Help me find this bts fic?

Hi, some years ago I read this one BTS fic on here which I'm struggling to find searching through the tags.

It was some kind of horror story where one bts member (can't remember who) was new at school and started befriending a classmate (might have been Suga) that the whole school avoided and mistreated because he apparently was bad luck. They basically treated him like a ghost. It turns out he's haunted by this evil presence/malevolent demon which causes accidents and despair to anyone around him, and then the other members are pulled into this mess trying to help him.

I think I remember a scene with some pencil sharpener accident, as well as a car crash near the end. It got quite dark, but it left an impact and it nags me that I can't remember a single tag or keyword about it. I would be very grateful for any help, if you remember it or have any suggestions!
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