Which pairing would you like to see happen first in : The Moon 🌙?

  • A) Wheebyul   (5 votes)
  • B) Hwabyul   (1 votes)
  • C) Moonsun   (1 votes)
Total number of votes cast:


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Moonlightmerve #1
I hope we see more hwabyul and wheebyul bc there aren't many stories about them of course I like moonsun but it's like we expect it to happen bc the ship is bigger so I would hope that we get to see the hwabyul ship especially
mamamooot5 #2
Something about wheebyul makes my heart go ♡♡♡♡♡
Moonsun all the way - they truly did introduce me to yuri ships with Wheesa being the second. Don't write much yuri, mainly but I would like to bring more moonsun and wheesa in my stories :)