To keep Luhan by his side, Sehun is willing to use all means necessary and that includes clipping Luhan's wings.


Title: Tangled

Genre: Romance, Angst 

Characters: Main!Hunhan 

Length: Chaptered  [start: 09/05/2014]

Summary: undergroundboss!sehun and innocent!luhan who gets married to him.


*no translation allowed for this fic.

* this fic is heavily inspired by this chinese novel that i read titled 黑白


*an: another fic from me and yes, this is once again another crimelord!sehun because who can get enough of him. for now, i am not planning to add mpreg to it yet because that is not the main focus of this fic this time. 

*credit: beautiful poster done by SQUAREPANTS graphics!


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[tangled] rosa's beta mara here! new chapter is up! 6/11/16

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46 streak #1
Waiting patiently for an update!
blaznight #2
Chapter 18: Hello authornim. Hope u r doing well. Just wanna say that im gonna stay loyal to u waiting for updates. THIS IS MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE STORY HERE IN AFF. May ur day be blessed.
exoticso7 #3
Chapter 18: Hi! I'm a new subscriber here i really really love your story i'll be waiting for the new chapter please update soon author nim :))
mihawk4 #4
Chapter 18: Update soon please
Chapter 18: Cruel yet understanding... emotionless yet feels everything.... this Sehun is really perfect. The mysterious aura is tempting and I just couldn't stop myself from falling in love with the character. It really is wonderful!! I hope you will update soon authornim......
naimiestrella #6
Chapter 18: Ahhhhhh for the love of god!!!! I need some closure right here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sethachanmolika #7
Chapter 18: i am still waiting for u to finish the story.
KimNana94sehun #8
Up date please... I want cry for waiting your story...
re-reading this story for the nth time already and i must say this is so beautiful ♡ i love how sehun express himself, cold yet caring and how luhan stubbornly rejects the idea of sehun loving him like dude u serious!? the guy is really smitten by you damn it! so back at it, their relationship is just wonderful and i'll admit that the last chaptet left me hanging but nonetheles, this story already pierced through my heart so i'll be waiting for your next update! take your time author-nim! fighting! ♡
Chapter 18: Author-nim, please update this. I love this story..