Small rant about rps

So...i've been in fb rps for almost 6 years now. And i think any rper gets to this point when they start “dating“ someone. Its the same for me but i noticed how everyone just leaves so fast. Just recently my rs ended after two months. I really enjoyed rping with this person but like always he said he's getting busier, breaking up with the reason of not wanting me to wait for him. But! While breaking up he could talk to me for almost two hours. So he can't really be that busy right? I mean, this time could have been used for some nice rping. And then there are always those “i love you“s while they break up. It all just sounds like lies to me. And i'm so tired of this. When i first started to rp people would do anything to stay with their friends and partners, even if they only had a bit of free time. That's why there are hiatus. And i'm still like that. When i'm busy i will still stay with those who are close to me because i don't want to hurt them and i don't want to give up all of this. But i feel like so many rpers lately just don't care about others anymore.

And its the same with 1x1 rps! Just yesterday someone ended a rp that had been going on for almost a year. All of a sudden with the explanation that they don't like all the drama in the plot. Why end things when you could just talk about it and change the plot a bit? Especially when that's the only problem. I mean, i can't read minds. I won't know if there's too much drama when no one tells me. I mean, its nice that this person told me they want to stop instead of just disappearing, but is it really necessary to throw away a good plot just because of one thing that could be easily changed? Especially after both sides put in a lot of time to make this plot so good. It just makes me so sad to let go of such good plots. Especially when i'm never the one who ends plots. Its always others who disappear on me. I love rping but stuff like that just really brings my mood down.

Oh well...thanks if you read all of this. I just needed to get this out.
5 months ago
I don't understand much about RP, but I hope you find a few new partners through this post! Don't give up! :)
5 months ago
I completely understand this. RP isn't what it used to be. People used to stick around and put a lot of effort into roleplaying , years and years ago. Now it seems like people treat role play like a mobile game. Quick action on the go, sort of thing. I've lost interest in it because it's just not enjoyable anymore. Never been in a 'relationship' before through role play, but I do understand people's habits of just dropping things.
gidae1 6 months ago
@KwonJiyongsWaifu Thanks
6 months ago