Kaisoo Project 2014


A group of 13 authors reunite to create the greatest collection of Kaisoo one-shots.





For the next months, we’ll be bringing you the most diverse au!s and story lines possible in which Kaisoo are the main characters.


The first one-shot will be posted on the 9th of July and we’ll go on with the updates every week.


But before that happens, two or three authors will be announced every week.


We're sure you'll all enjoy!


Please support this project in which all your favorites authors will be participating!


Thank you!

The authors


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[KP2014] You'll hear about us again...soon :D

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luhannie123 #1
Chapter 10: How is this top!soo?
Chapter 7: This was so beautiful!! It made me feel all emotions at one T T thank you so much. ❤
if anyone didn't read this yet, just give it a try!!
virghouls #3
Chapter 7: the cutest fic omg :')
Chapter 6: :'( :'(
This is so soft, i like this sooooo so much.
Chapter 10: Probably had read this for like 10+ times. Gaaaah i love this fic.
chensubs #6
Chapter 4: wow i came back n cried reading this i am so deadttttt
Vonnerrs #7
Chapter 4: It's 2017 and I still read this lol
Chairmanchurch #8
Chapter 2: This story is amazing!! I love the characterization in this so much! Thanks for writing it authornim!!:):) Pirates rockkk