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XiaUzuri #1
Chapter 11: i have just one word... wow :)
LeeHongki #2
Oooh was a wonderful story
I loved it very much
I will never forget
Thank you very much ^ ^
hehehee that was lovely <3 <3
hope to read more from you ^^
hope can read more story from you in the future dear author nim^^
eveitis #5
I'm really satisfied with the ending...
Everybody got their happiness..
Yunho is such a cutie...
Wish I had a brother like him... LOL
Nice job...
LeeHongki #6
Oooh Please, no no no
Let him know
Why does this-_-"fool
orchid #7
wa finally you re-up. Hope u update soon next chapter !!!
LeeHongki #8
Oh no please do not do
Please, be okay
Not died
Please do not
This is truly a very sad
an_lee #9
The princess finally admitted his love for tha prince.
Oh, Prince Jonghun,,, don't die.
Hhm for Yunho, get back to Joongie.
He ain't the 1 to blame.
Thx a lot for the writer. ^^
eigambeta #10
Pretty please let jae let yunho hurt real bad. Let him ignore become extra cute and hot and hopefully find someone better, bastard.
Amaranth #11
COOOL, this chapt is so cool!
wonbin you're the coolest!
but... the princess has confessed his love for Jonghun*sobsob
Wonbin-ah, you've tried your best...
thanks for update,^^ the best story whic telling about JongKiBin's Love Triangle,fufufufu
Wonbin need to take 4 days before he told others about Hongki being kidnapped!? What going on? He should tell them the moment Hongki was kidnapped!!!
Don't mad at Joongie!!!Its not his fault! *kick Yunho on his head*
Amaranth #13
complicated... but i like story like this
hmm, Wonbinnie, hongki was kidnapped days ago, hurry! save him!
you're the hero, for Hongki*viva wonkiii,fufufufu
thanks, i'll wait for next chapt^^
an_lee #14
The story becomes complicated.
Poor Hongki... His past was still in disguised.
Jongki,,,, will they come true?
LeeHongki #15
Ooooh damn-_-
This is very bad
Oh Why, if sold?
I can not believe: (
eveitis #16
Don't let anything bad happend to Hongki...
But, poor Jaejoong...
I know Yunho worried and everything but he should not let it out on Jaejoong....
When will Jonghoon save Hongki...
libella #17
I noticed many ppl likes wonki couple. So im not the only one who like them eh *happy :D
@naesarangleehongki i'll try put some wonki next. ^^
and should i write new story about wonki instead? Hehe.
thankyou for your lovely comments ^^ really really999 appreciated it <3 <3
an_lee #18
I hope Wonbin will tell Jonghun about the kidnapping.
Later Jonghun will find a way to save him.
He's the rich after all.
eveitis #19
I wish it was Jonghoon who chased after the van...
But, anyway...
As long as Hongki is saved...
Hurry and save him...
Amaranth #20
i miss WonKi so much...
Hongki has fallen in love with Jonghun? poor Wonbinnie...
kekeke, but after all your story so great^^ Loved it :)
i was worried,when you havent update yet, Finally...yeeeei^^
keep fighting^^
LeeHongki #22
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
This is truly a wonderful
Love it so much
But I want to focus on Hongki is
Prior to the examination
For more doubts for Jaejin and Minwhan
Ha ha ha ha
Thanks ^^
eveitis #23
What a beautiful friendship....
Yunho's father is up to no good...
LeeHongki #24
Oh, beautiful very beautiful lot!
I want more and I can not wait
Please hurry
I want to know what will happen ^ ^ >> excited
Thank you very much
an_lee #25
It's so normal if Yunho is a 'lil bit over-protective towards Hongki. Moreover, in this case, Wonbin's attitude is impolite.
I wonder why Hongki sets his eyes on Wonbin. on the other hand, Jonghun becomes nicer now. Can he turn into another side cz he falls for Hongki?? I hope Jongki unites soon.
And,, Hongki, wake up! Jonghun has a crush on you.
Thx 4 updating. ^^
eveitis #26
Thanks god that Yunho is not like his father...
But, the over protective attitude towards little bro need to stop..
Wonbin is , how come Hongki falls for that guy...
I hope wonbin and jonghun stop treating hongki like some kind of toy ><
well jonghun is being nicer than before and he has feelings for hongki, yay! !
Can't wait for the next chap XD
Sorry for not commenting before , i was busy with my exams.
Anyway Yunho's father was a bit creepy , the way he was touching Hongki lol
Luv the relationship between Yunho and Hongki <33
Hope there is more Jongki and Wonki in the next chap xx
LeeHongki #29
Very nice picture ^ ^
Section and also a nice
eveitis #30
I love this....
Everybody turns gay for Hong Ki..
Update soon
Amaranth #31
kyaaaa, very good, love it,love it >.<
love triangle, between JongKiBin? It is interesting,kkk
Thank you, you've upadated this story, your story so great, fighting!! :)
LeeHongki #32
Oh, very nice
Ha ha ha ha
Everyone loves HONGKI!
This is truly wonderful ^ ^
Will wait for more
New reader ^ ^
Looks like this gonna be a triangle love love, who will win the princess?? > < *anticipating*
Thanks for the update^ ^
an_lee #34
Kyaaaa,,,,,,,,,,,, Hunnie falls for Hongki too,
Glad to see this. Wkwkwkwkwwk~
Spread Jongki and Yunjae love.
Keep fighting! ^^
lemonkpoplover #35
Soooo cute! Update soon!
LeeHongki #36
Ha ha ha ha
I loved it very much
I can not believe is really beautiful
Funny freakin
Thank you very much ^ ^
Amaranth #37
okay, keep fighting
i like your story line, fluffy and sweet, about the grammar mistake, it isn't problem for me, :)