The big bad wolf

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Once its full moon, the big bad wolf comes out. He goes to hunt his preys like a predator, you can run but you can't escape him. Once he gets you, its all over. 


 Summary: Zitao and his friends decided to celebrate their finals with a camping trip, a fun trip with five bestfriend and only nature around them. Not knowning that they are being watched as they go deep inside the forest.






'' Dude, did you left the flashlight in our tent ? '' Zitao frowns and unzips his babpack, he groaned as he only sees his cellphone, a map and some snacks in his bag pack.

'' What the hell ? i know for sure that i brought it with me ! '' 

'' oops ? my bad, xiumin hyung told me to bring some snacks along with us so we wouldn't get hungry.. '' Sehun pouts 

'' ARE SNACKS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR ONLY SURVIVOR ITEM ?! '' Zitao shouted at the taller boy and rolls his eyes as Sehun winced at the sound of his voice.

'' Alright ladies, let's not fight. Xiumin and baekhyun are still in the tent anywayso let's get back to get the flashlight '' Chanyeol chuckles and gives his two friends a funny look.

'' fine, but next time i will seriously leave Sehun behind '' Zitao hissed and gave the taller boy a light punch in his arm




The three boys finally reaches their tent but soon froze as they saw a pack of big wolfs standing in front of their tent with Baekhyun and Xiumin on the other side, looking even more terrified.

'' guys.. i don't think that the flashlight is the problem anymore ''

'' no sherlock.. '' Zitao mumbles and grabs a rock from the ground as soon as he saw that one of the wolf turned his face towards them and started to growl.

'' i ing hate nature'' Baekhyun who looked like he was about to piss himself mumbles on the other side as he hid behind Xiumin



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seralina #1
Chapter 1: can u update...plez..
it was a very good story..
Mayson #2
Chapter 1: It has a really good and interesting begin!!!!!
EllieIsMad #3
Chapter 1: Please update soon~! I like this story so far!
MickeyC7914 #4
Chapter 1: don't forget about this!!
MickeyC7914 #5
/snorts at baekhyun
buu4me #6
really excited to know who is the wolf....
Johanne #7
Wowwwww i love the plot!!
I think luhan, kris and kai are the wolves right? Hahaha
Die to know what will happen next ><
Pls pls updateeee<3