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Sugar Free
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So, first. I wrote this shot a week ago and just continued this now to finish it. I guess this is my installment after Grumpy... I'm quite thinking that this will be the last installment for Sugar Free too. Last few days, I was asking some readers for request on what do they want me to write about . I was inspired to write and yet these past few days I lost my inspiration to write anymore. My grandmother died last weekend and I was thinking that maybe posting this one last shot I made  for this story is a good thing before I quit writing. I also wanted to quit writing fiction so I can focus of non fictional things more and focus on reality that I'm no longer a student and I have to be matured enough not to day dream anymore and find a job. I have a lot of pending unfinished stories but I do not think I can write about fluff anymore or at least for the mean time. Well, writing was surely been fun. I was a year member here on AFF and I enjoyed reading some stories too made by some talented writers whom I trully adored for their ideas. I will be forever be in love with writing and reading stories. But as for now, I would like to send my appreciation towards the people who read my fictions here on AFF.

Thank you very much and let's support Soshi all the way, may it be in fiction or whatsoever it may be.


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Lucky Streak




A petite blonde woman serves as a waitress in a café for two years. She went to the city two years ago just to work and get a nice salary. But her salary turns out low but enough for her daily needs. Everything was okay but the only problem is her hot tempered boss.


“TAEYEON!” yelled by a pale woman


“Y-Yes, Miss Jung?” Taeyeon said as she was busy in the kitchen preparing a pancake ordered by a customer




“Sooyoung is making one already Miss Jung.” Taeyeon said


“Deliver this Strawberry Frappe on table 6, quick!”


“B-But the p-pancakes...”




Taeyeon was hurt by the remark of her boss but neither the less chose to keep shut and obeyed the order. She went to out the kitchen and delivered the frappe on table 6. But she heard another yell from the kitchen.




“Y-Yes, Miss Jung?” Taeyeon hurriedly




“S-Sorry Miss Jung...” Taeyeon immediately went to the kitchen counter and prepared the pancake. She put some flour on the bowl and get some eggs on the tray




“B-But you told me to deliver the frappe on table 6...” Taeyeon closed her eyes as she cools down herself. She was holding two eggs on her hands. She is starting to lose her patience towards the insults and demands of her boss.






Taeyeon attacked her boss by cracking the eggs on her hands on her boss' head.


“AAAAAHHHHH!” Miss Jung screamed in horror


The sticky slime of the egg drenched Miss Jung's hair causing her hair and her blouse to be sticky. Taeyeon's co-worker, Sooyoung, was shocked as she watched everything that's happening and later cheered for Taeyeon silently as she mouthed ‘Go,Tae!’ to her friend.




“THAT IS FOR INSULTING MY ENTIRE BEING FOR TWO YEARS!” she said as she cracked another egg on her boss' head and later went to the counter and get the money on it


“AND THIS IS FOR UNDERPAYING ME FOR TWO YEARS!” she said as she held the money on her hands








“I’M DONE WITH THIS CRAP, SO THANKS FOR EVERYTHING AND GOODBYE!” Taeyeon threw her apron away and went out the café. On her way out, someone called her name.


“Tae!” Sooyoung called her


“Are you coming with me too?”


“A-Ah...No. B-But...”


“What is it?”


“How will you go home?” Sooyoung asked worriedly


“Well, I’m going to ride a train I guess...”


“Are you sure you're okay?”


“I got the money...” Taeyeon showed her the money from her pocket


“Call me if you need anything, okay?” Sooyoung said


“Okay... And Soo?”




“You’re way taller than Miss Jung... Show her who's more dominant.” Taeyeon advised


“I'll take a note of that... Good luck Tae!... May the luck be on your side!”


“Well, they didn't call me Lucky Taeng for nothing.” Taeyeon waved goodbye and went away with nothing on her but her resignation payment which she claims all by herself.



Her life is now full of uncertainties of what will happen to her next after she lose her job.


She was walking down the streets and thinking how will she live her life next.


“No fame, no job, I’m nobody... Heck yeah, why did I ever existed in this world?”



She later on saw a shinning light from a Casino in front of her.


“Lucky Taeng, here I come! Gotta spend this money like a billionaire!”


Taeyeon spend her whole night at the casino.



 Wins over series of wins. She just can't stop playing


“LUCKY STREAK!” she screamed in happiness a s she won over and over again


Until, the sun goes up and her luck rans out.All her winnings came back to dust when she lost in Roulette. She bet all her chips and she lost. She even lost her money for her train ticket. All she got is 4 dollars on her pocket and a messy hair when she get out on the casino.


She sighed as she stared at her 4 dollar coins.


“What should I do with you?”


Yes, she's last night a rich man but when the morning comes, she's completely a pauper.


She later on saw a cigarette vending machine and later on decided to just buy a pack of cigarette.


“Better make use of what I have...” she said as she stared at the varies of pack of cigarettes on the vending machine.


“What the heck is this? $14 for a pack of cigarette?Seriously! Who invented the damn sin tax bill?!” she yelled at the machine in frustration.


Her eyes twinkles when she saw $4 on the lower left part of the vending machine.


“Lucky strike $4... Not bad.” she put on her four dollar coins on the machine but later on nothing came out of it.


“What is this? You eat up my money! Urgh, what a lucky day!” she later hit the machine and yelled at it “YAH, GIVE ME MY PACK OF CIGARETTE!” she said angrily and kicked the vending machine many times and something happened when she did it.


All cigarette pack came out of the machine; she can only stare in awe as what is happening. There was a minute of silence until she realized what is happening.


“LUCKY STRIKE!” she screamed in joy as she watched the cigarette packs come down on the floor. She later on get it all and put it on her eco bag.


“Wow, this machine wants me to die early due to lung cancer I see...” she chuckled “But anyway, this can be my 6 month supply... I guess my luck hasn't ran out yet.” she laughed and walked as she struggled to handle the cigarette packs on the eco bag. She suddenly stopped when a man wearing a top hat called her attention and get two packs of cigarette on her eco bag.


“Two Marlboro packs.” the man said and gave her 28 dollars in her hand. Taeyeon can only stare at the man as he went away and walk.


“W-Whoa...” Taeyeon said as she stared at $28 on her hands.




She had an idea of selling cigarette on the street to gain money for her train ticket. And then she did. A lot of patrons bought cigarette from her due to the reason that she lowered he price from the original price..




A small petite brunette saw her selling the cigarettes and shook her head disappointedly.





She was the town's health officer Lee Sunny. The city health officer Dr.Lee was bothered on the rise of asthma case on their town due to the numerous cigarette user so the doctor went to the town major slash superintendent to complain.


“Officer Hwang, please help.” Dr.Lee said


“Oh, Dr. Lee Sunny. What can I do for you?” the officer said as she stood up from her chair and talk to the doctor


“Isn’t it forbidden to smoke in non smoking area here on our town?”


“Ah, yes. Why?”


“Well, the asthma cases is rising due to the smokers not following the rule.”


“In what area?”


“District 9... And some kid is selling cigarette there. Many patrons buy cigarette from her. I find it somehow disturbing.”


“A minor selling cigarette packs?”




“Well, I’ll take action for it right away...” the officer said


“Thanks officer Hwang, you’re the best major that’s been ever appointed in this town.”


“It’s my duty, no need to thank me.”  Officer Hwang said





On the next day, Taeyeon was still having her lucky day. She's almost close on buying her train ticket due to the influx of the customers buying packs of cigarettes on her, until someone blow a whistle.


“Hey kid!”


She was about to yell at the person who called her kid until she saw a police officer wearing her uniform looking at her. She was so afraid that she ran away.




Taeyeon ran away as the cigarette packs fall down on her bag due to her running. She hid on the distant wall.


“I’m safe here...” she said as she pants and hold her chest


Meanwhile, Officer Hwang tracked the packs of cigarette fell on the ground. She stopped on the wall that Taeyeon was hiding and saw her there.


“You could’ve been safe but your cigarette packs betrayed you.” the officer chuckled “Why are you running away?”


“I-I am i-innocent officer! I didn’t killed anbody!” Taeyeon said afraid


“Silly, I called you because the health officer in this town had been complaining due to rise of asthma cases in our town. Many of the smokers smoke on non smoking areas and those smokers buy cigar from you...And besides, a minor selling cigarette is strictly forbidden.” the officer said


“A minor?” Taeyeon scoffed and was about to yell but she realized she was talking to an officer


“I was about to fine you and file a case of public disturbance but you’re a minor so I cannot do that...”


That made Taeyeon kept shut


“How old are you anyway? Where’s your parents?”




‘, I cannot say I’m 28! Think Taeyeon, think! Or you’ll go to jail!’


“14! Haha! Y-Yes, I’m 14 years old officer!” Taeyeon said as cracks because of lying


“Wow, you got a big voice over there.” the officer chuckled


“Oh, do I? I was j-just nervous. I-I guess, officer.” Taeyeon put an aegyo on her voice to conceal her ajumma voice. She has to act 14 or she will be filed a case


“Where’s your parents?”


“I-I...I do not know...”


“You do not know?”


“I’m lost...” Taeeon made an alibi


“And where did you get these cigarettes?”


“A-Ah... The v-vending m-machine outside the c-casino broke down when I- kicked it... So, I sell them to g-gain money ticket to t-train home.” Taeyeon said nervously


“WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THE CASINO?” the officer was surely displeased


“I-I was lost! The lights are b-blinking..It’s soooo cute!... Mother said to follow the lights when I’m lost so I followed it...” Taeyeon said cutely as she act like a fourteen year old girl


“Where’s your mother?”


“I-I... I was lost on the train station... So...I-I w-walk and... I w-was left h-here...” Taeyeon made an alibi


“Aaawww, you poor little one. Come here cutie…” the officer hugged her and pats her head. “I’ll help you go home and I’m going to give your parents a lecture, big time!” the officer said


And in that moment, Taeyeon knew she was on a big deep of .




“So, what is our name cutie?” the officer asked as she held Taeyeon's hands as they walk towards the station. The officer definitely love children so skinship is not a problem for her.


“Tae...TaeTae!” Taeyeon fake her aegyo and laughed nervously


“Aaaah! Such a cute child!” the officer pinched her cheeks and Taeyeon was feeling really pissed off but decided to act for her own benefit


“I am Officer Hwang... Stephanie Hwang. I’m the town’s major.”  she said


“A-Ah...” Taeyeon chuckled awkwardly “Where are we going officer?” Taeyeon asked keeping her childish voice on


“I’m taking you to the police station...”




‘Yeah, since you’re lost. You can call your mother there.”


‘... Why can’t this officer mind her own business and leave me alone?! I’m so doomed!’ Taeeon thought


“C-Call my m-mother?” she asked nervously


“Yes, do you know your mother’s phone number?”




“If not, I can page you to the missing persons list so that your mother can see you there.”


“NOOOO!” Taeeon said in higher pitch and the officer looked at her confusedly


“I-I k-know mommy's p-phone numb-ber...” Taeyeon said childishly


“Alright, child. Let's go and call your mommy.” the officer said


‘Ahhh, I’m a 28 year old woman for Pete sake! This is a shame calling my mother because I am missing? You kidding me bro? Urgh, seriously this officer!’


They arrived at the station and Taeyeon was in front of a telephone fidgeting her fingers.


“Go on child...” the officer said




“Do you want me to call her for you?”


“Nooo!... I-I mean... I-I’ll do it o-officer.”




‘Call me if you need anything okay?’ she remembered Sooyoung's words and called Sooyoung. When the phone rang, someone called Officer Hwang's attention.


“Officer Hwang, can you sign this?” a police of lower rank said


That divert the officer's attention away from Taeyeon. Exactly at that time, Sooyoung picked up her phone.




“Soo, it’s me Tae...”


“Oh, Tae! What’s up?”


“I’m in a deep , pretend to be my mother...” Taeyeon said in a low voice


“Wait, what? I’m Soo Young not Soo Old!”




“You sound like Miss Jung there.” Sooyoung joked


Taeyeon heard Officer Hwang’s voice ‘Is this all Officer Kwon?”


“Yes, thank you Officer Hwang.” the tanned police officer bowed and left


And suddenly, officer Hwang’s attention came back to Taeyeon


“M-Mommy!” Taeyeon squealed like a child on the telephone


“What mommy? Are you on drugs?” Sooyoung said on the other line “And what’s up with your aegyo? It’s so weird!” Sooyoung chuckled


“I’m here at the police station mommy...” she said in a childish manner


“Oooohh...” Sooyoung can only reply


“Can I talk to your mother TaeTae?” officer Hwang asked


“I-I...” Taeyeon gulped and her hands were sweating that the phone almost slipped through it


“Can I?” Officer Hwang insisted


“Y-Yes...m-mommy...o-officer will t-talk to you. Please be good at me I-I m-mean h-her.” Taeyeon said and prayed to the Lord above


‘Oh goodness gracious, please send Sooyoung divine intervention today...’ Taeyeon closed her eyes and opened it as she handed the telephone to the officer






“This is Officer Stephanie Hwang from the police department. Is this uhm...” the officer looked at me and asked me something “What's your last name cutie?”




“Ah, sorry...Is this Mrs.Kim?”


There was a minute of silence on the line and Taeyeon was preparing herself to go to jail until something happened




Taeyeon sighed in relief when she saw the officer’s facial expression


“Mrs.Kim. Your child TaeTae is with me today.”




“Do you know where did I found her?”


‘Where o-officer?”


“Selling cigarette in front of a casino.”


Sooyoung can’t help but to chuckled on the other line.


“What’s so funny Mrs.Kim? She’s a minor!”


“N-Nothing o-officer...I...I-I’m crying!” Sooyoung faked her sobs


“A-Ah...sorry. But still, it’s clearly a form of irresponsibility from your part you see Mrs.Kim, your child was lost on the train station...”


“A-Ah...Yes! Poor Tae...I-I mean TaeTae. Sorry o-officer. C-Can I speak to Taeye...I-I mean TaeTae? O-Officer?”


“Sure.” Officer gave the phone to nervous Taeyeon


“Officer Hwang... This is the report you asked for yesterday.” someone told the officer and the officer’s attention was diverted elsewhere again


“YAH, TAEYEON... WHAT IS THAT?!” Sooyoung asked in the other line


“I spent my resignation money at the casino and got totally bankrupt... The vending machine of the cigars broke down when I kicked it so it all went out. I sold them to earn money for my train ticket to my home... I got caught and the officer thought I was a 14 year old minor...” Taeyeon explained lowly “Please help me Sooyoung... I need to go home.” she whispered


“Fine...but Taeyeon, you understand that your idea is crazy, right?” Sooyoung chuckled


Taeyeon noticed that officer Hwang was done with her business so the attention was diverted to her again. She suddenly changed her tone.


“M-Mommy!” she whined


“Oh, don’t do that Taeyeon. You sound so ugly!” Sooyoung cringed on the other line


“Can I speak to your mother again?” Officer Hwang asked




“So, Mrs. Kim...Are you coming here to pick up TaeTae?”


“I’m afraid I-I cannot d-do that Officer...I already ride t-the t-train to o-our h-home...”


“Oh? You didn’t even noticed your child wasn’t there with you?” the officer said disappointedly


“Y-Yes...I’m sorry officer... However, Taeye...I-I mean TaeTae can ride the t-train to Valley Hill and I-I’ll pick her up i-in the station tomorrow.” Sooyoung said and made an alibi to help Taeyeon and reach agreement with the officer


“I see Mrs. Kim...I’ll give you a call once TaeTae arrived there with me.” and hang up the phone


“WAIT, WHAT?!” Taeyeon reacted as she was listening to the conversation to the other phone line in the police station and the officer looked at her and sighed “TaeTae, do not play inside the police station...” Taeyeon pouted fakely and the officer chuckled “Ayyy, this cutie!” she pinched Taeyeon's cheeks. Taeyeon can only sigh in annoyance


“I’ll take you home cutie okay? Don’t you worry child.” Officer Hwang said


“What do you mean?”


“I'll keep you companied on the train... It's a long travel you know. I cannot let a minor travel alone.” the officer said


“I-I...I c-can go there a-alone!” Taeyeon said in a high pitch and the officer can only look at her “I-I mean..I do n-not want to be a b-bother at your w-work o-officer...”


“It will only take a day, so don't worry child. I'll appoint officer Kwon to replace me for a while.” she said




“Give up cutie...I insist. Besides, you might get lost again” the officer said


Officer Hwang and Taeyeon are walking hand in hand as they walked out from the police station. Taeyeon’s hand was unusually sweaty.


“Cutie, your hand is sweating...” the officer chuckled “Am I that scary?”


“”H-Hmmm.” Taeyeon innocently nodded


“Don’t be scared. I’m not going to harm you.”


“O-Okay, offic-cer...”


There was a minute of silence until Taeyeon speak up


“Are we going to the train station now officer?”


“Well, the train is only up to 6pm and it’s now 7. I guess we’ll have to go to the Valley Hill tomorrow.”


“W-What do you m-mean?”


“I’m taking you to my house... Don’t worry, you’ll be safe there cutie. You’re with the town’s best major.”


‘Oh, damn... ‘ Taeyeon cursed mentally becase she knows she cannot do anything about it




“Hey, cutie! Here's my room...” Officer Hwang said as she opened the door and all Taeyeon saw was pink everywhere


‘For a major like her, she unusually into pink...’ Taeyeon sighed


“You’ll sleep here...”


“Okay officer... Good nighty!” Taeyeon went straight to the pink bed and sleep there


“Aaaayyy, cutie... Wake up! Go on and brush your teeth!” the officer pinched her nose


“Don’t want to!”


“You know TaeTae, you’re a very peculiar child.”


“You bet I am.”


“If you won’t then I’ll have to carry you then” the officer lifted her up and Taeyeon can only looked surprisedly


“Cutie, you’re quite heavy eh?”


“Yah!...Let me go!” Taeyeon tried to go down and moved a lot


“Stop moving cutie! I’ll take you to the bathroom.”




Taeyeon was taken into the bathroom and was watched the officer to make sure that she brushed her teeth.


“Go on cutie...” the officer said as she leaned to the wall and watch Taeyeon


“I don’t want to!”


“I’ll buy you ice cream tomorrow if you brush your teeth...”


“My teeth are none of our business!...Wait, ice cream?”


“U-huh... So what do you say cutie? Still stubborn?”


‘I’ll brush my teeth!” Taeyeon said immediately


“Good child...” the officer ruffled her hair “Go faster, I’m going to sleep there first.”


“Where will you sleep?”


“Uhm, beside you?”


“NOOOO!” Taeyeon yelled


“Aaay, cutie so stubborn... It's my room, my bed, and beside unnie will just sleep beside you... Isn't that a good thing? You can hug me if you have a nightmare.” the officer negotiated


“I don't like to!”


“Well cutie, if you want me to cary you again then no problem for me...”


“NO! I-I’ll sleep b-beside you...”


“Good girl... Now hurry, it’s past 9... Go to sleep now kid.”


Taeyeon went out of the bathroom and entered the bedroom. She saw the officer lying in there as she was reading a book. The officer was wearing her pink PJs. The officer noticed her standing on the door so she put down her book and called Taeyeon in.


“Cutie, my old PJs suits you well!”


“I don’t like pink.” Taeyeon commented


“Well, I do love pink cutie so bear with it...” the officer said as she gave Taeyeon her eye smile


“Your eyes are twinkling...” Taeyeon accidentally slipped on her words as she was lost in adoration towards the officer


“Thank you TaeTae! Now, cutie... Hop in.” the officer pats the empty space of the bed. Taeyeon climbed up. “Do you want me to read a story for you?” the officer asked


“I’m too old for stories...” Taeyeon said


“What old? You’re only fourteen!”


“A-Ah... Y-Yes, yes... Hehe.” Taeyeon awkwardly chuckled “Read me a story o-officer.” Taeyeon said to cover up her mistake


“Okay, here we go cutie...” the office gets her book and read it to Taeyeon


The officer read TaeTae the book ‘Little Women' written by Louisa May Alcott.


In the story, there are the March sisters who are Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy. It was basically about growing up and accepting what life has in store for you. The protagonist, Jo is a writer. She's a boyish girl among the March sisters. Meg is the oldest one among the March sisters. She chose to follow her heart and got married early while Beth is the youngest one.


Amy and Jo had some feud between them. There was a time when Jo failed to invite Amy to a show then as an obnoxious younger sister, Amy burned out all the manuscript of the book Jo had written. Jo was mad at Amy but later on forgave her.


Jo had a suitor named Laurie. Jo loved Laurie but as the time pass, they departed from each other. Later on, she learned that Amy and Laurie are getting married and that broke her heart and it was Amy that went to Europe with their Auntie instead of her. Later on Beth’s health deteriorated and she died early.


In the end, the March sisters reunited and Jo forgave Amy to everything she has done to her.


“WHYYY...It's so unfair. Why Laurie ended up with Amy?” Taeyeon asked with her childish voice


“Well, it's because some people are not meant to be together?” Officer Hwang said


“I feel bad for Jo... Amy did a lot of bad things to Jo. I wonder how she managed to forgive Amy.” Taeyeon wondered


“Look here kid, no matter how bad a person may have done to you, if you really love that person, you’ll forgive them. That’s how true love works...” the officer explained “Amy is a sister of Jo; Jo loves her so she forgive her.”


“I see... “Taeyeon pouted and yawned


“Let’s sleep now cutie.” the officer put down her book on the table and hugged Taeyeon like she was her plushy “Good night cutie...”


Taeyeon started to tensed up and moved on her spot but the officer held her tightly and speak “Don’t move too much cutie...”




And the officer started to have a steady breathing as she drifted on her own dream land on the other hand Taeyeon’s heart has been beating very fast due to lack of proximity between her and the officer. Taeyeon stared at the officer’s face and smiled unconsciously


“G-G’night...” Taeyeon said as she closed her eyes and hoping to get some sleep that night.




On the next day, Taeyeon woke up and saw that the officer was not on her side anymore. She stood up and went out the bedroom and was awaken by the smell coming from the kitchen.


“Oh, cutie! You’re awake... Come, sit there at the table. Pancakes will be done shortly.”


“Thank you officer...”


“No problem... You're my favorite cutie you know.” the officer gave her a beautiful smile and Taeyeon could swear that her heart skipped a beat when she saw it.


“We'll go to the train station shortly so eat well okay? It will be a long travel. I brought a pillow for you so you can sleep inside the train.”


“T-Thank you..”


.Taeyeon suddenly felt bad. She felt that she was using the officer to get home. She felt bad for lying to someone kind hearted as Officer Hwang but she knows it’s the best for her.


They arrived on the train station and the officer bought two tickets to Valley Hill.


“Oh, officer! No need to pay. It’s for free!” The teller said


“I insist... Even though I’m a major doesn’t mean I’m not equal and will receive special treatment from my people.” officer Hwang said


Taeyeon can only stare at the officer and she could swear that she saw a knight and shining armor and everything shines in gold around the officer. Indeed, this officer is kind hearted


“Oh, is that your girlfriend officer?” the teller asked as she looked at Taeyeon


“W-What... N-No... Hehe... This is TaeTae. She’s fourteen. Her mother lost her so I’ll send her back home.” the officer said


“Ah, that's a misfortune... You look good together.”


“Eeeyyy, Mrs. Park... She’s a minor!” the officer chuckled and Taeyeon blushed “We’ll be going now, let’s go TaeTae!” the officer held Taeyeon’s hand as they walked towards the train.




Inside the train, the two sit side by side together as they watched their surroundings on the window. The travel will be long so the officer brought out Taeyeon her pillow.


“Sleep here TaeTae...” the officer tapped the pillow on her lap “It will be a long journey.”




“Come on cutie...” the officer insisted


“O-Okay...” Taeyeon complied and put her head on the officer’s lap. The officer started to Taeyeon's hair as she sings the latter a lullaby.


Taeyeon could swear that it was the most melodic voice she ever heard in her entire life.


After a few hours, the two was stirred on their sleep when the train made an unusual stop. Officer Hwang stood up and asked the train operator


“What happened sir?”


‘The train had electrical malfunctioning...we suggest for the people inside the train to come out first and stay here at Monroe district as the technicians fix the error.”


“Why, how long will it take?


“It might take 3 working days...”


“That's a long days of working...”


“We're very sorry for the inconvenience officer.”


“It’s okay, we understand.”


Officer Hwang went back to her seat and pat Taeyeon's back


“Cutie, we're going off the train.”




“There is an electrical malfunction... It will take three days for them to fix it.”


“What? That’s long!”


“I know... We’ll call your mother once we found a telephone booth outside. Now, come on cutie... Hold unnie’s hand. You might get lost.”



The officer looked for a place to stay in Monroe District for her and Taeyeon. She found a small hotel in the district and checked in there.


“May I use your phone?” she asked towards the man on the desk


“Go ahead officer.”


“TaeTae, call your mother...”


“W-What...o-oh, yes...uhm” Taeyeon dialled Sooyoung’s number.


‘Oh, dear Soo. Please cooperate...” Taeyeon gulped nervously as she heard the telephone ring and saw the major staring at her




“M-Mooooommy!” she squealed


“I’m not your mother, goodbye”


“It's TaeTae, your child mommy Soo!” Taeyeon said


‘Oh, Jessica... Who’s that?’ Taeyeon heard from the other line.


‘It’s TaeTae, your child.” Jessica said coldly


“TaeTae?” Sooyoung thought for a while before she snatched the phone to Jessica


“Oh, Tae! Oh my gosh, how are you?” Sooyoung asked worriedly


“I’m alright...m-mommy.”


“May I speak to your mother cutie?” the officer asked


“o-okay” Taeyeon’s hands were shaking when she handed the phone to officer Hwang.




“Mrs.Kim, who?”


“Uhm, you?”


“Ah, right right! Hehehehe...How’s Taeye...I-I mean TaeTae?”


“Mrs. Kim, I regretfully inform you that there will be three days delayed before TaeTae can go home. We're currently stuck in Monroe’s district. The train was broken.”


“Oh, that's unfortunate... Officer, please be good to my TaeTae.”


“I will Mrs. Kim” the man in the desk called the officer’s attention about their room number so the officer gave the phone to Taeyeon and talked to the man.


“Sooyoung!” Taeyeon said in low voice


“Listen Tae... Once you reached Valley Hill station, you have to run away from officer Hwang okay? For sure she will look for your mother there...”


“Okay, I will. Anyway, why are you with Miss Jung?” she asked


“I took your advice and showed her that I’m way taller than her and she likes it...OUCH! YAH, SICA!”


“Seriously, who are you talking on the phone?” Taeyeon can hear Jessica’s voice on the other line


“My child Taeyeon”




“I got to go now bye!” Taeyeon hang up the phone once she saw the officer done talking with the man.


“Oh, cutie... Done talking with your mother?”


Taeyeon nodded and smiled sheepishly


“Okay, let's go... Room 506” the officer held her hand and walked up toward their room




Once they knew where their room is, the officer talked to Taeyeon.




“Yes officer?”


“I’m going downstairs; I forgot to make a call in the station.” The officer said as she pats Taeyeon’s head “Stay here cutie, okay?”


“I want to go with you…” Taeyeon demanded


“Eyyy, this cutie… okay fine. Let’s go!” Officer Hwang held Taeyeon’s hand as they walked together downstairs.  Before, Taeyeon hates skinship but now, she felt unusually comfortable with it, especially with the officer.


Once they were downstairs, the officer asked Taeyeon to stay at the lobby and play there with other kids while she was doing a phone call.


“Stay here cutie, okay? Don’t go out of the hotel. I’ll be at the front desk.”


“Okay officer”


Once the officer left, Taeyeon couldn’t help but to pity her situation.


“Damn, because I look like a kid I was mistaken to be one and now I have to mingle with these children,” Taeyeon muttered to herself as she sat on an empty couch on the lobby as she watched other kids played. She was enjoying her silence until she heard a voice beside her.


“Hey little lady! Where have you been all my life?” a young cute boy asked her


Taeyeon chuckled because this boy is way way younger than her and hitting up on her.


“I don’t know young boy… but I’m sure it’s somewhere far away from you.” She said on her normal voice


“Oooosh! You talk like you’re older and yet we’re on the same age.” The boy said


“Well, how old are you anyway?”




“Oh, you don’t know anything young boy.”


“The name’s Baekhyun…”


“I’m not even asking…”


“Say, does every angel looks like you?”


“Looks like what?”


“Looks like you’re meant for me…”


“Eiiisshh, Seriously?”


The boy gave her an envelope.


“What is this for?”


“There will be a dance going to be thrown tomorrow at this hotel… I want you to come and be my partner.”


“For a child like you, you’re very straightforward.”


“And I’m persistent too… So, what do you say?


Taeyeon thought of a thing to halt the conversation.


“Okay, I’ll try. But in one condition.”


“What is it?”


“My guardian shall be there…”


“K. see ya there angel!” the boy bid his goodbye but later on trip on the floor. Taeyeon chuckled and the boy just smiled sheepishly and waved goodbye towards her again.


“Cute…” she said as she chuckled and shook her head amusingly


“Seems like TaeTae will go to her very first date, eh?” a voice from behind her said


“O-Officer! I-It’s not l-like that… I-I won’t g-go anywhere w-without y-you…”


“Ayyyy, cutie… Don’t worry; you can go to the dance. I’ll be just watching around you.”


“B-But I d-do not have a dress for the d-dance…” Taeyeon tried to changed officer’s mind for her going to the dance


“Don’t worry cutie… You’ll be a doll on your party” the officer smiled towards her and Taeyeon can only smile a little


‘If you just know, I do not want to go to a childish dance party…If there’s someone I want to dance with, that will be you.’ Taeyeon thought as she stared at the smiling officer




“Cutie… Stand up there and brush your teeth!” the officer pats Taeyeon’s head that is buried on the pillow.




“Eyyy…I’ll have to carry you again if you don’t move.”


“Then carry me officer…” Taeyeon grinned


“Cutie, be reasonable. You’re quite heavy!”


“Then I won’t brush my teeth.”




The officer carried Taeyeon to the bathroom and Taeyeon just giggled as they almost stumbled on the floor.


“Yah, cutie… Go bathe and brush your teeth. This peculiar child… I’ll just go read some book on the bedroom”


“Okay, officer.”



When Taeyeon went out of the bathroom, she saw the officer sleeping soundly with the book on her face. She can’t help but to smile upon the cute expression of the officer when she get the book from the latter’s face and the officer scrunches her nose. The officer woke up and saw Taeyeon  in front of her.


“O-Oh…cutie. Sorry, unnie fell asleep.”


“It’s okay officer.”


The officer pats her head and speak “Your hair is wet… Here, let me dry it for you.” The officer gets a towel from the drawer and dries the latter’s hair.


“Are we really going to the dance tomorrow?” Taeyeon asked as the officer dried her hair


“Hmmm, do you want to?”


“Well, if you only want to…”


“Silly, of course I do want my TaeTae to have her first dance.” The officer chuckled


“But I do not know how to dance…”


“Do you want me to teach you?” the officer looked at Taeyeon and Taeyeon gladly nodded


“Alright cutie, stand up.” She said as she offered Taeyeon her hand


They were now standing in front of each other and Taeyeon could not help but to stare at the officer who was smiling towards her.


“Alright, cutie. Put your hands around me.” The officer instructed


Taeyeon ‘s heart was beating faster as she did what she was told and  indeed she was so close to the officer for her comfort.


“Take steps side to side, or back and forth.”


And Taeyeon followed the officer’s movement on her feet.


“Don’t be so tensed loosen yourself up.” The officer said


“O-Okay officer” Taeyeon said as she was relaxing on the officer’s hold


“Fany unnie…”




“Call me Fany unnie instead of officer”


“Fany unnie…” Taeyeon smiled


“How old are you anyway officer? I-I mean Fany unnie…”




‘I’m 28 and older than you… Calling you unnie is way awkward’ Taeyeon thought to herself


“Cutie, you know what… First dance are quite memorable for everyone.” The officer said


“Oh? What your first dance like Fany u-unnie?”


“It was… I wasn’t so romantic but it’s quite memorable for me.” The officer said




“My first dance and I kissed… But his braces hurt my lips.” The officer chuckled “His glasses falls off after, it was so awkward.”


“That’s indeed awkward…” Taeyeon said as she continued dancing with the officer


“But it was memorable… I want your first dance to be memorable cutie…”


“It was already memorable” Taeyeon looked at the officer “You’re my first dance…” she said


“Oh, then this could be better if we have some music.” The officer chuckled


“We do not need music officer, our heart beats will do.” Taeyeon said on her low normal tone


And the smiling officer had a 180 degrees change upon her expression. She started to see Taeyeon as a lady and she shook her head to shrug the thought.


‘Hold yourself together, she’s a minor. She’s too young to be your daughter!’  The officer thought



Before the dance, the officer fixed Taeyeon and dolled her up. She was combing the latter’s hair as she finished putting Taeyeon her light make up.


“All done cutie… Now, wear your dress.” The officer said as she gave Taeyeon her dress.


She waited for Taeyeon to come out the bathroom and prepared for herself as well. She was putting on her light make up until she heard Taeyeon called her.

“F-Fany…” Taeyeon couldn’t finish her words when the officer looked at her. She saw the officer wearing a black dress that looks so pretty on her and the officer could only stare at Taeyeon in awe.


“W-Wow… Y-You look… pretty.” The officer said and after several minutes of staring at each other she cleared and speak


“Shall we go now?”




They walked hand in hand to the dance, when they arrived in the dance, they saw the young boy Baekhyun waiting for Taeyeon.


“Hey angel!” the young boy waved and smiled when he saw Taeyeon but he later on trip on the floor again but he stood up and smiled sheepishly towards Taeyeon.


“How cute…” Taeyeon said


“For sure, your dance will be memorable.” The officer chuckled


When the boy approached them, Taeyeon introduced him towards the officer.


“Baekhyun this is Officer I-I mean… Fany u-unnie.”


“How do you do young lad?” the officer shook hands with the boy


“I’m well ma’am.”.”


“Well, take care of cutie, okay? I’ll be just around when you need me. Enjoy your night kids!” The officer said as she went away from them and socialized with the adults. Taeyeon could only sigh.


The officer looked at her as a kid.


She saw the officer talked animatedly with the adults especially the man  in the front desk.


“Shall we dance?” Baekhyun asked her and offered her his hands




The two started dancing together. The officer saw Taeyeon dancing with the boy and sighed to herself.


‘TaeTae is a minor ,TaeTae is a minor, TaeTae is a minor!’ she chanted to herself


The man in the front desk offers his hand to the officer.


“Shall we dance Miss Hwang?”


“I’d love to.” She replied as she was trying to shrug the thought of Taeyeon


As Taeyeon was dancing with Baekhyun she saw the officer danced with another man. She can’t help but to steal glances at them.


“Are you okay angel?” Baekhyun asked


“I-I’m fine…” she said as she continued dancing.


After few minutes in the dance, Taeyeon can’t hold herself up anymore so she apologized to the young man and excused herself. She went towards the officer and her partner as they dance.


“Mister, can I borrow your dance partner for a while?”




The officer could only just stare at Taeyeon confusedly


“What is it cutie? Where’s your partner?”


“Don’t dance with others… I-I do not l-like it.” Taeyeon said in her normal tone




“I want to go now…” she said




Back on their room, the two were unusually quiet as they sleep together side by side with their backs turned towards each other. The officer could not sleep due to Taeyeon’s sobs.


“TaeTae… Why are you crying?”


“I-I’m sorry …I ruined y-your night.” She said as she continued to cry


“Hey…” the officer turned towards Taeyeon “Face here.” She said and the latter complied “Don’t cry… it’s nothing.. The dance ain’t fun anyway.” She said as she put her hands on the latter’s face to dry her tears “You don’t look so cute when you cry cutie.” She joked as she stared at Taeyeon


“Can I…Can I hug you?” Taeyeon asked


“S-Sure…” the officer said


“Officer, I can hear your heart beat…” Taeyeon said








“Can you hear mine too?” Taeyeon asked and the officer can only stare at her




“It beats for you.”


None of them said a word after that as they enjoyed the silence and their heart beats fills the quietness in the air as they come close to each other and closed their eyes and they kissed but the officer realized what is happening so she stood up quickly and in panic.


“This is wrong in so many levels!”




“I’m sorry TaeTae…I-I’m a horrible person f-for taking advantage o-of you…” the officer began to cry and went out of the room.


“Fany wait!”


Taeyeon could only sigh as her conscience eats her up.


“I’m going to confess to her everything tomorrow… I do not care anymore if I go to jail with that.” She decided





On the next day, Taeyeon called Sooyoung to tell her the problem of her.


“Soo, I think I’m in love with officer Hwang…” she said on the phone call




“But I do not know how to tell her everything I did…”


“Well, invite her on a cup of coffee and tell her everything…”


“I should do that… I feel really bad.”


“Because what you did is bad…” Sooyoung said


“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry Soo. I shouldn’t drag you into this and asked you to be my fake mother… I’ll tell her the truth that I am Kim Taeyeon,  a 28 year old jobless, smoker and a gambler and got totally bankrupt from the casino... The vending machine of the cigars broke down when I kicked it so it all went out. I sold them to earn money for my train ticket to my home and now I used the poor officer to earn my ticket to the train station and pretend to be a minor so that I wouldn’t be jailed…”


Taeyeon suddenly heard a sobbed behind her. She saw the officer crying as she stared at her. Tiffany overheard the phone call.


“Soo…I’ll call you back.” Taeyeon said as she saw Tiffany ran away from her


“Hey, Fany u-unnie!”


“DON’T CALL ME FANY UNNIE YOU STUPID JERK!” she slapped Taeyeon hard






“Fany, Don’t say that…”




“Fany…I-I love you too…”





 “You’re a gambler, a cheater and a liar!” Officer yelled as tears brims on her eyes. She felt betrayed for Taeyeon playing with her feelings.


“I’m sorry Fany…”



Officer’s behavior change to cold, although she agreed not to file a case on Taeyeon anymore and accompany her towards the Village Hill station, she still made Taeyeon felt so awful by her cold treatment and her harsh words. On the night before they go to sleep, she totally ignored Taeyeon’s presence and just read her book. Taeyeon lay down beside her.






“H-Have you brush your teeth?” she tried to make a casual conversation




“C-Can I hug you?” she asked






Taeyeon was about to move closer to her until the officer speaks


“Please move away from me….” The officer said coldly


“I’m sorry Fany-ah….”



“Don’t speak, don’t move, don’t exist…”


And that hurts Taeyeon the most.




In the morning, they are back on the train station since the train already got fixed. No one uttered a word as they sat side by side on the train. Taeyeon put her hands on top of the hand of the officer, she expected for the officer to say harsh words towards her but she was surprised that the officer didn’t move an inch but let her do that. But in anyway, the officer did not reciprocate her affection and just sit still as she stared at the window.


The two hasn’t spoken a word as they were staring at each other as they went off on the train.


They were standing beside each other, not too close but not too far. Taeyeon felt really bad for what she did to the girl. Though, the girl promised not to file a case towards Taeyeon, Taeyeon still felt the wall that had built up between them. She decided to say what she feels because she knows that this might be their last meeting.




Tiffany looked at her without saying a word


“I’m sorry for everything I did... I lied to you, cheat on you and played with your feelings. But believe me when I say that the love I have for you is true...” Taeyeon said sincerely as she stared at the latter's eyes


There was an awkward silence until the officer speaks


“You do know that I do feel the same way too... I do love you. But you hurt me that I almost thought I was crazy... You made it hard for me to believe again.” Tiffany said calmly


“I cannot blame you if you hate me...”


“I don’t hate you... I hate myself...” Tiffany said “ I hate myself for not hating you...”


“Do you still love me?”


Taeyeon nervously waited for an answer


“I do...”


There was a long silence before Taeyeon speak again


“So, we both love each other... Now what?”


“I don't know... Maybe we're like Jo and Laurie... Not meant for each other.”


Taeyeon felt the sadness in her heart as she heard Tiffany say those words


“Even if we’re not meant for each other... Can you... Can you possibly forgive me like Jo did to Amy?” Taeyeon asked


“I do...I do forgive you... Because the love I have for you is true... But we can't right now, we broke each other's heart so bad by making mistakes of hurting each other. Let us heal our wounds and put back our hearts back together and maybe somewhere in the future, we might be ready to love again...”


“If someday, you’re ready for love... Will you give us a chance?” Taeyeon asked with hopes on her heart


“Someday... When we meet again.”


The officer bid her goodbye to Taeyeon and they hugged for the last time and she rides back to the train to go back on her town. Taeyeon can only watch the train go with hopes on her heart.


“I hope we'll meet again...someday.”


Taeyeon knew that she found her lucky streak when she found the officer but now she lost the officer, she can only gambled to the chance that someday, the two of them will cross their paths and love again with no heavy feeling with their hearts.

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