Who should be with Sehun in the end and Why?

  • A) KaiHun   (42 votes)
  • B) KrisHun   (11 votes)
  • C) HunHan   (58 votes)
  • D) ChanHun   (4 votes)
Total number of votes cast:


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RizzieB #1
I voted for ChanHun because while they both have Kris in common, they love each other more than they love Kris. They both are madly in love with each other. Luhan and Kai didn't have much impact on Sehun, but Chanyeol is his everything.
BottomSehunnie #2
KaiHun is my OTP but in this fic I feel I wanna KrisHun will be together in the end. Cuz love need challenges. ^^
Xenaphobic #3
Sehun and Luhan are just perfect for each other. Luhan takes care (I am writing this is present tense for my own sanity) of Sehun and Sehun takes care of Luhan. They feed off each others confidence and understanding in different situations.
I would like to ask for krisyeol to be given time to apologize and try to make it up to sehun and pour love all over him whether sehun ends up with either of them or not
arynpinks #5
I support kaihun because they are cute and more over kai is always there for hunnie
AngelofHeaven #6
I voted KaiHun. First, it because Kai always be there for him. To be honest it was so so hard for me to choose. Kai is in love with Sehun so much and he care about him a lot. I choose Kai because if Sehun choose between Kris or Chanyeol, it will getting even more complicated since Kris and Chanyeol has married as well. One of them ended getting hurt for having two persons that they loved away from him.

About Luhan, tbh, I wanna Sehun to ended up with him as well since He is a lot more trustworthy. I definitely believe that he can take care of Sehun without having his heart wavered.
Okay. I voted for KaiHun because I can't vote twice in a poll.

Kai had been together with Sehun for so long. He even gone GAY for him when the fact is that he's straight.
Because Sehun and Luhan is like... Chocolate and Vanilla like... Black and White...perfect for each other!! ^.^ Hope I convinced u!!! x3
I must admit I was rethinking if I should reread or not to make sure of my decision, it is normal ad a Hunhan shipper to choose that category but then again I realized, Its not just because its HunHan. yes the other ships might have swayed me for thisstory because Im a er for SehunXEveryone and then I just... In this story I realized something, I realized that Yes Chanhun and Sekai is extremely precious yet I vote for HunHan. Why? Because Im fab and Sehunnie is Sassy, kidding aside its because I think that Luhan could be manlier at some point and protect Sehun even more and when he snaps at him one day he wont leave at all because he loves Sehun too much, he'll be the one to kiss Sehun's scrapped knee and wipes the tears that fall from Sehun's eyes when he aheds tears because Luhan treasures Sehun to the point that he'd sacrifice everything for him, if not him then he'll smile and gladly support Sehun or leave but still respect his decision. I think Luhan would be a wonderful knight to Sehun but I think it'd be nice if its Sekailu since Im a er for implied bottom sehun in between Sekailu.

Well, I hope that was enough. I honestly couldn't say much because I hope im not offending you by saying that there was more or less lack of HunHam development here and I might be swaying but I go for HunHan in this story.

//whispers Sequel.