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About Me

Hi, nice to meet you all again. It's been about 4 years, eh, since I stopped updating my stories. But rest assured, my dear readers, I am back to finish what I had undone int the past with snail pace of update frequencies. I am soooo (not) sorry.

There are so many reasons why I stopped writting at that time, which one is, I want to improve my writing skill; the phrase, vocabulary, others. I am not a native speaker of english. Second, I am still high-schooler at the moment which I need to study for the college entrance exam.

Right now I am majoring dentistry in University of North Sumatra. It takes me 1 years to adapt with the college life. Well, my college life is kind of refreshing, I think? I also make a new friend who come from Malaysia, she is a gamer and the best part she is fujoshi and cosplayer. My only problem is communicating with my mom. It's hard for us to talk without arguing. Everything I do is always wrong in her eyes (hhhhh---).

I usually just stay in my room, sipping coffee, listening music and reading my book since my parents doesn't allow us to go out. So you could said I am an indoor person. I love drawing, playing piano and currently I am trying to learn 笛子, a chinese bamboo flute.

And if you noticed, I changed my pen name again, Naito_. It's my nickname in MLBB game, (umm, it's actually N ɑ i t o | 銀. But AFF didn't allow me to use those variables and ah, yes, I am a gamer). Naito comes from katakana words (ナイト) which means knight or night depending on the sentences. It's the only the name that I could think of which kind of resembling my real name. So you all could just call me; Nai.

Yours sincerely,