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Being a teenager is tough. Plain and simple and just true.

Every day teenagers stress over various things: school, clothes, friends, love. The most trivial and ordinary things. But what's the one thing most teenagers shrug off and act as if it is of no importance? Bullying.

For Choi Eunhui, avoiding her bully seemed like the best thing to do. Why wouldn't you avoid your bully? Of course, things only seem to worsen the more she avoids him. She can't stand Oh Sehun, the cool guy with the attractive face who thinks he's God's given gift to this world. He's hateful, cocky, and many more adjectives that mean bad things. She never thought she would be a victim of bullying, one reason being because she was always the one helping the bullied, being their friend and defender. But that only seemed to make trouble for herself because now she's got the world's worst bully sitting on her shoulder like some annoying monkey screeching in her ear. And just when she thinks it's over and she's free of it all, he strikes again every time. She doesn't know what she expected to happen...

But falling for the boy behind the mask of a bully was what she least expected.

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Choi Eunhui | 최은휘


"나는 니가 싫어요."

"I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hate so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain."

- James Baldwin

오세훈 | Oh Sehun


"내가 너무 미안해."


01. In Your Eyes - Onew

02. 후 - J-Min

03. Don't Go - EXO

04. 최고의 행운 - Chen

05. Lightweight - Demi lovato

06. 울보 - 신지훈

07. Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift

I do ask that none of you take this story seriously; the actions and personalities do not reflect the real people mentioned in this story. Not only that, but bullying is a very serious issue today and it is not something to play with. I myself have never experienced bullying and I do not inflict it on others, as I wish you all refrain from doing also. If any of you are experiencing bullying, please seek help; feel free to talk to me about it too. I hope this story sets an example as to why you should not bully others. I also hope that none of you fall under the impression that this could actually happen in real life; all the love and fluff that will come to the storyline surface at some points is not going to happen between you and your bully (I mean, it could but let's not play with fire; Eunhui will show us why we shouldn't). Just please enjoy the story and leave it at that. Oh Sehun is not going to bully you and fall in love with you (he probably would bully you but you know, that's Ohun). Do stick up for yourself and let your bully know what they are doing is wrong and should stop. This does not reflect actual bullying events. For additonal information on bullying, click here and here.

*WARNING* This story contains verbal, emotional, domestic, ual, and physical abuse.


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ListyArisa 0 points #1
Chapter 81: This is really awasome. You really make me learn a new things. I really happy that Sehun make it up with Eunhui. But there still something that i never know abt Sehun Mom. Why her paralayzed due to Sehun behaviour? Also what happens with his family. Also why he dissapear after his graduation?

Anyway this absolutely amazing story althought i hate to the gut with Kim Taeyeon
DecemberRains #2
Chapter 82: I had to continually take breaks in reading this story and it took me 2 months to finish it, but I loved every single second of it. It was written so perfectly and realistically that even in the end everything and nothing was resolved. Instead of finishing this story in tears that things turned out like this and they're lives were just so awful that even in the end life went on and people had to learn to deal with it. The story was written so well that at times I would cry as I read it and I would get depressed reading it, to the point where it affected my emotions in real life. I expected for the ending to be full of angst and heartbreak, but even though it did sort of end like this, the delivery just justified it and I felt a sense of closure with it. You made the wording and chose to write the scenes that gave it a nolstalgic feel right up the beginning and end of the chapter, the whole moment felt surreal and not like the end but like a beginning. The way the fate of some characters was left up to inferencing and reading between the lines or just plain unknown really got to me and it was written beautifully right from the start to the end. I'm just completely blown away from the quality of such a story made. While I knew the end was near I never wanted it to end, I wanted more and to have full closure, for everything to settle into place and have a happy ending, but the kind of ending this story got, seemed fitting for the story. Everything and nothing changed and it was an ending but a new beginning at the same time. While I'll never know what happened to Sehun, why Luhan is the way he is, or how most of the characters did after this story, or how Eunhui dealt with life after and the emotional scars they will all carry for the rest of their lives, there's still a sense of final closure and that everything might not be okay in the end of it, but life will go on. Even now as I write this I don't want to stop because then I know I'll be done it this story until I reread it again in a couple months and by then some of the deeper meanings will have sunk in by then and the full impact will be reduced. I just really love this story.
JiminnieCricket #3
Chapter 81: Oh okay. That was great, my heart hurts but you know, wow.
noellabyun8 #4
It's been a while now since I found out about this site. I have read a couple of exo fanfictions, and in all honestly, this is so far the only story that I had so many emotions! It is so good. And so realistic. Thank you for the wonderful lessons author. :)
serendiventeen_again #5
Chapter 43: I come back here after watching 13 reasons why
deathbyanime #6
Chapter 82: This was like a rollercoaster. Every chapter left me in suspense waiting to find out what was going to happen to the characters. Thank you for writing this its honestly great ^^. Sorry for spamming your comments as well
deathbyanime #7
Chapter 77: The feels omg. Its so intense. I was not prepared
deathbyanime #8
Chapter 39: This is so skillfully written, I honestly can't put it down. Its difficult to find such a good story to read
queen07 #9
Chapter 82: I never thought I would encounter a fic like this on AFF, it was so deep and well planed, every piece of information given in the entire literature was planed so skillfully that it kept reader wondering and yet excited, this was realistic in many different ways though I really had hard time believing existence of such girl who was kind till the end even after facing this much!
Helping a bullied kid is one thing and helping the one who bullied you to such extents is another.
I also find it highly contrasting that she didn't reach out for her family, if she had heart to understand the one who bullied her to such lengths she should be more open and understanding to her family, she completely shut her sister down without even giving any effort in trying to say her problems. I think it's very logical for a bullied kid to behave that way because they can't see a way out but her personality and way of thinking was sometimes very contrasting. I also find it rather bizarre that her grandma didn't really tell her parents when she saw her getting bullied, if she can't see a way out then grandma should've. her granddaughter was suffering for such a long time and she was obviously not making any progress with peacemaking, shouldn't she be worried about her own granddaughter?
I'm yet to see such good people in my life who would go to such lengths, the story was such an inspiration either way to fight for things... she didn't hate Sehun but what he did?
it makes me wonder how that even works...
We like people for what they are but what they are is only decisive on accords of what they do, isn't it?

Finally I want to thank you for writing such a brilliant literature, whole story kept me on edge and I felt every single bit of emotion which only proves how well written the story is, it's was so vivid in sense that I felt like watching a movie...
Thank you again for sharing this story with us :)
queen07 #10
Chapter 41: oh my god really I don't know life anymore though life in reality sure is as hard as it has been so amazingly plotted... nevertheless it's hard to control tears