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Talk Is Cheap
Sold For Change
But Actions Speak
Of Emotions Claimed
Love Is Fragile
Like Life And Death
And The Heart's A Castle
Built On Stones Of Regret

When Strangers Mingle
On Chanced Occasions
No Spark Nor Tingle
Warns Of abrasions
In It's Stillness
The Moment Endures
Like Immortal Quillist's
Ancient Sonnets Pure

Juliet Lingers
Yet Romeo Strays
As A Promised Finger
Pulls Swiftly Away
Time After Time
Yet No Lesson Learned
He Utters Not But Empty Lines
That Like Fire Doth Scald and Burn

She Pulls Back
Only To Reach Out Once More
And Her Heart Is Ash
Yet...His Not Torn
His Wiles Are Ageless
Since The Dawn Of Man
And Lustful Bodies Lie Faceless
In The Palm Of His Hand

Like Helen Of Troy
He's Naught But Beauty
And His Voice Is Such Seducing Noise
Filled Not With Truth Or Duty
Promises Made And Broken The Same
Spoken Swiftly Never To Last
Love Burnt Over Lust's Open Flame
Hence Juliet, A Ghost From The Past

Romeo Never Loved
Since Love's Meant To Last
Even Angels Above
See His Heartless Contrast
I Too Have Fallen Victim To Lies
His Pretty Words Did I Desire
Yet Naught By Coyness Nor Pride
But Love...For This Beautiful Liar

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