What Do I Like About You?

Sugar Free
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Special short update because I'm officially a year old in AFF!  Happy Lunar New Year to those who are celebrating it.








What Do I like About You?


‘Because everyone has their own expectation in love except me...’




Okay here we go,



So, What do I like about You?



I always thought that crushes will make me feel dreamy due to their overload good lookingness and swoon worthy appearance and actions but in my case, it's not like that.



Let me tell you a story about my crush...




So her name is Kim Taeyeon, she’s my classmate for three years. Well there's nothing really special about her. If given a choice, I frankly do not give a damn to notice. And I do not even know why I like her very much





One: She doesn’t comb her hair so she always have a bad hair day.



I so wanted to be a good samaritan to comb it for her but of course that would be impolite if I say ‘Taeyeon-shi! Lay down your hair and let me comb it for you!’



Two: She’s always sleeping in the class and she snores really fu* loud. It’s a major turn off, I know.


I hate it too every time we coincidentally sit beside together in the library and she sleep so loud. So I secretly pinch her nose every time so that I can study peacefully.


After a few minutes of doing that, I felt like Taeyeon's going to die due to suffocation as she panted so hard.


Of course, the best thing to do is to let go and bare with it.


I do not want to kill anyone. I’m not a murderer, I’m just plainly gorgeous.



Third, she’s so weird.


She actually talk to herself a lot. Every time I see her, she will giggle as she stared at the window and say ‘Omo, omo!’ and she will laugh softly. That’s also the main reason why our homeroom Professor Jung always making her stand up in front of the class and recite everything on the class manual.



I still remember the last time the class made fun of her through the help of Miss Jung...



“Omo, omo!” Taeyeon said as she stared at the window and giggled by herself


“Miss Kim, you’re not listening again!” Miss Jung glared at her and gave the coldest look that one can give on Earth.



Taeyeon automatically stood up and walked in front of the class like she always does.



“Do whatever you want from me...” Taeyeon said plainly as she held the chalk on the board and break it in to two. She mindlessly played on her hair afterwards.



‘Geez, what a dirty girl!’ I thought to myself as I grimaced and looked at the chalk coming to her sticky looking hair


“Due to your unattentiveness, you ought to be punished.” Miss Jung sternly said



“ spell!” the class yelled



“ spell! spell! spell!” they cheered



Then that does it, Taeyeon spelled her whole name using her .



Then here we go to the fourth, I just discovered that Taeyeon doesn't have a after all.




It's flat as her chest. Gee, is she even a girl? Duh, every girl must have curves just like my perfect S curve. I'm so fabulous! I ought to give her a card to the gym I am working out on.





Fifth, Kim Taeyeon’s height is beyond average... So short like my broken ruler.



I found her in a library once, reaching for a book on a top of the shelf. She’s jumping up and down and still can’t reach it. I gladly offered m help and use my awesome height to get the book. I could pass as a model with this height. I’m so awesome.



“Here’s your book.” I said as I gave it to her


“Thank you!” she speak and a candy on was accidentally thrown to the floor.



‘Ewwwwwwweee!’ The expression of my face says it all. But I was trying so hard to conceal it until Taeyeon get the candy on the floor and put it back on .



“Didn’t last three seconds!” she said as she chewed it again like a child.



My Gawd, she’s really disgusting!





Sixth, she likes wearing the same shirt she wears everyday for a week.



OMG, I’m starting to doubt if she even take a bath everyday.



So what I did was, I get my pink pen and wrote a line on her skin as she sleeps in the class and the next day I confirmed it. The line was still there.



Urgh, Kim Taeyeon... Don’t you know the words like hygiene and sanitation?




Seventh, her shoes are always full of mud and dirt.



She's always wearing that muddy black super old converse that I so want to replace and throw to the window...



like for goodness sake Km Taeyeon, Don't you know that the shoes are the window to one's personality?Looking at the trace of mud coming out from her shoes on the floor, she obviously don’t give a fu#.#%




And that is eight, don’t care, don’t fu#& & give a damn, screw you all.



That’s what she is Kim Taeyeon. The deadline of the homework was today and everyone was so nervous cramming their homeworks while Kim Taeyeon just sat on the chair and stared at the board doing nothing about her blank paper.




There was a time when we had an exam, she didn’t answered the test paper, instead, she made it an airplane and made it fly towards Miss Jung. Once it hits Miss Jung in the head Taeyeon said ‘Boom! The plane crash...’ she pouted while Miss Jung looked so furious and said ‘DETENTION, NOW!’



Kim Taeyeon, you son of a b***...



So badass! But weirdly innocent.




Ninth, she has a mind of her own world.



I was once assigned with her as my lab partner she played and played between the chemicals and the tube exploded.



Fu#&$* sh&$-$The professor sent us for detention and we cleaned the whole court because of her.




“What’s the next thing to do?” I asked her as I held the broom in my hands and wiped off my sweat. I finally looked at her and saw her riding her broom and screaming.



“Take me to Hogwarts!” she said as she looked up on the sky



She's an idiot... Like for real.I bet she have an imaginative friend Bing Bong with her too.




There was one time when the sun is high and I was walking at the school hallway, I saw Taeyeon wearing a shades and a white shirt. She looks unusually pale today. She suddenly called me out of nowhere.



“Tippany-shi!” she called


“It’s Tiffany.” I corrected



“Tippany.” she said



“Okay, say Fany...”






Man, I give up! This is harder than teaching my dog how to talk.




“Okay, what is it Taeyeon-shi?” I asked



“Am I sparkling?”






“I feel like Edward Cullen today...” she said



Oh God, here we go again!



I was so dazed in my thoughts that I didn't noticed she was already in front of me. So close, I can almost feel her breath on my neck. I froze on the spot when she kissed my neck. Gosh, is this even real? My heart started to beat faster.



“RAWR!!!” she suddenly screamed







And with that, she ran away before I can even recover...




She kissed my neck, that weird Taeyeon... She’s seriously so into her vampire-ish role. Gee, How to change her like really?






Tenth, she eats like Sponge Bob and Patrick.



Just taking the food all in without even chewing. Fu#&$* is she even human?




I saw a guy on he distant table eating a regular burger while Taeyeon eating 5 huge triple beef burgers and stuffing it inside effortlessly.




Gee, is she a pig or what?



My, this girl keeps on surprising me and turning me off.





Eleventh, she’s so clumsy. As in, she’s like a human paper.



When we were on our Physical Education class, she can’t even make the racket hit the shuttlecock. She can’t even swim and by standing on the corner, she will easily complained that she is tired.



Kim Taeyeon, don’t you know that flexibility is very essential? Just take a look at me, I’m flexible and y. I’m so fantastic!





Twelfth, she blushed easily.



Professor Jung asked her to sing on mother’s day for the school teachers and she obliged.


I thought she was going to explode anytime soon because of her face turning into fifty shades of red but it didn’t happened. I just hope she won’t make my ears bleed.



I was doubting on her until she sang in front of the class with her choir mates. Yes, she’s a member of a chorale.



They sing Dear Mom by SNSD.



Gosh, love that song! I’m as hot as Stephanie Hwang in there! Okay, maybe I’m 50 percent hotter. But anyway, Wow! When Taeyeon started singing I totally forget about anything. She really got my 101 percent of attention. She sings with full of passion, dignity and love. So soulful that she even took my soul with her...



Okay, I’m exaggerating.



I realized that Kim Taeyeon is perfect. From her pointed nose and cute rounded chinky eyes. Yes, I could tell now that she is sparkling...



Sparkling even more like Edward vampire in front of my eyes. but not until she stopped singing and went back on her being Taeyeon...Being weird and dork all of a sudden.



On her way down to the stage, she even tripped and lose her balance.



Gee, she’s so clumsy!




So, What do I like about Kim Taeyeon? I didn’t know the answer until Taeyeon went in front of me to greet me.



“Did you like the performance?” she asked and she suddenly spat out her saliva in my face.



Gosh, what do I like about you?!



“Oops! Sorry...” she grinned and brought out her hanky to wipe my face.



I was staring at her for a long time. I feel her warmth and my heart started to beat faster again. I think I know the answer on what do I like about Kim Taeyeon.



I like everything I hate about her. From her being disgusting, weird and crazy. I like Kim Taeyeon as Kim Taeyeon and I do not wish to change a thing about her.



I was staring a her and she made a peace sign on her hand.



“Do you like a gum?” she said to me as she gave me a weird gum with a weird shape



“Uhm, this gum is weird...” I said



“Try it. It's good!” she beamed



I took the gum and chewed it.



“Hmmm, it taste actually good!” I said









“I'm glad you liked it. That's the gum I was chewing a while ago!” she made an evil grin






Before I can even retaliate, she sprinned away to escape my wrath.



Oh, dear. Tell me, why do I even have to like Kim Taeyeon?



No matter how much you turn me off, I'm oddly always into you.

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