Paula's stories


Stories, mostly one-shots, that My friend Paula tells me on our classes, they're all crazy, and all of them i end up married with some of my bias, so if you want to read and call us crazy, or laught, cuz every time she reads over the stories i have to tell her to be more quiet on school....


Hi ~

If you are here, and you're not Paula, or didnt found this on my account, then you don't really know what i'm doing here, so i must explain it to you.

Me, Cibeliana/Amaya Mizuki Baron  gonna post here, probably, all the crazy stories that Paula, tells me on classes kay?

every chapter is gonna be a storie, and sometimes i really dont have a good name to give to them, so sometimes i will just put the name of the guy on spotlight.

please enjoy, or not, i don't care, i just want to more people read what i listen and write, i like it, Paula likes, Bluna (that donnt have a account here, so dont go search her) like it too.


The guys that will appear more are probably 3 of my 4 dear oppas:

- Yamapi

- HongKi

- Jin

soo, enjoy ~



green is for HongKi fics

red is for Yamapi fics

purple is for Jin fics

Yellow is for another guy fics

Pink for more the one guy

-- -- -- 

1 - The Eagle

2 - Seven Days - Jack Sparrow

3 - From now on Ciel

4 - my Awesome book

5 - My Dungeon 

6 -  My four Grooms 

7 - The Child - Tanaka Koki


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Chapter 4: omg god woman i love you marry me <3 hahahaha
let me be your second affair :B hahahah
hongpi ahahaa
Chapter 3: omg you got together with pi and killed all girlband hahha
omg your hair </3
i wanna joing johnny's too...put me up on kattun o/
/chops hair/
Jin i'll get in your place~~ hahhaha
Chapter 2: Jack you're here <3
Liar game too hahahaha
Jin <3
oh my god i love it haahahhahahahhahahahah
Chapter 1: i meat to say oguri shun in there but i read first another one with mike he and he stayed on my head... and actually i don't like shun too /nods/
Chapter 1: yaay hongki.. hahaha
oh poor mike he Dx I like him hahahaha
omo keiichiro O.O Tagoshi O.O ahahah
oh you like johnnys too~~ there another story around that clashes both jpop and kpop /nods/ you should check it out~~ Yamapi appears /nods/
Kkkkkkkkk!! Maa~ eu nao posso imaginar um Yamapi assim, tao gordo e velho, mas tambem fiquarei com ele se estivesse assim! X) E verdade que ele so precisa de Maki e nao dessas Masami (grrr) o SNSD! :O (gomen ne mas eu gosto da Erika, sem Pi of course!) Essa Paula e muita doidaa! Gostaria ter uma amiga assim que me conta historias de eu e Tomo-chan x) Adorei essa (: Kon-kon! ^-^
Looove ''From now on Ciel'' Matsujun having an affair with Keiichiro and Pi reading our fanfics!:D Sooo funny x) ''Que diabos voce fez com minha merda de cabelos tio?!'' Kkkk essa foi boaaa! <3
LOLZ... <333