Is it wrong to do a fanfic about religion's life? I'm Muslim. Don't bash please.I'm just asking for your opinion.

  • A) Nothing is wrong :)   (15 votes)
  • B) Hell yeah! It's 100 percent wrong!   (2 votes)
  • C) The heck? Are you nuts?   (3 votes)
  • D) Just do it. We'll read it anyway :)   (0 votes)
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@sisseutagirls thanks for your opinion! well i need to think about it again. since there was someone not comfortable with it :/ I need to respect other religions too.
sisseutagirls #2
It's yesterday's poll but yeah who cares lol
hey give it a try. I once found an amazing story here about a religion's perspective on gay people (it's christian-based story tho). It's well packed with good grammar and nice plot and i'm so in love with it bcs it's rare. As a reader, i'd love to read not-too-mainstream story like that. Well that's my opinion
@_mushroom_ yeah I know. Never mind. It's your opinion. Thanks anyway^^

@AiLoveHeart aww it's okay. I don't mind. It's your right to say your own opinion. Moreover i know religion is a very sensitivw topic. Thanks anyway^^
AiLoveHeart #4
Im not comfortable with it. Sorry :(
_mushroom_ #5
Well, I will surely read it anyway. Im not sure about another people's opinions but I suggest that try not to mention about religion scene that much especially if it was centred around 'Islam'. Majority of the user here are Christians so I think it might make them uncomfortable? sorry if I broke your spirits tho.. I didnt mean to <3
@HiddenInTheDark thank you for your comment! I'll try but I still need more time to start it. Since someone already vote for no 3, I'm a little bit scared. Well, people have different opinions right? But I will give it a try. :)
Do give it a try! I've never read religion relating fanfics and I think it would be unique if you write it.
btw, I'm a Muslim too.
@YoungSaengIsMySoul thanks for your opinion! I was a little bit scared of doing it since it was enough about b1a4 and the muslim girl thingy :/ and I know it will stir unnecessary problem because religion is a sensitive topic. But i really wanna give it a try tho.
YoungSaengIsMySoul #9
I didn't vote but i'll give you my opinion ! honestly i've always wondered what a religion fic would be like (especially a /gay one) ...
Umm there is nothing wrong with doing one but it may stir some unnecessary problems or arguments between people, if you're ready for this kind of reaction then go ahead i would read & support anyways !!!
I've always believed in 'different religion love' <3 !!!