Brand New Mission at Brand New Stardom

by muzikmaster (members-only)
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 Tell Them - Block B (     ------------------ Narrator’s P.O.V:     A few days later, Cho PD was finally ready to put his plan into action.   He came back after work to smell the yummy scent of bean paste soup and freshly made rice. “Mmm… Something smells good, __________!” Cho PD called as he hung up his coat and hat.   “Thanks Uncle! Come and eat before it gets cold!” A tinkling giggle came from the kitchen. Cho PD peered into it, seeing you. Your hair was in a neat and tidy bun, and you had a baby blue apron on. The table was set up nicely with all types of mouth-watering foods. You were beaming at your uncle and gesturing him to take a seat. As always, your best friend U-Kwon grinned at Cho PD and sat beside you. In other people’s points of view, you looked like the perfect wife.   “Come sit, samchoon. You must be tired.” You waved him over. “Don’t mind if I do.” He sat across from you.   “Oh, hey Kwon. You kept _________ company again?” He asked. U-Kwon nodded, “You know it. What if some creepy stalker people knock on her door? She’s too gullible.”     You playfully smacked your bestie on the arm. “U-Kwon oppa!” You said, offe...

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muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thank you for the sweet comments! ;)

twinkle_blossom () says about chapter 52:
Kyaaaaaa~ I'm melting!! It was so sweet~ >.<

qeela1010 () says about chapter 52:
Kyaaa~ sooo sweet i Love itttt....

Miyuki2001 () says about chapter 52:

OMG!!! I lovedddddd it soooooo muchhhhh!

sone4eva () says about chapter 52:
Can we get a sequel? *Stop it me! I'm being to selfish*

--SpringJelly () says about chapter 36:
OMG I played the song and exactly when I reached the end of the chapter and when you(Author-nim) wrote how Sandeul sings it was exactly that part of the song XD

muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thank you so much for all your comments! <3

sejukiller () says about chapter 52:
*rereads 500 more times* B)
Another lovely story! I still feel bad for LJoe and UKwon tho ;o

YellowClover () says about chapter 52:
best fanfic ever!!

rometalia () says about chapter 52:
I can't stop re-reading this story~~ So sweet, i hope you make more story featuring Block B especially Minhyuk :)

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