Sugar Free

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Kim Taeyeon, she's busy and she doesn't likes PDA... No kissing, No hugging, No holding hands. Just a plain sugar free relationship.


One shots Taeny collection stories by  your Author Nerd! Enjoy the stories :-) 

What?! Sugar free got featured? O.o Whoa, how? Why? lol. Thanks for that star. Now I feel like I'm a mothering starboy... I mean, girl. Hehe. I was quoting a song by the way. Keep sailing taeny! <3

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Chapter 45: poor taetae...sometimes future thing is scary ?
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Chapter 44: This is sad . Hmm poor Taeyeon. Imagine how many people out there must have felt the same too :'(
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Chapter 45: Sometimes I'm curious about my future too. I wonder what will my future holds.. Maybe it's not good to know too much
taeny_bear 0 points #4
Chapter 45: Naaawwww "my wife.."
I want a girlfriend too :(
taeny_bear 0 points #5
Chapter 44: Aww i wish i could also see my future :(
taenypot 0 points #6
Chapter 45: oh gee..another superb chapter
thank u author-nim

-silent reader/fan
full_moon 62 streak 0 points #7
Chapter 45: Omona!! you fainted again -_-
tipco09 79 streak 0 points #8
Chapter 43: I think I skipped reading this story because you said it would be angst but today, I decided to read it and I really like it regardless. This story is short but deep. It teaches us not to make assumptions about people. No truer words were ever spoken than these from Taeyeon " Just because she always smiles, doeasn't mean that she's not hurting". We really need to be kinder to people.
yoonsic3 0 points #9
Chapter 45: OMG is it the end already? Wahhh so sad
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Chapter 45: Awesome!