When reading a BTS fanfic,Would you rather prefer BTS to be like how they really are OR switch their personalities?! Please do comment and tell me your opinions

  • A) How they are (E.G.=Suga is lazy OR J-Hope is happy-go-lucky)   (19 votes)
  • B) Switch it up (E.G.=J-Hope gets angry easily OR V being boring)   (5 votes)
  • C) Some stay the same while others change (Pls comment on who change & who doesn't   (8 votes)
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... That really depends, though. Some genres/plots allow their personalities to remain somewhat the same, but if one of them is a serial killer in a gang au or thriller, well, that may require changes. Usually, I strive to keep them in character, or at least keep a few recognisable character traits - the rest I change for the sake of the plot.

On the other hand, it'll get boring to read the same characters over and over again, even if the plots are different. Say, I love Hoseok's smiley nature, but I also love when there's something deeper, you know? Like. Depression or suicidal, because I'm a lovely person. Completely sane, to boot.

... Am I even making sense?

Anyway. My answer, I think, is this: Change them however you see fit for the plot, though it's always a good idea to keep certain traits. That's what I like when reading, I think ^^