My One True Love

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Jessica Jung ,Choi Siwon , Kim Junsu, Krystal Jung , Kim Jaejoong , Lee Donghae , Tiffany Hwang,




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And to those who have stumbled here, please give it a try and maybe you'd like my story. 

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Being able to fall in love and out of love is something she has done so many times. She didn't know why she's like that, she doesn't know why she's always falling for the wrong guy but could you blame her? Her heart chooses what her mind doesn't want.


Why can't they just be the same?








Main Characters:



Jessica  Jung



I was born.

I was born a vampire but why do I have something that no ordinary vampire has? 

I admit it, I have fallen in and out of love. 

I can easily fall in love but I always have a hard time getting over it,


Because everytime I fall in love, my brothers and sister would always get in the way.

Because the guys I'm falling for is a human and I'm a vampire.








Kim Jaejeoong






I have a mission.

A mission that I know I couldn't do anymore as time pass by.

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't do it when the one involve is someone I love.













Lee Donghae





I have loved her all my life,

I didn't know why but I did and when I saw her,

I knew that she had to be mine.

Whatever may the cost be.













Shim Changmin




I know I may have backstabbed the family that took me in,

But I had to do it because they were going too far as to making me marry someone I don't even love.

They even threatened to kill my younger sister if I didn't follow what they order.

But I made up my mind when I saw her,

I decided to make her love and accept me.

















Minor Characters:


Jung Siwon(Choi Siwon)





I am the oldest among the Jung siblings.

I take care and protect them in any way I know.

I could've let my sister love the one she loves but when something came up, I just couldn't.

She's to precious to lose.

 I would even sacrifice my happiness just for her to be safe,










Jung Junsu (Kim Junsu)




I am older than Jessica and I'm younger than Siwon, making me second among the Jung Siblings.

I am weird and playful.

But that's just me.

But I am very protective to the ones I love.

Especially to my soon to be bride.










Krystal Jung







I am the youngest among the Jung Siblings.

I am easy to manipulate, especially to my older brother, Siwon.

But now,

I will be strong.

I will be strong for him.












 Kim Tiffany (Hwang Tiffany) 




I have been living under the protection of my brother and parents.

I did what they told me without complains leaving my mouth,

I didn't know why but when I wa young, I couldn't leave the kingdom without my brother.

I hate it,

but what could I do?


But I was lucky I found WooYoung, my boyfriend.









Kim Taeyeon 





I love my best friend,

I would do anything for to be together again.

I even let my ex - fiancee be with her even though I know she's still not in love with him.


















I couldn't understand why I am in this mess.

I just know something that can either help or break her,

but would I say it?

Should I do it?


Why for?












Some things aren't meant to be yours,




ummm... Hey... Can you do me a favor?




THANKS! :)))





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