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Chapter 3: PLEASE update...
lilinkecil #2
please update this story authornim...^.^..i really miss solim couple...^.^..
AmyDick #3
Chapter 3: Author nim, you should upfdate this fic ! I like it..
Chapter 3: It's reallyyy sweet authir-nim.
Chapter 3: Another Solim fanfic! Thay's an interesting one, I'm looking forward to your next update and chapter! Just found your story while looking for some good ones. Yours has a nice plot, please update soon authornim! ^_^
Chapter 3: Waiting for new chapter.Please uppdate soon.
purplelace38 #7
Chapter 3: Wow,I'm getting excited for the next chapter. Thank you Ms.Lilac for the update.
jagi_yah #8
Chapter 3: Finally!!! Something to look foward to from you and Solim...I was (still am) a big fan of yours after Half A Year. I can't wait for the next chapters
Supermich_zero #9
Chapter 3: Yes!!! An update! This story is seriously addictive! I can't wait for mooorrrree~ and ohhh i just mentioned last time that the Mr. Hot neighbor would would sweep her off her feet... and look! He really did (quite literally) hahaha i am really enjoying the progress =D couldn't help but laugh at Sso's cute drunk antics. And calling the hot JaeRim "ahjussi"??? Hilarious! Thank you Lilac109 for this new update!!! Kisses to you~
Chapter 3: Annyeong, chinggus! Sorry for a two-week absence, I have been busy with life and work. Anyway, red is a running theme for chapter 3 of Little Mismatch Maker, so the idiom should be taken with a grain of salt. lol. Hope you are all doing well and enjoy this progression in the story. Supermich_zero had a good inkling going on already. hahah! Gomawo, chinggu, for the support and thanks also to lilinkcil and purplelace38 for your kind words. See you in the next chapter!
purplelace38 #11
Wow,such a nice story.Hope Ms.Lilac can update soon.
lilinkecil #12
writer-nim fightiiiiiing..^.^/..Really love solim fanfic...waiting for the next chapter..^.^...
Supermich_zero #13
Chapter 2: Waaaah! Thanks for this update. And ooohhh i'm guessing the neighbor... and the possible 200th... is the same person. And i'm guessing that... that person is Also the one who will be sweeping the little spunky SoEun off her feet. A not so good impression eh~ this is exciting!
Chapter 2: Annyeong, chinggus! Thank you for the support for this new ff. I wish I could update quickly but work and life has me tied during the week. I will try to update weekly, if I can. Thanks to Supermich_zero (for creating an account! I appreciate that, chinggu!) and YEighty for leaving your kind words. Hope you like "Off-Balance" ^_^ Till next update! SoLim fighting! (could be quite literally for this fanfic. lol)
YEighty #15
Chapter 1: Seoulmate it is so great !
Soul matchmade in heaven and on earth !
Love to the earth to the sky ! Next chapter, I am ready ! Thank you for the story, thinking of solim playing this role is daebak !
You published one book why not a second ! What about giving your story to a producer movie, it would be so wow ! Good day !
Supermich_zero #16
Chapter 1: Woohoo!!! I just had to create an account now coz i realized i never did set up an account and dropped any words of my undying admiration to your work "Half a year". So here i am doing it now. Oooohhh I'm guessing the 200th client is... *wink wink*