Without U


She wishes she hadn't been born into one of the riches families in South Korea. No one wanted to be friends

with her from her families power in money.


Now that she had an arranged marriage with a family friend she definitely felt she wouldn't be happy, forever.

She disagree's with her family.


Will she change her mind when she meets her future husband? What happens when her family listens to her,

and does cancel the marriage for her?


Will she realize her feelings for him? What if its too late to confess to him, when he has his new bride will she 

still confess her feelings?


But the important thing is does he love her the way she loves him? Who will it be?


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Main Characters:

Ji Eun:

She was new at love, will she realize what she has when she loses it? Will she fight for him back, more 

importantly will she get him back?




He hates the arrangement his parents have made with an unknown family friend, but as time changes will his

feelings change? Although, what will he do when the marriage he will have with her is canceled? Will he want

her back?




She was living life fantastically until her parents said she had to get married with a family friend. She didn't

understand, and didn't want to have an arrangement marriage at all. Will her feelings change when she

meets her new future husband? What happens when someone tries to take him from her will she fight back? 



Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. The events and characters are fictional and the celebrities names and images are borrowed and do not represent who the celebrity is in real life. Any quotes or scenes that may be containing in the story does not belong to the author. Please claim credits to the rightful owner.

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Chapter 18: i wish them happiness 4ever
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Chapter 18: it's me again,heheh .... i love it <3
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i like it!!!!
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cute, cute.. falling in love over and over while reading stories about wooyoung and jieun *sigh*
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I can't stop being a big fan of this couple! They are just too adorable and ur story is gud!
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ohmygod!! fnny and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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awesome~!!! :D
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