Finding the Right Picasso

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This story is one of the first ever drabbles I written. This is for my love for my favorite Art professor Mr.Sy. saranghaeyo Mr. Sy! Hehe.








Finding the Right Picasso



It's been three years since I started my college and live a dorm life here in America. And so far, so good. Well, I got to say it's been hard when I decided to separate house with my parents and live independently on a dorm when I was 17, but now I am already 21, I got used to it. College life is tough as a woman who got her mood swing and as ambiguous as a man who can't settle for one mate. It's brings me high to the clouds and it dragged me down to deepest part of soil whenever I experience it's bitter reality. College is all about future and reality. You will be required to write hundred pages of thesis for days and your professors will just shattered it into pieces if you cannot prove it's right. Love is like a thesis, you'll fight for it ‘til the end just to reach your one goal. For love, it's marriage but for thesis, it's graduation. But anyway, that's not my issue here.




“Urgh...I want to sleep more”




“Damn it!” I said as I sat up and turned off the alarm. I looked at the clock. It's struck at 6:30 am. My class is at 7am, Yeah...I'm doomed!


“What the...” I got up really fast and skipped bathing for today and just showered myself with my bottle of perfume.


“I should take a bath later.” I said to myself as I changed into my uniform and slightly comb my hair. I get my bag and went out of the room. I ran towards the kitchen to get a slice of bread but then I saw a green sticky note on the ref.


“Hi, there are cupcakes inside. Please feel free to get and eat them.-KTY”


“As usual...a note” I shook my head and get a cupcake and leave



KTY...My dorm mate Kim Taeyeon. She's been my dorm mate for three years but we never really talk to each other that much. She rarely get out of her room and we never really have a proper communication except this green sticky notes. I don't know if she hates me or it's just that we're not that close. Anyway, why should I bother.


I ran towards the school and got late on my first period. I checked my watch, it's already 8:30am. I ran towards the classroom door.


“Sorry sir, I'm late!”


“Oh, Miss Hwang. You're too early for your next subject.” Professor Jung said


Mr. Jung was supposed to be mad at me, but because I'm a pal of his daughter. He just nodded and asked me to sit down. I sat on my usual place. I saw my friend Jessica Jung sitting in on the class.


“Tiff...What happened to you?” she asked me


“I woke up late.” I whispered


“And why is that so?” she asked with a smirk


“I studied for my test and did our thesis. Gosh, when will you have a heart and help me with that?”


“Well, I just help you now with my father, did I?” she shrugged


“Oh, just be thankful you're my friend or else.”


“Don't worry, I'll help. By the way...I got Nichkhun's number!” she said happily


“How did you do it?” I asked excitedly.


Nichkhun's my crush for three years so this is really a good news for me.


“Yuri” Jessica said proudly as she hand me a piece of paper which I gladly took


“Tell Yuri I said thank you...”




The bell rang after my two classes. I first took my lunch with Jessica and right after that, Jessica met with Yuri and I went to the library to do my remaining paper works. I was on my way to the library when I bumped into someone.


“Sorry!” I said as I picked up the sketch pad and painting materials on the floor of what I assume is an art student. I was about to give it back when I saw who it was. It was my dorm mate.


“Taeyeon?” I said as I handed her things to her


She nodded and smiled at me


“Are you going to the library?” I asked


She nodded


“Okay, let's go together.” I said


We went towards the library and sat on the same table.


“You're going to finish your sketch here?” I asked


She just nodded


“I see.”


I took out my books and start doing my business. I started to do my reviewer for my upcoming exams and proceeded at my history subject. It's been an hour, I started to get bored and I watched Kim Taeyeon doing her sketch.


“Is that a unicorn?” I asked as I chuckled


She just nodded as usual. She never really talks to me.


“It's cute” I said


Minutes pass, I started to doze off to sleep. I woke up with the sound of my phone. Jessica's calling me


“Hwang, where are you?”


“At the library, why?”


“Get your here inside the room. Lecture will start at 10 minutes!” she said


“Alright, alright”



I gathered my things together and I forgot that I have not finished my history paper yet. It's my next subject. Urgh, this day is so unlucky. I noticed that Taeyeon already left and I saw a green sticky note above my history paper.


“Hi! I hope you don't mind. I finished your paper for you. Have a great day! :-) -KTY”


Oh, Taeyeon. She never really talks to me but she's really kind. Anyway, I should thank her later on at the dorm. I gathered my things and went towards my class.


“Did you already text him?” said Jessica


“Text who?”


“Nichkhun, you idiot!”


“Ah, not yet...”




“I still do not know what to say.”


“Stupid Hwang, give me your phone.” Jessica stole my phone


“Hey!” I complained


I tried to steal it away from her but she already had that smug smile on her face.


“Done!” Jessica said as she gave out her victory smirked


“Yah, Jung. What have you done!” I said in panic as I immediately viewed the sent messages.


“Hi Nichkhun! It's Tiffany Hwang. Are you busy on Saturday night? The department is throwing an annual ball. I hope you can come! ;)”


“Urgh, seriously Sica!”


“You act too slow. I just helped you!”


“Whatever.” I said in annoyance


Three hours had passed, I received a message


“Hello! I'm sorry, but I am not Nichkhun. I guess you sent it to wrong number? :-) “


Urgh, damn Jessica Jung. Let me hunt you tomorrow morning.


“Oh, I'm really sorry! Sorry for disturbing your time.” I replied


“It's okay, by the way. I know you” the sender replied


“Really?” I asked


“Yes, You're Tiffany Hwang from history department, right?”


“That's right. How did you know?”


“Let's say you're beautiful and kind so you're name in art department is popular”


I grinned as I read the message


“So you're an art student?”




“What's your name?’




I waited for a response but it took so long, so I just decided to come home.I saw Taeyeon at the living room, watching cartoons as she eats her tube of ice cream. She's always like this. Like a child who's fond of sweets and treats.


“Good evening!” I greeted her, she just nodded and continued watching.


She never talk to me. I'm starting to be suspicious if she's mute or not. But I know she's not. I saw her talking to Mrs.Son our landlady but I didn't heard the conversation. But it’s not my business anyway, what good does it do if she talks.


I went towards the table and I saw a note there. “Ice cream on the ref, strawberry :-) “


Oh, good lord! Bless you Kim Taeyeon!


I prepared myself to sleep so I said good night to Taeyeon, and she just nodded as usual. As I lay myself on my bed, I waited for a reply to my previous text to the art student but it didn’t come, so I texted the number again.


“No reply?”


After a few minutes a reply came.





And with that, I started to become friends with a stranger called Picasso. I grew fond of Picasso, there’s no day that we didn’t talk to each other. Picasso is like my diary, a friend who’s always there to listen to my troubles. We’ve been texting each other for few months and I got used to talking to Picasso everyday. One day I asked Picasso to come on my department’s annual ball...


“Sure, I’ll be there!” Picasso replied


I waited for my dear friends presence at the ball. It’s been an hour and I haven’t seen any trace of Picasso. I already met a lot of people at the event and have a small talk with them.

“Jessica!” I greeted her


“Hey! What’s up?”


“I'm looking for someone...”


“I know...” she smirked


“You know?”


“Of course!” she smiled


“Jessica!” a doe eyed girl in white came to greet my friend


“Oh, Tiffany meet my friend... Yoona.” she introduced “She's an art student.” Jessica said


“Nice to meet you Tiffany-shi!” Yoona greeted


“Nice to meet you too! Have a great time!” I said


“Okay you too.” she said, then I excused myself to look for my friend.


I saw my roommate Kim Taeyeon at the event so I greeted her.


“Hello Taeyeon!” I said and she smiled and acknowledged my presence


She actually looks pretty when she’s all dolled up.


“Why are you here?” I asked politely.


She pointed at Kwon Yuri. My junior on my department who’s currently talking to Yoona.


“Ah, I see... A friend?”


She nodded


“Well, I have to go now... Have a great time!” I said to her and looked for Picasso.


I saw Taeyeon approached Yuri as they looked like bickering towards each other. I just laughed and sigh. Taeyeon talks to other people but she never talks to me. Her roommate for three years to note. I kept on looking for Picasso then I just decided to send a text to my dear friend and go home.


“Where are you? I already left.”


A minute later I received a reply


“I was there”


“Why didn’t you greeted me and say ‘Hi’?”


“I already did.”




Then I remembered everyone that I greeted this evening,


“Picasso is an art student... Probably a friend of Yuri and Jessica...” I thought so hard






I learned that Picasso is a girl and it almost crashes my hope for a love line but yet when I heard Picasso's voice, it was beautiful... It was deep and soulful. It was angelic. There’s no day that pass that I didn’t hear Picasso’s voice. She don’t talk much but when she does, it makes me feel dreamy.One time, Picasso didn't call me and that day seems like forever to me. I just realized that a day without Picasso’s voice is dull and senseless. One day, I woke up and found out that...I’m in love with Picasso.



Tiffany went to the school with a happy face and she saw Jessica staring at her with a smirk.


“I’ll guess what... you finally scored with Nichkhun!” she said excitedly


“The number you gave me was not Nichkhun’s” she said but the smile didn’t leave her face


“W-What?! Urgh, that Kwon. Don’t worry, I’ll hunt her down.” Jessica said


“No need. I'm happy it was not Nichkhun.” she said


“What are you saying?” Jessica asked confusedly


“I'm in love with Picasso.” she said as she hugged Jessica


“Yah! Picasso, who?” Jessica doesn't understand a thing but she was happy because Tiffany looked so bright and inspired. But she also know that she has to confront Yuri later on


“Tell Yoona, I want to meet her again!” Tiffany said gleefully



“YOONA?!” Jessica said in horror



Tiffany went home after school, she saw Taeyeon eating ice cream again as she watched cartoons. She decided to asked about Yoona since Yoona is an art student too, Taeyeon might know her. Not to mention, they have a common friend Kwon Yuri.


“Good evening Taeyeon!” Tiffany greeted her, she smiled and resumed watching


“You’re an art student, right?”


She nodded


“Do you know Im Yoona?”

She nodded again as she scooped ice cream on the tub.


“Is she your classmate?”


She nodded


On the next morning, Tiffany cooked a lunch box and asked Taeyeon to bring it.


“Can you give this to Yoona?”


Taeyeon was quite surprised but nodded anyway.


“Thank you!”


‘Seriously, the things I do for Picasso’ Tiffany thought dreamily



Yoona received the lunch box from Taeyeon and asked who was it from. Taeyeon pointed at the note Tiffany slipped inside. And left.


“Who was it from?” Sooyoung asked, another student from art department.




She read the note. “Let's meet again? I want to see you. <3 -Tiffany”


Yoona looked in horror to the glaring Sooyoung.


“Yah! Im Yoona, you’re dead!”


Jessica was walking towards the canteen and she saw a mad Sooyoung and a coaxing Yoona sitting on a bench.


“Soo, it's not what you think... Really.” Yoona said


“What was the ‘<3’ meant?”


“Eh, I just met her at the annual ball. I do not know what's that meant, I swear!” Yoona said


“Are you telling the truth?”


“I am.”


“Okay... Just make sure you’re telling the truth or else I’ll break every bones you have in your body.”


“I-I’m telling t-the truth!” Yoona said nervously


“Oh, the kimbab taste good anyway!” Sooyoung cheered


“I’m forgiven?”


Sooyoung nodded


“Yeahey! Saranghae, Sooyoung...” Yoona hugged her


Jessica can’t help but to be bothered by the situation.


“Tiffany loves Yoona and Yoona has a girlfriend... Omo omo!”


Jessica chased Yuri on the school grounds. She successfully catch her prey


“Yah, Kwon Yuri!”


“Ah, Jessica please. Have mercy on me!” Yuri said pleadingly


“Who is Picasso?”


“Picasso, who?” Yuri asked innocently


“Yah, answer me or else!” Jessica threatened


“I don’t know Picasso. I swear!” Yuri said


“You gave me Picasso’s number instead of Nichkhun’s!” Jessica said


“W-What? Who in the damn world is Picasso? It wasn't Picasso's it's Taeyeon's!” Yuri said accidentally “Ooops!” she covered quickly


“What?! Taeyeon? Taeyeon as in Kim Taeyeon, her roommate?!” Jessica gasped


“Y-Yeah. Taeyeon likes Tiffany ever since so I just gave it to you instead of Nichkhun’s. Knowing that Taeyeon is a turtle and wouldn’t text Tiffany even though she already have her number.” Yuri said


“Picasso’s not Yoona?!”


“I do not know Picasso but the number I gave was Taeyeon’s!”


“Wow... Damn Picasso got skills.”




“Because Tiffany’s in love with her.”




Tiffany made up her mind to confess her feelings to Picasso.Picasso has not replied to Tiffany’s messages for a week. She thought it’s the best to talk to Yoona in person than to wait for a message. She personally asked Taeyeon to bake her cupcakes for Yoona.


“Thank you Taeyeon for helping me...”


Taeyeon just smiled a little


“Do you think Yoona will like these?”


Taeyeon stopped for a moment then looked at her. She gave out a simple nod.


“You’re the best!” Tiffany hugged her. Taeyeon just simply patted her back and resume baking.


Tiffany's phone rang.


“Oh, Jessica...have you finished revising our thesis draft?”


“O-Oh, that... Not yet. But I have something important to tell you!” Jessica said


“No Jessica, I won’t revise it for you. Call me when you’re done. Goodbye!”




Tiffany hang up the phone.



Tiffany went to the university at 3 o’clock in the afternoon to confess to Picasso even though she doesn’t have any classes that day, She texted Jessica.


‘I'm going to confess to Picasso.’


She accidentally bumped to somebody. She saw art materials scattered on the floor.


“Oh, I’m sorry!” she said as she picked up the materials on the floor “Are you hurt?” she checked the owner’s hand


“It’s okay.”


“Taeyeon!” she greeted when she saw the person she bumped with. Then she realized “Oh my God, you talked!”


Taeyeon looked surprised either but just gave her a pleasant smile.


“Is your hand okay?” Tiffany held it lightly and checked it


She just nodded and blushed.


“Are you going home?”


Taeyeon nodded again.


“Okay, see you!”


On the other hand, Tiffany was wondering... ‘Taeyeon’s voice sounds familiar’ she thought




“Yah, you better come with me Kwon!” Jessica opened Yuri’s homeroom


“Did you run Sica? What’s the matter?” Yuri chuckled


“Tiffany's going to confess to Picasso!” Jessica said


“Oh my! Wow, lucky Taeng!” Yuri cheered


“She is going to confess to the wrong Picasso, she’s going to confess to Yoona!”


“What?! Why?!”


“She thought Picasso is Yoona!”


“Oh !”


The two run hurriedly towards Yoona’s homeroom.





Tiffany found Yoona on the hall way. She ran to her very fast.


“Yoona!” she called


“O-Oh, Tiffany-shi!” Yoona greeted


“This is for you!” she handed the box of cupcake to her


“Ah, thanks?” Yoona accepted it


“You seem to be holding a lot of paintings there...” she said


“Ah, painting of my favorite painter.” Yoona said


“Picasso?” Tiffany said as she smiled


“No, Van Gogh.” Yoona said


Tiffany was confused




Tiffany heard someone shouted at the hall way.




“Stop right there, don’t move!”


“What is happening?” Yoona asked


“Do not confess!” Jessica said


“C-Confess?” Yoona was confused


“Why?” Tiffany said


“You, Yuri explain.”


“Picasso is not Yoona... “


“Picasso, who?” Yoona asked innocently. But was ignored.


“It’s Taeyeon.” Yuri said




“No, take a look at this.” Yuri showed her Taeyeon’s number




The three left hurriedly and left Yoona with a box of cupcake and a letter in her hands. Sooyoung arrived later on.


“Oh, Yoona... Wow, are those cupcakes?”




Yoona opened the letter and widen her eyes in horror when she read it. “Saranghaeyo <3”. She looked at the girl beside her as she shivered in nervousness.


"Oh . Not again..."






I went back to the dorm after school. I saw Taeyeon painting on her room.I have to confirm what I learned. Picasso and Taeyeon have the same number... Could it be that it was Taeyeon all along?


“Good evening Taeyeon!” I greeted her and she just nodded


I looked at her painting, it looks so abstract to me so I asked “Your painting is kind of unique?” I said


She just smiled


“The style is cubism...” she said.


Whoa, I was taken a back. It was actually the second time she talked to me. Her voice... It’s so deep and soulful.




“It’s like putting broken fragments together to make it whole and to make an art.It the same goes for people. Putting together broken pieces to make life whole and beautiful.” she said as she looked at me.


Her voice... I know it. I recognized it.


“Taeyeon...W-Who's your favorite painter?” I asked her to make sure if what I’m thinking is right and I think I already knew the answer when she smiled at me and walked close to me.






And with that, I found the person I’ve been looking for.


“B-But how....You never talk to me.”


“I was afraid...” she said as she looked at me “I was afraid that if I talk to you, I might say that I’ve been in love with you for so long...”


“Are you still afraid now?” I asked her



“No...Tiffany. Will you let this broken piece to complete your life?” she asked



“I’d love to.” I said and held her hands "Dear Picasso, bring color to my black and white world..."


"I will..."



And with that, Tiffany was sure, she found the right Picasso. The painter that will bring colors to her world forever.

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