The Dragon and The Enchantress Update

Hey guys...

We had updated Chapter 5 of The dragon and The Enchantress




We really don't know if anyone is reading this…. nevertheless we'll continue to write and hope your reading it. Please let us know your thoughts about the story, they are like medicine to our writing. It'll help us improve our writing.

Guys..We are 2 people Man&Van who had recently started this story of fantasy..

Spoiler alert...Spoiler Alert

Van(*cough): This is one of my best chapter because it contains some interesting stuff and most cringy and funny jokes..hope you read it

Man: Yahhh...(starts running with a pan)

Van(Shouting): Hope you guys read it...I need to save my life..Hope I had a suite like ant-man..uff...byebyee


Van Ran-off
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