Same Dream

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I was about to update Grumpy but I ended  up scrapping the chapter I've written again. Haha. Goodness, it's so hard to find an inspiration to write. Anyway, rest assured yo will have an ending but for now, read this shot.





Same Dream



“So, your name?” asked the psychologist on a pale little blonde who was sat in front of her





“Hey! Is that even needed?” the blonde complained

“Well, you can choose to answer or I will measure you later on.” said the psychologist

“I refrain to answer such sensitive question.” the blonde said as her arms crossed and checked her finger nails “I wish I can make a potion that can make me taller...” the blonde sighed

“Have you ever heard the word ‘Milk'?” the psychologist said sarcastically

“That doesn't works on me... Just a white potion full of false hopes.” Taeyeon claimed

“Okay, so why are you here?” the psychologist asked



Taeyeon pointed over her parents who was outside the room. The psychologist stood up and called the parent’s attention.


“Oh, Mr and Mrs. Kim?” the psychologist said “Please come inside...”

“Have a seat.” the psychologist made them sit beside Taeyeon.

“So, what’s wrong with Taeyeon? She seems to be...ah... normal?” the psychologist said “Except with the height of course.” the psychologist joked and Taeyeon glared at her

“Doctor, please help our daughter! We beg you... We’re willing to pay lots of money. Just treat her.”

“Mom, I told you. There’s nothing wrong with me!” Taeyeon defensed herself

“What’s wrong with her?”

“I think our child has gone crazy!”

“Dad!... I’m not crazy. I’m a wizard and that’s true!”


“Oh, God.” the psychologist almost chuckled “I guess you watched too much uhm...Harry Potter.” the psychologist wrote down something on a piece of paper as she documented the case “Okay, go on...Tell me something I don’t know.” the psychologist listened more to Taeyeon’s parents


“Taeyeon here claimed that she turned her classmate Taeyang into a lizard...”






‘Taeyeon, what’s that you’re holding?” asked her seatmate Taeyang who’s looking at the green liquid inside a tube that Taeyeon was holding.

“It’s a potion I invented las night... Everyone who drinks this will be a lizard.” Taeyeon explained

“You’re bluffing!” Taeyang chuckled

“I am not!”


“Fine, I’m going to drink that!” Taeyang stole the tube to Taeyeon


“No! That’s a very dangerous po...” Taeyang gulped it all and smiled at her


“Let’s see if I turned into a lizard later on.”





On the next day, Taeyang was absent so Taeyeon approached her teacher in panic.


“Ma’am Jung! I know why Taeyang is absent.” Taeyeon confessed

“Okay, why?”

“I accidentally turned him into a lizard!” Taeyeon said nervously


Her teacher laughed at her and so as her classmates.


“Weird Taeyeon!”

“You fool!”


The class chanted


“Quiet!” Miss Jung ordered ‘Miss Kim, I suggest you study your lessons instead of fantasizing about things.” she advised



After a week, Taeyang has not yet been going to school so Miss Jung and her classmates were starting to wonder about it.


“Did you really turned Taeyang into a lizard?” asked Sunny, the girl who sat in front of Taeyeon

“Yes.” Taeyeon answered


The class started to get an eerie feeling until the teacher called the roll call.


“Lee Sunny”


“Im Yoona”

“Present and gorgeous ma’am!” the doe eyed girl happily cheered

“Kwon Yuri”

“P-Present!” a tanned girl said nervously

“Present and dark!” A boy named Taemin teased the tanned girl


“Taemin, quiet or I’ll send you to detention for bullying.” Miss Jung warned the boy and the tanned girl blushed because her crush slash teacher defended her.



The tanned girl was holding a pink liquid tube on her hands given by Taeyeon a while ago as she remembered Taeyeon said “Use this love potion and Miss Jung will fall in love with you!”

The tanned girl shrugged the thought and kept the tube in her pocket.




“Present...” a pale girl said coldly

“Present and icy!” a boyish girl named Amber teased and the class roared into laughter and went silent when Krystal glared at them.


“Present and weird!”


And the class roared into laughter again


“Present ma’am” Taeyeon said


And everyone went silent as they waited for the next name.




And a lizard dropped down from the ceiling to Taeyang's chair.


“OMO OMO !...A LIZARD FELL ON TAEYANG'S CHAIR!” one of the student pointed out








And with that, everyone on the class ran outside and was petrified by Taeyeon. Taeyeon has been tagged as a dangerous creepy kid in the class. The teacher informed Taeyeon’s parents about what happened and finally, Taeyeon’s parents had decided to send Taeyeon into a psychotic ward for a treatment in a hope of her being normal again.




The psychologist laughed amusedly and looked at Taeyeon.


“So, Taeyeon. Tell me... How did you became a wizard?” the psychologist asked

“My friend taught me...”

“Who’s your friend?”

“Bing Bong” Taeyeon answered happily


The psychologist wrote down something on her paper ‘Imaginary friend’


“What do you and Bing Bong usually do?”

“He takes me to dreamland every night and he taught me wizardy and we make objects float and turned mouses into cats.” Taeyeon chuckled

‘Mixing dreams to reality’ the psychologist wrote down ‘Can tell the dream in detailed manner’

“Do you do wizardy even in days?”

“Yes, sometimes at school I will stare at the window and Bing bong was there to cheer me up.”

‘Day dreams a lot... Over active imagination’ the psychologist written down



“What’s wrong with our child doctor?”



“She has FPP or Fantasy Prone Personality. She tends to have a difficulty differentiating fantasies and realities. She has a highly over active imaginative thoughts. These triggers to hallucinations and it mixed with her real world.” the psychologist said



“What shall we do to help her change?”

“Well, did Taeyeon grew up always alone?”

“My wife and I have our jobs so Taeyeon was always alone with her nanny. She must watched a lot of magical movies.” Taeyeon’s father said



“Taeyeon must felt lonely so she developed an imaginary friend on her mind and live on her own world. We can treat her by making her stay here in the ward and interact with people around here. I also recommend Taeyeon to join the activities here and to be highly active on our programs so that she will have a glimpsed of reality and become more aware of people and her surroundings.” the psychologist explained



“Thank you doctor... I hope yo take care of our daughter.”

“Sure, I will.” the psychologist pats Taeyeon’s head and Taeyeon pouted in defeat. She will stay in the ward and rehabilitate there whether she likes it or not.

“What’s your name doctor?”



“My name is doctor Hwang...Tiffany Hwang.”





Tiffany thought this case is amusing. A simple one yet so weird. She didn’t see any sign of being violent on Taeyeon unlike the other previous case she handled. She’s handling a case of a dreamer... And now, all she need is to wake Taeyeon up and her case will be solved.

She was observing Taeyeon for a week now due to the lizard story that had been told to her. Although Taeyeon seems to be harmless, she needs to double checked on her conclusion and check of any other symptoms present on Taeyeon.

She observed that Taeyeon talks a lot with herself and Taeyeon seems to be isolated and anti social. Maybe, the main reason why she decided to create a world of her own. Tiffany created an hypothesis and wrote it down on her paper.

People with FPP cases tends to be immense with their fantasies and day dreaming due to the fact that the do not want to do what they fear in real life. Tiffany decided to make final assessment on what she shall do to Taeyeon to cure her personality.



“Tell me Taeyeon, what is the most memorable moment that happened in your life?”

“Hmmm... When I became a wizard!”


Tiffany almost face palmed herself but continued with the interview anyway.


“Why did you chose to be a wizard?”

“When I became a wizard, I feel so strong and I can help people with their problems.” Taeyeon said

“In what capacity of help?”


“I have a classmate, her name is Kwon Yuri. She's so quiet and reserved hat's why my classmates tends to bully her. I want to help her. She has a crush with our teacher Miss Jung. I gave her the love potion.”


“Love potion?” the psychologist roared into laughter “Oh my God! Hahaha... Okay, okay.” the psychologist chuckled

“It's true! I created one last night...” Taeyeon showed her a tube with pink liquid on her pocket “Problems solved for unrequited.” Taeyeon said

“I thought wizards cast spells?”

“We also make potions!”

“Have you ever been unrequited before?” the psychologist asked


Taeyeon kept shut and looked down. Tiffany wrote on her paper ‘Fear of rejection’


“What are you most afraid of or things you hate?”

“I have fear of heights...”

“Oh, no wonder you never grown.” the psychologist chuckled

“I hate red heads and eyeless people.” Taeyeon glared at the psychologist

“Too bad, you’re going to stick around me for a long time... “ the psychologist continued with her interrogations “Why are you afraid of heights?”


“I'm afraid...I might fall.” Taeyeon said

What else?”

“I hate crowded rooms...I feel like suffocating. I hate running...It’s tiring. I hate snakes too... It’s evil.”


“Okay, we re going to do all that.”


‘Wait, WHAT?”






Tiffany planned out that has to do everything she’s afraid of to be cured and welcome reality in her life.



First step: Bring Taeyeon to a crowded place.





“W-Why are we even h-here? There s-so many people around here!” Taeyeon panicked and whispered to Tiffany's ear as she covered her face and blushed

“Why are you covering your face?”

“They might see me, that's why.”

“Dumbo, they can see you no matter what you do!” Tiffany chuckled “Don’t hide your face... C’mon.” Tiffany encouraged to remove Taeyeon’s hand on her own face.

“I don’t want to!”


“Taeyeon, there’s nothing to be embarass about yourself... You’re beautiful.” the psychologist gives out her eyesmile as Taeyeon peeks through open spaces between her fingers


“R-Really?” Taeyeon blushed

“Yeah.. So, let’s go and shop?”

“C-Can I...I-I mean” Taeyeon gestured over Tiffany’s arms


“Okay, you can hold me if you want to. You must be afraid to be lost either.” Tiffany reached for Taeyeon’s hand and put it on her arms. “Let’s go...



After a minute of walking...


“There's too many people, I cannot breathe!” Taeyeon complained as she struggled to breathe

“Relax...Breathe in...Breathe out...” Tiffany instructed “You’re going to be alright.” Tiffany held her closely as they mixed themselves along the sea of people.


Taeyeon could swear that among the sea of people around them... All she can see is her doctor and she can’t understand why.


“How do you feel?” the doctor asked after their trip to the market

“It feels uncomfortable.” Taeyeon said


“That's the main goal... Bring you out to your comfort zone.” the doctor smiled at her as they walked hand in hand on the way to the ward


“I do not want to go out my comfort zone!” Taeyeon pouted




On Taeyeon’s room she got her magic wand and watched Tiffany talks to another crew in the ward. She saw the crew gave Tiffany chocolate candies and she was suddenly desperately craving for one. started to water as she saw the doctor unwrapped one and eat a piece and put the rest of the candies on her pocket. Her doctor had been stopping her to take in some sweets due to the fact that it triggers her day dreams. She asked her friend Bing Bong for a help.


“Bing Bong, what shall I do to have those candies?”

“Use the spell of command and attraction!”


“Right! One’s she get attracted to me, she’s going to follow my commands and I’m going to have those precious candies!” Taeyeon clapped her hands for her brilliant ideas.

She mumbled weird words as she made weird shapes around her magic wand. Tiffany on the other hand noticed Taeyeon’s weird actions and went inside Taeyeon's room.

“What are you doing?” she laughed softly “Are you dancing? Might yet use a pole than a stick!” the psychologist laughed even more

“ I put a spell over you...”

“What spell?”

“Spell of attraction... You’re going to be attracted to me and you’re going to follow my commands...” Taeyeon swirled the wand in front of Tiffany’s face and Tiffany’s mood changed to serious and she nodded

“Call me master...”


“Give me some chocolates...I’m hungry.”


Tiffany nodded and put her hands on her pocket and gave Taeyeon’s chocolate candy...Taeyeon took it excitedly only to realized that it was empty. It was t wrapper of what Tiffany ate a while ago.


Tiffany broke down into loud laugher “OH MY GOD! HAHAHA!... YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN YOUR FACE!” she teased

“B-But... I put a spell over you!” Taeyeon said in shock

“Your teacher is right, you should study more than fantasizing over things.” she pats Taeyeon’s head and went out the room.

‘Such an evil doctor!’ Taeyeon pouted and sleep sadly




Yuri visited Taeyeon at the ward and told her about she made her drink Miss Jung the potion and right now, she’s receiving positive response. But she feels guilty.

“Does your potion really works?” Yuri asked


“Oh no...I put one on Miss Jung’s coffee...” Yuri said worriedly

“What happened?”


What Yuri did...


I was early in school and the cafeteria just opened. I usually go to school early and have my breakfast there. I saw Miss Jung on a distant table. I was about to sit on a table near to her but she called my attention.


“Kwon Yuri?” she asked

“Ah...uhm...G-Good morning ma’am!” I greeted awkwardly

“You can sit here with me you know.” she smiled

“R-Really?” I sounded unusually happy and Miss Jung stared at me confusedly “A-Ah...I-I mean... Okay...” I went and sat in front of her.

“You’re quite early...” Miss Jung smiled at me

“A-Ah...I usually t-take breakfast here on school.” I said nervously

“Uhm, wait here. I’m going to buy a coffee.” she said

“O-Oh, let me buy!” I volunteered and I was unusually weird right now

“Okay?” Miss Jung chuckled



I bought Miss Jung her coffee. As I was about to get money from my pocket, my hands stumbled on a tube that contains the potion that Taeyeon gave me. ‘Make Miss Jung take this and BAM! She’ll be in love with you!’ Taeyeon’s words kept ringing on my mind

I put the potion on the coffee as I looked around nervously and held it in my hands. My hands were shaking as the coffee spilled little by little on the small plate below it. ‘God, Yuri..this is all wrong!’ part of me thinks as I sweat a lot.



“M-Miss Jung...C-Coffee...” I handed to her the coffee as my hands shakes in nervousness

“Are you alright?” she asked

“I-I...I-I’m going to the bathroom!” my conscience can’t take it anymore so I ran away outside the cafeteria


‘WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” I groaned and messed my hair


After that incident, Miss Jung will always smile at me and greet me a lot. She talks to me even it’s not class related and will asked me to join breakfast with her everyday. As we grow closer together, my heart was filled with guilt due to what I've done. All of this are not real.


“Hmmm... It’s easy, punch Miss Jung and the potion will wear off.” Taeyeon said






Second step: Hissing Creature





Tiffany took Taeyeon to the Zoo and Taeyeon felt happy unknown to Taeyeon, Tiffany has an underlying motives.


“Wow, look at that doctor!...A tiger!...It must be a cat grown bigger by a wizard!” Taeyeon exclaimed

“Silly...” Tiffany chuckled “How about those squirrels?”

“Those are mouse grown bigger by a wizard!” Taeyeon conclude

“Taeyeon, Oh dear... You imagine lots of things don’t you?” Tiffany shook her head

“It’s true! Even Bing Bong agrees with me.” Taeyeon said


“Bing Bong? You’re day dreaming again?” she sighed “I must wake you up...Come with me.” Tiffany dragged Taeyeon to a show ‘Friendly Living Ropes’


There’s a fat , long reptile cheesecake colored snake that people took photos with.


“W-What are we d-doing here?”

“Come, let’s stand here.”

“We wouldn't take photos on it right?” Taeyeon said

“Of course. Close your eyes.” Taeyeon obeyed


Tiffany made Taeyeon stand on a red line. A man with a black fat snake on his hands came out and Tiffany gestured him to put it on Taeyeon's neck.


“Ah, it tickles!” Taeyeon giggled “What is this? So cold and slimy” Taeyeon said

“Relax and touch it.”


The snake body was put on Taeyeon and wrapped around her neck. Taeyeon opened her eyes and jolt in surprise.


“YAH!” Taeyeon’s knees began to shake as the snake goes all over her body. She feels it’s skin as it tightens around her “You said we won’t take pictures with it!

“I said we wouldn’t take pictures with the snake but I didn't say we can't put it on you.” Tiffany chuckled

“You deceitful, urgh! Damn you!” Taeyeon shivered in fear

“I guess you're fully awake now...” Tiffany said


And after that incident, Taeyeon can't even talk straight for three days. And after few more days, she kept on bragging how she touched a snake to everyone.


“Ha! Mom and dad, I just touched a snake on the zoo last week!... I’m so brave and awesome!” Taeyeon cheered

“Doctor, how’s our daughter?”


“She’s improving... She talks less to her imaginary friend now a days. And note that she isn’t scared of public places anymore.”


“That’s a good sign!”

“She’ll be cured in no time!” Tiffany said





Third step: Marathon





“YAH! I DIDN’T SIGNED UP FOR THIS!” Taeyeon complained as she tried to keep up to the running Tiffany

“But I did signed up for you!” Tiffany said

“Don’t run so fast!”

“Taeyeon, this is a marathon not a parade.”


Taeyeon tried so hard to keep up with Tiffany so she run fast.


“Look, if you reached to be included on the top 25 on the race, I’ll treat you chocolate cake.” Tiffany challenged

“Really? If I not win?”

“Then, you’re going to watch me eat chocolate cake.”

“What a heartless person! I shall reach that line.”

“You’re a human paper!” Tiffany provoked




Taeyeon run fast as a speed of light she thought but indeed she’s a fast runner. Tiffany could only watched shockedly


Taeyeon won the first place.


“I WON! I WON! I LOVE YOU CHOCOLAAAAATTTEEE!” she sad as she stood in the center stage and raised her trophy. Tiffany on the other hand was proud and took a photo of Taeyeon.


“She’s doing the things that she thought that it’s impossible for her to do... Not only she did it but she also surpassed her expectations... Taeyeon, you’re being awake little by little in your deep slumber.” Tiffany thought




After that race, Taeyeon immediately dragged Tiffany on a café for her chocolate cake. It’s been a long time she had been chocolate deprived by her doctor.


“You know what... You should get out more often.” Tiffany said and sipped her drink coolly

“We go out often these days.” Taeyeon said as she eats her chocolate cake happily

“No, get out with other people too. Meet new people around you and gain connections.” Tiffany sad

“And fall in love?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say love. Love is just a chemical imbalance on the body.” the psychologist said

“Love is magic happens that way.” Taeyeon said

“You and your addiction to magic... Wake up, it isn't true. Focus on reality and in that way, you'll live your life.”


“If life is just all about living, I wouldn’t bother to wake up. It’s much better in dreamland where Bing bong and I can experience magical things and experience happiness on our hearts as we saw the stars shining down upon us... I do not just want to live...I want to be happy and be magical. I want to love” Taeyeon said


“Yeah, that's why you created a...Ah...What is that called again?...Love potion?” Tiffany grinned mockingly


Taeyeon kept bragging about her love potion and the psychologist seems to just laugh and be skeptical about it.


“That tube only contains strawberry juice!” the psychologist continued to teased Taeyeon

“This is real! Any person who will drink this will fall in love to the person in front of them!”

“Oh, really?”



“Then I will drink this... If I don’t fall in love with you. You'll have to forget magic, Bing bong and focus on reality more.” The psychologist dared Taeyeon



“Chickening out?”

“Of course not... Ah, fine, fine.”


Tiffany drank the potion and nothing happened


“Do you...find me attractive?” Taeyeon nervously asked as Tiffany stared at her


“You’re hot...” Tiffany said as she stared in Taeyeon’s eyes “and y...” she went closer even more and Taeyeon gulped nervously as Tiffany came closer to her.


“W-Wait!” she closed her eyes in defeat as she expect for a kiss but nothing came


Tiffany roared into laughter “HAHAHA! IT'S JUST A STRAWBERRY JUICE!”


“YOU SHOULD’VE SEEN YOUR FACE! HAHAHA!” Tiffany clapped her hands as she cried due to too much fun she gets


“Y-You’re not in love with me?” Taeyeon asked sadly


“No...HAHAHA!... Remember our deal, okay?”

“Okay...” Taeyeon sighed as they resumed eating normally



Taeyeon suddenly felt hot and removed her jacket. Tiffany looked at her and gawk at her in awe


‘Milky white skin, Sweating neck... Wow, so y...cute pout and a beautiful dimple on her chin... Yah, Hwang!...Get a grip of yourself!' Tiffany thought


Taeyeon started to sing along with the background music on the café


‘Maybe, we found love right where we are...’


Tiffany was beyond captivated by Taeyeon’s looks and melodious voice. Her heart started to beat faster and then she realized that Taeyeon was right. There is magic...Love is magic.



“Oh, my heart... What have you done? You’ve fallen oh so hard....” 






Tiffany started to have series of day dreams about Taeyeon. While assessing Taeyeon’s condition as she gave the later interview. Tiffany kept on staring at Taeyeon who smiled at her and swirled her magic wand and a flying carpet came out.


‘I can show you the world...shining shimmering..splendid’ Taeyeon sang as she reached out her hand on Tiffany

“Princess, let's get away from this world and create our own...” Taeyeon saido

“I would love too even though I get lost with you...” she reached for Taeyeon’s hand and they hopped in the magic carpet and fly over the rainbow.

‘Somewhere over the rainbow...way up high..’ Taeyeon sang

“You know what...I can listen to your voice everyday.” she said

“Well,in that case, you have to be with me everyday.”

“I don't you?”


“I don’t either. Well, everything is fix!...Let’s get married!” Taeyeon proclaimed as she stood over the carpet

“I love that idea!” and they flew over the town capitol to get married. Bunches of munchkins watched the ceremony



“Do you, Kim Taeyeon accept Miss Hwang to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

“I do!” Taeyeon answered

“Do you, Miss Hwang...”

“Cut the crap officer, I wouldn’t be here if I don’t! Of course I do!” Tiffany said

“A-Ah” the officer cleared his throat “The ceremony has ended. I now proclaimed you to be together forever.”


‘For the first time in forever... I’m getting what I’m dreaming of...’ Taeyeon sang as she hold her hand

“Oh, shut up and kiss me!”

“Okay.” Taeyeon was coming closer to her as she anticipates for the most awaited kiss of the century but happens.




Taeyeon waved her hand in front of Tiffany.

“Doctor, are you alright?” Taeyeon asked as her dreams was cut

“W-Wha the...”


‘Wow, it's all just a dream? It looks so real and detailed to be a dream!’ Tiffany thought


“You were pouting a while ago as your eyes are closed. Are you in pain?” Taeyeon asked innocently


“NO CHOCOLATE FOR YOU FOR A WEEK!” she stood up angrily and stomped her way out and left the confused Taeyeon.


“Such an evil doctor!” Taeyeon groaned in frustration




Tiffany decided to have herself checked by one of her colleagues. Kim Hyoyeon.


“Is FPP contagious?”

“No, why?”

“I think, I'm starting to develop FPP. I have a patient who have one and I’m starting to be like her.”

“Oh, in what aspect?”

“I always have these series of very detailed dreams about her...”


“Wet dreams?!”


“, no.” Tiffany threw a cushion on Hyoyeon’s face and blushed “We just got married!” she accidentally blurted out


Hyoyeon looked at her mischievously with a smirked plastered on her face


“That isn’t FPP... You’re in love!” Hyoyeon cheered




“Go and confess before she wakes up on her fantasies.” Hyoyeon advised





Taeyeon fulfilled her promise, she tried her best to meet new people and forget about magic. On the last crucial step of her theraphy, Tiffany decided to confess to Taeyeon. Maybe love and magic is true.


Fourth step: Bungee Jumping




“YAH, DOCTOR! WHAT IS THIS AGAIN?! Taeyeon plastered a horrified look on her face as she stared at the ground in horror. They are on top of the mountains with gears on their bodies and heads


“We're going to jump there.” Tiffany said victoriously

“I-I...I-I'm backing out!” Taeyeon said

“As expected, a chicken!” Tiffany mocked her again

“I’m not a chicken!”

‘Then prove it!”





“Don't be afraid Taeyeon...Don't be afraid to fall with me.” she said





“Okay, sir. We’re all ready.” Tiffany said to the man who will push them as she hugged Taeyeon



Before Taeyeon can moved back, the man pushed them from high to ground.





And that...That’s the only moment that Taeyeon fall with me...Because everything changed when she got cured.





Yuri confessed what she had done to Miss Jung and how she put the potion to her coffee.


“”I'm sorry Miss Jung! I’m a terrible person. I know...” she was fidgeting her fingers as she sweat a lot thinking how on Earth will she punch Miss Jung? She can’t even lay a finger on her


Miss Jung just stared at Yuri as the latter continued to talk


“I can understand if you can’t forgive me b-but... I promise, I will change school and I will never bother you again...”Yuri said nervously Yuri balled up her hands and aim to punch Miss Jung




“Forgive me for doing this, but this is the only way to wear off the potion on you.”

“STOP RIGHT THERE” Miss Jung instructed

Yuri looked at her confusedly “Relax, you’re so nervous...” Miss Jung come closer to Yuri


“Yul, I never drink the coffee...” said Miss Jung said as she smiled



“What I feel for you is true... There's no such thing as magic needed for me to love you... “ 

“M-Miss Jung...I-I”


“Jessica... Call me Jessica” she said as she hugged Yuri




Jessica quit as a teacher in the university and pusued her doctorate degree so that she can love Yuri even more.





Taeyeon seems to never get my indirect confession to her. I successfully cured her Fantasy Prone Personality. And with that, Taeyeon started going out and meet new people just like I advised. She’s living her life completely normal. She forgot about fantasies... She forgot about dreams...She forgot about magic...


It’s been a month since Taeyeon was discharged from the ward. I was stuck in fantasies and day dreams that one day, I can see her again. And that day finally comes. I saw Taeyeon on a café with a happy look on her face.


"Doctor!” she greeted as she hugged me

“How are you doing? Still playing with Bing Bong?” I asked


“Nah...I’m all cured. Magic isn’t real anyway.” she said to me


“Oh, is that so?” I said sadly as I gave out a forced laugh “What’s up? What are you doing here alone?” I asked


“I’m waiting for my boyfriend shift to end. We have a move date later.” she said as she pointed the guy on the counter and the guy waved at us.


“Do you love him?” I asked


“No” she answered straight forwardly “I’m only taking your advise... To meet new people.” she said “And love is just a mere chemical imbalance on our bodies anyway. I'm only living my life.” she shrugged



I can only freeze and my heart started to get heavy. I drove her away from me. I took out the magic in her life


“If life is just all about living, I wouldn’t bother to wake up. It’s much better in dreamland where I can experience magical things and experience happiness on our hearts as we saw the stars shining down upon us... I do not just want to live...I want to be happy and be magical. I want to love” I cried as I remembered the words she said to me before.


From the moment she forgot about magic, that’s the moment I started to believe on it.



In time I was too engrossed with day dreaming, she woke up from reality and left me hanging to dream alone. I shouldn't woke her up... In that way, we might have a chance to dream the same dream together.

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