The Plan


Daehyun and Himchan come up with a plan to get Yongguk's and Youngjae's attention once and for all.


I'm terrible at descriptions... I also realise it looks like I'm suddenly posting a lot (...which I guess I kind of am doing), but to be honest, this idea has been floating around for a while. Youngjae just gave me more motivation recently. Plus, I've realised AFF isn't such a scary place after all, though I'm not sure why I thought it was. :P


Anyway, short preview, and I'll be posting the prologue in a bit as well:


Daehyun opened and closed his mouth a few times before frowning. “We could do that, but it’d have to be intense flirting.”


Himchan looked the other up and down suspiciously, making Daehyun roll his eyes.


“Don’t worry, we wouldn’t have to kiss or anything. Probably. But there’d definitely have to be a lot more touching and stuff.”


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smiles1471 #1
Chapter 10: Dear authornim....just want to say how much i loved your story. Even tho i am a big daejae fan & my bias is Gukkie, i still enjoyed the direction the story went in. Sad as i am for both Guk & Jae, im cheering on Himdae
M29xxx #2
Chapter 10: Woah I thought It'll be Daejae and Banghim ending tho.. And the maknaes landladlwhcpwhflan XD they're so adorable here although their appearance is little

This is my first Himdae XD nyehehehe and you make it feel good by your perfect writtings errgyhhhh X3
gothprincess666 #3
awww so cute and adorable love the story and the ending.^^
magicbananas #4
Chapter 10: Waaaaah~~~~~
Very first himdae I've ever read!!!!!
That was cute ^^
PlantzVsZombEz #5
Chapter 9: Ur #1 fan is sooo sorry I wasn't there to support u but I've been in the hospital..:/ but all is well! And I've gotta say, I love it!!! I'm antcipating more of your stories! -Minzz
k-popfan2013 #6
Chapter 10: I loved this so much <3
RandoMindeD #7
Chapter 9: Well, when I first started reading this story I didn't expect Himdae as being the ending couple but surprisingly I didn't mind it that much. Probably because I'm still not that familiar with B.A.P pairings for one and also because I just love their interactions with each other and their dynamic. They don't look much like a couple, but more like bickering friends yet that's what made their relationship so much more endearing at the same time~
Also, I agree that it fitted the story better to have them end up together rather than with their respective crushes. On another hand I do feel quite sorry for both Yongguk & Youngjae for losing their chance but maybe they'll find someone better fit for them soon~
Last but not least, big up to the maknae for helping their hyungs work things out and figure out their true feelings. And thank you for sharing!!
waywaydt #8
Chapter 10: this is so worth it. the ending.;~~: you know what, im glad you decided to ignore the haters(complainers) and continue on and stick writing to what you originally planned. shaking my head at most of the comments below expressing their dissatisfaction/annoyance at how this story doesnt stick to the main otps. calm down people, there was HIMDAE written on the tags did you not get the memo & it's just a fan fiction why you have to get your panties in a bunch
Mamfaclare #9
Chapter 9: Noooooo //strangled crying
I was so keen for the banghim and daejae!!!! But I'm also rly happy about the himdae but oh my guk the angst I was dying but omggggggg sad guk isn't a good guk and argh feels

On another note this was really well written and wow that was good
kanghaemin #10
this fic was hell for me as a daejae fan! but still as a fanfic reader it was REALLY and i loved how himdae established in this fic!!! I LOVE IT TOO MUCH that it made my otp bias list in bap ruin. hehehehehe well anyways I LOVE THIS AND I WILL READ THE SEQUEL.... HIMDAE fighting! BANGJAE fighting!!! authornim FIGHTING!