Pink Carnation

Sugar Free
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Pink Carnation

(The unforgettable one)


It was the time where the cities were booming and roaring. Factories were like mushrooms sprouting everywhere and scouting skillful and knowledgeable individuals that will change the way of living for modern people forever. It was the time when logic was booming and almost everyone had an invention or something to offer in the society, this unusual creature appeared out of nowhere. This vagabond, vagrant, drifter, hobo, gipsy, irresponsible bum, a beggar, thug or maybe we can call this little one a tramp like other people call it for short.


Two police men roaming around the park saw a little figure sleeping in front of the town’s national historical statue.


“Oh, not again…This kid really is a head ache!” said the higher ranking officer to his fellow police man “Park, give me my handcuff!” he ordered

“R-Right away sir!” said Officer Park to his superior and handed him the cuff “Look sir! The little tramp is smiling over her sleep!” said the police man

“Jellies…Cotton candies…Beer…” said the sleeping figure who was still unconscious

“Seriously, how could this tramp sleep here? It must have been cold.” Said the superior police

“The tramp smells like alcohol sir, I guess the report we get was right. The tramp looks like had been involve to another fight at the pub.” Said Officer Park

“Looks so peaceful when she’s sleeping, eh? I wonder why she isn’t like this when she’s awake. Let’s blow the whistle.”




The sleeping figure immediately stood up and said “FIRE!...Where’s the fire?!”

“I regret to inform you that there’s no fire missy.” Said the superior

“Gosh, my sleep!”

“How about continue that sleep on the police station?”

“Oh, darn.”


The little tramp was impounded for being drunk and sleeping in front of the park’s historical statue. The tramp was sentence 100 hours of community service and besides that, the tramp get an earful of scolding, lectures and complaints from the police officers.


“Go, get a life!”


The last thing she remembered from the station.


She was unwanted and unloved… that’s what she thought to herself


The little tramp looked in front of a mirror, she saw how unkempt her hair and how her face looks like a mess from last night. She remembered how woman around their town looks wonderful and charming compared to her. The little tramp felt ugly and purposeless. She drunk off last night due to her blind date running away from her.


Little tramp always got her hair disheveled, she lacks of height, she was full of flaws and not as intelligent as other people from their town. Little tramp felt no good and so different, like a parasite and foreign in her own town. She was so different or rather, very unusual. That’s why every night, the tramp tried to forget her misfortune by buying bottles of liquor and this day, she bought bottles of liquors again with her remaining money after her release on the station.


Right after buying bottles of liquor, little tramp saw a flower girl… A very beautiful lady. The little tramp was enchanted by the beauty the tramp had witnessed. The tramp instantly went closer to the flower girl’s spot and asked how much is a flower, but the tramp figured out she had no money on her pocket already due to the fact that she bought all her remaining money for bottles of liquor a while ago.


“Would you like to buy a flower?” asked by the beautiful flower girl

“I-I’ll come back, okay?” said the tramp

“Okay.” The flower girl smiled but the tramp was confused due to flower girl’s lack of eye contact as she smiled but later, ignored her confusion and left.


The little tramp regretted buying liquors prior to seeing those beautiful flowers from the beautiful flower girl.


“I’m no use…Why did I ever exist in this world? I shall end tormenting everyone tonight.” The tramp told to herself


Little tramp went to the park to jump over the river and suicide but was shocked when she saw a woman that was about to jump in the fast flowing waters of the river and end her life. The tramp immediately rushed to stop the woman and said


“Be brave, face life!” the tramp said as she held the woman in her arms to prevent her from jumping

“I don’t want to! It’s always dark… I’m tired!” said the woman as she resisted the little one, the woman was quite tall so it required a hard force for the little one to prevent her from jumping.

“Be patient, you’ll see the sun soon!”

“But you’re going to jump too, I saw you!”

“I…I-I was just tying my shoe lace.”



“Do you really think so?”

“Look at me, I have so many reasons to end my life. I am ugly, I am town’s trouble maker. I only drink to forget about my misfortunes!”

The tall woman stopped from resisting and said “You saved my life! You shall be rewarded!” and hugged the awkward tramp “My name is Sooyoung and yours?” asked the tall woman


“So my new friend! What do you suggest doing in my new life?”

“Let’s start from these bottles.” Said the tramp as she raised the plastic containing bottles of liquors she bought a while ago

“Sounds fun!”


The two drink those bottles of liquors and both of them got impounded on the police station the next day for sleeping on random public places again. They rendered hours of community service.


The tramp found out that Sooyoung was a millionaire and asked her new friend, the tramp, to work for her as a butcher to her meat shop. The tramp was happy, she’s no longer a bum! She can buy all flowers of the beautiful flower girl for a day.


The tramp went to the previous place where the beautiful flower girl used to sell. The flower girl was watering her flowers with her bucket and pile, she doesn’t even noticed the tramp’s presence. The tramp was curious and confused so she decided to get closer to the flower girl but ended up being wet when a pile of water came from her direction without the other girl knowing.

“It’s a nice cold morning shower…” the tramp said as she wiped waters on her face with her hanky

“Oh, no! I’m so sorry… I didn’t know!” the flower girl apologized

“It’s okay, I wasn’t that wet…” Yeah, just drenching, the tramp thought and continued speaking “I would like to buy your flowers.” The tramp said

“Which one?” asked by the flower girl

“All of them.”

The flower girl was elated and was so thankful. She decided to give the tramp her favorite flower, pink carnation but it fell on the ground when she handed it to the little tramp. The flower girl tried to search for the pink carnation using her hands and feelings. The tramp picked up the flower and showed it to the girl but the girl doesn’t seem to notice it so the tramp waved her hands in front of the flower girl’s face.

“Did you get the flower?” asked by the flower girl


On that day, the tramp knew that the flower girl was blind. The tramp handed the flower girl the payment and was about to leave but was stopped by the flower girl’s words.

“Wait for your change.” Said the girl as she handed few coins on the tramp’s palms

“No senorita, keep the change.” The tramp gave back the coins on the flower girls hand, the girl held her hand and speak “Your hand is soft… you must be very beautiful person, your heart is gold. God loves you!”

“I’m ugly, I cause a lot of troubles too…” said the little tramp as she chuckled lightly

“You are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Lord above, you have a good spirit, that’s all that matters!” said the blind flower girl as she gave out an eye smile


The little tramp was enchanted with the blind flower girl. She wondered why the flower girl was still smiling despite of her not seeing things. She was so bright even though what she sees is darkness.


Ever since that day, the tramp follows the blind flower girl everywhere to know if the girl will be alright, especially at night time when s might come around. The tramp just fought three s that attempted to come close to the flower girl without the flower girl knowing. The perks of living a thug life is that you can fight on streets and defend yourself.


The tramp discovered that the blind girl lives with her grandfather. The blind flower girl financed herself to study and goes to school in the morning and sell flowers on the later day. She was the bread winner of the house. The tramp tried to buy all the blind flower girl’s flowers everyday but later suffered bankruptcy. Sooyoung volunteered to give her money, but she refused because she wanted to work hard for the money she will be earning.


Sooyoung had an idea, due to the tramp’s previous thug life, she told the tramp if she’s interested to join a boxing competition in the capitol which she will be financing. The tramp joined.

“I thought this is boxing… Why does he looks like a wrestler?” asked by the little tramp as they looked on the other side of the ring

“Are you sure about this? I mean, you can just back out anytime you know.” Said worriedly by Sooyoung to her friend as they looked on her giant contender

“I am very much sure!”

The referee begin the game

“On the red corner!... Mighty Ducks Giant John C Nah!”


Everybody cheered


Claps and howling can be heard from the audience

“I’m betting 50 bucks for that guy!” said one of the people in audience

“Me too!”


The little tramp’s confidence seems like fading away but she just thought of the flower girl and all her troubles on her mind went off.


“On the blue corner, Little Punk!” said the referee

“Uh, it’s tramp.” Corrected by the tramp

“Okay, Little Trash!” the referee misheard her again

The people started to laugh

“I’m betting 50 cents for little trash!” A man said from the audience and the seas of people roared into laughter

The fight began, and fortunately with divine intervention miracles sent by the heavens, the little tramp won. Of course with those bruises all over her face and body, everything requires a hard work.

“Errr… what do I get from 50 cents?” asked the man from the audience

“Little Trash! Little Trash! Little Trash!” the audience cheered

“Come on Taeng, let’s heal those bruises.” Said Sooyoung who was worriedly checking on her friend

“It’s okay, I have to give this money to the flower girl. I’ll see you later!” the tamp said as she immediately sprint away from the arena

With a money on her hands, the tramp immediately went to the flower girl. But the flower girl is not on her usual position. The tramp decided to visit the blind flower girl’s house, she overheard a conversation on the windows between the flower girl and her grandfather.


“I’m quitting school grandpa, you need this money for your heart medication!” said the blind girl

“But education is more important my child.”

“You’re more important than school.” The blind girl cried and hugged her grandfather


The tramp heard the conversation and wanted to help the blind girl finance her schooling, but she knows that her salary on the meat shop and her prize on the boxing a while ago is not enough so she decided to work as a street sweeper to add income but still it was never enough.


She decided to join in another boxing tournament, but Sooyoung opposed her decision.


“No, you’re not joining boxing for that little money prize! You’re my friend, I could just give money to you anytime!” Sooyoung said

“I don’t want to, you’re my friend, I don’t want to use you!” the tramp said

“Why do you need money?” Sooyoung asked

“I want to finance the blind flower girl to school.” Said the tramp

“Okay, I’ll let you fight. But this will be the last time.”


The boxing competition had started, people cheered for little tramp unlike the last time. It helped her to be confident.


“Are you sure about this Taeng?” Sooyoung asked her

“Very sure, I can beat that guy, knock out!” the tramp said in confidence


“On the red corner… Angry Birds Patrick Star!”

“I’m betting 50 cents for that guy!” said a man from the audience and people roared into laughter

“On the blue corner, Little Trash!”

“Uh, it’s tramp…” corrected by Taeyeon

“Little thug!” said the referee who misheard her again

“Little Thug! Little Thug! Little Thug!” said the audience

“I’m betting 50 bucks for her!” said a man from the audience


“Okay, fight start!”

The fight began, and unfortunately the divine intervention miracles sent by the heavens didn’t happen, the little tramp lose. Of course with those bruises all over her face and body, her hard work didn’t paid off. She was knocked out.

“Errr… what do I get from 50 cents?” asked the man from the audience

“Angry Birds Patrick Star! Angry Birds Patrick Star!” the audience hollered


The tramp felt so bad and useless. She will not be able to finance the blind flower girl’s schooling.


“Are you alright?” asked Sooyoung who look worried for her friend. She pitied the tramp’s beaten up face

“I could’ve done it but I failed…” the tramp said in defeat

“You did not failed, the flower girl will continue to go to school.”


“I’m financing her whether you like it or not.”


And with that, the divine intervention miracles sent by the heavens happened, the little tramp might lose but she still won. Of course with those bruises all over her face and body, everything requires a hard work. The flower girl will be able to continue her schooling, all thanks to her friend Sooyoung.


“You can get by with a little help from a friend sometimes.” Sooyoung said “Now, let’s heal those bruises and do not worry anymore.” She smiled


On a later day, the tramp went straight to the flower girl’s post and bought all the flowers again. When the girl handed over the change, the tramp flinched in pain due to her injured hand.


“Are you okay?” asked the flower girl

“I-I’m okay…”

“You always buy my flowers, do you like flowers a lot?”

The tramp was caught off guard and made a lame excuse “I-I just like your pink carnations.” and chuckled nervously

“I like Pink Carnations too…I like looking at it when I was still able to see things before. Do you know what it means?”


The flower girl touched the tramp’s hand “It means I’ll never forget you.”

“Hehe… How I wish I was as beautiful as those Pink Carnations!” the tramp nervously said “I look rather unusual than normal.” She sighed as she remembered her all beaten up face and handed the payment to the blind girl.

“Don’t you know? Unusual is beautiful…” the blind girl handed her the change and smiled at the tramp

“Do you have a dream?” asked by the tramp who initiated to strike a small talk

“I dream to see again, how about you?” the flower girl smiled and the tramp was mesmerized

“I honestly do not know, but seeing you smile feels like a dream come true.” The tramp sheepishly said

“Then, I will smile for you every time you buy and come here so that your dreams will always come true.”

“How will you know if it’s me who’ll buy your flowers?”

“Through your voice… Or maybe I’ll just know, because just like this pink carnation means, I’ll never forget you…”she said to the tramp



On her next visit, the tramp bought all the girl's flowers again and she was able to walk the blind to her home. They talk a lot of things, from mystery benefactor of the flower girl on school and their interests.

“There are still a lot of good people in the world.” Said the blind flower girl as they walked

“Why do you say so?”

“A while ago, someone granted me a scholarship on my university! I wonder who it was. Must have been a very good person.”

 Taeyeon remained silent as they walk.

“Are you alright?” asked the blind girl

“Yes Miyoung, I’m alright… Well, I think we’re here.” The tramp said to the girl once they arrived in front of the flower girl’s house.

Before they depart the girl gave her a hug and listen to her heart beat.

“You know, you’re one of those good people I know.”

“I’m not really that good.”

"Your scent, your presence... How I wish I can see you so I'll know your face. I
bet you're a beautiful person.”

"You might be disappointed, I'm not..."

"True beauty can't be seen... It is inside your heart." Said the blind as she smiled and that gave the tramp a boost of self confidence

"Do you want to go out with me?" The tramp asked

"Sure, meet me at the same spot, tomorrow at 3pm" said the blind

As the tramp watched as the girl went in her house, she realized something.

“Oh darn, I do not have money left on my wallet! How could I date tomorrow?” she asked herself worriedly


She noticed some guy was watching her from the sideline and went towards her.


“Hey… You’re the tramp right? The girl at the capitol competition?”

“Err… Yes.”

“Do you want a work that pays a lot?” asked the guy

“I-I do…But what shall I do?”

“Deliver this bag on 8755 Rose Bud Street. Do not open it. I’ll give you fair amount of money if you do.” Said the guy who was looking around as he gave the bag to the tramp. The tramp was doubting.

“I think I’m not the right person for this work…”

“Oh come on! You want that blind girl friend of yours to see right? I’ll pay you triple!”


“Yeah, just deliver this and I’ll give you the money.”


On the night before they have to go out. The tramp decided to have another work, running errands for people as a sideline. But she was involve to an illegal work when she didn't know the bag she was carrying to deliver has drugs on it.


While the tramp was walking, someone blow a whistle and said.

“There! That’s the pusher!”


“Open up your bag!” said a police man

“No! I’m not allowed to do that.” Said the tramp who was confused in on going situation, until someone hit her with a bat at the back of her head.

“There, one less waste of society!” said a voice of a man and the tramp suddenly passed out.

She was beaten up by the town's people and the police arrested her. She went mute due to the injuries and trauma she had. She didn't made it to their date.
Sooyoung came to the rescue and helped her, with a help of the town's public attorney Lee Sunny.

They made sure that the tramp was able to clean her name and sent to jail the people who beat her up without a justice. As the case was dismissed after a week, the life of the tramp changed. She can’t speak, can’t talk… the flower girl will never recognize her again because she lost her voice.


"Why do you work so hard?" Sooyoung asked the tramp

"I want the flower girl to see..." The tramp wrote on a piece of paper

"You could've just asked me, I'll do it for you."

"You've done enough."

"Not enough, you saved my life!"

The tramp simply smiled to her friend and finally agreed.

“You always like doing things a hard way, eh?” Sooyoung chuckled and sighed “You’re important to me because if it wasn’t for you, my life ended in a dark path and I wouldn’t have a chance to see my sun!” she said to Taeyeon

The tramp pointed at the Attorney in the room and her friend in a questioning manner.


“Yes, I found my sun!” Sooyoung confirmed


After few years, the blind flower girl was able to see again with the help of her mystery benefactor. She finished her school already and built her own flower shop.

The tramp decided to visit the flower shop everyday but her presence always goes unnoticed as the other girl seems not to recognize her. The tramp won't talk, she'll just buy flowers by pointing it out. Sometimes she'll just look around the shop window and leave. It was always like this.

"Which flower do you want?" the flower girl will asked and the tramp will just point it out


She will just nod

"You always buy flowers here, maybe you like flowers a lot."

The tramp tried to convey her thoughts through sign languages and action.

"Are you perhaps mute?" the flower girl carefully asked

The tramped nodded and looked down embarrassed

"I bet your voice sounds beautiful as your heart." she said

The tramp smiled

"Here's your change." The flower girl will hand her the change and smiled. The muted tramp will smile a little, take it and leave. The flower girl will looked at the retreating figure with curiosity.

One day, the tramp visited the store and saw pink carnation on display. She instantly entered the store and picked one pink carnation but it fell on the ground, she was about to get it but a hand overlapped her's in picking the flower.


It was the flower girl. She held the mute’s hands with her own and realized its familiarity. She went closer to the tramp as she almost burst into tears.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"


"The pink carnation... Do you know what it means?"


"It means I'll never forget you."


Author's note:

How's your Monday? Mine was pretty screwed up. I ed up multiple times for these past few months. So as much as possible I would like to create a positive insight through my stories to help me stay positive in life. Oh, well, I might update another story later or maybe tomorrow.

The author is bored, so if there's any bored readers out there you can send me a message here in aff or just dropped your kakao id below or just pm it to me. Who knows, you might receive a spam message later :D

And regarding the comments below, yes the author is proudly pinoy. Do I have pinoy readers here too? That's awesome! Let's be friends :)



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