Should I Move My Account?

As you can read from the title, this will be about me making a decision to move my account or not. Some of you might know my writings, some wouldn't (this is more likely, though. I am no good). I don't have many subscribers nor views. For some people they might looked small and not so valuable. But for me, they are one of those reasons i'm still writing, to keep improving, to (perhaps) keep me sane. Gaining them was a hardwork. All it takes is just one click and--they disappear! I have made the new account and slowly updating one of my fanfiction (from this account). I was ready, months a go. But now, this past week, i gained one or two subscriber. It was so amazing! I don't update, but they still notice my work.
But then again, i don't know if it can beat my original reason to move; someone knew me by my id. She's not someone who hates me or bullies me in real life. In fact, we are so close! But my writings are more the emotional ones and she knows me as a funny and strong (wise, maybe?) person. It is weird to let her know i can think like this and being sad, sympathetic. She's a multifans, so it means she reads every fanfiction, be it exo, bts, girls generation, twice.
What do you say, guys(or girls)? Should I move?
AminahKarima 5 months ago
@shinyao Yes. Sorry, the situation's a bit complicated so its hard to explain it in simple form...
5 months ago
I just read this 3 times over and I still don't get what you mean. Are you saying you have more subs at your old account, but you're safe from the bully in the new account?