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Being a teenager is tough. Plain and simple and just true.

Every day teenagers stress over various things: school, clothes, friends, love. The most trivial and ordinary things. But what's the one thing most teenagers shrug off and act as if it is of no importance? Bullying.

For Choi Eunhui, avoiding her bully seemed like the best thing to do. Why wouldn't you avoid your bully? Of course, things only seem to worsen the more she avoids him. She can't stand Oh Sehun, the cool guy with the attractive face who thinks he's God's given gift to this world. He's hateful, cocky, and many more adjectives that mean bad things. She never thought she would be a victim of bullying, one reason being because she was always the one helping the bullied, being their friend and defender. But that only seemed to make trouble for herself because now she's got the world's worst bully sitting on her shoulder like some annoying monkey screeching in her ear. And just when she thinks it's over and she's free of it all, he strikes again every time. She doesn't know what she expected to happen...

But falling for the boy behind the mask of a bully was what she least expected.

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Choi Eunhui | 최은휘


"나는 니가 싫어요."

"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hate so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain."

- James Baldwin

오세훈 | Oh Sehun


"내가 너무 미안해."


01. In Your Eyes - Onew

02. 후 - J-Min

03. Don't Go - EXO

04. 최고의 행운 - Chen

05. Lightweight - Demi lovato

06. 울보 - 신지훈

07. Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

I do ask that none of you take this story seriously; the actions and personalities do not reflect the real people mentioned in this story. Not only that, but bullying is a very serious issue today and it is not something to play with. I myself have never experienced bullying and I do not inflict it on others, as I wish you all refrain from doing also. If any of you are experiencing bullying, please seek help; feel free to talk to me about it too. I hope this story sets an example as to why you should not bully others. I also hope that none of you fall under the impression that this could actually happen in real life; all the love and fluff that will come to the storyline surface at some points is not going to happen between you and your bully (I mean, it could but let's not play with fire; Eunhui will show us why we shouldn't). Just please enjoy the story and leave it at that. Oh Sehun is not going to bully you and fall in love with you (he probably would bully you but you know, that's Ohun). Do stick up for yourself and let your bully know what they are doing is wrong and should stop. This does not reflect actual bullying events. For additonal information on bullying, click here and here.

*WARNING* This story contains verbal, emotional, domestic, ual, and physical abuse.


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1 points #1
Gonna be reading this for the 1000th time day. Well, that indeed was an exaggeration but I swear I read this story over and over again every chance I get. Your writing inspires and always succeeds in bringing an insight to the different flavours and the behind the scenes of every person. This is no doubt one of the best stories I have ever read on AFF♡ Thank you so much for creating this
This story always tugs at my heartstrings. It's so beautifully written, and the plot line is a killer. <3
EuJin_13J #3
Chapter 82: Oh God!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! WHAT IS THIS?? I cant say a word... This is...... Really something and... Beautiful.. Thank u ^_^
pepspr #4
Chapter 82: Ok..... Authornim sometimes I really really hate you then I love you then I hate you again it's all really mixed
This story has given me so many feels
Chapter 82: lol, what happen after that. okay in my mind eunhui and sehun meet again after 8 year(why 8 year? i dont know,lol-.-) their meet again , falling in love , be a sweet couple , married and have a such happy family^^ . lol, when i read your ff .eunhui story same like mine. i have been mocked, their insulting and underestimed me maybe i have been bullied(not just 'maybe' but yes their bullied me). their dont called me fatty but their called trash or loser:( . their bullied me almost 2 year and halft, just like eunhui. at the time, i'm still 13/14 . at home, i laugh and smile infront at my parent, sistar , my family but when i'm alone at my room, i cry everytime ,every night just when i'm alone . i dont want my family see i'm cry, their will ask what happen if i cry infront of them(i'm not that crazy crying infront of my family, i just dont like my family see i crying infront of them). sometime i asked at myselft why their always bother? did i do something wrong? but nope i just mind my own business , i dont even care in their life. i asking at them why their bother me but their laughing and embarrassed me infornt all student at my class saying i just loser, i'm just weak girl. i dont even fight eventhough i'm mad . i will pretending sick or make excuses to avoid not going to school. people dont even care at me, sometime i feel like i'm alone,nobody at my school will defend me or fight them but nope their just dont care. i just like eunhui , i try to be nice at my enemy aka my bullies , my mom say that not matter what happen or people hate you should treat them nice but nope it doesn't work for me. their keep bullies me. but you know what, those who bullies me now my bestfriend. when the time passed those who bullies me regret what happen and their begging me to forgive them. well, everyone need a second chance, right maybe that time their just teenager their dont know what is right and what is bad for them. i forgive them, forget what happen at the passed and their become my bestfriend ,their always give me so advice. my enemy become who of those who i love in my life, lol-.- . now, i will face now matter what challenge at my university .i'm not going to be weak, i got lucky , i dont face any problem at my university. people nice to me^^. btw, thanx for you. i enjoy, lol-.-
1 points #7
Chapter 81: Wonderful story... my heart still aches for them and you are just amazing author nim because i really love this story, not to mention things i learns from this.. thank you for created this masterpiece^^
Sehun_vici 1 points #8
Can I translate it to Arabic ?
1 points #9
Chapter 82: Loved the story, it told a great tale, I learned a lot about people and emotions (though not why the Cheetos were in the fridge). I went on a roller coaster of emotions, could not for the life of me figure out where the story was going to go, and now I'm here, at the end... and I gotta say it was great!! Yet at the same time I don't have a sense of closure with they way it wrapped up.

I know it's because of Sehun, and his whole story, which Irony wasn't actually about. This was about Eunhui and her dealings with Sehun. And he's a great role model for many reasons, at the same time not merely for the fact that she didn't speak up sooner, granted I know the situations she was in and her logic dictated 'no'. But I'm getting off base with my comment and point. I really, really loved this story, part wishes that Sehun's mom had met crazy grandma and seen how that played out, lol. Though in the end I didn't feel like this was a romance at all, it was definitely (in my opinion and how I interpreted the story and the character interactions) more of a struggle towards friendship more than anything. Eunhui didn't seem to ever developed deeper feelings for Sehun like love, at least romantically, and if Sehun did, which i guess he did confess yet it was mere statements of liking her, which could have been platonic and not romantic.

I had spent the entirety of the story wondering how this tale of bullying was gonna become some sort of romance ever how small and short that might be because SOOOOO many people right stories where the girl (or guy) falls for their bully, but it's not realistic ever and hardly makes senses. This story made sense, this story had me on the edge of my seat with tears in my eyes and here I sat at the end of my birthday reading it because damn is it a good read, because this story was a beautiful tale of a girl dealing with struggles, and a boy who.... well I'm still a little stumped on Sehun because like I said his story wasn't finished.

But, yeah, I definitely would call this a friendship story not a romance....... THANK YOU FOR BLESSING THE WORLD WITH THIS STORY.

Also as the big closer for this post, I loved Tao throughout the entire thing. You wrote his character wonderfully and it was just great and a joy when he showed up. Lol. What a charming, loud, dork! So cute.

Okay, now I'm done.

Again thank you.
Chapter 48: By the end of this chapter I just wanted Eunhui to go befriend Sehun's mom. She seems like a nice lady and in my mind it fixes everything. Just pop over to the Oh house (maybe bring grandma) and boom some magical solved angsty problems.