To keep Luhan by his side, Sehun is willing to use all means necessary and that includes clipping Luhan's wings.


Title: Tangled

Genre: Romance, Angst 

Characters: Main!Hunhan 

Length: Chaptered  [start: 09/05/2014]

Summary: undergroundboss!sehun and innocent!luhan who gets married to him.


*no translation allowed for this fic.

* this fic is heavily inspired by this chinese novel that i read titled 黑白


*an: another fic from me and yes, this is once again another crimelord!sehun because who can get enough of him. for now, i am not planning to add mpreg to it yet because that is not the main focus of this fic this time. 

*credit: beautiful poster done by SQUAREPANTS graphics!


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[tangled] rosa's beta mara here! new chapter is up! 6/11/16

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SyakieNuna #1
Chapter 18: 2 yrs later and im still waiting for the update...
Chapter 18: This fic is beautiful huhuhu I waiting for the update authornim!
MrCarrot #3
Chapter 18: In midst of reading back all the fanfic
Chapter 18: Hope you will finish this...
in_vip #5
Chapter 18: Just finished re-read this story... still have faith to wait :)
Waiting patiently for an update!
blaznight #7
Chapter 18: Hello authornim. Hope u r doing well. Just wanna say that im gonna stay loyal to u waiting for updates. THIS IS MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE STORY HERE IN AFF. May ur day be blessed.
exoticso7 #8
Chapter 18: Hi! I'm a new subscriber here i really really love your story i'll be waiting for the new chapter please update soon author nim :))
mihawk4 #9
Chapter 18: Update soon please
Chapter 18: Cruel yet understanding... emotionless yet feels everything.... this Sehun is really perfect. The mysterious aura is tempting and I just couldn't stop myself from falling in love with the character. It really is wonderful!! I hope you will update soon authornim......