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Chaos erupts in Cho Miran's department for the Secret Service on her second day there when notorious enemy spymaster Oh Sehun turns himself in at their local headquarters.

Twelve hours later, he is dead, leaving the Secret Service reeling with the realisation that they have a mole – which could end up bringing the country and its war effort to its knees.  It is up to Cho Miran, her mentor Do Kyungsoo, and the rest of their department to discover which spy has turned rogue and to stop that person before it becomes too late.

But the rogue is good at keeping friends close and enemies even closer, and betrayal hits worst from those you trust the most.


There aren't nearly enough D.O./OC stories around, so here's my submission.  Tags, characters etc. will be added as and when they come up.  I haven't yet decided which/how many EXO members will be turning up.

(Edit 5/6/2015: before anybody else goes mentioning Blacklist, which is on my to-watch list over summer (or Christmas, if I don't get round to it), and which I have never seen, I would like to clarify that my main inspirations for this story are the cases of UNSUB in the FBI and Agent Zigzag during WWII, both of which inspired the end of the opening chapter (and just the premise in general),  I have linked articles about them in a later chapter, but I suggest reading up about them anyway because they're both really interesting.  Also, Blacklist is apparently crime/detective rather than spy, anyway.)


As always, I don't own EXO, anything branded to them/their image etc.  The story is entiredly my own, however.  Please don't plagiarise it.  I will be removing it immediately if it is plagiarised.


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There will be action, character death, violence and whatnot in this, but I don't think anything's going to be graphic.  If it is, I'll rate it.



This was a very pleasant surprise!  Thank you, everyone!  Rogue barely scrapes into the top 50 upvoted Kyungsoo fics as of today (or top 100 upvoted Kyungsoo fics if rated ones are included), and on a quick search through the tags, it appears that there are only about 13 non-Kaisoo fics in that top 50 (which jumps to 18 in the top 100), and of those nine of them are Kyungsoo x OC fics, which means that Rogue is probably the 9th Kyungsoo x OC fic on the site to be featured (non-rated, at any rate).  I think that's pretty cool.


I can't guarantee totally regular updates, but there will (hopefully) be a minimum once or twice per month, but with any luck many more than that.


See you all later!


Current cover & background by YifanForever.

(P.S.  Please don't call me authornim (I hate it) or ask me to update soon.  Being nagged doesn't make the updates come any quicker and you can call me Korey.)

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Thanks for the feature! Was planning to update today but just found out Rogue's been plagiarised, so will put a hold on that until I've received an apology.

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Yixing-is-my-daddy #1
Chapter 30: This fic has me questioning my existence. Who do we even trust anymore?? I am obsessed oml <3 <3 (Also really hope that Mama Suho is just pretending to be an absolute sleazebag because whyy lol)
To the person who plagiarized this masterpiece,
Chapter 30: So I had this weird feeling of randomly wanting to reread Rogue since I was a bit stuck on my own fic and I open this to find out that for some reason, I wasn't subscribed to this anymore and I would've probably missed out on so much xD Like you finish DMAD and start posting a chapter every other day for Rogue and me being totally clueless about it LOL
28 streak #3
i love this fic so much
caramelmacchiato3 #4
Chapter 30: Ok I really love this fic and it's so complicated and well researched that I can tell you've put a lot of effort into it!! I really look forward to reading more!!
Congratulations on getting featured!
LexyaLX 1 points #6
Chapter 30: I started this story some time ago and already saw this chapter. I really hoped that this story would start to continue again during the time I haven't reached this chapter yet. I'm so sad to see that you still haven't continued which suggests that you still didn't get an apology of the person who copied this story. I really really hope that things will be sorted out and that this story will fingish some day...because it's really good. I always read the chapters during my train ride to work and during my short breaks. Thank you so much for uploading storys as fascinating and entertaining as this~
Chapter 30: you know I've never been later but I logged in tonight and girl, someone has to call these kids out for sleeping on other people's hard work. you stand up for yourself like team cap vs team iron man I'm inspired. hope they had the decency to apologise????? <3 <3 <3
Chapter 13: I feel like this is a bad time to comment (as I don't want to seem like I'm ignoring the situation about the plagiarized work) but I was rereading and thinking and sleeping on it and literally half of my brain energy came to this story (I'm not even trying to figure out who is sending Yeonhee gifts in DMAD because there is no more energy for that) and even then, I don't have a solid breakthrough on who the rogues are.

Everything's a pile of unsorted assumptions, but the only thing I can carve in stone so far is that Kyungsoo's old fob card took a week (of hell, according to Woohyun) to replace, and yet Chanyeol has lost his card 3 times in the week or so that he's been here, so Gayoung's definitely (I want to be certain, but I'm sure you'll find a way to make me doubt myself XD) working with the Chanyeol's frequency of losing his card and his lack of mentioning any coordinating with anyone else to get in and out of the building, it seems like the process of replacing fobs should be pretty instantaneous (unless he lost his card the moment he received one). Hence, I suspect Gayoung tampered around with the fob, or at least brought it to someone who could jank up the one-card-only system...
Agh, my brain's starting to hurt, but story aside, I wanted to congratulate you on your well-deserved feature. This story has me spinning in all directions, and I feel like I'm grasping onto something, but there isn't solid evidence for me to pin anyone (much like Miran, the poor girl). I admire how you slip in so many red flags that go totally unnoticed until you point it out in later chapters (I'm talking about how Sehun's initial story about his wife and son was fake, because I hadn't even noticed how many time slips there were until Miran figured it out herself). I feel like there's so much information in the story, and I'm picking up all of the puzzle pieces, but nothing seems to click in. Needless to say, I'm incredibly anticipating the end of the story (although there's undoubtedly many, many more chapters left) so that everything falls in together and the rogue is revealed :)
Congratulations dear for the feature :D
1 points #10
Chapter 30: Please anyone who plagiarised, step up and applogize please
There are about 3000+ reader who want to know the continue of the story
Write your ff by your own, i know it's hard i tried it once but it didn't up well. But practice makes perfect

Anyway thanks authornim for bringing this ff, i can't wait for draw me a date update too but i can manage :)
Have a nice weeks