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My Pretend Girlfriend


Shim Changmin gets dumped by his girlfriend, Yeon Hee. He is depressed and his hyungs want to help out. Suddenly Jaejoong is struck with an idea on how to get those two back. Will this idea work? What happens if it backfires?


Ahnyeongseyo !!!


xxSanyaxx here with my second fanfic!


Hope you will enjoy it so suscribe and comment because it motivates me to write more for you!


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PS, here's the link to my first fanfic, starring Kim Jaejoong: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/68500


Enjoy the fanfic  

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ling15 #1
Chapter 39: how sweet changmin. I truly love this story, don't worry I will read of your story :)
Baenana #2
Chapter 39: Good job authornim I'm Soooo in love with the story finally they are together
Such a sweet couple
_DyNaR_ #3
Chapter 38: Awwwww...so cute...
Thanks for the story..well done dear^_^
iamhottestelf #4
Chapter 6: I love this story!!!
SMentFan99 #5
Chapter 12: I'm an ELF!! SO happy that you made her to love SUJU!!
chokyulate_16 #6
Chapter 39: Really good story^^

Loved it :)

I would have liked more drama though... But on the whole it is a good fic and I really liked it so... YAY :D
darkart #7
Chapter 39: @ShyRainbowScarf@ Awww. This was so cute! I loved this, keep up the good work!
sya_dragon #8
Chapter 38: Wow.... I really love this story. I complete read this story in one go. it's amazing. Keep writing... I'll be waiting your next story... >_<
btw I love changmin oppa, so keep writing about me and him. lol
iHeartDubu #9
Chapter 39: I finished the story and oh my god it was so kyute in so many ways! <3
iHeartDubu #10
Chapter 14: I just started reading and this is an amazing story! :D I really like it ^.^