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By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Characters Min Yoongi, Eom Yeonjoo ( OC), Kim Taehyung, and other members of BTS, EXO, and Infinite.
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Vanilla Bite

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Characters Shin Hoseok (Wonho) Somin (OC)
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 4 subscribers, 530 views, 1 comments, 4890 words
Status Completed

There was always a thing that would happen. It would be cliche, such as being in love with your bestfriend. We all know that never ends well. Or does it? 

Collateral Love & Bad Habits

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  christianyu 
Characters Christian Yu
With 2 subscribers, 250 views, 11 words

Who knew the idiot I hated would start living with me. 


By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  seokangjoon 
Characters Seo Kangjooon
With 220 views, 1 words


Divina Commedia

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  kwonjiyong   kwonjiyon 
With 150 views, 10 words

He was her protector, but had he any other intentions?

Roses of Reluctance

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Tags  taeyongxoc 
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Status [M]

Suitor's Mistress

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  luhanxoc 
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She has always wanted to meet her prince, but that changes quickly. 


By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  kriswuxoc 
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Everyone has an image, his just happens to be a lie. 

Empathy & Misery

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  leejongsukxoc 
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Doctors who care for patients can't help but to want to bring each other pain. 

Cruelty of You

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  zitaoxoc 
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He was cruel.

The Lucky One

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  exo 
Characters EXO Mentions of Yifan, Tao, and Luhan Sang Hyorin(OC)
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I was taking captive in a lab for months. I thought I was the only there. 

Success Crazed

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  junmyeonxoc 
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He is the CEO and she is his assistant. She is secretly working for another company and she is capable of keeping it that way. Her job is to blackmail him and destroy his reputation.  What happens when he takes a sudden interest in her? 

Hold Me Tight

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  baekhyunxoc 
With 1 votes, 7 subscribers, 130 views, 44 words

She works at the bank, but her job comes to a halt when she is taken hostage after a bank robbery. Maybe she shouldn't have taken the blindfold off. She could have immediately avoided this situation, but then she wouldn't have met Byun Baekhyun. 


By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  hoseokxoc 
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She lives through things a normal human shouldn't. Every time she faces death she wakes up perfectly fine. An event happens, where these dreams of death become a reality and her days just start over. There's only one explanation and Jung Hoseok has the answer, her guardian angel. 

Phantasia Academy

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  exoxbtsxyou 
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She has turned 17 and wakes up feeling extremely different, with a man in her bedroom. After a confusing explanation from her mother, he  takes her to a school called Phantasia Academy. Seems more like a place for monsters. 

Odd Eye

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  chanyeolxoc 
With 6 subscribers, 60 views, 49 words

She has the ability to see how people die when she first meets them. But when she meets Chanyeol she can't see anything. His reaction is the same to hers and it makes her weary of him.What if there's more to him than what just meets the eye? 

Insolence and Impertinence

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  sehunxoc 
With 1 subscribers, 30 views, 55 words

It is a tradition that once she is eighteen she is to get her first servant.The house of servants she visits fills her with dread. All of them seem filled with fear except the one void of emotion on his face. She imediately wants to be his friend, but he doesn't feel the same. 

Paradise Lost

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  taehyungxoc 
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She has returned to her deceased grandfather's house. The house is being sold to a couple who wants to destroy the house and renovate the land. What happens when she slips into a world she never knew existed? Will she help the King of Spades save his home? 


By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  jungkookxoc 
With 1 subscribers, 93 words

They were bestfriends and they did everything together. She felt heartbroken to find out he disappeared. On their graduation day she seems him but he's gone in a blink of an eye. That night a certain event causes her to lose her parents and be taken in by Namjoon. He teaches her how to defend herself. She is taught to protect herself from anyone who tries to harm her. What happens when Jungkook appears again? How will she react if he tries to kill her? Most importantly, why is she on his blac

White Noise

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  jonginxoc 
With 1 subscribers, 130 views, 57 words

She has to feel nothing. It's what she is accustomed to, with all the hardships she's had. She was known as the Ice Queen at school and for a good reason. There's only one problem. Kim Jongin. The new kid who makes her feel everything. What happens when they meet two years later for a "meeting?''

Cheese and Wine

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  jongdaexoc 
With 3 subscribers, 20 views, 80 words

She was known as the Queen of the school, but not the good kind. She was known as rude and inconsiderate. Always victimizing innocent bypassers. There's one problem, they don't know her story. She was only trying to protect her shy neighbor from being blackmailed and bullied. Her plan backfired and he ruined everything. He hates her for the way she treats others and he decided it was time she had a taste of her own medicine. His plan backfired. 


By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Tags  kyungsooxoc 
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He comes to her café everyday, ordering the same thing. He doesn't speak much, until he asks her on a date. A movie at his house. She shouldn't have been so naive. For she finds things in his basement that she can't unsee. 

Lose Control

By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Characters Yixing Junmyeon EXO Park Nara(OC)
With 3 subscribers, 240 views, 1 comments, 320 words

Ever since she lived there, she never met her neighbor. One night he breaks into her house, which changes her life drastically. 


By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Characters Kim Namjoon Lee Jinki Park Nara(OC)
With 2 subscribers, 230 views, 110 words

She belongs to the Ace Gang as the fiance of Onew, forced of course. She could never fall in love with a criminal. She's kidnapped by the leader of the Spade Gang.The notorious Kim Namjoon.  As she fights to escape she finds out a little information that changes her opinion of Namjoon completely. 


By Shewolf18_7 Updated
Characters EXO Minseok Wu Jiwon(OC)
With 4 subscribers, 220 views, 1 comments, 165 words

She is a hunter, she kills the things of the supernatural. It's like cat and mouse between her and Minseok. He secretly cares for her and she is oblivious to it, and he wants it to stay that way. What will happen when her life is on the line and the only way to save her is to change her into the thing she despises most? A vampire.