They went back to the Idol town to eat. Stephanie and the other crews with them joined the idols in eating for all of them got tired. Erika sat beside Stephanie to make a conversation. She saw Stephanie looking at Sunny and Hyomin as the two eat happily side by side. Stephanie pouted and Erika chuckled.


“Don’t pout, you look stupid.” Erika said as she held her plate in her hands


“O-Oh, hello Erika-shi.” Stephanie greeted


“You like Sunny, don’t you?”


“I-I...What? No!” she denied


“Oh c'mon. You're a bad liar.”


“F-Fine...I do. Don't tell it to anyone, okay?” Stephanie was nervous


“I can't promise.” Erika shrugged.


“I’ll do anything you want me to do. Just don’t tell her or anyone.”






“Okay. Deal.”


Tiffany stared at Erika as the latter munched her food.


“Why are you looking at me like that?”


“Like what?”


“Like an idiot.” Erika chuckled


“O-Oh, right. Sorry.”


“Tiffany-shi, tell me about yourself.”


“My name is Stephanie Hwang, I’m 23 years old. I’m a rookie videographer. I graduated from Seoul University last year...”


“You talk like you’re in a job interview. You’re so prim and proper.” Erika teased “Tell me more information that is not written on your résumé.”


“U-Uhm…I am half American. My mother is American while my father is Korean... My Korean name is Miyoung. I like photography very much so I decided to be a videographer.”


“You look pretty, you could’ve been better as an artist than a videographer.”


“I’m kind of shy towards the camera.” Stephanie said shyly as she blushed


“Don’t blush... I might think that you’re interested on me than Sunny.” Erika said casually but deep inside wishing her statement is true


“I-I...Sorry...” Stephanie continued eating her food  


“You know, I grew up in America too.”




“When I was seven, my mother, me and my stepfather moved to the States. I stayed there and trained there to become an artist.”


“You have American blood too?”


“No, I’m full Korean.”


“So you must have a Korean name too!”


“Of course.”


“What is it?”


“It’s a secret.”


“Ah, I told mine to you and you won’t tell me yours? I’ll just look for it then.”


Stephanie started to become comfortable with Erika.


Ever since that day, the two started to become close friends.





On the next shooting day, the G7 was divided to two teams. The Gingko nuts team and the Chili Pepper team. Erika doesn’t want to be included on the Gingko nuts team because according to her, it smells like poop and she’s been traumatized ever since that chicken poop incident and her plea was heard. The Gingko nuts team were Narsha, Seonhwa and Sunny.


 The Chili Pepper team were Hyomin, Yuri, Erika and Hara. Stephanie followed the Chili pepper team instead of the Gingko nuts team because Erika summoned her and threatened her to spill her secret if she won’t follow. Everyone was working silently until Yuri decided to have fun.


“Let's play game. The loser takes a bite of this chili.”


Hara screamed “oh, okay. cool~”


“Cool? Okay~”




Hara’s stone, Yuri’s scissor. Hara won.


“Erika-shi, let’s play.” Yuri said


“A-Ah, you can p-play with the others” Erika refused


“Come on Erika-shi, let’s have some fun”


Yuri pointed at the camera and Erika got what she meant.






Erika’s water, Yuri’s stone Erika won.


Yuri takes a bite of chili


“Ah, Hot!”


Second contender!


“What are you guys doing?” Hyomin asked


“Loser will take a bite to”






Erika's stone, Hyomin’s scissors Erika won again.


Hyomin eat the chili


“The chili is really spicy!” Hyomin complained. On the other hand, Stephanie was laughing inside due to the tormented look on the face of her rival.


“Don’t spit it out! Swallow it!” Erika’s sadistic attitude came out


“Ah, unnie. So cruel!” Hyomin swallow the chili with force


Hara was watching their game and saw Hyomin's face “hahahha~ so cute!~ Haven’t you heard Erika-shi’s nick name?”


“What is it?” Hyomin asked


“Cruella De vil!” Everyone laughed out loud and Erika blushed. Erika saw Stephanie’s suppressing her laughter. She got pissed.


Erika challenged Stephanie to join the game.


“Tiffany, let's play.”






Erika was paper, Stephanie was stone


Erika won and feed Stephanie with the chili


Stephanie had an idea “It’s sweet. It tastes like a bell pepper.”Stephanie chewed the chili pepper  “Yes, it’s good!”



“Really?” Erika asked curiously. Erika was shocked. It supposedly spicy as Hyomin and Yuri already tasted earlier. Erika feed more to Tiffany and Tiffany still chewing it

“Is it really good?


“It’s not spicy at all…”Erika looked at Tiffany. Tiffany even takes more chili and chewed it. Tiffany even eat the whole chili pepper!. The whole team was shocked on what Tiffany was doing but they seem to get the idea.


Then Tiffany feed Erika with the chili pepper...


“Try it.”


Erika chewed it



Then, Tiffany spit out all the chili in . Tiffany acted with her whole heart to fool Erika.


“Hwang Miyoung!” Erika yelled as she looked for some water and she saw a kettle on the table and drink from it.


“Yah, Erika! What are you doing? You’re an idol! Such a silly kid.” Shin young said as the rest of the girls watched her amusedly




“Hahahahhaa~ you’re fooled!” Everyone laughed at her and she pouted


“Aiggooo, how cute! Erika-shi looks like a kid!” Yuri adored her


“Aaaaww, cute!” Everyone agreed


“Taeyeon-ah is such a kid.” Tiffany teased


“W-What?” Erika was shocked


“I’ve done my research.” Tiffany smirked evilly


“Taeyeon?” Shinyoung asked


Erika’s Korean name.”


“Taeyeon means beautiful and kind hearted in Korean” Hyomin said


“Yeah, but why Erika-shi is mischievous?” Shin young teased


“Because she hasn’t grown up!” Hara referred to her height and everybody laughed


“Ah, you’re Kid Taeyeon!” Everyone


“Tiffany, you’re dead!”


They get back to the work..picking chili peppers~after 4 hours, the work is done!


“You really picked a lot; this is how many fans you've got.” Stephanie said to Erika


“Looks like you’ve watched the poll already.” Erika smirked as she carried the bag of peppers on her back


“Sunny’s still the best though.”








The teams went back to the idol town. The Gingko nuts team arrives prior to the chili pepper team. When the chili pepper team arrived, Hyomin immediately looked for Sunny. She saw Sunny sitting in front of the door steps with the dog and other Gingko nuts team.


“Suuuuuunnnnnnyyyaaaahhhh!” Hyomin run towards Sunny with an open arms.

Sunny looked towards her direction and stood up as she walked towards Hyomin with an arm prepared for a hug.




Like couples in the movie who hasn’t seen each other for years, they hugged.


“Aiiggooo, Sunny and her Sunscreen. Sunbyung!” Shin young teased


Stephanie was recording the whole scene along with other videographers. She can't help to feel sad so she put down her camera and frowned.


“That should be me.” she sulked quietly


Erika who was staring at her for a while smacked her head.


“Ouch! What was that for?!”


“You keep on looking at wrong direction!” Erika was mad


“W-What do you mean?”


“You’re a stupid fool...” Erika stomped away and joined the other idols


“She’s weird and violent Kid Taeyeon. ” Stephanie said as she touched her aching head






They started to have a break on the shoot so the crews ate along with the idols and staffs. Erika ate beside Tiffany as always. Erika asked Tiffany to get her some water. Tiffany complied and stood up to get her one, however, Sunny coughed as she eats and Stephanie saw it so she gave her the glass of water in her hands.


“Are you alright Sunny-shi?” Tiffany asked worriedly as she pats Sunny's back


“I-I’m okay... Thanks for the water.” Sunny smiled


Erika saw Tiffany gave the water to Sunny. She got mad because Tiffany always chooses Sunny over her. She stood up from her seat and switch place, She sat with other idols and ignored Tiffany for the rest of the night. Tiffany on the other hand doesn’t know what she has done to make Erika mad.


‘Is she bipolar?’ Tiffany asked herself as she looked at Erika


Erika on the other hand looked at Sunny as she wondered what Stephanie likes about her. Erika noticed Sunny’s vibrant aura and friendly attitude that made her shine bright towards everyone.


‘She’s so warm.’ Erika thought to herself



Another shooting occurred and yet, Erika kept on giving Stephanie a cold shoulder. The G7 were assigned to harvest some apples and Erika was usually quiet that day. She just smiled towards the cameras of other videographers while frown on Stephanie’s.


After they picked apples, Yuri led the other members for a yoga session until they decided to have a leg splitting contest to see who can stretch out the farthest.


Yuri started and split. Shin young and Tae woo measured it “169!” they declared

Hara came next. “167!”


Then Sunny went next. Stephanie anticipated for her result. “159!” then everybody laughed. “She’s short that’s why!”


“The midgets! Let’s see who’ll win between the two of them” Tae woo teased


“Yah, Kid Taeyeon!” Shin young teased


“Taeyeon who?” Joohyun asked


“Erika-shi’s Korean name!”


Erika blushed furiously and glared at the videographer who looked amused in the entire situation.’ This is all your fault Tiffany!’


“Yah, Kid Taeyeon! Split now” Shin young continued with her antics


Erika was nervous because she’s not flexible enough to split but either way was determined to win over Sunny as she looked at Stephanie. ‘I’m going to show you that I’m much better!’ she thought with full determination


Erika went to the blue mat and tried her best to split.


“And the measure is… 158!” Tae woo declared


‘Ahhhh! I almost did it.’ She looked so sad when she got up.


“Our kid Taeyeon is sad!” Yuri pointed her


“Awwww, cute!” Seonhwa said


“It’s Sunny’s fault. Sunny, go and console her!” Hara said 37


“I’m okay!” Erika said but Sunny hugged her otherwise “That’s okay chingu-yah! What is 1cm anyway?” Sunny said and ruffled he hair


“Yah! I can’t breathe” Erika complained


“Sunny ah!” Hyomin pulled Sunny away from Erika


“Sunbyung!” then everybody laughed



Stephanie looked at Sunny and Hyomin and sighed as she looked at Erika. She saw Erika looked so sad so she decided to cheer her up. ‘You did well’ she mouthed to her and gave her a fighting sign. Erika’s face immediately became lighter and brighter.





After that shooting day, Erika started to be warm towards Stephanie again. This time she started to get clingy off camera and even on camera. She made Stephanie suffered by making her do the hard tasks that she was assigned to. From hammering woods, building fences, catching a running cow, Pureum , building hen cages or even unconventional things like Erika will demand to sleep on her lap at rest time or even asking her to feed her food. Stephanie can’t do anything because Erika threatened her that she will tell Sunny how she feel if she won’t obey her orders. So she did everything what Erika told her.


She was even tagged by the MCs as a ‘Hardworking camera woman’.


The least thing she can do to get her revenge is to call Erika by her nickname ‘Kid Taeyeon’ like everybody on the show does.


The viewers started to like Erika’s new image on the show. They seemed to forget Cruella De vil and get fond of Kid Taeyeon. Indeed, Mr. Kim really knows what the best is for Erika. The viewers responses is that Cruella De vil had gotten much warmer and they liked it.


Another long shooting day had come to an end and the idols were given a chance to call their love once again. Erika this time had been coaxed by Stephanie to call her father. And Erika complied.


“Hello?” The other line answered


“Mr.Kim.” Erika said


“Ah, Taeyeon my child. You finally called me.” He said happily. “How are you there?”


“I’m fine.”


“Do you like it there?”


“It’s not that bad.” Erika said


“I’m watching you on TV. You seem to be working hard there.”


“Yeah, it’s a bit tiring.”


“I’m proud of you.” Mr. Kim said


Erika felt touched and teared up. It’s the first time Mr. Kim told this to her


“You know, ever since your mother died, you’re the only one left for me…that’s why I cared about you so much…I feel like you’re my own daughter. I’m sorry though for making you tired. I just want the best for you.” Mr. Kim said apologetically


Erika cannot utter a word. She was afraid to cry and yet her heart feels like crying.


“Are you still there?”




“When your shoot ends, pay me a visit. I have good news for you”


And the call was ended. Stephanie put down her camera and approached Erika.


“You did well…” she pats Erika’s head


“Don’t pat my head. I feel like a kid.”


“You’re a kid” Stephanie teased


“Shut up and hug me.” And she did






Erika did what Mr. Kim told her. She visited her stepfather in the office. For the first time in her life, she felt happy and she feels warm.


“Mr. Kim” she greeted with a smile


“Taeyeon! I have good news for you!”


“What is it?”


“You’re album sales got higher seems like you’re back in a right track again. Your fans are demanding for a tour.” CEO Kim said


“Oh, that’s good!” Erika said


“Do you want it?”




“Okay, now we reached an agreement. I did a few talks with the producers of Invincible Youth. If you’re going on tour you have to leave the show.” Mr. Kim said


“L-Leave the show?” Erika asked


“Yes, it will be a conflict to your schedule when you tour” Mr. Kim said


“When will I leave the show?”


“It’s supposedly now”


“Can y-you…give me one more episode before I leave?” Erika said sadly


“You’ve grown attached to your fellows there.” Mr. Kim smiled


“Yes…I want to say goodbye”


“I’m proud. My Taeyeon-ah gained some friends. Okay, your request is granted.” Mr. .Kim said


“Thank you…Mr. Kim” Erika said


“Appa…call me appa”


“A-Appa…” Erika smiled too




On Erika’s last day on the show, the PDs were already notified about her upcoming tour and Erika’s departure. However, Erika requested for them not to tell to her G7 fellows and the crews yet. She wanted to tell it herself. She brought some remembrance chains on her for her fellow G7 and the hosts as she gathered them inside a room privately. She told them the news.


“We’re going to miss Kid Taeyeon…”Shin young said


The other girls look like crying too.


“Kid Taeyeon…Don’t you ever grow up.” Hara said as she sobbed a bit


“I’m going to miss you unnie even though you keep on ignoring me” Hyomin said as she cried too.


“We’re going to miss you cute kid.” Yuri said


“Me too, Hardworking Camera woman will surely miss you” Seonhwa said


I hope she does


“Does she knows already” Shin young asked


“I’ll tell her later.”


“This chain is cute. I’m going to keep it. We’ll miss you” Narsha said


Then they heard a loud sob from Sunny. They looked at her and her eyes looks swollen from crying.


“Yah, you Kid Taeyeon!” Sunny called


“I know we started at the wrong foot when we first met… I also know that you don’t like me so I kept on teasing you because I want to be your friend…I don’t know what to say about your horrible attitude but then you changed. I’m going to miss you damn much!” Sunny sobbed and she attacked Erika with her hug


“Yah! Sunny-ah!” Hyomin yelled


“Sunbyung!” All of them said as they laughed together




On her last day, she cooked Kimchi fried rice for everyone when the shoot was on break. Erika brought Stephanie’s notebook with her and her mask when they first met. She dragged Stephanie on an elevated place to watch the sunset.


“Kid Taeyeon know how to cook! What a revelation!” Stephanie laughed as she chewed some of it.


“Don’t talk when your mouth is full. You look like a pig”


“I’m not a pig”


“You are”


“Fine, whatever.”


“The sunset is coming out, this looks seriously beautiful…” Erika said as she looked up the sky




“What do you remember when you see the sunset?”


“Sunny!” Stephanie happily cheered


“Yeah, right” Erika scoffed


“Sunny looks bright as the sun!” she said dreamily


Erika sighed and wears a mask as she brought out a notebook with her. Stephanie was busy looking at the sun.


“Aaaah, yeppuda!” Stephanie said and nudged the woman beside her “The sunset came out! It’s pretty isn’t it? Just like Sunny!”


“You don't know what's the meaning of pretty.” Erika said flatly


Stephanie looked beside her and saw Erika.


“Y-You’re…MASK RIDER!” she said shockedly


“uh-huh” Erika removed her mask and gave the notebook to Stephanie.


“I already signed that notebook. I made my other label mates signed it for you too.”


Stephanie browsed the notebook. “I can’t believe it! YOU’RE MASK RIDER!”


“I guess, destiny brought us together?” Erika said


“Daebak! That’s why you told me to watch the poll. No wonder why mask rider sides Erika very much!” Stephanie laughed  


“Yah! It’s true. I’m the number one in the poll!”


“Yeah yeah… but still Sunny’s number one for me.” Stephanie said


“You…If you keep on saying things like that, I’m going to do something that will make you remember differently when you stare at the sun.” Erika said seriously


“Sunny’s my sun!”


And with that Erika reached her limit and kissed the blabbering idiot in front of her. Stephanie on the other hand was paralyzed and remained unmoved. She doesn’t know what’s happening so she stared at Erika like an idiot and in animated object.


“Now, every time you look at the sun…You’ll think of me.” Erika said as she stood up and left the idiot behind.


After several minutes of paralysis, Stephanie was able to realize what happened.


“OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!” she touched her lips and blushed


They didn’t talk for the rest of the shoot. It was painfully awkward.





On the next shoot, Stephanie learned that Erika wouldn’t be a part of the show anymore. She started to unconsciously get sad even though Sunny’s presence is there on the set. Another shooting day was almost ending; she looked at the sunset and saw Erika’s face there.


“The ? Why Kid Taeyeon’s face is in the sun?” she murmured and shook her head



Weeks had past and she totally missed Erika’s presence. Stephanie’s started to get annoyed every time she sees the sun so she don’t want to get out often. Stephanie’s had a day off so she went to the market to accompany her cousin Seulgi and Mr. Hwang.


“I can’t believe it! You really work there!” Seulgi said as she kept on looking at the notebook as they shop “You even got Irene’s autograph!” she cheered


“Because my source is awesome!”


Wait, I totally admit that Kid Taeyeon is awesome


“So, who’s the prettiest girl among the G7? Erika right?” Mr. Hwang teased because he knows that Stephanie’s will get mad at him for saying that. He knows that Stephanie likes Sunny very much


“Yes… she’s the prettiest” Stephanie said


Seulgi and Mr. Hwang looked shock at her.


“Why are you looking at me like that?”


“You just said Erika was the prettiest!”




I got it bad for Kid Taeyeon.


Stephanie hasn’t seen Erika for three months. The girl was busy on her album tour so Stephanie just kept on looking for news about Erika. She saw some photos of Erika touring at Japan, Hongkong , South East Asia and a lot more. She sighed and looked at Erika’s photo again.


“You really did gave me new perspective about the sun…”




Another three months had passed. Stephanie looks sad as she filmed the show with other videographers. Sunny went to her and pats her head.


“Hey, Tiffany! Brighten up” Sunny smiled at her


“A-Ah…Sunny-shi” she said as she blushed but suddenly remembered Erika again


“Kid Taeyeon.” she silently cursed


“You missed her don’t you?” Sunny gave out a wicked smile


“I-I…I don’t!”


“You do…”


“I-I do.” She said


“Do you want to see her again?” Sunny asked




“I know you’ll say that! Okay, here….” Sunny handed her a ticket


“What is this?”


“The Kid Taeyeon will be included in a concert here of her label mates in Korea to wrap up her tour. Watch it; I even got you a backstage pass!” Sunny smiled at her.


“W-Wow! Thank you!” she hugged Sunny


“Welcome Tiffany!”


“Yah, Sunny-ah!” Hyomin yelled




“Sunbyung!” she cheered





Stephanie went to the concert with a nervous feeling.


‘What will I do when I see her?’ ‘Does she want to see me?’ she asked herself nervously

The show had started. The concert was held on open grounds. After a lot of performance from other artists, she finally saw Erika again.


‘Indeed, she’s the prettiest’ she thought to herself.


Erika on the other hand looked at the audience and thought that she saw Stephanie on the crowd but later shrugged her thoughts.


“It’s just a part of your imagination, fool!”


She started performing and singing her songs.


“Bicceul ssotneun sky .....Geu arae seon ai....Kkumkkudeusi fly....My life it a beauty...”


The crowd cheered for her as she gave her best to perform. And as usual, she gave out a good performance. She wrapped up her performance before the sunset and thank the crowd for coming. She immediately went to backstage and let other artists perform on stage.


Erika looked at the sky.


“Sunset is almost coming…I hope she’s thinking of me”


“The sunset is coming out, this looks seriously beautiful…” A voice said to her and Erika looked at the source of voice and saw who she was thinking about.




“You’ve gone so long. You didn’t even say goodbye…I thought we’ll never meet again.” Stephanie lectured


“Does it matter?”


“Of course it does.”


Erika doesn’t want to raise her hopes up but she dared to ask still.


“What do you remember when you see the sunset?”


“I remember her everywhere. In every sun I see may it be sunrise or sunset, she was there. Can’t you imagine how silly it is? Tiffany chuckled


‘It’s still her’ Erika thought


Tiffany looked at Erika and stared at her without saying anything. Erika felt warm under Stephanie’s gazed; however, she doesn’t want to raise her hopes up. She seriously thought that it was unrequited.


“Don’t look at me like that.” Erika said


“Like what?”


“Like you’re in love with me…”


There’s a long pause of silence ‘till Stephanie decided to speak.


“I can’t…”




“Because I am…




”I knew it when I looked at the sun differently than I did before. All I see is you.”


Erika felt so happy when she heard those words, so she launched forward towards Stephanie.


“I’ve been waiting for so long for you to say that!” Erika hugged Stephanie


“You know, Sunny gave me a ticket for this concert…” Erika smacked her head hard


“What?! Let me guess, you’re in a date with her?!”


“Yah. Why are you so violent?”


“Because you’re a stupid fool!” Erika glared at her


“But you love me…” Stephanie said


“That I do… do you too?”


“Of course.” Stephanie smiled and held Erika’s hand.


“Your father will be so proud of you…” Erika said 47




“He got his dream daughter-in-law.” She said with pride


“Ugh, so full of herself”


“But it’s true!”


“Yeah, it is anyway, Where are you going after this?”


“Nothing, just going to rest at home.”


“Do you want to stroll in the park?”


“I want to but people will see me.”


“Don’t worry; mask rider will be with me.” Stephanie smiled and handed her a mask.


“Good idea”


And with that, the two knew that they made another memorable moment under the sunset. Now, Stephanie was sure that she will never see the sun the same again as she did before. She got a new perspective about the sun and she loves it.

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