The Complexity of being a Nerd

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If you want anything in random, you might consider reading this. Credits to Mr. Belvedere Goes to College for the story inspiration. If you're up for something fun, this story is for you. Pardon for grammar errors since english is not my first language.

P.S.R-13 but not matured content for curses and stuffs. 





The Complexity of being a Nerd





On the dining table, in the Kim’s residence…


“Mrs. Kim, I don’t need to go to college! I’m already a prodigy!” said a young looking brunette girl who looks like she hasn’t comb her hair for weeks. She’s wearing a gray sweater that looks too big for her petite body. She has this large eye specs and she carefully examined her food before she eats it. “Butter, Sodium and Sesame oil…This contains a lot of calories Mrs. Kim.” she commented as she looked at the mashed potatoes on her spoon.


“You’ll go to school to make you even smarter…And just shut up and eat what’s on the table smarty pants.” Said her mother as she passed a pitcher to an old man which was her father.


“Thanks.” The man said


“But people on school are senseless!” the girl continued to argue


“And so are you!” uttered by the girl’s blonde younger sister who was sitting beside her. Her younger sister was laughing way too much for the girl’s liking.


“Hush woman, you’re breathing too much oxygen more than what you are entitled through this space.” the girl with the specs commented


“You’re really weird!” her little sister spat back


“I’m not weird, it’s just some people around me do not have enough understandings on their brain. And an exhibit is you.”


“What did you say?”


“I was just making a supporting statement regarding your written legal document called transcript.”


“My grades are okay!”


“Yeah, like a doctor said that an ICU patient is.”


“I’m so gonna kill you!”



“KIM HYOYEON AND KIM TAEYEON!” their father yelled and it stopped all the commotion on the dining room.


“You miss smarty pants… You’re going to college and that’s final.” The man said to the girl with the specs called Taeyeon “And you little brat… You’re not going to your friend’s party.” He said to the younger girl named Hyoyeon


“BUT FATHER!” they both said in sync




The two girls were left speechless on their seats.






On their sleeping time, Taeyeon and her sister Hyoyeon were bickering quietly on their shared room. They were afraid that their parents might hear them.


“This is all your fault! What will my friends say to me? They might think I’m a kill joy!” Hyoyeon whined


“You try to fit yourself in a crowded box, you ought to get out of there and see what you’re missing outside.”


“Uhm, a party isn’t a box?” Hyoyeon innocently stated


 “Seriously, I’ll pretend you didn’t say that.” Taeyeon showed her disappointed face and shook her head


“Terrible, horrible, ugh! And oh… my nerdy sister will study on the same university as I mine! Great luck and Great life!”


“Hush woman, I didn’t want to be on the same university as you and your low in IQ friends. I’m already a genius.” Taeyeon replied


“My friends are smart!”


“And is there anyone smarter than me?” she asked innocently




“Then none of them are smart.”


“Well my friends are cooler than you, you weirdo!”


“They’re not cool, they’re bimbos.”




And the two were engaged in a chaotic cat fight until someone bust their door open, that resulted for the two to freeze on their close standing position.


“What is happening here? It’s so noisy down stairs!” their mother said


“We’re killing each other…” Taeyeon was speaking until her little sister put her hands on her blabbering older sister’s mouth and speak “We’re hugging each other out of love mother…” Hyoyeon said as she gave a very tight bone crushing hug to Taeyeon.


“I’m glad the two of you sort things out… Taeyeon, please look at your sister in school. You know how troublesome she could get.” Their mother said


“Mrs. Kim, I happen to dislike all children intensely. But I can assure you that I can readily attend to their necessary though unpleasant wants. “


“I’m not a child!” Hyoyeon said


“Kin Hyoyeon!” her mother said sternly


“We’re okay, Mrs. Kim. Don’t worry.”


 “Very well then, sleep now my children.” Their mother closed the lights as the two went on their respective beds glaring at each other.


“I can’t believe Mrs. Kim buy that lame excuse of yours.”


“You’re gonna get us both killed! And why do you call mother Mrs. Kim? You’re really weird.”


“That’s not weird, it’s called politeness and formality and you’re a very bad liar, psychologist said that people who lies tends to face their left and you did it obviously.”


“Whatever, just remember, I don’t know you tomorrow at school.”


“Fine with me.”




Taeyeon took an entrance exam on her sister’s university and she passed the entrance exams with flying colors because she is a self-taught genius.


“Wow, 100/100! Are you kidding me?!” the professor who gave the exam incredulously told to the prodigy


“Mr. Cho, Your exam is so easy. Even 4th grader kids can pass that.” Taeyeon said plainly as she sat on the chair in front of Mr. Cho’s desk


“Why you! Only 30% of the examiners pass out of 100% annually!”


“It’s because only those 30% got brains.”


“You talk like you’re smarter than me!”


“I am really smarter than you.”


“Tell me Miss Kim, what are your achievements when you are in high school?”


“Best Math department president, secretary of the dean, best in thesis writing, best in essay, best in science laboratory experiment, Straight A’s on grade cards, rank 1 on university’s top students… those are only few, others are in my CV. Do you want me to send it to you?”


“What? You already have a CV? You’re only a freshman in college!”


“Well, NASA offered me to work for them but I turned it down. I figured out that the universe is too small to be my workplace.”


“Miss Kim, is there anything you haven't been? “

“Yes Mr. Cho, I’ve never been an idler or a parasite.” 


“But why does it says here to your paper that you were almost kicked out in your senior year?” Mr. Cho tried to test her again


“Oh, it’s because I made a mini nuclear weapon on the science laboratory. You should’ve seen the looks on my classmates and Professor Jang’s face! They’re terrified!” she chuckled as she clapped her hand excitedly


“I’ll keep my eye on you Miss Kim.” Mr. Cho said as he glared at Taeyeon


“You should be, you’ll be touring me around. It’s your job.”




Taeyeon is assigned to share a dorm room every weekdays with sophomore Kwon Yuri and bossy junior Choi Sooyoung. She stood in front of the roomed assigned to her and re-checked the number again. She knocked on the door three times.


“Greetings! My name is Kim Taeyeon, a fresh man. I will be your new roommate. May I come in?” she asked formally


A tall girl looked at her from head to toe and shook her head


“Actually, no.”


Then the girl closed the door right in front of Taeyeon’s face. After a few second, the door swung opened. The tall girl looked surprised along with another tanned girl who was currently busy watching basketball on TV while munching pizza.


“H-How did you opened it?” the tall girl asked


“I got a key…This is also my room for this year whether you like it or not.” Taeyeon swung her chain of key in front of the girl


“Wow, this girl is feisty!” the tanned girl commented


“So, newbie… Listen up. I am Choi Sooyoung, a junior and this is my pal Kwon Yuri a sophomore. We actually take turns of cleaning every week, but since you’re a newbie here and our turns already ended, you will clean for a month.” Sooyoung said as she tapped her foot on the ground lazily and winked at Yuri.


“I wasn’t informed of that rule prior of coming here… I’ll ask the landlady, professor Shim tomorrow morning about that.” Taeyeon said innocently


“No! I-I mean, you do not have to ask Miss Shim about this. I mean, she told us to tell you this before you came.” The tanned girl Yuri said nervously


“Okay.” Taeyeon said


After a few minutes, the two were looking at the girl with confusing gazed.


“What are you doing?” Sooyoung asked


“Based on my calculations, I am entitled of 35 percent space on this room. The left side is your side I assume and the middle will be Miss Kwon’s and the right will be mine.”


“What are the red tapes for?”


“You see, everyone is entitled of their own space, privacy and territory. Once you entered these red lines, that means you are in my jurisdiction and any violation made upon my jurisdiction will be used against you.” Taeyeon explained


“Oh.” The two said in sync “Uhm, give us a sec will you?” Yuri said


“Okay, the time is all yours.” Taeyeon said as she fixed her things and the two just looked at her as they exchanged soft whispers to each other.


“This one is crazy!” Yuri complained


“Yeah, she’s just nuts!”


“What are we gonna do now?”


“Beats me.”


“She’s a creeper.”


“Don’t worry too much. At least we do not have to clean for a month.” Sooyoung smirked and Yuri gave a light chuckle


“That’s more I like it!”



The first day of classes for Taeyeon couldn’t get any worst. She got late for her class due to Yuri and Sooyoung took so long in using the bathroom. She was running on the school corridor to catch up for her class, until she bumped on somebody.


“Hey, watch it you little one!” the girl’s book were scattered on the floor as a result


“I would like to apologize but I am already running late! So…bye!” Taeyeon looked back as she continued to run towards her classroom and she saw a redhead girl yelling.


“You’re gonna regret this day buddy!”the redhead girl yelled in frustration


Taeyeon stood in front of her classroom and saw the professor already giving a lecture


“Oh, look at this, this is going to be awful.”


She entered the room and all eyes were on her.


“Sorry I’m late…” she said


“Introduce yourself please.”


“I’ve been introducing myself since kindergarten.” Taeyeon frowned


“Introduce yourself or I’ll mark you absent.” The professor threatened


“I’m introducing myself… I didn’t run all the way from here to be unnoticed.” She cleared and speak “My name is Kim Taeyeon. I love Shakespeare, Plato, Machiavelli, Einstein, Thomas Edison, Wilber and his brother…”


“Okay, that’s enough.”


“But I’m not yet done.”


“Nobody cares whom you love kid. Sit your down on a chair and listen to my lecture.”


And the class roared into laughter.


‘She wanted to know about me and yet she never really listen when I told her about myself…I do not understand this kind of people.’- She thought to herself as she look for a place to sit in.


Taeyeon found a chair to sit but somebody put their leg on it.


“Ooops! Taken now.” A girl said


“I don’t see any person sitting on it.”


“Oh yeah? I need two chairs so it’s taken.”


“Why two chairs?”


“I’ll be sleeping for long hours here.”The girl said as she yawned and stretched her arms




Then Taeyeon looked for another vacant chair and saw one but was prevent by somebody for doing so.


“Don’t sit there.” A girl with a glasses said


“Why not?”


“Someone is already in there…” the girl mysteriously said


 “I don’t see anyone in there.” Taeyeon said


“Because he’s a ghost.”The girl said with no emotion at all and it’s enough to scare Taeyeon away


“O-Oh… I-I’ll just find another seat then.” Taeyeon said nervously and bowed


Taeyeon saw a vacant seat and asked the isolated person beside her.


“Hi, can I sit here?”


“Booze…” the girl said as she smiled and her eyes formed into tiny crescent


“Yeah, looks like you had one.” Taeyeon commented as she sat beside the girl


“Oh, the nerd… Hi nerd, I’m knurd.” She said as she offered her hand to Taeyeon




“Just drunk backwards.”




Taeyeon just wondered, what more can she see in this university and what more unfortunate events will come. She just sighed and listened to the professor and she sighed again when her professor made a mistake. She raised her hand and speak.


“Oh, you want to say something Miss Kim?”


“I beg your pardon, it isn’t Plato who quoted that, its Aristotle.” she said as politely as possible but her classmates roared into a series of laughter that embarrassed the professor big time.


“Get out! Detention now!”




And there, Taeyeon was put on detention for correcting her professor’s mistake.


“I didn’t know being right is offensive.” She sighed as she hold the scrubs in her hand and looked at the dirty school bathroom


“WELCOME ABOARD TO THE BREAKFAST CLUB NEWBIE!” Taeyeon was startled and looked at the source of the voice, it was her roommates.


“Breakfast club? You guys are here too?” she asked uninterestedly


“Uh…We skipped class and got caught so yeah, we’re here!” Sooyoung gave her a high five and Yuri walked towards her


“Nice to see you roomie!” Yuri give her a smooch on her cheeks


“Ugh! That’s disgusting.” Taeyeon grimed


“Breakfast club, you know the movie. Kick students put on detention and fall in love and…”


“You mean detention club for troubled students… and neither of us will fall in love so shut it down.”


Another person bust in the door with a mop on her hand.


“Oh, sorry. Didn’t know some people occupies this post already.” A red head girl said and noticed Taeyeon that changed her mood quickly


“YOU!”  She glared at the little one


“Who me?”




“Uh-oh, Looks like redhead didn’t take her anger management class well!” Sooyoung commented


Then suddenly a drunk girl entered the bathroom.


“Oh chopstick, burned post, nerd and redhead… Wait, redhead? Oh, bye!” the drunk girl who was Taeyeon’s seat mate on her previous class fled away once she sensed trouble


“YAH, SUNKYU! COME BACK HERE AND GIVE ME MY SANDWICH!”Sooyoung yelled as she followed the drunk girl


“I DON’T HAVE ONE, I’M DRUNK!” they can hear the voices of the two people who went out


“YAH, CHOI! Wait for me…” Yuri tried to catch up to her friend until she bumped into someone who looks like she just woke up from her sleep as she rubbed her eyes and yawned while holding a broom and a scissor for gardening.


“Oh, Jessica? There’s no grass here.” Yuri said


“Oh, hi. I’m sleepy…” the girl said lazily and Yuri pushed her out of the door


“I know, let’s get out of here.”


 “YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID THIS MORNING!” Yuri and Jessica heard from the outside of the bathroom


“Such a pity…” Jessica commented


“I know.”


Poor Taeyeon was left alone with the redhead on the bathroom. And when she got out, she has this big red bump on her forehead.


She was sent to the nursery to get cured. The redhead threatened her not to tell any professors about this or else she’s through. Judging by the violence and anger issues of the girl, Taeyeon was terrified so she just kept quiet about it and told the nurse that she just slipped in the bathroom.


Now she understand why the redhead is being called a redhead. It’s because she’s dangerous and angry.


 And Taeyeon now knows the importance of apologizing to people…Especially to redheads.




Taeyeon decided to go to the library in hopes that she can find peace and people around there will be normal… but she was wrong.

A lot of people were talking to each other and it annoys her sense of earing and what annoys her sense of sight is that she find a girl there who was sleeping with her feet on the table and a book on her face which she recognized as her classmate in her previous class and the girl from detention, which she remembered Yuri pertains as Jessica. She just passed through the sleeping person and walked through shelf of books.


She heard a voice on the English literature section.


“Oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo?”said the deer eyed girl who was holding a book as she sat on the floor


“Scram Juliet… this is 21st century. Romeo and Juliet died, end of story.” Taeyeon said as she stood on the distant in front of the girl


“That’s why I like it.” The girl said “Wait, what happened to your forehead?” she asked


“Oh. Some redhead happened.” Taeyeon said as she get a book from the shelf


“Ah, the redhead… I think I know her. Is she Tiffany Hwang, the violent girl from the class 3C?”


“I wasn’t sure which class she’s at. I do not care either.”


“Gone with the wind?” asked the girl as she eyed the book on Taeyeon’s hand


“Hmmm, yes”


“It’s a good book. I love how Rhett Butler did not give a damn for Scarlet O’Hara in the end.”


“What about this book?” Taeyeon get another book from the shelf and showed it to the girl


“That’s Anna Karenina. She had a perfect family but had an affair with another man. She was disgraced, ashamed and heart broken. She died in the end.” The girl said with much enthusiasm which is quite ironic for a sad book


“This book?” Taeyeon continued to test her knowledge in literature


“Lolita…A professor that fell in love with a 12 years old girl. It’s the most controversial book I read. I’m glad they didn’t happen.” The girl shook her head and sighed in relief


“Okay, this book?” Taeyeon showed her another book


“That’s Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter… The woman who wears “A” as a symbol of being an adulterer and had an affair with a reverend who’s really a coward to accept what he had done… I seriously hate that man.” The girl said


“You’re fond of tragic romantic novels?”




“That’s a bit different, why?”


“Because tragic novels are much closer to reality…Romance is not cotton cadies and butterflies. It was never like that. None of things are ever like that.” said the girl as she lowered her head


“What’s your name?” Taeyeon asked


“Yoona…Im Yoona.”


“Do you want to have lunch with me?” Taeyeon asked since Yoona is the first person who seems to be closer to normal that she met in her university


“Sure, I’m hungry.”




On Taeyeon’s second day on her university, she came to school rather earlier that her class time to avoid being late. When she opened her classroom door, she saw nobody arrived yet. She settled on her seat and tried reading a book. She heard strange noises coming from the cabinet behind her chair.




Taeyeon is a type of person that doesn’t believe in paranormal but being alone in a room in early morning with weird screeching sound is terrifying.


“Who’s there?!” she yelled but the sound and noises continued so she decided to stand up slowly on her chair and walked toward the cabinet.


Her heart is beating rapidly as she lay her hands on the huge cabinet open holder. She was about to open it when she heard another noise and felt vibration on her pocket.


“What on Earth…”


“P.A.R.T.Y… P.A.R.T.Y…its party time” her phone rang


“YAH! WHO’S CALLING?!” she asked impatiently


“You’re pretty sister Hyoyeon duh…” the caller said


“What do you want?” Taeyeon asked as sweat formed on her forehead as she stared at the cabinet in front of her


“Your life…” her sister said




“I was just kidding! Gee, you sound so weird. Anyway, you left your lunch box stupid. Meet me at the school cafeteria at lunch time. I’ll give it to you.”




When the phone call ended, Taeyeon heard noises and screeching again. Much louder this time. She opened the cabinet as she closed her eyes shut.






It was her classmate from yesterday, the paranormal girl who forbid her from sitting on an empty chair because a ghost is already in there as she claimed.




“The name is Seohyun and I’m playing with my friend.” The girl said as she smiled and her glasses turned darker like on those animés.


“What friend?”


“Look behind you…”


“I see nothing…”


“Because she’s a ghost.”


“O-Oh…A-Aren’t you afraid of ghost?”






“Ghosts are much better that humans… Much understanding and much of an observer.”


“Oh…Is your friend still behind me?”




“I think I have to go to the bathroom, excuse me.”




Taeyeon made her escape and went out of the room. She’s not really going to the bathroom, she just wanted to get out of the classroom for some reason. She was standing at a vending machine, picking a drink.


“Cold coffee… I need this.”


Her money was taken by the vending machine but no coffee fell down.


“Oh, what a luck!” she disheveled her hair in frustration.


She was about to leave when somebody speak


“You don’t give up just like that.”The redhead speaks




“Watch this.” The red head kicked the machine several times and all the sodas fell off outside.


“Tada!” then the redhead get three sodas from the floor. She opened one to drink and put the two inside her bag.


“WE’RE SCREWED!!!” Taeyeon yelled nervously


“We won’t, if you won’t say a word about this.”


“But that’s bad! This is a school property…”


“I’m telling you… if I got caught. I’m pulling your leg with me.”The redhead winked at her and go on her own way “See you around nerd.”


And the two got busted from the deed they have done and was put on a detention again. It was true when the redhead said she’s pulling the nerd’s leg with her if they were caught because the nerd was seen on crutches for weeks.



After a few weeks, Taeyeon decided to come home. Her weeks had been pretty same as her first and second day in school. She wanted a break and go to her own lab aka her room.


“Hey Taeyeon, what are you doing?” her mom asked her as the nerd was busy creating some robotic stuffs on her table


“I’m trying to invent a robot who can wash my clothes, dry it, fold it and iron it at the same time.”


“Ah, an impossible dream, I see.”


“Mom!” Taeyeonwhined at her mom and her mom just chuckled


“So, how’s college? Got friends so far?”


“Hmm… All people in the university are weird individual so none so far.”


“Well, aren’t you one?” her mom laughed out loud and somebody ring the doorbell “Can you get that one for a while? I have to go to the kitchen and cook.” Her mom said


Taeyeon went out of her room and open the main door. She took a few minutes before she came in again. Her sister was on the living room watching random stuffs on TV.


“Who are you talking to? ”Hyoyeon asked her


 “The trash collector.”


“Oh, I thought you already had a friend. I was thinking of throwing a party.”


 “I have friends!” the nerd denied


 “Okay, name three you hang out this week.”


 “The maid, the pizza delivery guy and the trash collector!”


 “Make sense.”



Taeyeon was cleaning for a month in their dorm. She likes cleaning, and it is easy however, Choi Sooyoung and Kwon Yuri made it harder for her by littering their trashes everywhere and endlessly disorganizing things on their dorms. Not only that, the two likes to make fun of her, today she had enough. Taeyeon was mopping the floor until those two showed up again and spill their drinks intentionally on the clean floor.


“Ooops! Sorry kid, my drink spill itself!” Sooyoung said and laughed with Yuri who was clapping her hands for the fun she was having


“Look, I don’t have time for bullies and problem children.”


“You called us children, then what are you then a microscopic creature?” the two laughed out loud and made fun of her height.


“You know what, I talked to Miss Shim and asked about my month turn for cleaning. She said that agreement doesn’t exist. So I planned to talk to her about your behavior and probably she will call your moms and dads to give you two a long lecture for being lazy and head ache bullies. Now, what do you say?”




“I didn’t hear you.”


“P-Please don’t! We beg you…”


“From now on, you’ll refrain from bullying me and you’ll follow my commands. Are we clear?”


“Aye Aye, captain!” the two respond well




“Did you know, a while ago at lunch. I stole the redhead’s sandwich!” Sooyoung told an amazing story to Yuri


“Wow, no way. How? DAEBAKK!!!”


“I attacked the food while she’s talking to those cheerleaders.”


“Quiet you two, we’re in the library!” said Taeyeon


“Hey, dictionary isn’t a newspaper... Don’t read that daily!” said the whining Sooyoung to Taeyeon.


These past few days, Taeyeon asked the two to accompany her in the library for the two to gain knowledge from books.


“Hush, I’m waiting for my friend to come.” The nerd said as she put down the dictionary


“OMG, You have a friend?!” asked Yuri in shock


“I am a human being. It is natural for me to have a friend.” The nerd said “Let’s try the English literature section.” They walked towards the book shelves and found what they’ve been looking for.


“Yoona.” called by the nerd


“Oh, Taeyeon-shi. You got company.”Yoona smiled


“Wow, nice view.” Sooyoungwhistled


“Indeed.” Yuri approved


 “Tell me Miss, Have you ever been in love?” Sooyoung flirty asked


“Long morrow ago, why?” Yoona replied


“You’re going to court this chic?” Yuri asked


“I was going to do it but then I realized it will be a waste of time.”




“I ain’t hooking up with Shakespeare.” Sooyoung said and Yuri laughed along with her


“What are you doing?” the nerd asked Yoona


“I’m fixing the book shelves. You know I work as a student assistant here in the library.” Yoona said


“Are you done? The shelves look organize today.” The nerd complimented


“Took three hours to finish.”


Then they heard loud steps coming through their direction.


“CHOI SOOYOUNG, YOU’RE DEAD!” yelled by a redhead


Apparently, the redhead discovered Sooyoung’s mischievous action towards her sandwich.


She held Sooyoung by her collar and slammed her over the book shelf.


“Hey, have mercy!” Yuri tried to mediate but she was pushed towards the shelf too


“WHY DID YOU DO IT?” the redhead asked angrily


“CAPTAIN HELP US!” the two plead as they stared at Taeyeon


“YOU ASKED THEM TO STEAL MY SANDWICH, DON’T YOU?!” the redhead pushed the nerd towards the book shelf as well






Then the book shelves fell like dominos over each other due to the unstable redhead.


“It’s a shame when you create something then someone destroys it.”Said Yoona as she helplessly stared at what’s happening


Then, the librarian saw what happened.





The five girls were sent inside a room along with the other three: the drunk and the sleepy head and the paranormal girl.


“Hey girl, you’re here again.” Said Yuri to Jessica


“I brought a comforter and a bolster on Physics subject. Mr. Chang was not pleased.”Jessica shrugged


“Seohyun? What are you doing here?” Taeyeon asked


“I told Mr.Kang that there was someone behind him as he was teaching in the history class. When he looked back and saw nothing, he put me in detention.” Seohyun said


“Hey Sunkyu, where’s my sandwich?” Sooyoung said but was nudged by Taeyeon on her stomach “OUCH!”


“We’ve got in trouble because of that sandwich you jerk.” Taeyeon said as she saw the redhead glaring at them


“Why are you here Sunkyu, what good deed have you done besides being drunk?” asked Sooyoung


“I mistaken weeds as veggies and put it on my lunch box and eat it. Now, I’m high as as your height.” Sunkyu said “Why are you guys here?” she asked


“They destroyed the library.” Yoona suddenly speak


“I’m sorry, who are you?” Sunkyu asked


“Im Yoona.” The doe eyed girl said as she shake Sunkyu’s hand


“Oh, you might want to be careful with that hand. It tends to be lesbian whenever she’s drunk… But she’s always drunk!” Jessica said


“Oh.” Yoona mouthed


“ please, shut up and sleep. Anyway, who destroyed the library again?” Sunkyu asked and the three roomies pointed out the redhead




“T-That’s because…I was hungry! Do you guys have food? I’m hungry.” Sooyoung asked


“I got something.” Taeyeon said

She pulls out something black shaped like a rat.

“The is that?”


“Don't worry, it's a gummy rat. Wanna bite?”


“What flavor is it, plague?” Sooyoung grimaced


Then a professor came in the room.


“Professor Cho?” Taeyeon said in confusion


“That’s right Miss Kim! I told you I’ll keep my eye on you.” Mr.Cho said


“Uhm, excuse me Mr. Cho. Why are we here? Aren’t we supposed to be cleaning around the campus now as a punishment?” Sooyoung asked


“You’re all here because all of you have been frequent in detention. The dean isn’t please about this. If you girls are going to form a club, it isn’t gonna be a detention club!” Mr. Cho said


“Err… how about street sweepers club? Cleaners club can be good too.” Sunkyu said randomly and all of the people in the room stared at her with ‘Are you ing serious?’ look. “No? Okay, carry on.”


“So as I was saying, you guys are always in detention. Is there any problem why does it happens all the time?” Mr.Cho asked


“We don’t even know why we are in detention all the time. We’re just being ourselves and yet, they don’t like it.” Sooyoung shrugged


“What do you mean you do not know? You Miss Choi, you’re always in the detention along with Miss Kwon for frequently skipping classes!” he paused for a moment and looked at the sleeping figure “You, Miss Jung… Wake her up for pete’s sake!” he scratched the back of his neck in frustration


“Cucumbers!” Yuri yelled and suddenly a dolphin scream was heard




“Miss Jung! You’re always sleeping all the time… And you Miss Lee.” He said as he looked at Sunkyu


“Hi, I’m high.” Sunkyu greeted him


“Yeah, and you’re always drunk too!” and he looked at the redhead


“And you Stephanie Hwang, why are you so violent? You don’t even go to your anger management class!”


“I got lazy. Anger management ain’t fun anyway. I punched a guy in the class on his face and he cried like a baby.” The redhead said non-chalantly


“Girl, I like you!” Sooyoung cheered for her


“Cool, want a punch too?” the redhead said


“Nah, sister. I’m cool.” Sooyoung said


“Quiet!” Mr.Cho said


“You Miss Im, I thought you’re a nice student but why are you here is detention?”


“Beats me. I don’t know either. I guess I wanna die. ” Yoona shrugged


“And you Miss Juhyun, you can’t scare people like that!” Mr.Cho said


“I’m not scaring them, I’m just saying what I see.” Seohyun said


“What about me Mr.Cho? I didn’t do anything.” Taeyeon said


“Miss Kim, you’re a transferee and yet you’ve been a troublesome one! “


“I didn’t know correcting people for their mistakes is troublesome.”


“Those people are professors, they know what they’re doing! Are you even smarter than them?” Mr.Cho said


“Yes, I am.” Taeyeon innocently replied


“Ugh, why can’t you girls do a good deed for our school?! You girls will be put on counselling to reflect on your actions. Do well or get kicked out.” Mr.Cho was finished in his speech “You girls can go out now.” He said


“Oh, Mr.Cho?” Seohyun said




“Someone’s behind you.” Said Seohyun as the girls went out of the room


“I-I’m going out with you girls too. I have classes to attend.” He said as he cleared his throat and ran his way out of the room




The eight troublesome students were sent to counselling right after their classes has ended. They wasted an entire day on the counselling house for nothing. The students would only cause troubles on their counselling session. Sooyoung and Yuri would just eat their food as the lecturer speak in front, Jessica’s snores can be heard every time their session happens. Sunkyu kept on drinking her booze and chuckling madly by herself. Seohyun would keep on saying… “There’s someone behind you…” to their lecturer. The redhead kept on tormenting the nerd by throwing papers at her back and as for Yoona… Well, she just imagined a tragic story about their lecturer dying in front of them and it made her smile.


Their last activity for the day was to draw their family tree. Fifteen minutes had passed, the redhead was caught by their lecturer doing nothing. So the lecturer yelled at her and forced her to do the activity.


“Hey, I got no more paper. Give me one.” Said the redhead to the nerd


“That’s because you threw it all in me.” Said Taeyeon


“Yeah, it’s all because of you, now give me one.” The redhead ordered


“Karma happens.” Taeyeon ignored the redhead and proceed on doing the activity


“What did you say?”


“I said I have never been an idle or a parasite.” Said Taeyeon




Then there it goes, the redhead punched the nerd when Taeyeon refused to lend her a paper for their activity.


“ENOUGH!” the lecturer yelled “ALL OF YOU PASS YOUR WORKS!” the lecturer sighed in disappointment from what he saw.


“Choi Sooyoung, this is not a family tree. This is the food triangle!”


“I thought family is love and I love food so they’re my family.” Sooyoung shrugged


“Sunkyu, why did you draw a leaf?”


“That’s weeds sir.”


“Who passed the blank paper?”


“Me sir, I fell asleep.” Jessica said as she yawned


“Seohyun, why did you draw a tree?”


“My friend lives there.”


“Is he Tarzan?”  Yuri asked


“No, he’s a ghost.” Seohyun said




“There’s someone behind you…” Seohyun said and the lecturer fled in terror







“Okay, so what will you guys do when you’re kicked out?” Yuri asked


“Sleep.” Jessica said lazily


“Ram the fridge.”Sooyoung said


“Run for my life.”Taeyeon answered


“That’s odd, why?”


“Mom’s gonna kill me.”


“I’m gonna miss you when you die roomie!”Sooyoung gave her a bone crushing hug


“I can’t breathe!” Taeyeon complained


“Detach yourself or die in my hands.” The redhead threatened Sooyoung


“S-Someone’s jealous.”




“Guys, enough! I don’t want to be kick out. Let’s settle this matter, please?” Seohyun said in matured manner


“How?” Yoona asked


“Simple, identify the root of the problem.” Taeyeon said smartly “Who’ll be the first one to volunteer?” she asked then no one speak a word


Yoona had an idea “Let’s play spin the bottle!”


“Okay, where can we find a bottle?” Taeyeon asked


“Sunkyu’s booze!” Sooyoung said


“Nah, I’m still drinking!” Sunkyu protest


“Cooperate or die.” The redhead had spoken and Sunkyu gave up and lend her bottle.


The girls formed a small circle as they sat close towards each other. They play spin the bottle. The person where the bottle went on will have to answer questions. They spin the bottle and it went through the first person to be interrogated with.


“First! Sooyoung.”


“Why do you skip classes?” Taeyeon asked


“It ain’t fun and the subject is just too hard to be understand.”


“You’ll never understand a subject if you don’t attend on it. It will only be much harder than what you think.”


“Why do you eat so much? Is there a black hole in your stomach?” Yuri asked curiously


“Well, that’s the question I can never answer.”Sooyoung shrugged


“Next, Yoona!”


“What about me?” Yoona asked


“Gee, does she have a problem? She’s normal, I guess.” Yuri said


“I thought Seohyun is the most normal one here?” Sooyoung asked


“Nope,she’s paranormal.” Yuri answered


“The only reason why Yoona’s here is because of you three roomies.” Sunkyu said


“No! It’s Hwang that make the shelves fall down. Not us!” Sooyoung argued


“YOU STOLE MY SANDWICH!” the redhead reasoned


“Hush, women on Earth. I’m trying to sleep here. ” Jessica said


“Girl, why do you sleep so much?” Sooyoung asked


“I don’t know… Maybe dreams are better than reality I guess.” Jessica answered and was struck in a realization “Wait, the bottle didn’t spin at me.”


“Forget the bottle.Imma drink it now.” Sunkyu stole the bottle


“Why do you drink a lot?” Taeyeon asked


“To forget.”


“Forget what?”


“That I’m alcoholic.”


“That’s stupid.” The redhead commented


“I know.”


“What about you, what’s your problem?” Sunkyu asked Taeyeon


“Me? I got no problems. I’m perfectly fine. Thank you.”


“I couldn’t hear you over your ego!”


“You’re too restrain. You have a high IQ but very low EQ. That’s your problem.” The redhead said


“Ha. Talk about EQ, you’re always fuming in anger! You’re so violent. Why are you like that?!” Taeyeon said


“Just because.”


“Girl, you have anger management issue.”


“Sometimes when I get upset, I blow up like a bomb!”


“Yeah, and I become the punching bag.”


“I…I just can’t express my feelings well.” The redhead said “My life so bad that I wanted to die… evaporate….dissolve…disappear.” She said


“Life but you just have to hold on. That’s why you’re given a chance to live today to change it for the better. If you die today, no one will remember you because you did nothing good with yourself. Use your time wisely. Uplift yourself. Stay positive.” Taeyeon said


“Nobody likes me anyway.” The redhead shrugged


“You have to love so you’ll be loved... And you’re pretty, someone likes you for sure.”


“Really?” the redhead smiled


“You look beautiful when you smile…” Taeyeon said as she stared at the latter


“Do you really think so?” the redhead asked as she blushed


“Look, the Hwang’s blushing!”Sooyoung teased


“I’m not blushing, I’m just redhead!” and she blushed even more.


Taeyeon just gave her a huge grin and the redhead looked at the latter. She stared at Taeyeon. She suddenly imagined the nerd in a knight and shining armor suit. She was mesmerized and hooked.


“Yes, just always stay cool. Control yourself.”


“Yeah, stay cool girl and our school will be a safer place to go at.” Yuri said


“Like you go every day.” Sunkyu said


“Well, I go to school every day. Sooyoung just skip class so I did too.” Yuri said


“Why do you go with Sooyoung anyway? You’re put in detention all the time because of her.” Jessica said


“I want to be in detention though.”


“Strange, why?”


“Because I want to see you.” Yuri said shyly


“Do you like me?”


Yuri nodded and smiled as her cheeks blushed. Jessica did too.


“Awww, cute!” Sooyoung teased “I always know you like girls.” She said


“Really, why?”


“Because you’re Yuri.”


“Okay, so what’s the plan?” Taeyeon asked


“I thought you’re the smartest one here.” Yuri said


“I want to know your insights.” Taeyeon said


“I have an idea.”Sooyoung said




“Well, you know that the pep rally will be on next week, right?”


“Awww, yes!” Sunkyu cheered


“My favorite time of the year!” Yoona said excitedly


“How about we volunteer to clean the campus grounds before and after the pep rally? Mr.Cho will be pleased for our good deeds!”


“So, are we officially the cleaners club?” Sunkyu said


“Well, if that can save us from getting kick out. Why not?”


“That’s the smartest thing I ever heard from you Sooyoung.” Yuri clapped her hands in excitement


“What happens in pep rally?” Taeyeon asked


“Oh, you’ll see newbie… it will be fun.” Sooyoung smirked


“Well, it’s a wrap! Meeting adjourn.”


“You’re shaking Yoona, are you cold?” Yuri asked


“No, I’m just chilling’…” Yoona said as keep on throwing glances at Seohyun who was intently looking at her “Seohyun, is there something in my face?” Yoona asked as she shivered a bit


“No, there’s just someone behind you.”






Then, the room was empty in less than a minute.






“Gah…I’m tired!” Said Taeyeon as she plop herself on a chair. They just finished cleaning the field for the pep rally and the run had started now they are resting on a vacant room on the second floor of their building  “I’m thankful that Mr. Cho seems to be quite please about our proposition.”


“Well, prepare yourself. We still have to clean the field later.” Yuri said as she peeked over the windows along with the other girls


 “What are you guys watching over the windows?”Taeyeon asked    


“The runners and .” The redhead said uninterestedly as she draw random things on the board




“See for yourself.”


And then they heard a loud cheer from the field as the runners started to come out.


“OMG.” Jessica said as she blushed


“You’re not allowed to see that.” Yuri said as she covered Jessica’s eyes


“Huge.” Seohyun said as she watched the runners


“That’s the part about them I really admire.” Said Yoona as she watched the male runners at the pep rally


“This is the most interesting part about our school.” Sunkyu said as she amusingly watch the men wearing masks as they run on the school field.


“s.” Yuri said


“You just don’t have appreciation for men because you’re Yuri.” Sunkyu retorted


“What are you guys talking about?” Taeyeon said as she went over the windows to see what’s happening " WHOA, THEY RUN ?! IS THIS EVEN LEGAL? OMG, MY POOR EYES!” Taeyeon said in shock as she saw men in masks running on their school field


“Well, it’s legal nerd. Ever heard of oblation run?” Sooyoung asked as she munched her food


“You know, eating hotdog sandwich is very inappropriate in times like this.” Taeyeon replied


“I don’t care. My food, my life.” Sooyoung shrugged


“We don’t know her.” Yuri pertained to Soooyoung as she shook her head


“Oh, shut up roomie.”


“Why do they run in nudes for?” Taeyeon asked


“It’s social activism. To be out of norms and to be proud of oneself.” Sooyoung said


“You nerd, continue staring at the window or die.” The redhead glared at Taeyeon and it gave the nerd chills.


“O-Oh… What shall I do then?”


“Come here and erase everything I draw on the board.” The redhead said and Taeyeon complied. The redhead keep staring at her as she did what she has been told.


“Is there something on my face?” she asked


“Say, let’s go out later.” The redhead said


“I can’t later. I’ll be reading books.” Taeyeon said


“How about tomorrow?”


“Well, I can’t either. Its weekend tomorrow, I’ll be out of the dorm. I’m going home.” Taeyeon was speaking when she sensed the redhead glaring at her


“Say yes or die.”


“Y-Yes…Sure.” And she awkwardly chuckled


“Good, here’s my number. Text me your address. I’ll pick you up at 10am.” The redhead smiled




The cheer grew louder and louder. And a lot of confetti has been throw on the field.


“Prepare yourself girls, we have lots to clean later.” Yuri said


They cleaned the entire field after the run and good news, Mr. Cho was pleased. They are saved from being kick out and officially became the cleaners club.



Since its weekend the next day, Taeyeon decided to go home. She spent her time hacking her sister’s computer password.


KIMHY0IZAWESOME123…” Taeyeon grimaced and shook her head disappointedly and made a mental note to remind her sister how bad is her password.


She decided to cave in on her room doing what she does, completely forgetting about her date.


Meanwhile, outside Taeyeon’s house…


“Is this the Kim’s residence?” the redhead asked a blonde who opened the gates after a few doorbell. 

“Uh-huh.”Hyoyeon said as she observed the latter from head to toe.


“I take it you are one of them? “

“Uh-huh. “

“Is there anyone here who speaks English? “


“You’re the redhead in class 3C?” Hyoyeon asked


“Yes. Stephanie Hwang to be specific.”


“Oh, what are you doing here?”


“I’m looking for a certain nerd named Kim Taeyeon. Is she inside?”


“What did Taeyeon do?” Hyoyeon asked


“We have a date.”


“Oh…follow me.” Hyoyeon and Stephanie made their way inside the gates


“Oh, who’s this beautiful lady?” asked Mrs. Kim to Hyoyeon


“Mom, prepare for a party.” Hyoyeon said




“Taeyeon got a date.”


“Omo! I’m Taeyeon’s mom.” Mrs. Kim shake the redhead’s hand enthusiastically


“Hi, Taeyeon’s mom. Can Taeyeon come out and play?”


“Sure, let me call that brat…” Mrs. Kim went upstairs and her voice can be heard downstairs




“I do not like people! I do not like light! Let me stay inside this house forever!” Taeyeon replied


“But your date is here!”


“I have no idea who are you talking about.” Taeyeon said


“A redhead is here.” Her mother said


“Redhead? OMG… Wait!” then Taeyeon rushed out of her room and went downstairs and saw the redhead looking prep up, posh and pretty on her dress.


“Wow…” Taeyeon said


Hyoyeon picked up an invisible thing on the floor and gave it to Taeyeon.


“What is this?”


“Your jaw, it dropped.”


“Can you wait for five minutes? I’m sorry, I forgot.” Taeyeon apologized


“For a nerd like you, you’re certainly forgetful.” The redhead said


“I’ll be fast.”


“Sure, will be waiting.”



“Hi, I'm Baekhyun. I'll be your waiter.” Said a good looking charming man to the ladies

“Hi, I'm Taeyeon. I'll be your slave.” The nerd joked as she stared at the waiter amusingly and later received a hard kick under the table from the redhead




“Keep flirting or die.”


“What would you like to order ma’am?”


“I would like a Swiss Chocolatepeppermint. Not too strong but not too mild either.” Taeyeon said


“Err…We do not have that on our menu ma’am.” Said the waiter


“Don’t mind her. Will get this.” The redhead point something at the menu


“Okay ma’am.”


The waiter take his leave and the redhead strike a conversation with Taeyeon.


“So, I would like to know more about you.”


“My name is Kim Taeyeon. I’m a child prodigy. My IQ is higher than the professors on our school.” Taeyeon said casually


“Oh, is your IQ higher than your ego as well?” the redhead teased


“I’m only stating a fact.” Taeyeon shrugged


“I want to know more about you, like what’s your favorite song? What is your favorite TV show? Who are your friends? I want to know something interesting.” The redhead lean on the table and listen to the nerd


“I do not look at the song title but my favorite song ends in exactly 3:45 seconds.”


“I didn’t even know how long my favorite song lasted.” The redhead said “What’s your favorite Disney movie?” she asked


“I don’t watch Disney channel, I like History channel more.”


“Oh, come on! Everybody loves Disney.”


“Well, History channel is my Disney.”


“Who are your best friends when you were in high school?”


“My best friends are the class genius and the counselor.”




The waiter came in and gave their orders.


“Here's your coffee, Miss Taeyeon.”

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Baek, but Mr. Baek?”

“Yes, ma'am?”

“This is double Mocha, I wanted Swiss Chocolatepeppermint.”

“Oh, I'm sorry, let me draw you a map to the kitchen.” 


“Mr. Baek, it’s alright. You can go now.” The redhead said


“Thank you ma’am.” The waiter left


“So, back to our topic. What do you and your friends would like to talk about before?”


“Politics!” Taeyeon said enthusiastically


“That’s boring.”


“Politics are nerds’ love life… They talk about it like men spread rumors.”






“What’s your favorite color?” 




“Wow, plain.”


“Simplicity is the best, and yours?”




“What about you? What’s the most interesting you did in high school?”Taeyeon asked


“I got my Halloween costume, I went as the devil.”

“Makes sense.”


“I want to choke you until you can’t breathe.”


Then suddenly, a fog caught up Taeyeon’s glasses due to the coffee.


“Happens all the time.” The nerd said as she removed her glasses to wipe it. The redhead stared at her and smiled


“It’s the first time I see you without glasses. You actually look good.” She complimented


“Gee, thanks. You aren’t bad as well.”




“I like your hair, did you put some Hydrogen and Carbon to it?” Taeyeon asked as she carefully examined the other girl’s hair


“Wow… as much as I would like you touching my hair. I would love if you hold my hand instead.” The redhead said


“Oh, later. I’ll finish my coffee first.”




“Do you think I'm boring Miss Hwang?”

“No, I think you're out of your mind.” 


“Oh, I’m sorry.”


“I don’t mind though.”


The two went to a park as a part of their date. They also watched a movie and went together in a dinner. They spent their entire day with each other. As the two depart in front of Taeyeon’s house…


“I had fun.” Said the redhead as she held the latter’s hand


“W-What are you doing?”


“You said you’ll hold my hand after you finished your coffee but you never did so I’m holding it now.”


“Oh, I almost died in your choice of film.”


“Well, I like scary films. You became so clingy while we were watching.”


“Would you like going on a second date with me?”




“Say yes or die.”


“O-Okay, but…”




“Why would you like to go out with me?”


“Simple, I like you.”




“I don’t know, but whenever I see you my heart flutters.”


“Mine too.”


“So, is it a yes?”


“Oh... It’s a yes then.”





“How about the third, fourth, fifth and so on dates?”


“Not bad, I don’t mind.”


“That’s better.”


“Well, I’ve got to go inside now. Good night.”






The redhead gave her a peck


“You’re mine.” The redhead gave her an eye smile and leave


The nerd was left standing outside in shock.


“Anyone else have butterflies on their stomach?” she asked no one as she entered her house starry eyed.


Ever since that day, the two would always go out and text and call each other often. The redhead religiously attended her anger management class well and became a whole lot of calmer than she was before. She no longer is violent and tried to be understanding before she got angry.


“What are you doing?” the redhead calledTaeyeon on a lazy Saturday afternoon


“I am currently uploading…”


“Uploading? At this hour? What about lunch?”


“That’s exactly what I meant.”


“Oh, you upload food?”




“You know that you’re actually really weird.”


“You’re weird too. You like this weirdo.”


“That is true… Anyway, Seohyun is throwing a pajama party at her flat.”


“Will it be a pajama party or a Halloween party?”


“Well you know how it is.” 


“The whole gang is going?”


“Yup. The entire cleaners club.”


“Okay, will be there.”




On the Pajama party…


“Why… No drinks for tonight? I thought it’s a party.” Sunkyu whined as she looked around Seohyun’s flat


“Shut up little human, you’re trying to quit drinking. Remember?” Sooyoung said


“Ah, yeah… I almost forgot.” Sunkyu giggled


“So, how are you guys after the counselling?” Yuri asked


“Well, as for me I no longer eat too much.” Sooyoung said


“Stop bluffing, I saw you stuffing in your mouth triple deck beef burgers a while ago. You even went for a second round.” Sunkyu chuckled


“Well, can’t drop habits but at least we’re doing much better in school now.” She shrugged


“I agree. We haven’t been on detention for weeks because we attend classes well.” Yuri said


“I try to control myself for scaring people too.” Seohyun said


“That’s a good change.” All of them said in sync and chuckled


“I became less lonely when I am with you guys.” Seohyun said


“It’s a miracle thatSica isn’t sleeping right now.”


“My reality is much better than my dreams right now, so as much as possible I would like to stay awake and have memorable memories with my newly found friends.” Jessica said


“And Yuri.” Sunkyu teased


“Well, Yuri is one but this gang is important too for me.” Jessica said


“How about you Yoona? What’s up with you? Have you ever regret being with us, since you’re the most normal one here?”Sooyoung said


“Before I met you guys, I was into reading books with tragic and sad endings. But now, I only read books about positivism and I became more eager as ever. So, I don’t regret any of this.” Yoona said


“The redhead seems to be chill these past few weeks.” Jessica said


“Well, I’m taking my anger management class seriously.” Stephanie said


“And dating?” Sooyoung teased




“What did you see on our roomie?” Sooyoung asked


“I don’t know either. I guess that’s just love. You fall for no reason at all. You’ll just love the person for who that person is. And, I think she’s beautiful.” The redhead said as she smiled towards Taeyeon


“I don’t think I’m that beautiful…” Taeyeon said as she blushed


“Look, her ego went down! Is it really you?!” Yuri said as she shook the latter


“I love humble Taeng.” Sooyoung said as she hugged her room mate


“I can’t breathe!” Taeyeon complained


“Detach yourself or die in my hands.” Stephanie said as she glared at the two who gave her peace signs.


“But seriously, I’m also thankful that I met you guys. When I first went here, I really did not like to go to college but now, I enjoyed it a lot. This is like the most memorable years in my life. I hope we stick together even right after we graduated.” Taeyeon said


“Well, we’re bunch of problem children however, we managed to deal with our problems together. We cannot change who we are but we can improve it and make each other better. I cannot imagine a life without you guys.” The redhead said


“So, to the cleaners club?”


“To the cleaners club! Forever and eternity.”The others said as they put their hands together


“Yay, wait. My hands are cold.” Yoona said


“That’s because someone put her hands on top of yours too.”


“Oh… W-Where is that s-someone?”


“That someone’s behind you.” Seohyun said




Indeed, it became a Halloween party.


Different people with different problems in their lives fused together and find answers towards each other as they became friends. It’s been a year since their friendship had started and now, the cleaners club is as tight as ever. They became improved individuals, however, like what they said, some hobbies can’t be broken.


Stephanie was beyond excited today, today is her and Taeyeon’s anniversary. She was hype when she saw Taeyeon with pink balloons on her hands. A birthday hat and a cake as she approached the latter.


“Wow, you remembered!” The redhead said in joy


“Of course! Happy National Pi Day!”Taeyeon greeted with wide enthusiasm


[email protected]#! KIM TAEYEON, YOU’RE SO GONNA GET IT FROM ME!!!”




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