Help me find this story!

I used to read a lot of fanfics from this site a handful of years back and just recently a story came to mind that I really want to read again, but I don't remember the name (or even the kpop characters that were involved).

So I was hoping other readers on this site could help me out.
The main character is a girl who works in a hair salon (family run perhaps) but is poor. I don't remember how exactly she meets the ML (but I think he stumbles into her salon one day because it was raining? or he needed a place to hide?) but when she does she finds out that he's a rich person. Through his connections she begins training at a top tier hair/beauty school. It is tough on her and people think she isn't talented because she got in through connections, but she proves herself as talented, withstanding the tough tests and the harsh people in the business. (Now that I'm ty[ing this out I think the rich person is also a hair stylist/beautician, like a famous one.) There's one scene in particular that I remember: it's when a really famous female Korean star, who is known to be really nice turns out to be the rudest person ever (think shin se kyung, yoona, or park shin hye).

Tbh I'm not even sure if this is a fanfic from this site or not, but this is me best bet to find this great story again.

I would be really grateful (and surprised lol) if someone on this site could help me find this story! 3
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