I have a question! Please help answer, if you can/want to. :)

So I want to ask...
Is a small child around 4 to 6 years old too young to be given an explanation as to the reason why her mother left her when she was a baby?
The situation that required her mother to leave was that she was forced and threatened to leave and leave her child and the child's father (S.O) by his family without her S.O knowing. His family was very wealthy and had quite a lot of influence in the place they lived, so she was a bit helpless at the time. She has many regrets and when she meets her S.O again (like later on), she explains what happened back then and the reason she left. Her S.O understood and allowed her to meet their child.
Here I am a little confused whether they need to explain or not to their child. Of course not in detail because she probably wouldn't understand. But should there still be an explanation? If so, what's the best explanation? How to explain it?

Thank you in advance! ^^

Note : this is a part of the plot for a story, so it's not real. XD

p.s. I feel a bit silly to ask this tbh. 🙈
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